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12 Vocational Rehabilitation Technician Interview Questions

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Do you enjoy helping other people? Give me an example of when you have done this, whether in volunteer work, or previous work.
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I have bee doing it at my job when my coworkers need my support receiving their clients in the lobby.
I have done various voluntary roles which involve helping people. When I was in Sri Lanka on a two month mental health placement, I helped people with various mental and physical disabilities and learning disabilities too, with interaction and engagement, to get them away from a life of medication and isolation.
I have always enjoyed helping other people; sometimes to a fault. In my early 20's I volunteered to help a friend that I met through my boyfriend renew an interest in going to physical therapy at Help of SNV. Frank was only 18 years old when a tragic accident in his life left him with paralysis from the chest down. I encouraged him to go to therapy for range-of-motion exercises. In my late 20's I was employed by Goodwill Industries as a cashier but the majority of my day involved helping the employees learn how to categorized new merchandise and display it on the floor. Early last year, my daughter and I volunteered at Catholic Charities where we helped feed the homeless at the Las Vegas Boulevard rescue. Overall, I feel that the majority of my life has been spent overcoming my own disabilities and helping others overcome their own by becoming a productive member of society.
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