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What do you do when you are working with a scared animal?

Answer examples and advice for how to answer this interview question for a Veterinary Technician interview

As you can imagine, this scenario is very common. Most pets get antsy when their owner's try to put them into the car to go to the vet. Once they arrive, they may be crying and whining, like a small child who knows they are about to get a shot at the doctor's office. How do you calm them down? What techniques are helpful? Sometimes you can't calm them. You simply need to distract them or perform the assessment quickly. You can say something like, "I hold them closely and speak softly to them, moving as quickly as possible throughout the procedure." Use your knowledge of animals if you don't have the technical experience just yet.
Basic answer example
"I hold them closely and speak softly to them, moving as quickly as possible throughout the procedure."

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What do you do when you are working with a scared animal?
Yes, I have worked for the past 4 years in a fast pace environment. Even though it was a privately owned small practiced many people confused us as a emergency clinic.
Yes because as my mother would tell you, I can do multiple things at once! (:.
Yes, I am a great multi-tasker.
Yes. I have worked at a boarding facility for 2 years where there were many things that needed attention at once including animals, their owners and their messes. I see what issue needs to be addressed immediately and then work from there. I am a hard worker and very time efficient so this shouldn't be a problem.
Yes, I am used to working in a fast pace environment and good at organising my time efficiently.
Yes. I complete one task and then check on the patients. If you are able to complete tasks and keep an eye on the animals that can be extremely important.
Yes, of course. I'm great at multitasking and I'll always put the animals first.
I have been trained for these situations at school and believe that my hard working and multi tasking skills will allow me to perform these duties adequately.
Yes, I can multitask very well.
Yes, I can multitask very well.
Of course im great at multi tasking at a fast and reliable rate.
Yes I will just need to monitor the time carefully and make sure I am in a position to monitor a patient every few min and be able to hear the dvm in case of an emergency.
Yes am capable of perfoming multitask by setting up an action plan that would enable me to cope with pressure.
Yes, patient care is always the top priority, but I have developed effective time management skills and I will be able to efficiently split my time between required tasks and still be successful.
Absolutely, I do very well in a fast paced environment and doing everything efficiently. I feel that my past employers has taught me very well in being fast but also efficient.
Yes...I have children and many animals. I'm an expert at multi tasking.
It depends. The patients are my priority. ALWAYS.
Yes, I am very talented at multi tasking and not falling behind.
Yes. Time management is my specialty and I thrive off of a busy schedule.
Yes because I am aware that I signed up for this the moment I joined this program at school. I've also been warned countless of times.
Depending on the tasks given, however I will try my hardest to get everything done in the time allowed, with my priorities given to any sick or injured animals in the care of the clinic.

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