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Do others view you as a role model?

Answer examples and advice for how to answer this interview question for a Volunteer interview

The interviewer wants to know if you are a leader and if others see you that way as well. Talk about initiatives and accomplishments, your key personality traits, or your presence within your community.

Basic answer example
"I recently started a workout club, three days a week, with my friends. They admire me for my discipline, and we have been able to motivate each other by being consistent and showing up to work out together."
Entry Level answer example
"I hope to be seen as a role model because I strive to be a strong example in everything that I do. One way I position my self as a role model is to be the first to try new things, and take a chance on myself and others."
Experienced answer example
"I am a role model to others and have spent a great deal of time establishing myself as a person who can offer leadership, and sound advice. Currently, I work with Big Brothers/Big Sisters where I am a role model to an 8-year-old boy."

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Do others view you as a role model?
You should be caring for others, share the workload equally and respect others.
I always have care for others, and reliable person , committed to the work, share my knowledge with others in a friendly manner and try to keep up my words .
I believe that all good role model lead by example, which is why I also try to do something first before telling others. When you lead by example, many people will follow in your footsteps and be inspired with your work like what happened with Gandhi and Nelson Mandela.
Because I've met my goals, my ideas are important for other persons and I am a lucky person.
I feel that others view me as a good role model. My teachers, my parents and all other adults I am close to know that I am a disciplined person along with a very sincere person.
I think I have high degree of admiration from my peers.
They view me as a exceptional role . I demonstratethat by doing the task first I also do more encourafing than instructions.
I try to do something first by myself before telling others.
I believe that all good role models lead by example. Which is why I also try to do something first.
They view me as a all-around nice person im also a peoples person kind.
I work hard, I am compassionate and I live by example.
Others view me as a role model because when I do not get an ideal result for my test, I study more to aim my goal next time.
My ability to take initiative and maintain motivation even when the going gets tough is one of my greatest attributes.
I always care for others, I am a reliable person, commited to work, I always share my knowledge with others in a friendly manner.
I hope people see me as a hard worker and someone that trys to do their best in al areas of life.
Others view me as a very organized, punctual person.
I am always told that I am very authentic as I can be relied upon especially for advise in very difficult situations.
I am always told that I am very authentic as I can be relied upon especially for advise in very difficult situations.
A role model is someone whose behavior is imitated by others. Of course, there are good role models and bad role models. There is even the counter intuitive anti-role model who behaves so badly that s/he serves as a good example of what NOT to do.
They do enjoy being round me. They do think I am sensible person to be around they do take my sense of humour very well. Some of them are not even afraid to come to me for assistance.
As an honest empathetic guy who has a great love and want to help others. I am well respected and seemingly liked by people I am a leader above.
People such as my brothers or my friends view me as a role model in the sense that they if they want to talk and need advice for something, I am always willing to go and that I respect whatever people have to say to me.
Others view me as someone who is responsible and who is always there to listen. I am open to others beliefs and work toward offering support to those in need.
By being able to focus on the task at hand as well as helping out others when needed.
People who enjoy life in their own ways and full of confident.
My fast paced, determined personality makes me a role model because not many people can get things done in the time that I can.
I aim to strive to my very best, no matter how hard the situation is.
I have been told I am very driven and committed to the work I do, but can also be very kind and and empathetic on a personal level.
I like to think that others view me as someone who is passionate and dedicated. I hope that I am viewed as someone that is reliable and who can always get the job done.
They see me as someone who will work hard to overcome personal faults or setbacks in a nice hybrid of introverted/extroverted ways. Who does their best when they are strengthening others.
They see me as a person working towards being a role model.
I believe that by being calm and quiet grounds a lot of people around me. People who act on instinct slow down a bit, and those who worry find trust in me, therefore I help to ease off some burden off their shoulders.
I believe that others view me as a very responsible and proactive role model. I strive to work hard for my company and do my best in everything I do. I also work very well with others, as communication is the key to success.
Others view me as a role model as somebody that is very confident and hardworking and never gives up.
I always try to set the best example possible for my younger sister my familiyty and my coworkers. My sister in particulars views me as a role model particularly because I am the first in mt famility to go to college and therefore she follows my steps.
The younger girls in my church group view me as a role model.
I feel as though I am a role model for the children I worked with, my younger cousins, and even some college students that I have helped in the past. I have been told that I am the right amount of goofball but serious and dedicated to my goals.
People have said I am good with adults and chilren. And that I am very independant.
Through the way I handle peoples things with care and the way im focus with God.
I am not a model but I will try my best as long as I can.
I always behave simple and find way to learn.
I am very patient during problem solving.
I think most people see me as a kind, compassionate person who is eager to help.
I'm a good activities planner, as most time my role is general secretary or be one of team member in secretary group.
They like how I'm able to accomplish goals I want to do.
I'm very kind, generous, and willing to help others.
Other people view me as a role model because I do my work with care and I am trustworthy.
I am often seeen as very calming, sociable and academically strong. I am also known as a very hard worker both at school and skating. I am always open to new things.
They see that I care and have compassion for others and try to show others caring.
Many people look at me as a person always available to help.
My philosophy is to to everything to the best of my ability. I try my best to keep this mindset in my work, relationships, and service environments. I think if others see me as a role model it would be because of this philosophy.
I hunk people think of me as someone who is easy to come up and talk to for example on my cheer team there majority is freshman and they love to come up and talk to me and give me hugs and say hi.

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