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Tell me about a time when you had to think strategically.
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Production deadlines.. i remember one day we were shorthanded a couple employees and a giant order had to be sent out, no questions.. On top of several orders still to be shipped that day... A complication with ups caused us to have a delay and didnt deliver... Next day air... And our order needed to be out.. Warehouse had to be running... And I drove it out myself to ups and it was handled.
There was a time when I was told I had to get rid of 20% of my people. I had to determine which persons I needed the most by determining who could do what. I had to put aside personal feelings so that I could keep a working crew to handle he same workload with less people.
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Everyday as work is required to do so.
Preparing for cyber Monday increased volume and our peak season. I had to consider potential staffing increases, increase hours against the budget, start time changes, and increased trailer requirements to get the volume out of the building. We were able to put together a plan that allowed us to move 40,000 cartons on time. A building record.
I think a good example of strategic thinking could be demonstrated when I had to help my team overcome obstacles dealing with shipping, and getting the proper weight onto the trucks, we were having difficulty making weight with cardboard bales and had to devise a plan to rotate bales in different patterns to accomplish this goal.
I currant do this on a daily basis to ensure the loads are ready in time to be loaded. This may be a case of re prioritising the way the products are picked to hit the correct targets.
In shipping that happens quite frequently. If an unknown shipment comes or a big shipment combined with a full day of orders that was more than expected. You end up finding yourself crunched for time in order to get all orders shipped and all the product put away safely and correctly.
I put together a plan to achieve the best results for the receiving/ audit process, 2 associate receiving team, divided up the tasks to utilize there strengths, made sure there was at least one avalible on the dock at all times, utilized the breakdown foreman to help meet audit needs for inbound trailers.
On lean basic team compete with other teams best time how to be productive our team won!