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Have you ever been a member of a group where two of the members did not work well together? What did you do to get them to do so?
How to answer
On my soccer team in college there were two girls who did not get along. Even though our team was really good overall, having two girls talking about each other behind their backs caused drama and made it uncomfortable for everyone else on the team. I spoke with each of them separately to try to understand what the problem was. When I found out it was a misunderstanding, I encouraged them to try to work things out, letting them know it was negatively affecting the rest of the team. Since the greater goal was to have fun and win, they agreed that they would be willing to make peace. It's not necessary to go into great detail about the situation, but share enough to give the interviewer insight into your experience handling and resolving conflict, enough info to instill confidence that you can deal with these types of situations.
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"When working with people, it is only natural that this occur once in awhile. My role is to build bridges in relationships. I preach conflict resolution based on humility and the intent to resolve problems while strengthening relationships. I encourage individuals to take pride in being accountable for their own relationships and therefore, work things out by approaching another in private to discuss the issues at hand. If necessary, I will intervene to mediate a discussion."
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User-Submitted Answers

Have you ever been a member of a group where two of the members did not work well together? What did you do to get them to do so?
Yes. We would occasionally go through the day joking about what happened but I encouraged our junior aide to just do her job well and I also promoted to our senior staff the good things our junior aide could do and that what had happened is outside our professional arena. Somehow the two worked it out.
Haha yes this year at school we are doing a collab with the english class and art class, im in the art classs and my two best freidns are in the english class and even tho were really good friends the 2 always disagree and im always the peace keeper to try to keep them sane :P I tried to just get everyones opinion on the table and just compromise and make everyone happy.
Yes, I have been in an uncooperative group before. I tried compromising with both, so both parties would be partly satidfied.
When I was working in a group project for school, 2 of the members did not agree on what approach to take in order to give a presentation on the project so I set up an informal meeting at a coffee shop, where we discussed both ideas and came to a compromise of including some components from each of the group members.
Explain to them why we are there and encourage them to what is expected of them.
I stood as a mediator and tried to find out their individual interests which helped me identify alternatives for settlement. I empathised with both parties and communicated my alternatives for them. I also checked what needed to be addressed to protect the relationships and having their consent, an agreement or fair understanding was reached and the relationship was not only restored but has flourished ever since.
Yes, I reminded them that this is a group activity and I reminded them what the end result needed to look like. So we each chose a piece that we could give our contribution in and pitched in our work. In the end we combined it and got the job done with little to no drama.
Yes, I was the one who was in-between the two group members that did not get along. I would try to compensate for both of their needs and make an attempt for them to make up for their argument.
I assured them that we are working towards a positive cause and we should not be arguing over our little tiny problems.
Yes. I confronted both sides of the situation and came up with a solution where both sides benefited.
I have. I tried by talking to them seperately, to hear both sides of the story. Then, I let them know that both of them were right and eventually they grew tired of the argument.
I tried to find out their problems first. For example in the university we were working as a team for a presentation, first, we combined the ideas first and them start to discuss.
I have been in various situations where members of a group did not collaborate well. In these situations I have reminded them of the tasks at hand and encouraged them to focus on efficiently accomplishing it. Focusing them on what needs to get done rather than their disagreement usually helps the group function best.
No, I do not have that experience but I would try to see what the problem is and find a way to work it out to make the situation better.
Yes, I have been, and in this type of situation I would try resolve the issue by making them both listen to each others problems, and compromise. It is not always possible to make them become friends, but peaceful acquaintance is likeable.
What I did was have them talk it out and have activities where they would have to work together.
I will tell him to work seriously, and I will help him in her work.
Yes, just discussed difficuilt questions and changed the subject when it became uncomfortable.
I have never been in a situation like this. However, when it does happen, I would meet with them individually, share with them what I have observed in their dynamic and my concern about their collaboration. I would ask if they felt the same way I do, and what can the group do to work together better.
If I am in the team leader I will call them personally and talk them politely for doing their work properly and warn them . Otherwise I complient to my manager about the guys who are not working well.
I asked the two people to explain their opinions to each other and as a group we worked through the conflict.
Yes. The easiest strategy is to have them agree to disagree and keep a professional interaction during working hours.
Yes, we paired them together at a station that we were volunteering at for a race. The first few hours, they disliked one another, but soon found themselves working in a harmonious rhythm and not have an argument since.
Yes, once I was assgined to do a gorup poject wiht two other calss fellows. Unfortunatelly they were not in good terms with each other and ended up blaming each other for not doing the job well. I noticed that one was good in aarranging all the tasks together while the other was good in writing but they wanted to peform both tasks by themselves. As a team member, it is very important to work as team rather then by themselves, I suggested that it would be helpful to divide the task. This way, we wull get the task done in time as team.
I gained the lead and instructed them both to help me get things done.
Spoke to them a tried find solution.
Yes, many times at No Frills. The best solution that I found when dealing with these type of situations is to make them understand that in a work environment we need to put personal problems aside and just learn to work different types of people.
Yes. I emphasized to them that they should know we are a group and have to finish the work as a group. So whatever differences they have they should keep aside and do their work and learn how to listen to each other opinion.
I mind on my work. I talk them if I need help.
I will try to help them in being in a team.
If I am in group I will give my support and see how the work to be done.
Speak to each individual alone and bring about a resolution with both people together.
Yes I gave them different responsibilities.
I will discuss with them my concern honestly and encourage them, to see if it just a misunderstand or lack of experience. However if the situation doesn't going well or it's a personal issue, then I will ask exchange members included me.
Well I have had my fair share of group projects and many of them don't always run smoothly though I have never been part of a group that had 2 people that didn't get along well. If that were to happen, I would make sure that when the work was divided, the two of them wouldn't be working on the same part.
Through taking with them separately and ask them to work with each other in very short projects.
Yes, often in group projects one member does not do what they are supposed to do and everybody gets very upset. In these cases, I try to assign said person tasks that they will enjoy doing so that they contribute to the project. I'll also try to have the two group members work as far as possible from each other or I will try to get them to speak their emotions to each other in a calm manner.
Yes, I have. It was very difficult to get the project back on track, since the self-proclaimed leader was making petty digs at my best friend’s work. I put my foot down and simply split the work three ways. They managed to put aside their differences once I delegated the work.
Sat them down talked to them about team work.
I find myself the mediator in many a situation. I find the best way to calm a situation is to suggest a compromise, and try to air both opinions in a calm manner minus the irritation.
I don't believe j have ever worked in a group where the two members didn't get along but what you would do is have home just forget about there drama or why hey don't get along and just focus on the project so we could get it down and I would assume that in the end they would work together and realize that they form have a reason to not get Along and hey would become friends.