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How do you handle stressful situations?

Answer examples and advice for how to answer this interview question for a Warehouse Supervisor interview

With ease! You have achieved a supervisor level position, and it doesn't happen without being able to work through stressful times professionally and comfortably. Simply share with the interviewer that you are comfortable working through stressful situations. Mention that you do not let them bother you, and you simply take the necessary steps to work through them.

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How do you handle stressful situations?
Like with any stressfull situation its always a good idea not to react impulsivly sit back take some deep breaths and accurately assass the situation.
By trying to take the time and understand what is making the situation stressful, what the alternatives are and how I can remedy the issue.
I try to stay calm and do my busyness.
I would handle the situation with the knowledge of the job that I have learned in the past.
I analyze the situation, look at all the possible outcomes and work from there.
I take one thing at a time things will work out.
I try not to get stressed out. I know that my ability will help guide me.
Stay focused on the issues and try to see situations objectively.
By organizing the work to be done based on priority.
Pressure is very important to me. Good pressure, such as having a lot of assignments to work on, or an upcoming deadline, helps me to stay motivated and productive. Of course, there are times when too much pressure can lead to stress; however, I am very skilled at balancing multiple projects and meeting deadlines, which prevents me from feeling stressed often. For example, I once was given one day to complete annual inventory, which normally takes three days to complete. At first I did panic but after brainstorming I reached out to the plant managers and asked could I use some of their employees and of course they said yes. I was able to train them to work along side my team and we were able to complete the task before the auditors came. That year we received a 100% on inventory accuracy which was a great accomplishment for the company.
Understand why the stress, remain focused and handle the situation.
There is and specific thumb rule for it. It depends from situation to situation. Example if I am not getting or the chances of getting the raw material on expected delivery date hen I have to look for immediate supplier options. In other case if any of my distributor of end-user is not satisfied with the product bought by them then I have to either arrange a return, send company executives, give discount keeping in mind the mood and mind set of the customer.
Keep an even temperament and focus on the goals and what is needed to keep moving towards achieving the goals.
Depending on the situation, remain calm, assess the situation, try solving the best as fast as efficiently.
Calm, listern and give my opnion.
Depends on the situation, I will either take a break.
I handle stress very welli dont act impusivily I sit back take a deep breath and assess the sitoinsion.
I handle them well. I try to make sure to think before I act or speak and consider everything before taking action.
Stay calm and assess the situation. determine best way to handle the situation and delegate as needed by prioritizing.
Remembering to breathe and jumping each hurdle as it comes, It's easy to become overwhelmed looking at a pile of problems or thinking of all the things going wrong at once. Staying focused on what needs to be done and executing are how I handle stressful situations.
I will handle the situations with pations.
Stressful is no always will come you need to suffer to achive target.
Stay calm think of a situation that brings a motivational feeling.
Do not react to problems with out thinking.
Prioritizing my responsibilities so I have a clear idea of what needs to be done when, has helped me effectively manage pressure on the job.
I handle stressful situations, my taking notes and remaining calm and focus, paying attentions to details. My goal is to keep my team calm and focused and helping them to meet their goals and solving their problems. Motivating and ensuring the team that they can get through the problem by working together.
I do my best to help and resolve all situations. Try to make a positive out of a negative.
It is easy for me to handle stress as I know the tricks. My way of handling is to take a break and discuss complex situation with an expert to seek guidance.
I try to minimize works, .
I would clam my self down and relax and fill my the best solution how to go about the sitaution or I seek help from boss or peers.
I take my time and lay all of my cards out on the table and take the best route.
By remaining calm and confident. Try to remind my self that a solution to every problem.
I react to situations, rather than to stress. That way, the situation is handled and doesn't become stressful.
Stress can be managed my making work place fun and enjoyable on the go...
I'm not the best at it but I do think I handle it very well. I try and take some deep calming breaths and remember that it's not worth hurting myself over.
Evry thing has a proper place, urgent will be in one pile and what needs the most attention to detail in another.
I relax myself and think through the situation, weighing all relevant information.
Relax take a few good breaths.
I handle stressful situations by taking a step back, looking at the big picture and try to find a resolution to ease the stress.
I handle stressful situations by taking a step back over viewing the problem, eliminating any extras and continuing forward with ease.
Take a deep breath and a step back from situation and then analyze it.
I keep my cool and focus on getting results.
I step back and take a moment to evaluate the situation before coming up with a resolution.
I stay focused on the task at hand, access a direction and action plan and work for a solution,
Find what is priority and start there.
I honestly work better in them. I might seem flustered at times but I am able to quickly process multiple tasks into a formulated plan of action and start implementing it immediately.
Using my experiences and knowledge with the help of senior and coleagues.
By acting in an organized way and dealing with incidents based on their priority.
I plan a way of handling the situation and try to get it done the safest way possible.
I try to think of two good solutions to the situation and then try to determine which one is the best solution.
In calm, logical manner. The majority of porblems can be solved the with a clear mind, I'm not the type of manager who shouts and balls, I look at the many options of solving an issue and I approach the solution after considering the variables.
By remaining calm, weighing out all my options and executing a plan to get the situation resolve .
Ask myself if it is in my control. Deep breath and try and resove.
I work very well under pressure and remain calm.
Calm, take extra 5 minutes break if need. Not rush and panic.
Keep calm. Address the matter at hand right away. Talk to those involved to resolve the issue. Dont let it drag out.
Adapt to the situations and handle them as they come. Prepare your self for the knowing it will be a long day.

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