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This is an open-ended question. The interviewer wants to know that you are qualified. If you don't have a lot of experience, be prepared to give examples of work you have done that relates to this role. Share about 2-3 different experiences you've had in school or at work that relate to the job. If neither is possible, share a couple life experiences that show your passion and knowledge.
Answer examples
"I worked at a nursing home as a waitress in the dining hall. Through interacting with some of the individuals there, I realized I loved working with the elderly. It felt good to put a smile on their face and I liked hearing their stories. When I found out about this position, I knew it was something I would enjoy because I get to spend more time with the elderly."
"Absolutely! I have 5 years giving to the Red Cross in our local neighborhood. While studying in school, I spent my summers attending mission trips where we helped unserved communities or those impacted by natural disasters. I enjoy volunteer work and am excited to bring my skills to this role."

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User-Submitted Answers

I took a computer course at college which provided me how to manages tasks by using excel, word, access and powerpoint.
I was in the Canadian Cancer Society helping cancer patients and making their "visit" much more welcoming and comfortable it gives me a chance to show my responsibility skills as well as taking care of the less fortunate people. This relates to my position right now, as I will have to take care of students in the same manner sharpening my responsibility skills.
I have worked in several youth camps through the Helping Hands Program.
I have been a victim of injustice in the workplace where a colleague was not fairly treated by her manager. She scored above 90% during each appraisal and was never recommended for promotion. As a colleague, I observed the reason for the unjust treatment to be personal hence I spoke separately to my colleague and the manager to ascertain their interests and grudges.This helped me to better assess the situation, bring them to work positively together and advocate for fairness. The colleague was eventually promoted in the next exercise and they understand eachother better now.
As a teacher, I have had personal relationships and interactions with the children in my classroom as well as with their families. I do well in one-to-one interactions where I engage with my students and communicate with them and meet their basic needs. I have also learned to work as a team player with my fellow co-workers as we work together to get through our routine schedule on a daily basis. In college, I have had to participate in many group activities and projects where I usually would serve as a leader as well as a team player within my group. I also have experience with serving the role as a helper and assistant, being a teacher aide and taking instruction from the other teachers.
I am a preschool teacher and child caregiver to the children in my classroom. I assist their needs and interact with the children and their families.
Well, for many years, my mother has been the director of the Vacation Bible School at our church, and I have been able to lead groups and see many children learn new things that will help them in their daily walk with Christ which I think is really neat.
I used to go to Korean school and take care of little kids every Sunday.
I have volunteered for International Student Volunteers (ISV) for a 2 weeks. In these two weeks I volunteered with helping the elephants, as well as help to build a kitchen and maintain water tanks in a hill tribe village. Other experiences I have had includes group work at university as well as time management.
All my collective experiences center around helping people find their way as well as working to create a more accessible and fair world. This could be a small environment such as a college campus helping create new policy or by giving students the tools they need to go to college and positively move their lives forward.
I have volunteered in a hospital before and had a pleasant.
Honestly I have no experience therefore I was hoping to get a start here.
I have the similar experience in back home.I cared for my grand parents when they were bedridden, Igot many patients with same problem.So it would be worth if you could take me to this position.
I only have personal experience of looking after my elderly parents.
I was working as a recruiter for a placement consultancy for 3 years and have little experience in administrative work as well like keeping records, writing emails and organizing events. Being a recruiter I take care of the entire recruitment process like sourcing profiles, first level screening, maintaining database of the selected candidates, and their joining.
Although I lack the experience of volunteering in a library, I have volunteered for the Streetsville Santa Claus parade and various events in my church. These experiences all involved interacting with people.
As mentioned earlier, I have leadership experience and experience with children and youth,
All my experiences working for a senior property for ten years. I worked very close to my residents being there for them for whatever they needed. Lots of planning for birthdays, christmas parties, bingo, other informative meetings that we had.
I have worked and volunttered in a hosptal envormnet before. As anursing sutdent, my job is to assist teh nurses and the staff. Last year I also volunteered in JHU wlemer eye center and helped out nurses with basic tasks.
I have spent a year studiying science primaraly. I have spent time with bees.
I many times advice people how to cope with difficult sytuations.
I have seven years of experience in HIV AIDS sector that is very much related to this agency and also teaching training facilitation experiences in my country.I also worked with different CBO NGO INGO and GO mostly related to HIV
I have ample experience working with diversified teams as both a leader and a member, and by myself. I enjoy and thrive under variable pressures and deadlines. I love challenges, working with people, and have been exposed to the healthcare environment via my mother (ER nurse) and my girlfriend (pleghbotomist). I am always eager to help and learn.
I worked before in hospital in Iran, and I think how much doing volunteering works give me calm and blessing.
I've worked with patients and I know how to deal with some of their queries and complains.
Its a bit different from my experience.
I worked as a teacher I think this is same profile so I will learn and utilize the skills to encourage the kids to learn with it.
I have done previous volunteer work with a hospital in their Pastoral Care.
I already have experience in the voluntary sector.
I actually have some experience helping companies for B2B matching and seeking opportunities to collaborate. As a committee member in Taiwan business association, I mainly help the companies who are in high-tech industry to see the potential business in southeast-asia, including organize company visitings, seminar event and exhibition. Also I'm participating many technical conferences as exhibitors in many countries.
Working as a program coordinator in Municipality gave me a chance to be familiar with huge people around the world and now I contact with them and use their knowledge and share my knowledge to get better result.
When I gift something to a person. They smile and say Thank you.
I'm a people person, hard worker, able to take on challenges.
I was a program assistant at the KWSC skating club for programs with children ranging form 4 to 16 years old. I set up the session, learned and choreographed warm uopp and cool down programs, helped to teach the kids to skate, motivated them to keep going, comforted them when they were upset, as not all kids are comfortable with skating, and cleaned up each session. I also helped with a skating summer camp where I would coach, choreograph, take the kids to the park to play, problem solve and organize activities.
I have taken college level composition classes and I am currently putting together a portfolio detailing my internship experience. I’ve written many academic papers for school.
I was in a daycare setting I read stories to children set up activities and then supervised them.
I have managed a big law firm administratively.
In past volunteer positions, I have played this role in an unofficial capacity. I provided mentorship for teens as part of a youth program, and a listening ear for anyone who wanted to talk as the receptionist at an adult ministry.
In health we have to get first aid and CPR certified and I really enjoyed every bring that about this class and he would show us real traffic videos of surgerys and anything health related. I was one of very few people who could actually watch the videos and I enjoy it. I also took another class at schoo which was infant and toddler development and I really enjoyed hat as well we worked directly with infants and toddlers and I really liked leaning things that were related to that. That's class is actually the reason I decided to pursue a career in the medical field because I really enjoy it and all the classes I've taken my hat relate to it.