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Tell me about your work history and how it relates to your work here as a volunteer.

Answer examples and advice for how to answer this interview question for a Volunteer interview

How to Answer

The interviewer wants you to bring your resume to life for them. If you have worked several different jobs, focus on the ones that pertain to this role. Think about ways you can transfer the skills from previous jobs and apply them to this volunteer position.

Tell me about your work history and how it relates to your work here as a volunteer.
Answer example

"I have spent the past five years working in a human resources position. I focus on tasks such as recruiting and administration. Through these experiences, I have developed a passion for helping others find jobs. I look forward to applying those skills here, as a volunteer coordinator."


"I have been working as a maintenance supervisor for the past fifteen years. Part of my reason for volunteering is to gain some variety in my day to day experiences. I look forward to helping others and giving back to the community."


"After achieving my Bachelor's Degree in Communication, I worked for a local marketing agency for seven years. It was through this company that I learned the importance of corporate volunteering."

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Tell me about your work history and how it relates to your work here as a volunteer.
My first experience was as a volunteer/intern at Harris & Associates where I performed routine clerical duties such as sorting and distributing mail, filing, and data entry. I also was a student worker at Bakersfield College Library where my duties included: Shelving books, working at the circulation desk checking out books, and to answer questions that a patron my have.
I Volunteered at Lakeview Elementary school where I learned how great it is to give back to my community.
I never volunteered before, nor did I ever had a job, however my father owns a company so I do help him at work during my summer and weekends.
I have done B. Sc nursing. I have worked in different different hospital work in NICU provide care to the premature babies.
I had an experience in IT company as a team leader and as a Primary Teacher in a Secondary school.
Since 7 years am in nursing profession as a nursing student and staff nurse .I got lots of opportunity to involve in care with variety of patients.I had taken Masters in Nursing because I thought my knowledge has to be improved.
I have worked as the head of the childcare department at the YMCA. I have held multiple positions of leadership that required a lot of teamwork.
I worked with kids in daycare and babysitting, and I have also worked with teens my age to help them find correct locations and information at my school.
Volunteer firefighter, volunteer textile arts, art and soul, the writings off the wall tour building resilience with people after the floods, collating news papers.
I help out teachers at school, volunteered as a staff at an international camp.
Worked as a recruiter for about 3 years and have some administration kinda work.
I have volunteered in the Wing Kei elderly centre in downtown. There, I helped out with many musical social events for the residents as well as spiritual speeches. Also, I have volunteered with the City of Calgary, where I was trained to take care of 60+ children at the Sir Winston Churchill Pool. Other volunteering experiences are on my resume right here. (gives resume).
I have worked in community care, but have also been a training co-ordinator/line manager in the electronic publishing/new media sector.
I worked as a teacher in India for grade 3,
I have done a lot of volunteering history. For example I had worked at the sikh parade where you would help people get what they want like water. Another is that I had volunteered at the drug awareness foundation where I would give speeches to little kids to prevent of making worst decisions in the future.
More than 6 years experience in admin and accounts.
My most recent work history was volunteering at habitat for humanity in santa cruz.
I worked at Pita World for a year, Pouch Cove Recreation summer camp for two summers, Swiss Chalet for 2.5 years and counting, and at the confederation building as a summer student for two summers.
Right now I have started a pet care and dog walking business that I do part time.
I am babysitter and also still work at the Tjmaxx.
First of all I used to work as sales assistant then I have been working in Spa.
I think as I grow older im learning how to cope in different environments. for instance, in stressful overwhelming situations im getting better and rocgnizing staying calm and tking a mintue to take a deep breath goes a long way.
I have worked at Subway since July 2014. I started working for Math4Me, a tutoring place since October 2014. I also started volunteering at Kinsmen Lodge, which is actually right across since December 2014. From September 2011 to now, I participated in school clubs and school events as well.
My work history is not that much. I worked at a Swap meat by organizing clothes, being a cashier and be the one selling to other people.
Past 25 yrs been in. He. Training organizational development leadership development.
I am a Babysitter and I also still work at the gym.
I am teacher to skiing in cold.
Industrial Placement Trainee.
I have been at university for the past 3 years and have been doing full time temporary work during the summer holiday period mainly in customer service.
I had worked a teacher for grade 4 as a math and English subjectsin national public school for a year . I also involved in other extra curricular activities in the organization to grow in my ladder and also same time grow along with thr organization.
I do not have a history of work.
Well ive worked in many areas, as marketing agent, I had to walk and encounter people out of my working station to propose my services. I also work as a finance clerk where I did front office duties and also had much encounter with patients of various kinds. Then with my job satisfaction as a finance clerk I was promoted to work as an administrative secretary because they found in me someone very confidential and welcoming.
I have a steady work history and I work in the present.
So I've most recently worked as a receptionist at a hair salon in Rockland centre, and I've also been helping my father out in Ottawa at the Kumon Barrhaven centre.
Administration and purchasing.
My first work is involved my family business as operation manager, and in a chance I become a IT service management consultant and trainer in one of the biggest IT organization in Taiwan. After that I startup my company as a specific power system design software distributor in southeast asia and china.
As of now, I have yet to earn any work experience.
Well, I worked as chef assistant and private tutor before. Although I said Chef assistant, but basically I do everything. The cafe I worked in was quite small and there were only two of us. I was responsible for preparation of breakfast and lunch, checking the stock, maintain the hygienic condition of kitchen and occasianly act as barista. Yes I have been trained as a barista and I have certificate for that. I did quite well until the semester start and I cannot work 6-11 am everyday. The private tutor was much earilier while I was instroduced by one of my friend to help her with the subject she failed once. I developed good communication and interpersonal skilled through my experience, effectively communicate with people from different backgrounds with respect.
I am college student, on a years break and so far have not had a job. I have found it hard to find a job because of my lack of work experience history, and it's the main reason for why I am interested in volunteering.
PEP over 2 years - mental health and addiction - group facilitator, community outreach worker and OCAN support specialist OATC over 2 years - Harm Reduction Methadone and Suboxone Case Manager/Counsellor providing assistance to clients going through recovery from opiate use.
I never worked before, but I volunteered at my karate location, in which I helped younger students develop their skills.
Had work based experience at Connexions, Northampton College and worked at Sainsburys.
I have lots of volunteering experience.
My work history has been mainly teaching and volunteer work. My teaching experience has also been overseas in Shanghai, China. I feel this has given me a greater understanding of different cultures and diversity.
Sales, photography, massage therapy.
I started off my work experience when I was a teenager as a regular babysitter for families in my neighborhood. Since then I have worked in either reception or retail.
Worked as a seasonal at sears.
Because I just turned 14 in December, I don't have much regular work experience but I often help my teachers and coaches with little things when needed.
Worked in a food truck serving food, running the cashier and making food as well.
Ive lit which is a youth program in the summer with multiple workshops, events and task s to do.
I am student but I have be with vodafone Ghana as a customer care attendant.
I have only had one job in my 19 years of life. I currently work at No Frills. I first started as a cashier, and I was invited to become the customer service representative and a cash office member.
I worked with children at a summer recreational program. I got to collaborate with children, their respective parents and my supervisor to plan safe and enjoyable activities for the kids to enjoy.
I worked for a bus company.
In the pharmacy it was my job to pull medication and deliver it to different areas of the hospital. In patient care, I usually responded to most of the patients basic needs, and if they needed medical attention I had to alert a nurse in the unit.
I have worked in the ois for international student, basically every single thing. I have been able to arrange every single trival things, but I only got 4 hours a week to do my stuff, I am able to solve the problem perfectly in time.
Managed a senior property for ten years where I was fully involved with my seniors. I coordinated and implemented all activities, such as Bingo, Monthly Birthdays parties, Christmas Parties.
Currently working as an SSA at woolworths . Also worked as tele sales assistant for fusion direct for selling optus products over the phone to businesses.
Well, Iused to be a barista for last two years.
I worked about 20 years in a public environment and worked as a program coordinator.
I do volunteer in my country and I have had have experience for a family carer.
I worked as a produce clerk at metro grocery store for about a year, stocking the fruits and vegetables, unloading skids and moving them into the freezer.
I work from 15 years old.
In Canada, I never work. But in Hong Kong, I had been a receptionist in a play group center for 3 months . The job was about answer different questions from the parents, arrange the timetables for the classes and receive the payment from the parents. And then I have been a waitress and work in a cafe shop. It is too busy but the manager are kind and the colleague are willing to tech me the stuff that I need to aware. These two job are summer job. So the duration are very short.
Well my dad owns a pool business and its family owned and operated so all of my siblings worked there so I went everyone in a while definitely not full time or anything but I would help out and work wih my sister by packing things up for costumes and help bring them to there car and I would do water tests and make sure the shelves were stocked. I also last summer started a little business with my sister called mad wish Grace & olive Maine pallet signs. We go around town collecting pallets and we refer bush them into hand made signs of any size and shape. We would get orders and we'd paint them however costumes would want them. This business became a lot bigger than any of us thought it's still going on now and t probably will for. A lot longer. It stated of with my sister making a pallet sign them I wanted to make one. So my sister came up with the idea to make then signs and I came up with the idea of selling the signs and it turned it to something pretty amazing.
I volunteered many events in my college and also volunteered for recruitment process in my college. apart from my college I even volunteered airtel marthon.
I have worked as a voluntary SEN teacher and mentor for quite a few years, and have worked with children and adolescents with learning difficulties.
My work history is focused around customer service and hospitality. I have a lot of experience interacting with all types of personalities, ages, families, etc. I am used to handling stressful environments but would prefer to direct my energy toward making a lasting impact on peoples lives.
My work history includes serving as a college advisor for High school seniors in Hartford, CT. I guided them along the college search and application processes. I also worked as am AmeriCorps member.
I work in a warehouse, customer service, transportation.
I have been an administrator close to six years in a busy and demanding enviroment.
I worked as a doctor for five years. During this time I faced people from different backgrounds and different presentations.
I have worked as a volunteer at university and plan on continuing my efforts.
Was a manager for a woman owned business back home, worked with patients everyday in person and on the phone. Great customer service skills and many other administrative skills.
I volunteered at the Martin Luther King Jr daycare center from 1991- 2005. I then took care of my late parents who were ill.
I have worked at Coles Supermarkets for about 7 years as a cashier, dealing mainly with customer service.
I have an eclectic background from customer service to automotive.
I have worked in the church nursery before but that is the extent of my official work history. During this job I took care of both the children and the room. My co-workers and I made sure that everything was clean and that the children were satisfied. We also worked closely with the parents regarding special needs and concerns.
I have no work experience but I do have some volunteering experience. I have volunteered at my local public library as a buddy in the buddy reading program and also for their recent 150th birthday. Along with that I have volunteered at a local public community center and have done room set up.
I've never worked anywhere before.
I have about two years of experience working in a professional consulting environment, dealing directly with different departments, vendors, and clients. I also have retail and customer service experience.
Am a student so I work just in holidays, in fast food cooking or in super market selling.
Every subject has it own file to study from, the reason is to not be messy.
Unfortunately, as I am an international student in the UK from Iran, I did not have the opportunity to gain any formal work experience before arriving in the UK; however, I tutored my classmates for maths in my previous school in Iran before final examinations and this helped me to become a more confident and articulate person. I also cared for my grandfather after his surgery and this put my patience and empathy to test.
I currently do not have any.
I have never had a job but I have volunteered in several places including We-day, at the Kitchener-Waterloo skating club and at school as a score keeper for many different sports. We-day is an annual tour made to promote youth empowerment in order to create a better world. I went to the youth and women empowerement tour and I was part of a group made to get the crowd involved and excited. Usually, attendees are students and teacherss or members of community organisations. I had to learn several cheers and dances and I had to have a very high energy level throughout the day in order to keep everybody excited. At the KWSC' I was a program assistant during learn to skate, canskate, recreational star and parent and tot sessions. I would set up circuits, learn and choreograph warm up and cool down routines, give the kids pointers and help them whenever they needed. I also coached a week long summer skating camp in 2014 with kids ranging from 6-13 years old.
I currently have no experience.
Worked with children under 4 supporting parents worked with peope in the community helping to reduce isolation.
I'm currently working as a Nutrition Tech with Wellstar Systems. I've worked as a traveling MA for six months. I was responsible for taking vital signs, verifying insurance, and scheduling appointments.
I worked as a Car Hop at Sonic Drive-In which consisted of customer service and janitorial duties. I also worked on a farm two summers ago helping with his dogs and horses as well as mowing his lawn and trimming his hedges.
I graduated out of grad school in 2014 since then I was on a sabbatical. At the same time I was exploring my interests in teaching and public speaking.
Well I dont have any work history but I will make history.
This is actually my first time interviewing for a "job." But, I have volunteered before under the National Honor Society.
I have never had a job but I have volunteered in other institutions.

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