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What specialized area did you focus on during your studies? Why?
Do you prefer working with small animals or large animals? Are you most interested in biomedical research or clinical pathology? What area of veterinary medicine is most interesting to you? "I enjoy the challenge of performing surgery on small animals. There are so many details to think about, like how much anesthesia to administer with the least side effects." As you contemplate why you chose that particular area of focus, think about the skills it takes to perform something like surgery on a cat. What are the qualities that will make you a pro as you perfect these procedures?
Answer examples
"I enjoy the challenge of performing surgery on small animals. There are so many details to think about, like how much anesthesia to administer with the least side effects."

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User-Submitted Answers

What specialized area did you focus on during your studies? Why?
I know how to watch over them I know how to tell when the sick I know a whole lot of things dealing with animals.
Why should I have you working with animals?
I have ample experience working with both wild and domesticated animals in clinical settings, hospital settings, home settings and in the wild.
3 year veterinary technician in a pet hospital.
I have dealt with animals all my life, I cannot think of a time when I have not had a pet in my household. When I was younger I would volunteer at a local petstore and was always interested in caring for sick wildlife.
I have volunteered at the Melbourne Wildlife Animal Hospital which was quite fun and eye opening even though I mostly dealt with squirrels and birds. I think that volunteering at the SPCA aided me tremendously in learning about restraint, dealing with disgruntled people, and seeing the need for better client education about the hurdles and necessities of happy pet ownership.
I've dealt with aggressive, scared, and sweet animals. Also animals who have been neglected and their wounds were not treated till weeks later.
I have been around animals my entire life, I have worked in two clinics and shadowed in two others. I am an animal science major so I have interacted with all livestock species and performed a variety of basic husbandry skills from medicating to assisting during calving, cleaning wounds.
I have always had at least 3 pets around me, it took time but I figured out when they are hungry or thristy, unhappy or just plan sick of you. But the best times with animals is when they think they have done something wrong, so they come up and love on you so you forgive them.
Some experiences have been heart warming and some have been heart breaking. It's all a part of the job. The heart warming experiences are what makes it all worth it; knowing that you've had a part in helping that animal. Even if it's just giving a routine vaccine or booster; you're helping that animal live a longer, healthier life.
I have had experiences dealing with animals my entire life. When I was young I had every pet imaginable, from guinea pigs to even a pony in my yard. When I was in junior high and high school I volunteered at a wildlife center rehabilitating native California wildlife and educating the public. Six years ago I decided to become involved in veterinary medicine due to my love of animals and strong interest in the medical aspect involved.
Ive dealt with nice animals, mean and vicious animals, hyperactive, sad, sick, funny, crazy, and almost any other adjective you can think of. Ive had some beautiful experiences with some of these animals, and ive had some scarring (literally) experiences with them. Animals enrich my life, I wouldnt trade any of the experiences ive had.
Animals almost never respond in the same way. Each dealing with an animal must be taken on an individual basis.
Cat rescue for 35 years. Feral cat socialization. Tech assistant for an all cat practice. Working with sick and injured animals. Working with my own dogs. Restraint, volunteer at local shelter preparing animals for offsite by giving vaccines, running tests, behavior assessment, socialization.
Ive dealt with animals my whole life, raising from newborns to old age. Bottle feeding, feeding daily, medications.
I have a lot of experience dealing with the animals in school as well as my own pets and animals at organizations which I volunteered at.
Ive delt with lots of animals and will continue to do so long after my job is completed.
I grew up on a small farm and have worked with many different types of animals: dogs, cats, horses, cows, chickens, ducks, geese, and even a few hamsters. I have also had the chance to handle mice, rats, ferrets, snakes, and turtles.