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What are your expectations for this volunteer position?
Do your research before meeting with this organization. How much do you know about the opportunity? The interviewer wants to know if this volunteer role will meet your needs, as well as theirs. You can also ask questions if there is anything you're not clear about.
Answer examples
"I expect that I'll be working with elderly, taking them for walks and assisting them on outings. I'm looking forward to working with others who are passionate about helping the elderly. Are there any other major proponents of this role that you would like to share?"
Entry Level answer example
"I expect to make a difference in the community and come across meaningful experiences with fellow volunteers or those we are giving to. I also expect to put in hard work, and I am excited to do so!"
Experienced answer example
"I am here because I would like to have an experience where my skills can help those who need it. I want to be pulled out of the bubble that my life has become, and understand what it takes to sacrifice for others."

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User-Submitted Answers

What are your expectations for this volunteer position?
To gain experience and support and guide young people to fulfil their potential.
My expectation for this volunteer is try experiences and have fun.
I really like to use my skills and experience to help other people.
To give back, make others smile and gain knowledge on how the daily operation of what it will be like to actually work in this environment.
I would like to be able to observe first hand what it is like to work as a speech and language pathologist in order to learn more about my major and gain certainty that this is what I want to do. Also, I love helping others so I want to assist you guys in any way that I can.
To gain experience and a great sense of satisfaction.
I expect to gain experience and keep developing my personal skills, and of course guide young people to fulfill their potential.
To be able to learn about the surrondings im working in and further my knowlege, give back to the commutiy and know that im making a difference.
To give pataients the best treatment, help them feel a little more comfortable.
That I will be able to gain more working experience.
My expectations are to become involved with cleaning up and with children.
Hard work and diligence whilst learning many things.
I enjoy helping people. I really want to improve my social and leadership skills and over time hopefully build connections.
Volunteering has been advantageous for both my personal and professional development. All I expect is to allow me to spend my time with the patients so that I get a chance to look after them.
To gain experience with serving others in a hospital setting.
My expectations are to be respectful to others, ask if I need help, ask a supervisor on any question concerning a patient, and keep privacy information confidential.
To be able to work with others to finish a task at hand and learn teamwork.
For starters, I understand that being a volunteer can be very limiting. That being said, I really want to be able to help in any way that I can and hopefully learn something in the process.
This position is a perfect opportunity for me to gain some experience in working in a medical field.
I see growth- the ability to be challenged but not in a taxing way.
I expect to learn about the hospital environment for future career goals.
I expect that I will do a variety of jobs pertaining to the well-being of the patients. I hope to try some new things, maybe gain some interpersonal skills, and observe the hospital environment in general.
Well I hope to understand a bit more of what goes on in the hospital and what the different doctors do.
I want to share my culture and my knowledges with other but also learn from them. I would like to live a strong social experience with others. And as it is important for me, I would like to introduce culture to those who are not automatically concerned by it because it is a great way to live something together.
I will face to many difficulties but I think that am adapted for this.
Whatever am doing for my patients would be beneficial to them.And I could devote my knowledge and skill for the happieness and satisfaction of my clients.
To be of service and to be a part of an organization with a purpose to improve and encourage the lives of others.
I expect a new experince that I can learn new skills on that will help out my future in nusring. I expect to help out as much as I can to give back to the community.
To gain new experience and knowledge. Learn about the atmosphere, the workplace setting, make some great networks, give back to others through using my time to make others feel welcome, safe and hopefully feel that they are being taken care of regardless of their condition .
Self development and leadership skills and helping kids do better.
Getting a better connection and understanding of the medical work fields and the patients.
I expect to learn about the hospital including their policies, how everyone fulfills their role as a volunteer and how to handle complaints or other possible issues of concern.
To help other people find fun and interesting things to volunteer for, to help other people find what they can do, and to gain leadership experience.
I expect to create inspired content for the readers that they can relate to.. Also, moderate the content to see if anything inappropriate is filtered out.
I expect that oral communication skills and.
To gain valuable experience working under professionals in the health care field. To gain insight into the best practices used with regards to specific departments such as mental health, crisis, and addiction. To meet professionals in my field and to learn and grow as a counsellor.
To experience a different environment and discover the unfamiliar.
My expectation for this volunteer position are want to know more about Canadian culture and find sense of belonging in Canada. Also, I would like to improve my english and if I can do some job about nutrition I can gain some experience on it because I would like to be a registered dietitian.
Learn the unique relationship between a healthcare professional and their patient.
To tend to peoples needs and to help them, to direct others.
To help people as much as I can in many ways.
I want to help people . That why I study Office administration medical in GBC, so I also want to have experience in this area.
At the end of the project, I want to know what I am capable of. To trust more in me and to be a good communicator and coordinator.
To gain skills to get a job.
My expectations are to have a good working and people friendly environment.
I am looking forward to running the play sessions with the children alongside the play therapist, where I support the therapist with managing the group dynamic, support the children during the sessions, and discuss my observation of the children with the therapist, in hope of helping the therapist with planning the next session. I am looking forward to meeting the adult patients, build rapport with them, and a bit of emotional support during their hospital stay, help with the communication between them and the health workers and provide them with the health information they need. Support clients in the craft activities.
The organization is expected to ensure that I: Learn about the organization and its volunteer policies; Get an orientation to the organization and training for my volunteer role; Know the organization’s policy or protocol for handling complaints or any issues of concern; Ask for and have regular reviews or evaluations of my performance; Get guidance and support in my volunteer role; Be reimbursed for all volunteer work-related expenses for the organization.
I expect to develop my working habits whilst earning the volunteer hours required to graduate from high school.
To impact the lives of individuals in the community and to personally grow from this experience.
Being in this volunteer position would enable me to boost more my self confidence, self esteem and to adjust the life style here in Canada as a new immigrant. For me those are my expectations for this volunteer position.
I just expect people to guide me, so I will do my job properly.
For myself, I expect to open up my mind and see what is going on in this world, even locally: animals are suffering, and my being able to help, even with things like cleaning up and feeding them, it will make me feel great; that the animals also have someone involved who love them and love to work with them.
I think it will be very enjoyable and im very looking forward to it because this position stood out the most for me when I was at the volunteering orientation.
I expect exciting new challenges alongside improving the lives of those affected by crimes.
Meeting new friends, participating in some of the activities and trips myself as well as helping others to enjoy and participate in as many activities as possible.
To have a positive effect on the environment and to learn something new.
I expect to further develop my people skills and build a.
It is good way to icrease your knowledge and upskills.
My expectations are that the environment I will be working in will be enjoyable, and the children will be able to learn new things while having fun.
I expect to discover and learn more about the hospital setting. I am still unsure what exactly I want to go into, I know I want to be a physician, but I am quite unsure which specific type I would like to become. So maybe if I volunteer at the pediatrics department, I will discover that I love working with children, or perhaps it will be too sad for me to work there. These are all things I can gain from volunteering.
My expectations are not really much I just want to give back to the community.
I want to devote my skills ans talents to help out the staff and the patients and at the same time it will help me brush up my skills.
I hope to be able to learn about different functioning parts of a hospital and also help out the staff, wherever it is needed.
I expect to gain new skills and improve on the ones I have. Through this volunteer position I hope to gain the skills I need to help me in my future job endeavors.
Learn how to help people in rihgt way.
I expect to come here to help people and keep things orderly.
I wanted to share my ideas and feeling and experiences.I will be a competent trainer.
I just want to work for your organization.
To be involved in the work and get as much knowledge and influence from it.
I expect this volunteer position to give me valuable experience in the sciences, especially astronomy, as the Science Center is very well-renowned. I hope to gain insight to working in that field, as I plan on becoming a researcher in astronomy. I also expect much self-improvement in teamwork and communication skills. I look forward to cooperating with Science Center staff and volunteers to create important educational experiences for visitors as well as ourselves.
I think I will be able to learn somehing and it will be easy.
I hope to learn new skills that I will be able to use in my daily life and to run into challenges that will motivate me and help me in the future.
To take experience and be able to assist those in need.
I would like to gain experience in the medical field and observe first hand what it is that health care professionals do, and I would like to further develop my network and improve on a personal level both my strengths and weaknesses.
Meeting new friends. Learning new stuff: basic of foreign language.
I would like to be a member as a team lead.
I hope to get hands on experience in A and E as I think that the busy pressurised environment will prepare me for Medical school.
My expectations are for myself to do as much as I can to support and care for the retirement residents so that their interests and needs are fulfilled.
Gain experience and practical knowledge.
Leaning more about our planet earth and meeting new people.
My expectations for this position are two-fold. First I would like to contribute to the community in a meaningful way. Lastly, I would like to gain experience and a deeper understanding of how hospitals and healthcare providers function.
For this position I expect a busy and interactive work environment that will be enjoyable and productive but most importantly an opportunity to give back to the community.
My expectations are to learn and get experience.
I expect to give back to science world for the great childhood memories it has brought me by volunteering and making sure that other kids get the same great experience that I did when I was younger.
I expect to be needed to fufill rather random positions throughout the hospital, admin, helping entertain children and their siblings when they are waiting for an appointment, helping show pepole around the hospital etc.
I want to learn each and every aspect of admin work.
To assist those individuals with medical needs who do not have their own vehicle for appointments.
I expect to absorb as much knowledge and experience as possible from this opportunity. I want to step out of my comfort zone and absorb as much as possible from every experience I have here.
I expect I could apply I have learnt till now. I could get a good platform to do something good for my society. And I expect I will get satisfied with what I am going to do.
Expectation to work as part of a team to develop constructive action plan for young person to aid understanding of their actions and how to prevent same reactions in future.
I think it will be an amazing experience.
My expectations for this volunteer position is gain a great experience with patients and others around me.
To gain valuable and meaningful experience.
Try myself and my situation in first official Canadian company, and improve my capacity and management skills.
My expectations are to gather knowledge about my future career goal.
I hope to gain more skills for future employment.
My expectations for this position is the to.
I expect to learn new skills and see if I like to become more involved in this position in the future.
Gain experience, achieve something that I have wished for for a while and take part in one of the best events in the country.
I can serve the community which is something I enjoy doing for my community.
Improving skills gaining knowledge.
I expect to gain a more in depth understanding of the various mental health issues and how different therapeutic approaches can help them deal with it in their daily life.
My expectations for this volunteer position is to gain work experience. Because I am studying International Development, participating in volunteer work for a non-governmental organization can help me gain skills that I need for the future.
Hopefully to work in the daycare.
I would like to gain some experience about the real world before I step into it for the first time. I would like to know what is out there and I hope this position can help me achieve that.
My expectations for this volunteer is try experiences and have fun.
I expect to develop new skills, interact with people, become part of a team and just learn from different types of situations.
Interact with new people and expand my resume.
To be involved in something meaningful.
I expect to gain experience, meet new people, and enjoy helping the communtity.
I'd like to get some hands on experience in the lab and I'd expect that the team dynamic be inspiring to me to want to pursue more research in this field. I'd like for there to be no gap between the volunteers and the graduate students, so that the research goes on smoothly.
-communication between the supervisor and myself -adequate training to make sure I complete tasks to the best of my ability -interaction in a fast paced environment.
I expect that I will learn a lot, as I have never worked in a shop before but also expect that I will enjoy it greatly because I love a challenge, and love to be out of the house doing something.
I expect to gain knowledge in this new region.
I expect challenge and discipline unlike any other volunteer position. I realize that volunteers are, at times, expected to be well-rounded and capable of executing many tasks.
I expect satisfaction from everyone I work with and I expect to meet up with their needs as well.
To acquire skills and when employed I will be able to utilize my new skills to works.
To meet more people, and learn new things.
I expect to learn more knowledge and more experience in this volunteering position.
To help and assist kids in class room.
I want to work in way I should learn and grow in my carrier and personal and get appreciate for the things I do.
I hope to learn new skills and use my current strengths to find the best fit for me.
I expect to improve my empathy, patience and communication skills considerably. I would like to participate in activities such as writing letters, reading or playing simple games with the members of the care home as I enjoy reading and writing since I have always demonstrated strong academic skills at school.
Expect to learn the process of a research, and improve my skill of statistic analyzing.
My expectations would be to meet other people and make new friends and have a career in the sheriff department.
To observe, to learn, and to make a difference.
Be more involved in the med-world and having hands-on experience.
To make a difference to people currently having difficulties.
I expect will meet some experience entrepreneurs and experts in different industries, share the knowledges and ideas, moreover it's also a great chance to involve and learn how to organize events and activities in such internationally and non-profit organization.
Challenging while interesting.
I am expecting to gain an insight on how a job works and specifically one in the museum/art community.
I am pursuating cca and it will give me chance to help other.
I expect a positive working environment.
I want to feel useful and also feel confident in the new society.
Is that i'll grow my thinking.
I expect to learn about the functions and different departments of a hospital and what they do in order to understand the environment of a hospital. I also want to help the patients and faculty of this hospital.
I expect to share my idea and learn from other others.
It is a good work. It make a person that know sacrifice, responsibility and Understand others.
To accomplish daily task and duties.
Better at communicating with others and improve my skills.
My expectations for this volunteer is to gain experience and to learn new skills such as socialize skills.
Fun growth utilize my skills.
I would relally like to learn about the environement and what we can do to protect it. I also want to improve my problem solving skills as well as thinking on the spot. I would love to learn more about children and there behahaviour as well as share their joy of learning.
To learn more about how volunteers are led and in what ways this differs from managing in the paid sector. Also learning more about the work of Macmillan and hopefully inspiring others and being inspired myself to improve in the role.
A chance to test out my abilities as a writer and researcher and a chance to collaborate with some very intelligent people.
My only expectations are two things to see that I made another human beings life better and second one is a promise to myself that I want to see and be around Truly caring positive people.
I expect to leave a different person fully equipped and eager to put in practise what I have learnt .
My understanding of the position is that I would have the opportunity to provide an individual with a safe environment to talk air their difficulties - to provide a listening ear as part of their journey to healing.
Learn more about the medical field and experience the hospital enviroment.
I think k my expectations for this volunteer position is to see and really make sure I want a career in the medical field and if I realize I don't then I have learned a lot sooner than most people.