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Give us an example of an emergency situation that you faced. How did you handle it?

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Has there been an emergency situation you have handled? How about a very urgent problem you have solved? Or, what about that time you had to drop everything to get something done at the last minute for someone else? These will all make sufficient examples for this question. Simply share your situation with a high-level overview. The interviewer is truly interested in how you reacted! Next, share how you worked through the situation including what steps you took and the final outcome. Be sure to mention that you did not allow the situation to ruin your day, and you simply did what needed to be done!

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Give us an example of an emergency situation that you faced. How did you handle it?
Operator injured/cut himself . I have assessed the situation and called the first aider to assist . I would have call the ambulance if the cut was to severe.
Example - someone from our team caught a mistake that a shipment was going to a different address than the customer specified.. We were able to call the UPS dispatch and guide us to drive out to hte truck that had our package.. Change the shipping address info, and send it on its way.
There was a time when one of my employers faced the quitting of a manager in another country. I was asked to go fill in for him while they found a replacement and stay to train that person. I would be at least 30 days. I quickly accepted because I knew that my department couldn't function without me.
A man over fatigue. Calling amblance .
I had a person in diabetic shock and he was driving very careless around the yard. I managed to stop him and get assitance with the help of security. I got some orange juice and provided assistance to the driver. He was eventually sent to the hospital for extended care.
The internet lines to the region were cut taking our operations off line. We still had the requirement to run end of day and transfer the financial information to corporate. In order to complete our day I used the hot spot feature on my cell phone plan to allow us to access the company network remotely. This enabled us to finish running the end of day requirements and resulted in no impact to our customers.
I had a colleague hurt her bac so immediately contacted a first aider closed the area she was working off. Stayed with her untill the paramedic arrived felt with as quickly and calm as possible.
UPS having already picked up a package that a customer needed sent to a different location. I easily calmed the customer and figured the right information for interception The.
I had an emergency situation where an employee was injury. I had to ensure that this person had the medical care that he needed by quickly ensuring that the employee remain calm while EMTs performed. I also had to delegate duties to another team member to ensure operations continue their work.
Manager had a allergic reaction to a seafood cutting, took an over the counter medicine that was not having any effect I accessed that he was going into shock and had him taken to the hospital.
Sales always has emergencies that I need to react to. I am able to get other teams together to deal with those situations.
A person rolled a cylinder onto a pallet and crushed his finger in the process. Called emergency and stayed with the member and kept a calm voice until medics arrived. Handed over to medics who took him to the doctor's. Cordoned work scene off with danger tape until investigation conducted and photo's were taken. Entered incident into Safety data management system.
None that I can remember for now.
Thick quick, face the reality and knowledge the evidence.
Did not have a emergency situation.
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