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Have you ever been a member of a group where two of the members did not work well together? What did you do to get them to do so?
User Submitted Interview Answers
What I did was have them talk it out and have activities where they would have to work together.
Yes, we paired them together at a station that we were volunteering at for a race. The first few hours, they disliked one another, but soon found themselves working in a harmonious rhythm and not have an argument since.
If I am in the team leader I will call them personally and talk them politely for doing their work properly and warn them . Otherwise I complient to my manager about the guys who are not working well.
I gained the lead and instructed them both to help me get things done.
Yes, I was the one who was in-between the two group members that did not get along. I would try to compensate for both of their needs and make an attempt for them to make up for their argument.
Yes. The easiest strategy is to have them agree to disagree and keep a professional interaction during working hours.
I tried to find out their problems first. For example in the university we were working as a team for a presentation, first, we combined the ideas first and them start to discuss.
I will try to help them in being in a team.
I have been in various situations where members of a group did not collaborate well. In these situations I have reminded them of the tasks at hand and encouraged them to focus on efficiently accomplishing it. Focusing them on what needs to get done rather than their disagreement usually helps the group function best.
Spoke to them a tried find solution.
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