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What are your expectations for this volunteer position?
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The organization is expected to ensure that I: Learn about the organization and its volunteer policies; Get an orientation to the organization and training for my volunteer role; Know the organization’s policy or protocol for handling complaints or any issues of concern; Ask for and have regular reviews or evaluations of my performance; Get guidance and support in my volunteer role; Be reimbursed for all volunteer work-related expenses for the organization.
Be more involved in the med-world and having hands-on experience.
To impact the lives of individuals in the community and to personally grow from this experience.
Whatever am doing for my patients would be beneficial to them.And I could devote my knowledge and skill for the happieness and satisfaction of my clients.
I expect to discover and learn more about the hospital setting. I am still unsure what exactly I want to go into, I know I want to be a physician, but I am quite unsure which specific type I would like to become. So maybe if I volunteer at the pediatrics department, I will discover that I love working with children, or perhaps it will be too sad for me to work there. These are all things I can gain from volunteering.
This position is a perfect opportunity for me to gain some experience in working in a medical field.
Better at communicating with others and improve my skills.
I expect to learn about the hospital including their policies, how everyone fulfills their role as a volunteer and how to handle complaints or other possible issues of concern.
It is a good work. It make a person that know sacrifice , responsibility and Understand others.
My expectations are to have a good working and people friendly environment.