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Describe a time when you took personal accountability for a conflict and initiated contact with the individual(s) involved to explain your actions.
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Once, I renovated the room I shared with my sister. Her bed, in its former position, took up too much space, hence why I had to move it around to make room for more. When she came home, I explained that it was I who had done it and told her my reasons, which she found herself agreeing to.
I got into a fight with one of my friends over a misunderstanding and she got really angry at me, which I thought that was unfair of her but in the end I accepted that it was my fault and I proceeded in calling her in order to apologize for the misunderstanding and that I was wrong to judge her.
I clam down and I talk a person again.
I met with my line managers and sought to find answers as to why targets were not being met and tried to find ways in which we could work together to put the situation right.
I spoke with confidence and ask them politely what happened with the situation and tried to solve this conflict the best way possible.
At sister in laws house. Terrible cook. No one wanted to it there. I spent time with her and decided to eat a little.
In my family I faced many problems sach as domestic abuse from my father. So recently he bitten my mother again .After that I took action and I phoned to hi employer and informed about it.
I will explain them clearly before the problem grows, if suppose it's my mistake I ready to accept and correct myself, if not then I will explain them to how to rectify it.
A time whenever students were sitting in the hallway not knowing where their teacher was. I took immediate initiate and retrieved the key from the janitor to get the students in their classroom ready for instructional time.
I do not engage in conflicts. Even if there is a situation I do not argue with them saying who is right or wrong. Instead I give them some time to realize and then I talk to them and explain about the whole situation and discuss with them.