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What are your career goals?
Tell the interviewer your career goals in ~seven years from now, e.g., where you see yourself, the position you would like to hold, whether you would be interested in keeping the same position for the long term, and so on. Answer by emphasizing your desire to commit to one employer and grow within the organization. This will demonstrate your commitment to one organization and that you will not leave for a better opportunity.
Answer examples
"In seven years from now, for instance, I hope to have grown within the same company and moved to a position involving more managerial duties, e.g., such as working as a Team Leader, which will enable me to have a greater impact on the success of the company. I wish to commit to one employer and have a long-term career as opposed to a job."

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User-Submitted Answers

What are your career goals?
Become an executive producer.
Having acheived my goals.
I hope to excel at the highest level, learn how to manage a video production department and become a video coordinator, then I would like to advance on to director of video operations.
Create a Brand, inspire more and more Creative resource to make wonders.
Within Ten years my uiltame goal would be to Work at the Ryder Cup. For me this would be an unbelivable honour.
All of projects that I produce are going to be done on time.