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If hired, how do you intend on making a difference with our company?

Answer examples and advice for how to answer this interview question for a Warehouse Supervisor interview

How to Answer

Interviewers love hearing that you look forward to improving their company after you have a solid understanding of their culture and current practices. Begin by telling the interviewer that you intend to begin the role gaining an understanding of current practices and spending time observing how things are currently operating. Tell the interviewer that you want to learn the culture and become a part of it. Next, share that once you have an understanding of these things, you will make strategic decisions regarding any possible changes and decisions for the future that will provide the best results for the company.

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If hired, how do you intend on making a difference with our company?
I plan to research different technology ideas. I will make safety improvements and operational improvements in areas that appear lacking.
I will work normally as much as I can.
I tend to review the warehouse procedures and see what can be implemented and what can be improved.
Dedicate myself to learn everything about the new company that I can, look for ways and ideas that could improve, processes, safety, removing obsitacles from the associates, I want to advance within the company.
I intend to get to know the warehouse processes, and employees in order to provide time and cost saving strategies needed for implementation.
I will try to safe as much it possible budget money to improve better quality with developing staff members.
Firstly I will review the structure of the departure and see how it operates and start doing the changes that a very critical and that can save the cost for the company . Top priority areas that needs change.
I will make a difference by bringing a fresh perspective to your business and processes. I will work diligently to make a difference as a leader, a team member, and an effective manager for the position.
Find my feet, read all the procedures so I have an awareness and understanding of company requirements so I can walk the walk. Get an understanding of my staff in regards to strength and weaknesses and close the GAP so the warehouse function meets required targets of operation.
By looking for news ways to implement and reach company like it has never been done before.
I hope to improve the morale of the employees. Work with day and night supervisors to see how to better improve job assignments. Utilize their expertise to make changes.
I tend to make a difference by reducing pay cost and eliminating human error.
I will follow the vision of providing the best health care services by being creative in a critical role such as mine.
By looking closely at the policy and procedures and making sure me and my team follow those and maybe even improve the procedures to help make a safer work environment.
By upholding the companies policies and procedure, and directing my team to show pride in their work.
I'm just keep on your company the best that I have made in my past company.

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