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What is your greatest weakness? What are you doing to improve it?
The interviewer wants to see if you the have self-awareness required to understand your weaknesses. Knowing the areas in which you can improve, is a sign of maturity. Share something that you have taken the time to reflect on. Maybe you made a mistake by moving too quickly through a project, and not paying attention to detail. Whatever it may be, show your ability to adapt and change from the mistakes or behaviors that didn't serve you in the past.
Answer examples
"I tend to be a people pleaser. In the past, I have said 'yes' before looking at my schedule, and I have overcommitted myself. Now whenever my boss asks me to do something, I let him know I need to check to make sure I have the bandwidth. This practice has saved me from taking on too much and overworking myself."
Entry Level answer example
"My greatest weakness is caring too much about the small details. It can be easy to care a great deal about the minute details. I have worked on this by ensuring that I remind myself of the big picture."
Experienced answer example
"My greatest weakness is in taking control when leadership opportunities present themselves. I am not a naturally outgoing or gregarious personality. I have taken the opportunity to sign up for a free leadership skills workshop at the local library. I hope this will help me to hone my leadership skills further."

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User-Submitted Answers

What is your greatest weakness? What are you doing to improve it?
My greatest weakness is standing back and getting perspective. I tend to get trapped in a box during assignments because I see it as small little chunks. I find that I need to push myself to step out of the box and get the whole picture of the assignment.
Communication. I am trying to take on a more social role in life.
I do not speak french and I am trying to spare some time to learn it to at least a conversational level. It will definitely enhance my ability to connect with people and to benefit the company I work with in future.
1. I would like to do 10 hours as volunteer. 2. My greatest weakness is my english. As english is my second language so want to improve it a bit. I have a plan to go in toast master to improve my english.
My greatest weakness is that I consider myself a workaholic when it comes to meeting defined deadlines. I always look forward to finishing any task I start.
I tend to keep my schedule very busy because I enjoy getting alot done so sometimes it is hard for me to take a step back and get perspective.
My greatest weakness would be being a perfectionist. To overcome that,I try to get work done the first time correctly and check it then itself.
I tend to get side trackted easily. I have to remind myself everyday where to put my focus on.
My greatest weakness is self-deprecation. I am too modest at times. I am improving my modesty by reminding myself of all my achievements.
My greatest weakness is the fear of public speaking. I am slowly trying to overcome it by joining groups and meeting people so that I will be more open and friendly.
My greatest weakness, as one might consider, is my infinite ability to micromanage and focus on fine details, occasionally neglect how the small details might compile to form a complex picture.
I feel I shold be more improve in speking up.Because in nursing field the nurse should have to be a good speaker. But now I think am better after my masters in nursing course.
Time managemnent but I set an alarm on my phone to help remind me of my schedule.
My weakness is getting worried for even small things. So, I try to improve it by diverting my mind in other activities.
Limiting the realities of my work. I tend to have huge end goals and smaller steps to reach that goal, but sometimes those end goals are very far out and I need to understand my limitations within my position and that sometimes I cannot accomplish those goals alone.
Believing what other tell me.
My greatest weakness is that at times, I can be a bit lazy. I will try to not procrastinate and always find something productive to do.
I like to follow my schedule on time. However, as a nursing student, it gets difficult as soem patients some tiems want to delay their routine. To improve my self I am tryign to include some flexibilty which means that if one patient is not ready to take his breakfst yet, I perform other task instead of.
I have anxiety and I am working on meditation to relive stress.
I am little bit not to be interested in some work If I am not interested in it.But I will try my best to improve it as I can.
In all honesty, I am not the most athletic person in the world; in fact, I doubt that I could run a 5K race right now. Nevertheless, I have been taking steps to improve my physical fitness. I attend a martial arts class every week, and I practice at home at least twenty to thirty minutes a day. Additionally, whenever I find time, I do basic exercises such as crunches, push-ups, and stretches. If more time is available, I walk or jog around the perimeter. These little efforts have added up in the past and I have considerably improved. However, there is always room for improvement, and this has taught me an important lesson about how commitment can add up for the better.
My greatest weakness is my lack of confidence when confronting new management/superiors. I tend to be to quiet and reserved until I get to know them which could take a few months. I have been working on this over the past year and am trying to introduce myself to them as I see them. My second weakness is my compulsiveness to be early. This sounds like a good thing but I waste a lot of valuable time being overly early. I am usually around 30min early for everything and go on my phone to kill the time. I have tried to only be 15 min early but I am thinking of bringing school work with me to make the time productive instead.
My weakness is that I take time to adapt to a new environment as I need to get used to the way things work and how the other people here do certain things. I find myself a bit soft spoken for the first few weeks because I am still trying to learn my way around.
Well I love sleeping but that doesn't keep me out from doing my work or going to work on time. I love sleeping only during leisure time because its good to rest.
My weaknesses are to communicate to other people and that's what I want to improve.
My weakness is confidence, but trying to come out and initiate myself in working.
I hesitate myself to show my talents when I am in a group so I like to proactive regarding that and improve myself.
I need structure to be productive & use lists & keep to a schedule.
Impatience I try to recognize it and calm down.
I sometimes nervous and worried. So I will do some preparation and exercise to reduce my tension in advance.
I would say my greatest weakness is speaking in public and shyness. At my school we have this thing called declamation which is where you go in front of a class and declaim. My first one was disastrous. I was very nervous but know I can say that I have improved a lot which has also helped me with my shyness.
To be sensitive, but I try not to show to others and keep my calmness until to the end of the day.
A people pleaser. It's important to me that everyone gets along in the workplace. In the past I have gone the extra mile to help out, trying not to disappoint or let anyone down. However, I'm not saying I don't help out but I've learned to beore assertive, better recognize and prioritize my projects, to know whether I can bail someone out without jeopardizing my existing work.
Probably my greatest weakness would be not formulating a good answer when being asked complex questions. I try my best to say a good answer.
My greatest weakness would have to be fear of pubic speaking. I am a bit shy and I tend to get nervous a lot under pressure. I am trying to improve this by participating more in class.
Perfectionism. Focus on 80/20 rule. Set time limits.
I often struggle with personal time management. To improve, I have been setting myslef a schedule everyday and following it as best I ca in order to accomplish all of my tasks.
I hate confrontation and in the past found myself compromising what I wanted or needed in order to keep the peace. This was a real problem, especially in team situations or when I was supposed to be leading a group because there are times when you need to tell people things they might not necessarily want to hear. Since then I’ve realized this is a weakness of mine and I’ve worked very hard to overcome it. Now instead of avoiding those situations, I take it as an opportunity to practice being more assertive without coming across as difficult. I take the time to listen to each side of the situation and make sure that if I have any comments or criticisms that they are constructive and that the solutions I offer are actual solutions. I also have a tendency to clam up around others. This is definitely a turn off to potential employers and I've been working hard to correct it.
My greatness weakness is fear of meeting people who were like those I knew in the past. I work through prayer and therapy on that.
Am short tempered. And am training to always be slow to react when there is mess.
Perhaps not being assertive enough. Sometimes in a large group setting or discussion, I may have something to say but prefer to let others air their opinions before mine. This has resulted in a lost opportunity to contribute to the conversation in a meaningful way. I am working on this by affirming what the person before me has said, and then stating my own opinion on the topic.
Scared of failing and trying to improve it by correcting mistakes and not being to hard on myself.
What is your greatest weakness? What are you doing to improve it? My greatest weakness is how shy I am. It stops me from doing things that I genuinely really want to do but he fear of what people think or do I have To talk to Somebody stresses me out and I get really nervous but I'm doing things that directly tackle my fears to overcome them. For example I went on a trip to Florida in December because I was captain at my cheer camp during the summer and if you were a Certain age and were captain you were able to go on this leadership trip. I totally I was gonna go with one of my friends but them last minute she backed out and I had to decide if I was gonna do this alone and go or give up and amazing opportunity and not go just because I was too scared. In the end I decided to go and I made a lot of friends there and it wasn't that scary at all I had a lot of fun and I'm very glad that I went.