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What kind of people do you most enjoy working with?
The interviewer wants to know how you will fit into their team . It is important to share that you can work well with most people, but also you know what kinds of people motivate you and make the work environment a better experience. Stay away from discussing people whom you dislike working with.
Answer examples
"I enjoy working with individuals who work hard and love what they do. Being surrounded by passionate people motivates me."
Entry Level answer example
"I love working with like-minded people! This includes those with a great amount of energy and ambition to make the world a better place."
Experienced answer example
"I most enjoy working with people who are driven, focused and have a compassionate heart. How would you best describe the work environment here?"

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User-Submitted Answers

What kind of people do you most enjoy working with?
I get along with everyone especially those of different culture where I can learn from them and they cna learn my culture.
Those people who are caring and sharing the work load equally so that one person should not bear the work load.
I enjoy working with kids. The reason being is because ever sinse I had volunteered at my moms work place I had to work with a variety of kids which had helped me alot.
I love to work with people who are older than me. Working with older people gives me more things to learn about. I can ask questions and get answers I need from people older than me more often than people my age or younger.
I am quite friendly and can usually get along with most people. I would however enjoy working people with various backgrounds since it would help me to learn different cultures and ideas to which I am receptive.
People who are considerate, respectful, and have a positive attitude.
I am a professional and I an very friendly I get along well with most people.
I am quite friendly and can get along easily with most people.
People who are considerate, respectful and positive.
I enjoy working with a broad spectrum of different people with various personalities and backgrounds. I enjoy to work with people I can trust and people that will follow through on commitments. Also, people who treat others fairly.
Any and all kinds of people, as long as they are nice and cooperative.
I am open to choices as I have good communication skills and I am very friendly so I know I will gdt alo g wih anyine.
I enjoy working with everyone, and I tend to get along with all types of people.
I like working with a wide range of people in society and enjoy working with everyone.
I enjoy working with others as a team cooperatively in order to fulfill any task.
I can work with will all kind of people with different bakgrounds.
All different ethic, culture groups. People who are motivated.
I enjoy working with a variety of people since it helps me learn more.
I am quite friendly and can get along with everyone especially young kids.
I enjoy working with everyone, from different backrounds, its great to connect with people.
I am able to work with a diverse population. I believe in team work and it is very important to work together to reach the ultimate goal of the organization.
I enjoy working most with people who are considerate, respectful, and have a positive attitude.
I love working with friendly and positive people, but I am a friendly person so I usually have no problem getting along with everyone.
I enjoy hard working people with positive attitudes.
I mostly enjoy working with people who are positive and have a big heart.
I get along with just about everyone. But I most enjoy working with others who take initiative, a motivated and compassionate.
People who are considerate, and have a positive attitude.
I most enjoy working with people who are intelligent, have a good sense of humor, and are respectful of each other.
I can work all kind of people different background.
Friendly, funny and have a good positive attitude.
I enjoy working with people who are disciplined, respectful, and positive attitude.
People who are cosiderate, respectful and have a positive attitude.
I am all rounded person so I generally try to get along with every person. Or if I cant I always maintain a professional relationship. People who are polite and considerate of others are my favourites though.
I am friendly and capable of getting along well with most people, especially children and infants. I get told that I am very helpful and friendly around children.
I wish to work with people who are Open minded who would wish to share ideas and resources, People who criticise in the front and not at the back.
I enjoy working with everyone. I have the ability to work well with others.
The people that need the support, people I know that I can help and support and make there life a little better and fuu.
Definitely outgoing people. I love talking to people and getting to know them.
I enjoy working with people who enjoy what they are doing.
I enjoy working with an individual who is flexible and creative.
I enjoy a positive working environment and I enjoy working with people who are passionate about what they do and driven.
I enjoy working with any age ; whether it be old or young .
People who are comfortable in a team dynamic who can both take the lead and support another, and can judge when to take on these roles.
Spirit seekers- those who are motivated to better themselves and a desire to understand this world on a deeper more interpersonal level.
People who are open with me, and people who need my help.
I enjoy working with all types of people, but I work best with dedicated people who work very hard and demand excellence from themselves and their peers.
I like to work with motivated people who are devoted to their job. It is important to me to work in a peacefull and confident environment.
I mostly enjoy working with the public and children. I love making friendly conversations and being social!
I most enjoy working with children and underprivileged people, or even a combination of the two. A few years ago I traveled to India, and during my stay there I visited an orphanage for physically and mentally disabled children. I was blessed with the opportunity to interact with them, read to them, and play games with them.
All different diverse people.
Enthusiastic and friendly.
I enjoy working with respectful, honest, hard-working people.
I enjoy working with other people that also care about the work that neither of us has to be in charge of the other.
Responsible, team worker, happy and positive people. Because we are the person that we should give family hope!
I don't mind any people as long as they need help.
Easy going and encouraging and work along together.
People who genuinely care and are positive and compassionate.
Management of companies, entrepreneurs, government technocrats and lecturers in academic side (professors and tutors)
I play many sports. I am on my school's soccer team, hockey team and track team. I also play for my town's travel U14 hockey team. I write for my school's newspaper and I am in the club EPIIC which is like Model UN.
Frank and diligent people.
People who like to take on chalanges.
I like working with anyone really. I like to work and bond with new people.
I enjoy working with all groups, from young children to seniors. I love working with children because it helps me have a small effect on the next generation while sharing their joy and energy.
Love working with self driven people.
I love working with all types of people, but have a heart for struggling individuals and families.
I enjoy working with people who are positive and take control of their actions and work hard so I don't feel like I'm doing all the work or like they're doing to much it's a good balance.