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How do you handle your mistakes? The interviewer knows you're not perfect, as you are human. Show your self-awareness and how you have learned from your mistakes. Certain topics will help you answer this question more concisely than others. Using a personal conflict, like a disagreement or miscommunication may take longer to explain without going in depth. Consider sharing about a scheduling issue or arriving late to work. Keep it light and show that you are proactive in clearing up issues that could arise.
Answer examples
"In a previous role, I was involved in decisions with where to do our community-service projects at times. There was a disagreement over where our efforts should be. I suggested a more difficult undertaking that did not go over well with the team because they did not want to allocate as much time. I took responsibility for the choice and spoke to the individuals about my reasoning. I told them that I felt the event would make more of a difference in the community than cleaning up a road as we usually do since it would allow us to be mentors to troubled youth as well as provide them with a cleaner building to use. It was better than simply doing manual labor and ended up being a successful event that everyone plans on doing again in the future."

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User-Submitted Answers

It was when a premature was about to be born and our unit has no available incubators at the time. I answered the phone noting the delivery rooms admission but not I did not say there are still available incubators. Then the conflict came, blames thrown at me, though I was backed up, I still confront and apologized to the attending physician who accepted it. I also answer to my supervisors.
My mom and I had a desacrement and we both had really strong opinions on the situation and I went to her and we talked it about it together.
Back when I was coaching soccer, there was a misunderstanding about jewellery regulations (namely earrings) that was not properly clarified by myself or my co-coach. As a result, one girl on the team attempted to cover her earrings with tape instead of removing them, as she had just gotten her ears pierced. Since she was unable to remove them for the next couple of months, the referee sent her off the pitch. To deal with this conflict, my co-coach and I conferred with the player, her mother and the referee to come up with a solution and explain the misunderstanding that had transpired.
I spoke with confidence and ask them politely what happened with the situation and tried to solve the conflict the best way possible for myself and the individual(s)
As a member of a team, I did snap at someone for breaking my concentration. I apologized right away and said there was no need for me to do that, no excuses just an apology.
I got into a fight with one of my friends over a misunderstanding and she got really angry at me, which I thought that was unfair of her but in the end I accepted that it was my fault and I proceeded in calling her in order to apologize for the misunderstanding and that I was wrong to judge her.
I do not engage in conflicts. Even if there is a situation I do not argue with them saying who is right or wrong. Instead I give them some time to realize and then I talk to them and explain about the whole situation and discuss with them.
Once, I renovated the room I shared with my sister. Her bed, in its former position, took up too much space, hence why I had to move it around to make room for more. When she came home, I explained that it was I who had done it and told her my reasons, which she found herself agreeing to.
One time while working in a deli durign a busy lunch hour, one of the costomers got upset as he had been waiting on the line for some time. As we were short satffed and were busy helping other customers, it would be impolite to skip the customers head of him. Therefere, when I was done in helping my customers, I quickly walked up to him, and asked him down his order and shop around as he had some shopping to do. By the tiem he came back, his order was ready and he apprciated it.
In my family I faced many problems sach as domestic abuse from my father. So recently he bitten my mother again .After that I took action and I phoned to hi employer and informed about it.
I will manage all for this.
Though I prefer staying out of conflicts, I do recall times when I took personal accountability for them. A couple of years ago, I went into an argument with my friend after her comment unintentionally offended me; my defensive reaction caused a conflict to erupt between us. Soon, I realized that I overreacted and that becoming upset over a comment is not worth destroying a friendship. I called her later that day to apologize and explain that I jumped to conclusions too soon and failed to incorporate the value of our companionship. I took the responsibility for the argument and offered to make the situation better. Needless to say, the flames died down and we talked out the situation calmly, step-by-step until we were ready to reconcile. From that conflict, I learned that I should handle any situation calmly and in a mature way.
I try to manage them, first solve the problem as soon as possible because time is very important in hospital, then it depends in the policy of hospital if it need report, Iwill do it, if not, Itell to my manager.
I spoke with confidence and ask them politely what happened with the situation and tried to solve this conflict the best way possible.
Being a customer service representative at my workplace, there are countless of conflicts that occur that I have to be accountable for. Customers do have certain concerns and I always have to be ready to answer them. For instance, Customers come up to me to complain about a certain cashier, either because she might of overcharged an item in their order, or the way she approached the customer was not appropriate or up to standards. Therefore, first I need to apologize to the customer in her behalf and make sure that he/she does not get the wrong impression of the store. Afterwards, I need to direct myself to the particular cashier and let her know of the situation to make sure the incident does not happen again. If it is a recurring problem with the cashier where many customers complain then I have to take other measures, where I speak to the manager and let her know of the situation, and then she will take responsibility from then on.
I am not faced like situations before.
Well there was a time I had some misunderstanding with my parents who thought I was the one telling my kid sis to be stubborn all because she is fun of running to me when problems are in the house and i'll advice her, but unfortunately my parents took that for a bad thing that maybe im the one telling her to act the way does and all this time they told me not to come to the house and so on.. But I did not retaliate. One day my dad was sick and needed to visit the hospital I work in and I was the one who assisted him all through, same thing with my mom. At the end they finally found out that I wasn't the cause of the problem but instead the peaceful one.
Cooking, showering, giving medication, follow up exercise everyday, Doctor appointment.
I will explain them clearly before the problem grows, if suppose it's my mistake I ready to accept and correct myself, if not then I will explain them to how to rectify it.
If there was a miscommunication, and it was on my end, I approached the party involved to take responsibility for my part of the conflict by apologizing & correcting it.
For solving a conflict, first I will listen the opposite opinion, explain my consideration and try to find a compromise plan or workaround which can still achieve the objective or requirement, however if the conflict can't solving right away, then I will report to supervisor to seeking the resolution, then following the final decision.
That's kind of rare. From our culture, is about never bring up a fight over anything. But, of course, I am a human being and I could have conflict with someone. It was once with my roommate. We start to sharing a 2 bedroom apartment when we go to uni. We had a big fight over the case whether it is appropriate to bring her friend to our home without announcement or not. I was quite angry by her friend just pop up in front of me while I was washing dishes or what. She thought it is completely normal as she own half the apartment to live. I was quite upset as I was shocked several time by someone just went in my place without I knowing it. We then discussed and make the deal she could bring her friend home with announcement of the action.
I try all my best to ask the reasons and find the best solution.
I clam down and I talk a person again.
A time whenever students were sitting in the hallway not knowing where their teacher was. I took immediate initiate and retrieved the key from the janitor to get the students in their classroom ready for instructional time.
I don't think there was any conflict that I took accountability for.
At sister in laws house. Terrible cook. No one wanted to it there. I spent time with her and decided to eat a little.
I have made planning errors with people and each time, I apologize profoundly and make sure to double check all schedules before I make another set of plans. I make sure to see them min person and try to fix my mistakes as best I can. For example, I will work harder to get everything done and to go above and beyond.
I met with my line managers and sought to find answers as to why targets were not being met and tried to find ways in which we could work together to put the situation right.
I punished a child who I didn’t need to. It wasn’t anything too drastic, I simply gave him a ‘mark’ and the boy didn’t look too upset about it. He was simply saying a childish word and I was told he had bipolar disorder and hadn’t taken his medicine yet. I apologized profusely to my cooperating teacher and the student. I never took it upon myself to overstep my boundaries like that again.
I don't think there was any conflict that I took accountability for.
One time at the daycare center I saw something happen and told the director who felt I done right but the teacher involved felt that should of kept quiet.
Sometimes miscommunication results in conflict. This has occurred in my current job, when I didn't do a task someone had asked me to do by a specific time, I had misunderstood their request. Once I realized my mistake, I took full accountability and stated an action for the future: if unsure of something, ask for clarification before it's too late to fix the problem.
Discussed your feelings about current situation in a commonly tone.
Describe a time when you too personal account a kitty for a conflict and I tiated contact he the individuals in loved to explain your actions. One time, it's really silly but I got in a fight with my sister because she was wearing my sweater and I wanted it back so I freaked out and caused his big argument. We were heading to my brothers police academy graduation and both of my parents were very stressed out and it was a happy but sad day to see there son all grown up so I should have made this day a lot easier for them but I just wanted that sweater back and then a huge fight started and my parents got really angry so after I realized that this was my fault and I should have just let her wear my sweater I apologized to my parents and now my sister and I are able to laugh about it. I took control of my own actions.