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Do you work well under pressure?

Answer examples and advice for how to answer this interview question for a Warehouse Supervisor interview

Absolutely! The interviewer needs to hear that you can handle a little pressure. Simply tell the interviewer that you are accustomed to meeting deadlines, having a busy workload, and working under pressure. Be sure to mention that you never let pressure get the best of you, and you know how to delegate work to the right people to help you manage your workload.

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Do you work well under pressure?
I feel that I do my best work under pressure because I know that only the best is what is expected and that should be delivered regardless. So when there is pressure I enjoy rising to the challenge.
Sometimes. I work well without pressure.
Yes if under pressure I would just find a way for a positive solution.
I do makes me work faster knowing I have a dead line.
I am under pressure daily to meet deadlines and I have been very successful in doing so, so yes.
Yes I will try to convert t.
Yes I like both working under the constraint time and under the plenty of time.
Yes I work well under pressure. The shipping department was loading a truck that consisted of 24 pallets of product, however they were missing one pallet. After searching the warehouse for that pallet we were not able to find the pallet. We do not like to pay detention time or short customers so we were in a bad situation after being notified I contacted the plant managers to see if they had more product in the plants unfortunately they did not, however after checking the system for inventory and open orders I realized we had an order in the racks same product, that was shipping out the next week, so I was able to use one of those pallets and ship on the order that was leaving today and have the plant make another pallet of product to replace the one I took.
No I am not work well under pressure.
Yes, I am able to keep my head and not react in extremes. Keeping focus on the goal or problem that needs to be solved and seeking solutions from stakeholders to be successful.
Yes.. When it comes down to the wire, the best thing I can to remain focused, have some flexibility, and understand priorities.. Giving them attention in the order theyre needed.
Yes, I am very good about working under pressure. one must assess the situation and the best way to manage the situation then proceed.
Yes, beacuase our product are pfast moving account.
Yes I do work well under pressure, because I am a fast thinker who can make good decisions due to my problem solving skills.
Yes. I continously work under pressure with the high volumes we have had over recent years.
Of course, I can work well under pressure by prioritizing the work.
I can and I have been worked very good experience in Large type companies.
I have not problem working under pressure as I have gone through and experience it in my previous employment.
Yes I do it keeps me focused.
Yeah sometimes..... We just have to look for ways around it, as it does not come all the time.
It's a bit challenging, but that's a good thing. When under pressure it helps me stay focused on what I'm working on and improve on that projects in the future.
I work very well under pressure because of my ability to work at a fast pace.
I have always worked well under pressure; in fact I enjoy that part of my work.
Yes I work well under pressure. There are always situations that catch us by surprise in work and it's the ability to step back and analyze before making a rash decision that matters.
Yes, it motivates me to work harder and complete more than I even thought possible.
Yes, I like a challenge, pressure usually comes from a needed deadline, supply needs, associate conflict, I am able to focus and work through the pressure for a solution, there has been time that the problem can seem overwhelming, it just requires the need to step back, re-access the need and move forward at the end of the day the associates, customers and company need to be taken care of.
I work well under pressure, probably better than I should.
Yes and I enjoy it because it is more challenging.
Yes. I believe if you can plan yourself and allocate required time prior to your shift you can react a lot better operationally. Train your staff in all areas of your department so you have the capability. Prioritize the need to do as opposed to the nice to do ie. Focus on the tasks that give maximum value to the operation requirements.
Yes pressure it's not a problem.

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