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Are you motivated to find work for yourself? Are you organized? Yet another question where the interviewer is looking for insight into how you think and how your work. There are multiple ways you could answer this. Sharing skills that could pertain to the particular role will be most helpful.
Answer examples
"I do a lot of networking, going to events and participating in clubs to meet others who could use my services. I have a website and I recently started blogging to generate content to draw more people to my site."
"I prioritize my work load and the available team resources. I make the decisions based on adding the best value to each job at hand, while maximizing our resources."

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User-Submitted Answers

According to their capabilities at the time and their strength to perform the job effectively.
I enjoy making job assignments. Knowing what I need to do and how I can get them done was always an interest of mine and I like putting the effort and making my time as efficient as possible.
If I am given a task I think about the best way to organize it and if I have additional questions I am never afraid to ask because I feel like it is best to try and get it done right the first time.
I would see which person is efficient in each area and assign them to the best suited position for them.
First of all, I approach all job assignments with a positive attitude no matter how trivial it may seem to be. I understand that my work as a volunteer is to serve not only the patients but most important the staff to take some stress and responsibilities off their shoulders. I take my job assignments seriously and perform to the best of my ability.
I looked at all of my options and I selected the ones that I am capable of doing.
I would assign individuals based on their strengths and interests.
I try prroritize according to impotance and ungency kf the task.
I look for what each person is strong in, or specializes in, and based on this, I assign them tasks & duties that would suit them well. I would also try to pair them up with people who they could interact well with.
Just got on with what I was told to do.
I assign jobs according to the skills what individuals possess.
I enjoy making job assignments. Knowing what I need to do and how I can get them done was always an interest of mine and I like putting the effort and making my time as efficient as possible.
I made personal deadlines to ensure that my projects were done way before the actual deadlines.
I did pretty well, my supervisors always seems pleased by my efforts.
By asking my seniors in my monthly Newsletter what they would enjoy doing.
I would give everyone the same amount of work, and if there is any left over, I would split it between the ones who need it and the responsible ones who would get it done.
I always accomplish in doing my assignments on time as I tend to plan ahead and can do multitasking when rquired.
Very well because I have great organisational skills.
I can do my job very seriously and to be done nicely.
Whatever the organisation provide me the job responsibilities I am ready for that.
Work through job assignments methodically.
I am very detailed oriented and totally aware of time management. And I can multitask. I make sure whatever work I do I do it completely with no mistake and on time.
I am a quick and efficient and go preety well with assisgnments.
As you suggested. I have no idea about that.
I organise my time well and make sure to reach the deadline.
I usually prioritize and organize my time. I aim to finish assignments before the deadline.
I take any job I am offered.
Just go on with what I was told to do.
I performed each task in a timely manner.
I look at the person's strengths and weaknesses, and try to balance them out with the various positions available.
I like to prioritize tasks in terms of their magnitude. For example, setting more time aside for larger tasks.
I start doing it quick as possibly. I hate to leave things last minute.
If I do not know my fellow volunteers well, I ask what they enjoy doing, and what they do best. If I know them well, then I separate them into pools based on their strengths, and their ability to work well with others. My goal is always to formulate a cogent plan, and maintain high efficacy. So, once I separate my volunteers into pools, I begin to assign them jobs.
I do everything on time by putting up priorty.
Putting up a plan and from plan to action.
Confident with little supervision.
I need to organize my jobs every. I will do first who need more attention before I proceed to others.
I ll b very sincere to do it.
I ll do it perfectly and punctually with full dedication in my work.
Ask lots of questions for direction.
I have always completed my assignments on time and as comprehensively as possible. I never submit an assignment without having carefully proofread for mistakes. I also try to start my revision for exams as early as possible to avoid last-minute cramming.
According to urgency and importance.
When I start my day I start thinking of what needs to be done.
I have never made job assignments, but if I did I would match up the jobs to each persons strength.
I look to see what's fair and practical. Also I would like to take convenience as my first priority because I understand that people would perform better if they got a shift that they liked.
Dress and look groomed.
Customer first then prioritize which one should be done first.
About making job assignments, I will assign the team members based on their interest and resource limitation, e. G. Manpower, time, the language skill and experiences in different segments.
I always see the job assignments as a good thing, challenging and I do enjoy them very much. I feel satisfied and enjoyed while dealing with different assignments.
I go on internet and reach the place to work for make the volunteering.
I would first organize the different assignments and then match it up with whomever I feel is the best fit for the job.
I did my best to assign jobs equally amongst my team and assigned them accordingly to each team member's skill set.
Doing simple tasks such as going weed.
Hard work and truthfulness.
What would you make happy in a job?
I like assignments, even though it seems hard at the beginning, then I really focus on it and do my best.
I will try and observe how people do thingsthe first few days then based on the persons personalities I would assing jobs.
I used to do my duties my self.
I want to join the project of volunteer.
I do very well getting work out.
I delagate and distribute tasks evenly, making sure everyone is working as a team to complete it.
Assessed persons strengths. Asked what they wanted to do. Merged the two.
Explain a situation when your expectations were not met.
What is your reason for volunteering?
Play to people's strengths, whilst at the same time, try to provide fresh challenges where possible or new learning opportunities.
I asked people what they wanted to do and what they were best at and placed them accordingly.
This, honestly, would be my first time doing something like this for an organization like yours. But I believe the experience would be a good thing and it would help a worthy cause. I’m very dedicated and will always get assignments done on time.
Why do you want to work with a voluntary organisation.
What skills does the job require?
I give consideration to team work if am to accomplish my assignments.
Trying to fit people's strengths with the assignemnt.
There is always something that can be done to improve a system or a job. If I am out of concrete things to do, I am able to look back on pre-set systems and make them more efficient.
Tried my best to get the target.
I first made sure I understood correctly what the assignment actually was and then, depending on how big the assignment was, laid out an action plan with steps, consulted or worked with relevant people involved and followed up on progress with the head person as well as asked for advice when needed.
Usually very precise and complete the assignment fully in the best possible way.
How did you go about making job assignments? Well in school when were assigned a group project or something the deadline for it to be finished is very soon therefore we wouldn't get much Time to work together and do the project. So we would assign people what to do based on how well they work and what they're best at. Some people are good at research and others are better at putting that research into a document so that is what I would do, assign them jobs that would efficiently use there strengths.
I try and be as perductive as I possibly can. I level out the jobs equally.
I always make an end goal clear first and decide where I'd like to end up. Then I work backwards and break it down into steps to see how to get there.