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Veterinary Technician Interview Questions and Answers
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Why do you want to work at our clinic?
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I had a patient get very light under anesthesia abruptly I turned up the gas gave 5 quick breaths and they were back down and then I ran the iso at a slightly higher rate to prevent it from happening again.
Enucleation- anesthesia induced arrythmia. HR went from 200 to 20 within 10 seconds. Dr stopped cutting, we got an ecg on him, wasnt doing well, dr wanted every machine and a stethescope on him, wasnt leveling out so we woke him up. TPLO- HR steady at 80-90, pressures fine. Adjusting iso %, no change. HR dropped to 45-50, gave atropine, everything went up.
During my stay in Nicaragua I assisted a vet with spays and neuters. We were doing a routine spay on an older dog and shortly after I administered the anesthesia the dog went into cardiac arrest. I administered CPR immediately and when there was no change the vet administered CPR as well. The dog did not survive.
Yes I have and we acted quickly upon the situation and was able to recover the error in a timely manner.
I have been fortunate enough so far, that I have not had anything go wrong during a procedure.
Yes... Regroup and continue.
Yep. I blamed the person who forced me to do it.
We had a puppy crash on the table, I remained as calm as possible and did what I was told.
Yes.. Correct compose and move on.
There was a time that a patient was waking up on a surgery table. I followed the Flow of oxygen to discover a leak after the isofluorine and oxygen was not getting to the patient.It turned out that the iso was turned off due to another tech turning it the wrong way. After I checked my system I turned it back on and the patient turned out alright.
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