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What keeps you motivated on the tough days?

Answer examples and advice for how to answer this interview question for a Volunteer interview

The interviewer wants to know how they can motivate you during the tougher days. Do you need words of appreciation? Public accolades? A pat on the back? What keeps you going when things get rough? This would be a great time to share how serving others is a motivation in itself. The interviewer is looking for qualities they want to see in a member of their team. Service, interaction with the people you're serving, having fun with your team... those are all excellent examples.

Basic answer example
"I'm not looking for a specific reward from your organization, simply being involved in a team setting, making friends, and knowing that I am making an impact on those in need, will be rewarding enough!"
Entry Level answer example
"I am internally motivated. When I feel like my time and energy is making a positive difference, it makes me want to keep going."
Experienced answer example
"Truly, I don't thrive on public recognition. I do appreciate a little pat on the back, or kind words in private, if you do see me performing well."

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What keeps you motivated on the tough days?
Good word from supervisors.
I like all time to be busy.
None at all. I am a naturally self motivated person. The only reward I can say that is rewarding is knowing that no good deed goes unpaid.
The kinds of reward that I need to stay motivated are to have communications skills so that I can get to a point without and doubt of a feeling.
Encouragement, that I am doing well from supervisors.
I just need positive outcomes.
I am a self motivated person but good words from supervisor also helps to stay motivated.
No rewards necessary to stay motivated. I am motivated by giving my employer 100%
Work is dignity, helping others motivates me to work harder as seeing the positive impact my contribution has on others is very rewarding.
Hearing good compliments from supervisors and seeing you are improving everyday that keeps me motivated.
Compliments from my supervisors or patients that I am taking care of will make me stay motivated.
I am usually a very motivated person, I set goals and look at them everyday and work toward achieving them.
Seeing the happiness my work brings other is the best motivation.
No rewards im motivated by given 100% to my employer.
Making an individual smile and interaction with a diverse group of people.
I am very self-motivated, I do not require rewards to stay motivated. I also believe that the reward of serving others is I huge benefit of volunteering.
I was always motivated to give my employer 100%, and a good word from your supervisor is also a good motivator.
Working is the reward itself, the satisfaction of others give me a positive feeling.
I dont need any rewards. Just the satisfaction of giving my employer 100%
I want to gain work experience and to give back to the community.
No reward is needed for me to stay motivated. Helping others motivates to work harder and just to see my positive impact that I have contributed on other is very rewarding for me.
I am not currently involved in any other organizations.
The positive impact of contributing help is a reward in itself to keep my motivation going.
I do not need any rewards, I remain motivated 100% of the time.
The satisfaction of my clients is enough motivation for me.
Making people proud is what motivates me. The thought of that is what keeps me going and keeps me from not giving up. That being said, in this type of setting, I would feel motivated to give it my all and not let you or your staff down.
Work is dignity, helping others motivates me to work harder. The satisfaction of the others gives me a positive feeling.
No rewards necessary to stay motivated. I am motivated by giving my employer 100%
I just enjoy the smile gives me when they are satisfied with my help.
I dont need any physical rewards. Work is dignity and the rewards come from the desrire to volunteer to see myself make a difference however samll and be part of somethin g that I believe in.
Apart from chocolate, the general satisfaction that you get from helping someone even if its helping them with their dinner or down the stairs is enough to tell you that you are on the right path and your doing something correct.
Work rewards me with dignity, which motivates me to work harder. Seeing the positive impact my contribution has on others is very rewarding.
I believe in staying true to my work, and leaving a positive impact on others. Knowing that I have done the job right and made a positive impact on others motivates me to work even harder.
It is rewarding for me notice a positive change after my work is done.
To see that im not only happy but to see the smiles on peoples faces when I help them and know that im not just doing this for me.
I mostly do work for myself, so the motivation I have is to keep the children happy and satisfied at their time here.
The feeling that I helped my community is a reward to me.
I set my goals, work hard and get the results expected is most rewarding to me.
Nothing really, volunteering itself is motivation personally.
I dont need any rewards if I am doing something I like than Ill stay motivated.
Positive feedback keeps me motivated as I feel that I have done good and I can carry on doing good.
For this project, there are no physical rewards being needed as being able to contribute to the financial health of the social enterprises is something that already satisfies and motivates me. Besides meeting like-minded individuals who want to contribute back to the society further makes me motivated.
Just the smile from the one I help and the experience I gained.
Just the thought of helping people is enough to me. I enjoy customer satisfaction and working hands on with people.
Simple rewards such as saying great job, or keep up the good work.
Seeing how I benefit others is all the motivation I need.
The knowledge that my work is meeting expectations, and that it is benefiting those who I am working for.
I find that I am most motivated when I am helping others and making a difference, no matter how small I may be. Being able to help someone in need gives me a satisfaction that keeps me energized and motivated to continue helping.
The satisfaction I get when I offer a helping hand.
I dont often think of a reward for my work other than the new knowllege I gain from my experiences.
What always keeps me motivated is talking to patients getting to know their stories and simply getting a smile and a thank you when helping them communicate with their doctors and helping them understand their heath.
The rewards usually motivates me the satisfaction of my clients, peers motivation and my my supervisors appreciation.
A meal celerbration or just a thank you.
None. I am a self motivator.
The feeling of giving back to my community is reward enough.
Change their life in better way.
Working with multi sector and multicultural environment and team work and helping each others.
Working with multi sector and multicultural environment and team work and helping each others.
Any kind that the organisation can reward me with due to my performance.
If I can contribute some ideas like activities to improve the organization.
Appreciate me if I do a good work.
Appreciate me if I do something good so I will be motivated to do more good at work.
Knowing that I helped someone & to be encouraged that I continue to be valued.
When I can see I've helped some how.
Business contact and experience of different roles.
To receive my wage on time, to invite for a lunch sometimes.
Finishing a job that's rewarding.
I don't really need rewards when I'm being motivated. But if I need to, then food.
Feedback. Verbal. Awards. Increased opportiunit.
I dont need many rewards, the smile on the face of somebody I am helping is enough to keep me going because I know that I am making a difference in their life.
Sometimes it's hard to see evidence of improvement right away when you are helping someone. But there is satisfaction in knowing you did your best.
How stay just somebody saying good job is enough I just like to feel like I'm doing the right thing or am working hard hats all it takes.

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