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What do you do during your free time?

Answer examples and advice for how to answer this interview question for a Volunteer interview

The interviewer wants to see if you are a good culture fit. Would you go out for drinks with the team after work? Would you want to play ultimate frisbee for a team activity? Share an answer that shows you are a team player.

You are interviewing for a volunteer position, so be sure to show how passionate you are about helping others. Keep your answer simple. They don't need to know everything you like to do on the weekends or evenings, but if there is something you think is worth sharing, that might spark the interest of the interviewer, do share. Be interesting and memorable.

Basic answer example
"I enjoy spending time outdoors. I often take my dog Oscar to the local park. Also, I volunteer at the local animal shelter on Saturday mornings."
Entry Level answer example
"When I am not working or volunteering, I am usually found reading. I value self-improvement and spent a great deal of time reading a variety of materials and listening to podcasts."
Experienced answer example
"During my free time, I love to work on self-development. I watch one TED Talk per day which teaches me a lot. I also love to cook, and enjoy fine wine."

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What do you do during your free time?
I read journals, listen to R&B songs and perhaps just generally lay in with a loved one.
I like to read, watch movies with my family, and keep up to date on the articles being posted in LTC.
Pursue my hobbies i. E restoration of bikes, reading and adventure.
I play piano and help with my churches community service projects.
I spend my free time reading, listening to music, and taking pictures.
Some of the things I do during me free time is playing sports such as basketball, soccer, cricket, reading books, watching TV and listening to music.
I mostly read books in my free time and study for school. Or I am watching T.V.
I enjoy working with children and public services, I take care of my sister and on my free time I love reading and exercising.
During my free time I work on some personal goals that I have set for myself. For instance, I am trying my best to keep myself informed as to current events. As for extracurricular activities, I enjoy playing the piano and dancing. However, most of my free time is spent reading.
Read books, Go for a walk, Listen to music and do online surfing.
During my free time, I like to explore the field of biological sciences, specifically,
I like to play basketball and soccer with my friends, or just spend time with my family.
Reading books, watching TV, listening to music, talking to my family and friends, cooking, drawing, gardening.
Reading current affairs, watching movies, cooking.
I enjoy reading books, listening to music and painting landscapes.
During my freetime, when I am not working or studying, I love to go exploring and drawing.
I like to play tennis for fun and this summer I have been working for my dad. I enjoy the beach and I also walk my dog almost daily.
I enjoy working in my yards, reading, visiting my friends, movies.
During my free time, I enjoy spending time with friends and family. I also like to read, draw, and play soccer.
I like to read, and to get ahead in my studies. I spend time with my little sister. Often, I go on the Internet.
I ride horses and hike. Also read.
Studying newspaper and magasines, enjoying with families and relatives.
Generally I study. I read new scientific and medical articles, and I review ahead of my course to stay ahead. I enjoy learning and have always done so. Outside of learning I love to go exploring with friends. We spend hours outside finding new trails, stores, restaurants etc.. And having new experiences such as gliding, rock climbing, paintball etc.. I love to keep busy and stimulate the mind.
Watching movies and theater, jogging. Study even my old school book, I like academic environment also.
I like to read, spend time with my family, and go to the movies.
I'm home, watching tv or teaching my kid or either do researches on net.
Relaxing, bit nap or reading a books.
Listening to music and reading.
Spend time with family & doing work at home.
I'll go to see some exhibition included art, history or different industries, also I join some seminar or events for learning new stuff.
I don't really have a lot of free time because of school, sports, and extra curricular activities, but when I do, I often just do something relaxing like reading, watching a movie with my family or hanging out with my friends.
Searching in the websites and study extra sources to be more confident.
I volunteer at my services at church.
Talking with friends, watch shows, studying, drawing, and sleep.
During my free time, I do my homework, listen to music, and hang out with my friends.
I enjoy readin historical fiction, drawing, going out for runs and walking or playing with my dog. I also love to play sports.
During my free time I watch movies, go visit friends and see a very special friend at a nursing home.
In my free time I tumble and cheer but also I love to write and sing.

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