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Tell me about your work history.
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My first experience was as a volunteer/intern at Harris & Associates where I performed routine clerical duties such as sorting and distributing mail, filing, and data entry. I also was a student worker at Bakersfield College Library where my duties included: Shelving books, working at the circulation desk checking out books, and to answer questions that a patron my have.
I Volunteered at Lakeview Elementary school where I learned how great it is to give back to my community.
I never volunteered before, nor did I ever had a job, however my father owns a company so I do help him at work during my summer and weekends.
I have done B. Sc nursing. I have worked in different different hospital work in NICU provide care to the premature babies.
I had an experience in IT company as a team leader and as a Primary Teacher in a Secondary school.
Since 7 years am in nursing profession as a nursing student and staff nurse .I got lots of opportunity to involve in care with variety of patients.I had taken Masters in Nursing because I thought my knowledge has to be improved.
I have worked as the head of the childcare department at the YMCA. I have held multiple positions of leadership that required a lot of teamwork.
I worked with kids in daycare and babysitting, and I have also worked with teens my age to help them find correct locations and information at my school.
Volunteer firefighter, volunteer textile arts, art and soul, the writings off the wall tour building resilience with people after the floods, collating news papers.
I help out teachers at school, volunteered as a staff at an international camp.
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