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Why do you enjoy volunteer work?
How to answer
"I enjoy helping others. I like to do meaningful work where I know I'm making a difference."
Answer examples
"I enjoy helping others. I like to do meaningful work where I know I'm making a difference."
"When I give, I often end up feeling like I received more in the end. With so many people underserved, it is important to take time to give. It gives me perspective and allows me to meet/help people from all walks of life."
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User-Submitted Answers

Why do you enjoy volunteer work?
I enjoy interacting with people and helping the community.
Gives me the opportunity to do something new or different that I would not otherwise get the chance to do.
It's rewarding, challenging, and educational.
It gives the opportunity to do something new that I would not otherwise get the chance to do.
Help assist others in need. A chance to learn new skills.
I enjoy interacting with people and helping the community.
I want to give back to my community and help people.
Giving of myself and seeing the positive impact it has on others make me want to get up every day and try order, and give more.
I enjoy volunteer work because I enjoy interacting with different people and helping others when they are in need.
Because to me it is so rewarding to know that you made a difference. Whether it was big or small you where the reason someone was helped and that feeling of love is something no other experience can provide.
It gives me an opportunity to give back to others. I like the reward and the challenges that accompany volunteer work.
I love helping others, it gives me a feeling of acceptance towards myself when I make others feel better.
I always try to help my family or others in my community. Helping others is part of my personality. I feel good when someone tell thank you.
I enjoy volunteer work because I know it is in some way helping someone else and I just love to help others out.
Because of the joy I derive in being part of a team that makes a positive and sustainable impact in individuals, business and our society at large.
I really am a strong believer in giving back and I feel like it is a great way to give back to the community while expanding my knowledge in a field that I love.
I enjoy volunteering jobs because I love doing well to others and then only I can give an example to the young generation about volunteering.
Even though you are giving something of yourself, such as skills and time, you are able to learn about yourself as well during the process. You get to learn hidden talents about yourself or change your view on self worth. You also learn the operations and functions of our government when working with non-profit organisations.
I enjoy volunteer work because I love helping people with their needs. I always had a caring heart for others.
I find it very rewarding to give back to others and the community. I have had a fortunate life and I like being able to help those who havent been as lucky as me.
I love that theres no pressure of paychecks or tracking your hours. I love how volunteering is so free spirited and I hate the pressure of a job. I think volunteering is the best thing. To see what you can do without getting a reward for it.
It teaches me more about myself and about other people.
Its a good learning experience. It gives you a better understanding of what you would be doing in the actual position, and allows you to learn where you excel, and where you need improvement for your desired future carrier.
I enjoy volunteer work because I get an emotional satisfaction from assisting others and being productive. Finding areas where I can put my skills and abilities to good use is very gratifying.
I believe in the ultimate goal of a world where social service volunteering does not exist. I also genuinely enjoy helping others in that context.
It gives me satisfaction - to know that I can bring a smile to others.
I enjoy volunteer work because I get to be useful to my community.
The number one thing is that you get to use your own time to help the community and many others as well.
4. I would like to utilize my interests and skills by assisting in the volunteer community. I believe volunteering makes adifference in all lives who participate.
I enjoy volunteer work because it gives me a chance to work with people whom which I would otherwise not have the opportunity to work with. The experience is much needed.
I think selfless service is the key way to make you feel proud and happiness.And I experienced it when I volunteered earlier.
Because I dont get bored and it gives me a mental changlle.
I feel satisfied in volunteering. That makes me enjoy my work.
I enjoy the feeling of giving back to my community.
I like knowing that there is still hope within communities to depend on one another,
Making a differance and new ex.
My highest qualification is master of public health that is of the agency criteria and the experience in HIV AIDS sector is also relevant.Apart from this I am familiar with different soft wares that are needed to conduct this program.Also know how to drive 4 wheeler and two wheeler.
Because it will give me hope and interest.
It helps me gain experience in various fields.
Utilizing time efficiently.
Time that is utilized usefully and learn something new daily and socialize people.
It gives me a sense of purpose and that I am contributing to society.
I can do as much as I want when I want to.
Getting contact in different group of people, observe the market trend and share experience and though with people.
I like helping others and learning at the same time.
I think I do work that I want to do.
I would like to help others the best I can.
I enjoy volunteer work because helping others makes me happy.
It enables me to learn more about myself while helping other.
I love the satisfaction in knowing my extra time is well-spent.
I enjoy volunteer work because of that feeling I mentioned earlier but also because it's a lot of fun just to be part of something and to be helping people.