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The interviewer wants to ensure that you are a good fit for the position and the work environment. Expressing your ability to work with others and independently shows your flexibility. Work environments can change depending on the staff or business ownership. Explain what you bring to the table and how you are able to adapt to fast-paced or challenging work environments.
Answer examples
"I work well independently, motivated by deadlines and prioritizing tasks to meet them. I also enjoy working in a team environment. I can adapt to working with different personalities and I use my time wisely."
"I thrive in a fast paced environment centered around managing multiple priorities, typically about giving back to people."

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User-Submitted Answers

I enjoy working within a team setting where we are equally respected and understood. I thrive in such an environment where I can learn and grow by taking on new challenges.
I love to work in a busy offic with a tight schedule, work load. Enough work, talikng with more people help me to learn, pick things quickly. I also love in a quiet envoronmnt where people work there own. These help me to judge my self how much capable am i.
One where there is a lot of communication and a flow of working together.
I see myself as a very flexible person and thrive in every environment I find myself.
An environment that is challenging and allows me to grow mentally.
I thrive in an environment of harmony; I work best when people are not only focused on the task at hand, but also when conversation and creativity can flow.
I enjoy challenges and I feel like to more interaction I have with other, the better I am. I am very passionate about helping others.
I like to work in a social environment where I can collaborate with other people creativiley.
I enjoy an environment where there may be a lot going on but I know my co-workers are trustworthy even if the people I am working with may not be. My goal is to help others and I am willing to do anything to ensure the safety of others if need be.
I thrive in an environment where I am responsible and work independently, or in one-to-one interactions with people. However, I also work well in a teamwork setting and will work according to my assigned duties and work together with my peers.
A team environment where everyone can thrive and communicate effectively. Somewhere where everyone is equally respected and supported. A place where there is more than enough room to learn and grow and a place where something is always happening.
I work in an interdependent environment and I thrive in it. I work well in a team environment, but we are each individual contributors. I work well independently, I am efficient, and if I have any questions I do not hesitate to ask for clarification.
I believe that I thrive in an environment where I can learn from others and/or help other people. I am most efficient in a social environment where I can interact with others and gain experience.
I am a very positive person so working in a positive environment is very important to me, as well as a inclusive environment.
I am a very positive person so working in a positive environment is very important to me, as well as a inclusive environment.
I was born in a small village in the Vercors and live here since. It is one of the most important place for cross country skiing in France and my parents used to have a refuge in the middle of the pistes. I went in highschool in Voiron, wich is a small town next to Grenoble. I was in a girl boarding school. I live in Grenoble for three years now with two roomates.
Mostly, a friendly, calm environment. However, if the environment is tensed, I am able to make it relaxed by using my social skills that I have developed from my past volunteer and work experiences.
An environment where there is cooperative work being done where all involved are working towards the same goal as opposed to individual effort/goals.
I thrive an oen, welcomingenvironmen. Where nobody is turning away and is always reached out for help so they can achieve their goals.
I really thrive in hands-on environments. That is why I chose to major in BME. Engineering provides the opportunity to think creatively to solve different problems. I also like working with people. I am effective at working in group projects and keeping everyone responsible for their contributions.
I really enjoy working in a team environment with many other people. I find that working in an outgoing environment with others gets me motivated and energized to start the day and complete tasks. For tasks that involve more thinking sometimes I like to work in smaller groups as I see myself get more done... But often ideas bounce off one another and with dedication tasks become complete with success.
I would prefer an environment where all of the members currently working there to be respectful and help out without hesitation.
I thrive in a hard working environment or competitive.
A friendly environment, full of friends and family.
A place where people are kind. They communicate and share ideas, feelings and empathy.
My work at woolworths has provided me with experience in both a fast paced busy work environment as well as quieter times, when less rush is involved but just as much structure and organisation is needed.
I thrive in a hardworking enironment.
Amongst people who are positive, team spirited and energetic.
An environment that is full of life and encourages growth within the people in it.
Busy enviornments with lots of people.
I grow up in Hong Kong and it is a international city.Everyone are busy. People just focus on money, effective, and result and ignore the progress, environment and relationship.
I tend to do well in all kinds of environments, I know that when I set my mind to do something I can complete it no matter how hard it may seem.
I tend to thrive in both busy and quiet environments really, I know I can work hard when I am faced with and without pressure.
In good, friendly environment. But actually in any environment I can my own way to be happy.
I believe that I can adapt fairly quickly to different environments, I can be with complete strangers and still make conversation and be open and funny. Or I could be in silent library where I must be respectful and mindful of how loud I am.
My ideal work environment is one that is adaptive. When respect and mutual trust is the key of every challenge.
The one who is easily adaptable.
A busy environment I get bored easy if am not busy.
I thrive in an environment where I work independently after I have been given some guidance of my work. I found that my repertoire was significantly expanded when I am given the opportunity to practise using my knowledge, solving problems and being flexible. Having feedback regarding my practice also builds my skills.
I would say I thrive in a moderately challenging environment. My skills and confidence really thrive when I am given opportunities to work independently with some guidance. This enables me to use my newly learnt skills and use my discretion to solve problems in a flexible manner. In such an environment, I also learnt to judge a difficult situation, to determine the best way to manage it, and whether to resolve it independently or seek help. By seeking help, I mean going to my supervisor with a solution in mind and discuss if my solution is the best to solve the problem. I found that my skills ingrain in me the best when I use them to resolve a challenging situation. In short, I would say I thrive in challenges.
I had an experience in both IT field and teaching profession.
I thrive in a positive and co-operative environment.
One that requires me to think on my toes and keeps my mind working with creative solutions.
I prefer an environment where there are a lot of people, just in case I can go ask them for help with something.
I like to be in a type of environment where people are positive and supportive. Also challeging.
I thrive in busy environments which offer different tasks and challenges everyday which give me experience.
I thrive in an environment with a lot of energy because it makes me feel comfortable, its very out going and it makes me forget about my stresses.
I thrive well in small group of people or in face to face situations.
An environment with friendly people.
In a positive and nurturing environment.
I thrive in an environment where equal contribution is given to strive toward a common goal.
I thrive in an environment where I am able to take the lead and do whatever I can to help others. Also, I prefer an environment where I am able to ask others for assistance when I am not completely sure what to do.
The environment I best thrive in is one that has people working together but managing to stay quiet and focusing on the work they have ahead.
A collaborative and self-motivated environment.
I preferred a busy day type on an environment because can always look back and see all the accomplishment I did with that period of time.
My ideal work environment is one that is adaptive.
A college with fertility of trees and birds and prejudiced people.
I like an environment where I can learn new things everyday. I like to be challenged by different aspects to help build myself.
I am best in a real work environment that requires me to be attentive at all times.
Environments that are peaceful and welcoming, and allow me to interact with people one-on-one.
I belongs to joint family, so live with my cousins in my childhood and know about to give respect to our elders and younger.
I want great and peaceful environment.Team work related environment is good.
I want great and peaceful environment.Team work related environment is good.
I like to be around a lot of people. A lot of positive people.
I thrive in an environment where I am challenged by new opportunities, new ideas, and things I haven't experienced before. I really like change and I feel that volunteering for this organisation will allow me to be a part of a team that is new to me and will help me to be challenged.
The organization and company.
My background is enterpreneur for software industry, I also engaged in the trading business of my family, moreover I have some business experience for government sectors and non-profit organizations which may be a great help for my volunteering.
I am very adaptable. I came from a highly-competitive culture and I came here, adapted Australian local culture well. I think I can do well in every sort of environment.
In exterieur because I don't like work in interieur.
I thrive in a team yet independent environment. I work well in groups and if an individual task is asked of me then I can do that well too.
Multi tasking, team work.
A calm and collected environment.
Environment of teamwork and learning.
I would wish to be in the very active and respectful environment. I enjoy the environment when all the colleagues respectful and help each other.
I am interested in volunteering because I feel it will help me prepare to be a teacher some day, through observing the classroom from a teachers perspective, in some way, and also observing teachers techniques and how they teach will guide me in my jounrey.
Be organised, put some motivational posts to motivate me.
Usually in a busy environment.
In a friendly and learning envirnment.
Am okay with any environment I thrive my self in.
I think every environment can I do thrive in because every environment are test. I can do solution .
I thrive in an en enviroment.
Friendly environment. Dirty or clean doesn't matter for me.
Open team fun lot of communication growth positive.
I thrive in an enviormnet with pwoplw.
Environment I like inducive, cooperative,
I thrive in an environement with minimum pressure. I am able to work with pressure and stress but I am not as comfortable and am more likely to make mistakes. I thrive with more people than with less.
One where my efforts are rewarded by my managers spotting my potential,
When I help someone and the person gets to be happy because of my help and I contribute something to relieve their pain or help to solve their problem.
I thrive in a fast paced environment. Once I know what I have to do, and how to do it, I dive right in and find I enjoy going at that pace.
An eccentric and fun environment.
My ideal work environment is one that can adapt. It can handle fast paced work and requires collaboration and commitment with its employees.
I thrive in a healthy, happy environment where people respect each other.
I thrive in environments with organization and human contact.
I thrive in an environment where I am able to have some independence, but also where I am part of a team working towards a common goal.
Don't have a specific preference, I can work indoors or outdoors.
I thrive in a social environment with high levels of human interaction and where everyone shares experiences and ideas and works collectively to solve problems.
Friendly - happy healthy.
What kind of environments do you thrive in? I thrive in quiet rooms but there's also been many times where it's been loud and I've gotten a lot done so it just depends on what I'm doing that really determines how well I work.
I thrive in a energetic and positive envoirnment where I am always working and doing what needs to be done.
I'm very adaptable, so I'm generally comfortable no matter where I end up. I tend to prefer environments where it's busy and much is happening; I enjoy the thrill of coordinating my actions with other people and attending to various concerns at once.