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What volunteer work have you done in the past?

Answer examples and advice for how to answer this interview question for a Volunteer interview

How to Answer

This question is pretty straightforward. What work have you done that makes you qualified for this volunteer role? Talk about what you have learned, and which skills you are prepared to bring to this organization.

What volunteer work have you done in the past?
Answer example

"My volunteer experience includes feeding the homeless, fundraising, and mission trips where our group rebuilds areas from poverty or natural disaster. Volunteering my time to help others is one of my greatest passions. When I give, I always feel like I end up receiving much more in return."

Entry Level

"I do not have recent volunteer experience; however, I have worked as a caregiver in the past. My client was suffering from Alzheimer's, which was a challenge, but I enjoyed problem-solving and learned different ways of handling challenging situations. It forced me to think outside of the box, and I like those kinds of challenges."


"I enjoy serving the underserved in the community. I deliver meals on wheels to the elderly. I serve lunch at the local homeless shelter, and I volunteer as a storytime reader at the local library."

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What volunteer work have you done in the past?
This will be my first volunteer job and I look forward to work in different departments and learn how each department works as a team.
I have volunteered at my church before, taking care of the kids that were in the nursery, I also volunteered in my old school as an usher, and in the library.
Other than internship at a accounting firm, I have helped work with are church in the neighborhood community.
State park. Westernaires. Tia.
I have volunteered at Sportsbackers, Helping Hands, and Meals on Wheels.
I always visited the missionaries of charity in India every weekend. I spent time with the patients and physically handicap people.
I have done walks for breast cancer and suicide; I have worked in soup kitchens; and I have helped with the Special Olympics.
I had did volunteer in newjersy.
I have volunteered in building a stage for a school and volunteered in awareness programs like cleanliness and polio drops.
A project to study the board.
Same as assistant to help with the kindergarten teachers.
I have fed the homeless at my church.
I have previously volunteered at an elderly care home.
This is just my second work combined with my volunteering at workforce central.
I volunteered to work in a primary school where my college was situated. I heard stories about the number of people who are able to pass their final exams and it was just sad. A whole village and just one student is able to pass his exams. What does the future hold for such a town and those yet ti be born. On hearing the opening for the opportunity to volunteer I applied. I volunteered with SOS, helped with teachers to release some of their burden.
I clean up the gym after sporting events. I sometimes write the score sheet for those games. I took my lunch time, in high school, tutoring younger students with math.
This is will be my first volunteer work, but I would love to know how other stuff works.
Advocacy for older people.
For worldwide taiwanese business associations annual meeting as general secretary in youth chapter.
This will be my first volunteer job and I am looking forward t experience how teams work in a hospital environment.
I have volunteer in the past camps that took place in this school.
In the past I have volunteered at an elementary school organizing the weekly bulletins and organizing the library as well as at a local library.
Last summer and for most of the school year I volunteered at the local hospital, both in the pharmacy and in patient care.
Before I got hired as a teacher aide, I volunteered a few times during the summer at the preschool. Last year I had also volunteered in the high school theatre festival at Fullerton College for a public speaking opportunity. I served as a hostess for three sets of auditions of about five to seven auditions per set. I welcomed the contestants, their families and friends, and presented the rules, introduced the contestants, and served as a timer while they were performing.
I have volunteered with the St Andrews Hospital in their dietetics and Nutrition Department.
I have never done volunteer work before.
There are two examples.I helped two students myself for adjusting in a job in private sector because they were jobless and have family members.They were in such a stressful condition that they have no money to pay for the rent.At that time I communicated with a private agency and adjusted them.Nowadays they are very happy.
Interfaith driver, pastoral care at St. Luke's, delivering meals, volunteer organization in college.
I have not had an opportunity for working as a volunteer anywhere but I am gladly looking for any exciting opportunities right now where I offer my skills, experience and knowledge and I could learn new tasks and skills as well.
In the past I have volunteered in community service. I helped out giving out hot soups to the homeless.
I have volunteered with youth and adults in two separate ministries.
I've done accompanying the person went to doctor appointment.
I referred to an organisation to help them in separating staffs for people in nedd.
Actully this the frist time I m trying to be a volunteer.
I have volunteered through a service organization doing many different service projects and giving back to the community through several local and national projects.
I am currently in SLYC and I have done some volunteer works in air cadets.
I have done some works in SLYC and still doing it also in air cadets.
Worked with children with special needs, rural camps.
I volunteered mostly in high school with working in the school auditorium and tutoring native american students.
Fort York, where I have served as a greeter, March Break educator for children, and copy editor, and as a soccer coach of a team of 8-year-old girls. In addition, I have volunteered as a debate timekeeper, and activity programming with younger children through girl guides of canada.
I did the hike for the homeless, unified cheering,
Ones in the community such as gleaners, food bank and then at my church with nursary and help planning and organizing event such as the harvest party every year. Also im going on a missions trip this spring to visit the community and an orphange and build and house and furnish it and then take the family we are building it with grocery shopping.
Community service.
I have volunteered at nursing homes and veteran homes through share a pet. I have also helped package food for stop hunger now. I am currently volunteering at an elementary school in the art classroom.
I have volunteered for the California Transplant Donor Network, and a professional business organization helping unemployed professionals update skills to return to employment.
Volunteering at local community services.
I have done volunteering in big religious celebrations.We cook food and serve to thousands of people.
I have been a volunteer at The Philippine General Hospital and Ospital ng Maynila Medical Center where I gave out a dignified nursing care to all ages.
This will be my first volunteer job and I'm looking forward to working in different departments and learning how each department works as a team.
I have volunteered to tutor students in Math and Science at my school. I have raised funds for larger organizations through a school club. Moreover, I have also taken care of the First Aid box at my old school.
Other than my internship at a medical clinic I have helped work with are church in the neighborhood community.
Actually, I have not volunteered in the past before.

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