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Can you briefly talk about your experiences as they relate to this position?
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I have the similar experience in back home.I cared for my grand parents when they were bedridden, Igot many patients with same problem.So it would be worth if you could take me to this position.
I have spent a year studiying science primaraly. I have spent time with bees.
I was working as a recruiter for a placement consultancy for 3 years and have little experience in administrative work as well like keeping records, writing emails and organizing events. Being a recruiter I take care of the entire recruitment process like sourcing profiles, first level screening, maintaining database of the selected candidates, and their joining.
When I gift something to a person. They smile and say Thank you.
I many times advice people how to cope with difficult sytuations.
I worked as a teacher I think this is same profile so I will learn and utilize the skills to encourage the kids to learn with it.
I've worked with patients and I know how to deal with some of their queries and complains.
Although I lack the experience of volunteering in a library, I have volunteered for the Streetsville Santa Claus parade and various events in my church. These experiences all involved interacting with people.
I already have experience in the voluntary sector.
I actually have some experience helping companies for B2B matching and seeking opportunities to collaborate. As a committee member in Taiwan business association, I mainly help the companies who are in high-tech industry to see the potential business in southeast-asia, including organize company visitings, seminar event and exhibition. Also I'm participating many technical conferences as exhibitors in many countries.
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