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How do you prioritize your work?

Answer examples and advice for how to answer this interview question for a Warehouse Supervisor interview

Managing your workload is easy for you! What things do you do to ensure you prioritize your work? Do you spend time every Monday morning planning out your work? Do you have a label system on your to-do list to recognize what things are the most urgent? Do you schedule the most urgent tasks on your calendar? Tell the interviewer which methods you utilize on a regular basis to ensure your work remains organized!

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How do you prioritize your work?
I always put the more urgent things at the top of my list and try to develop a plan of attack top to bottom what can be handled quickly and what need sthe most attention to detail.
I use matrix of Eisenhower.
Which one is more prioritize.
Look at all the risk associated with the demands and than decide which one is on top of the list or which demands need to be satisfied first.
Certain things must get done. I try to do those first but am also able to multitask.
Weigh importance and ungercy.
I prioritize my work by the level of importance.
It depends upon the importance of the task and the time limit involved with it.
I give prioritize my work, like if I am working then I dont do any work.
I review the work deadlines and the impact of each toward the specific project goal or objective. As the requirements for priorities change, adjustments are made to realign resources accordingly.
Depends on the situation... I like to label certain tasks as either A B or C...A being the one that requires immediate attention, and C which are tasks that arent urgent but eventually need to get done... I like to focus my work on the things that need to get done, and done quickly... While balancing the other work alongside our first priorities.
Work has priorities based the number of task at the time, the importance of each task and how long each task takes to complete.
We just followed the schedule, timing and as per customer request.
How I prioritize my work is by what needs to be complete first and by importance or deadlines. I prepare a calendar and I update on a daily basis. I will check my emails and objectives/goals daily to measure what will need to be completed first.
I decide each day what is more important and in what order loads need to leave the building by. Ensure the most important is felt with first.
Checklists and priority settings can help me to organize.
I prioritize my work in chunks that rank from most important down.
Time line, need, staffing needs. Accessing work flow, what is the need, computer work or reports and best focused on during times that you will not be interrupted by the associates, work or departments needs.
I get to know the job and prioritize it according to its importance and necessity.
Based on the urgency of each task, I put a schedule every Monday accordingly.
I am short list a priority job base on urgential.
I prioritize my work by figuring out what is more important and what came up first. I think of the urgency of the project.
I prioritise the work that is required as per the operations requirements whether it be daily, weekly or monthly. Depending on what our KPI's are driving and spread it out over the 8 day swing. Certain tasks need to be done in the day ie. Unloading freight and same as in the night ie. Filing. I have put together daily tasks lists for each day of the swing for dayshift inside, outside and night shift so I can prioritise the crews tasks aswell.
All ways puting sla's first and during by day looking or need to do any changes.
Highest priority done first. Followed by quick corrections. Then less critical items.

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