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What would you do different with your career training if you could start over again?
How to answer
Now that you're in the field, you know what to expect. If you're working with exotic animals, you might wish that you took more classes on the subject. Maybe now you're interested in the intricacy of performing surgeries on animals but you need further training. How have your interests changed since you started working as a veterinary tech?
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User-Submitted Answers

What would you do different with your career training if you could start over again?
I will do the things that I didn't get right and do them over right them time I will also do more work with practicing theses things.
I would go straight into a clinical setting rather then a zoo, at least for a few months.
I would try and stay on top of my text book readings a little more so I could obtain higher marks.
I would study every aspect a little more harder, and not be scared to jump into things and try it. Knowledge is important but you learn the most by actual experience.
I would try to put in as many hours as possibly at as many places possible.
I would not do anything differently other than enjoy my classes and the education I have obtained.
I feel as though I have received very adequate hands on training. I would however, liked to have been able to do more work with inventory and nutrition.
Definately get a head start on getting hands on experience.
I would ask more questions and instead of being so observant-- I would take initiative to practice my technique rather than questioning it so much.
I would take a guide lines from my seniors who are more experience and I take some hands on training working with them.
I would have started sooner. I waited a year after finishing high school to figure out what I wanted to do, when it was staring me in the face all along.
Probably get more exposure to other kinds of animals.
I have not gone through training yet.
I would have tried to go to vet school, or do the veterinary tech program.
I wouldn't make any changes, I am very happy with where I am.
Constantly review material instead of just focusing on getting good grades.
I would have volunteered more often.
I do not know if there is much that I would do differently. If anything, I may try and squeeze in more study time than I gave myself the first time, just to help improve my marks.