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Being a volunteer, have you ever felt your work went unappreciated?
You can be honest here. If you have found this to be a true statement, explain the circumstances and why you felt that way. It is likely that, at some point, you may feel unappreciated, so the interviewer wants to know how you will respond to feelings like that.
Answer examples
"I worked as a volunteer when there was a flood in my hometown. My responsibilities included dispatching volunteers to different neighborhoods. I spent long hours for the first week making sure everyone was cared for. There were moments where I didn't feel appreciated for the long hours put in, but I knew the value of my work and how many people I was helping. So, I kept on doing my thing!"
Entry Level answer example
"I don't necessarily look for appreciation so I would say that I have never noticed any blatant un-appreciation in past volunteer work. I do what I do for others. Not for the recognition."
Experienced answer example
"I think a feeling of unappreciation can be relative. I stick to my tasks, I listen to the needs of my organization, and I help those who need it. Volunteering isn't about me - it's about my community."

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User-Submitted Answers

Being a volunteer, have you ever felt your work went unappreciated?
No not at all . If you volunteer and you belive it with unappreciated it would be.
I try my best to do and it never gives you a chance of unappreciated.
Helping others and giving back to your community is appreciation in itself.
No, My purpose is to make a positive difference in the lives of others.
No, I think that even though you dont always see the effect you have its always there. Just like if you help sort food at the foodbank, at the end of the night all you see is the stacked food but that doesnt mean it didnt make a difference just because you didnt see it directly.
No, my work has always been appreciated and acknowledged by my clients, customers and my team mates. I am thankful to them for their frequent positive and constructive feedback to me.
No, its always been appreciated and well received by children, adults alike.
No, because I have a passion to help people and I do not need appreciation for that.
I have not volunteered much in the past but I have been in situations that I felt like my work was unappreciated. At that moment I usually keep my head up and move on to my next order of business, I dont let it get to me because I know I am making a difference.
I admit that there are periods where I have felt that way but I always remind myself or end up receiving a gift that makes it all worthwhile.
Never, I feel like my work is appreciated more because it is coming from my heart.
No, I know the people that I am helping appreciate what I do even if they dont show it.
No, I never felt unappreciated working in schools either with kids in the class room or assisting teachers.
No I never feel unappreciated because I realise the work I do, no matter how small benefits someone else and is part of a more grand scale.
Sometimes it does feel so, however, what matters is how it felt for me - and I was satisfied.
No I havent. I always felt appreciated and the volunteer organisers often congradulated me after my work was finnished.
Never, I feel that patients are always very appreciative of my work and are always happy to have someone who can understand them and help them.
Sometimes when an appointment was cancelled.
No. I do my work for my satisfaction. I will continue to do my work even if I am unappreciated.
I believe that as a volunteer, the purpose of my work is not to feel appreciated, but to help out wherever I can.
No. As long as I see one other being being impacted in a positive manner, I do not need any credit because that happiness is my reward.
I suppose we all feel that way sometime.
If I were to be working for an extensive amount of time, and the final product is criticized/judged, then yes, I would feel that way. But that has not occurred and I hope it does not.
Yes, one time I was asked to perform a task that I was not good at it, but as no one was available to do the task, I told the boss that I woudl attempt to perfoem it, it took me some time to do it, but I accomplished it .
Yes, they just gave me busy work.
The volunteer positions I have worked at were all amazing. I have never felt my work went unappreciated, we were always thanked for our services and people were always happy as at least a partial consequence of our actions which was reward itself!
No! because I think when you work as an volunteer, it means you do it for yourself and with your heart, not for appreciated.
Not necessarily, when I do volunteer, I do it because I want to serve my community or I want to help someone who is in need, such as tutoring. I do not do it expecting something in return. Therefore, appreciation is never an expectation because I feel glad that I'm contributing towards my community and I am making new experiences that will benefit my life in so many other ways.
Yes sometimes. Why because everyone can never be satisfied with what you do. Some people are always find fault.
My supervisor very appreciated my work.
Yes for sometime, I can't expect everyone will appreciated my effort, but most important is the result if I can benefit for this event or job during my participant.
I expect to learn about the functions and different departments of a hospital and what they do in order to understand the environment of a hospital. I also want to help the patients and faculty of this hospital in any way I can.
No. I am doing my work. I think I do it that is a good for social not for a someone.
No I feel my work was appreciate.
I wouldn't know the feeling because I have never volunteered. But when I am doing group projects with my classmates I am never unappreciated.
Yes, often the people whom you are helping get very upset when things dont work out perfectly. I don't think they understand how much work is truly put into organisations or activities nor that volunteers arent always fully informed and that it is not their fault.
Honestly, no. Every time I’ve helped with a task, my work was praised and I was thanked multiple times. If my work was unsatisfactory, my overseer gave me some helpful criticism.
Sometimes but I got passed that.
No, because everyime I volunteered someone had always said thank you or had a small reword like at the end of he hike for he homeless there was food I always took that as a congratulations you did it, thank you. So not really no because whether or not someone else did it did not a appreciate it I was always proud of myself and glad that I did it it that in the end what someone else thought it really did matter because I was so prod of myself.