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Veterinary Technician Interview Questions and Answers
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What will you do if you are working for a vet that only allots 15 minutes for routine visits/physical exams?
User Submitted Interview Answers
I would make sure everything he or she needs is available in the room before he walks in and I do my job by obtaining a complete history.
I imagine I have to work efficiently to ensure that the 15 minute guidelines are stuck to.
In this instance, it seems that preparation would be the utmost importance to keep the clinic running smoothly. For example, background information about the visit would be needed to be obtained before hand by receptionists, vaccines prepared before and a quick foot would be needed!
The main thing to do is to get a history from the client since the last time the pet was seen, get a weight if not already done, and get a heart rate and temperature before sending the vet in with any information you think they may need.
Work fast to be able to assist vet where needed. Ask for help if required.
Prep all equipment and have everything ready to go so vet can use entire 15min on pt.
I dont feel that is enough time. Patients rushed through an exam wont get the attention they need. I would suggest adding another Dr to the practice. But preparation for the Dr would be key.
Find a way to improve my speed while maintaining my efficiency.
I would prep all the equipment and have everything ready for the Vet so he can use the 15 minutes performing the exam, while I talk to the owner and get an efficient history,
Do my best in the time allowed.
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