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What 3 qualities in a veterinarians do you most admire? Why do you feel these qualities are important?

Answer examples and advice for how to answer this interview question for a Veterinary Technician interview

How to Answer

"I think communication skills, decision making skills and compassion are all important qualities of a veterinarian. They have to be able to explain what they need from their techs and assistants, and handle customers. They need to make quick decisions and care for animals as well as their staff."

These are just a few examples we think are important. From your experience, what matters most to you? Maybe business skills or dedication rank higher for you. Think about which qualities matter to you most and why.

What 3 qualities in a veterinarians do you most admire? Why do you feel these qualities are important?
Answer example

"I think communication skills, decision making skills and compassion are all important qualities of a veterinarian. They have to be able to explain what they need from their techs and assistants, and handle customers. They need to make quick decisions and care for animals as well as their staff."

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What 3 qualities in a veterinarians do you most admire? Why do you feel these qualities are important?
I would like to emulate the qualities of niceness, professional knowledge, and how well they work with the animals.
Patience, Compassion, and Optimism I believe all three are important because in the hardest of situations, using those traits, can make a big difference in the outcome of the situation.
Always being eager to learn Team player.
Traveling the world and helping animals of all sorts on various continents. I was involved in a lion breeding & rehabilitation program a few years ago that aims to increase the African lion population in an impressive 4 stage program.
Compassion, patience, and confidence. Compassion is important for any job in the medical field, and it's important to show this not just to our patients, but to our clients as well. You have to be patient when you work with animals and other people. You don't want to rush and further frighten your patient and make the vet a bad experience for both them and your client. Confidence is always important, especially for a doctor or tech. Feel confident in your abilities to care for your patients and deal with clients.
Communication skills, A great veterinarian has excellent communication skills and can talk effectively with pet owners to determine exactly what the animal needs, as well as explain clearly to the owner what the diagnosis is and what the treatment will be. Compassion, A great veterinarian is very compassionate, both to animals and their owners. They are able to put animals and their owners at ease during a visit. Dedication, A great veterinarian has an excellent sense of dedication to the profession and the hours of study it requires, both in college and in continuing education courses.
Compassion, productivity and being able communicate with clients.
I want to be a teacher as well as a veterinarian. The best vets I have worked with have shown a lot of interest in teaching and helping people learn. I also want to be confident and a good problem solver. I find that sometimes out of the box thinking and solutions are good qualities to have when working with animals. People skills are also important, clients can be trying and being able to please them is essential.
The 3 qualities I believe to be most important would be: decisiveness, compassion, and the ability to laugh, in the future, about things that may have gone wrong or badly. I believe that these are the most important because they allow a vet to work quickly and efficiently, and also allow them to have some piece of mind without taking everything home with them.
I have seen patience, enthusiasm, and respect in many veterinarians that I work hard to emulate. I believe these three qualities are important because it sets the path towards having an open mind and a drive to reach new goals without the expectation that it will happen over night.
Passion for the veterinary field and for helping animals. Compassion is important for the clients, because clients do not enjoy having a vet who does not seem like care for their pet and not having compassion may make the client feel more like a umber rather than a valued client. Lastly, a Veterinarian should definitely have leadership skills and knowledge seems how everyone will look to them for instruction and guidance.
Provides knowledge and care for the clients pet understands the costs involved with surgeries and offers alternatives or reasons why things need to be carried out patient with client, pets and staff.
Compassion, friendliness, and informative.
The qualities are confidence, sympathy and communication. Confidence because you need to stand behind your method of treatment, sympathy because you need to be able to relate with your client.. You need to be there for them through the good and the bad. Last and most important is communication. Communication is key to everything.
1. Speed and agility and I would like to posses those for myself because in the field of Medicine a person must be able to move quickly due to their environment. 2. Knowledge- I would like to posses this quality because no one could survive without possessing knowledge and learning. 3. Passion- I believe in order to do a good job you need to have some type of passion doing the things you do. It need not to be all about the paycheck because that leads to negligence.
Believe in myself and my knowledge of animals. Listen to others to get a complete perspective of the situation. Remember why I'm doing this...
1. Excellent client communication 2. Compassion towards the animal as well as the client 3. Critical Thinking Skills.
Patience, a sense of humor, and strong work ethic. You definitely need patience working with animals because some can be immensely difficult, and a sense of humor is important to keep the working environment light and less stressful. A strong work ethic is also important to keep on track especially during busy hours.
Empathy compassion honesty.
Clarity in translating complex medical jargon to patients, multitasking and making small talk. I believe these are key elements to forming trust with clients and building relationships that keep clients coming back and advertising your services to their network. Multitasking is important to being efficient and meeting the needs of multiple people on the clinical team. I think it comes back to clear communication and focus.
Intelligence, empathy and ability to read a situation whether it be client/patient/co-worker. These qualities are important because it can make every interaction with another person or animal go smooth and have a positive outcome.
Patience, knowledge, and honesty. Helps your clients trust you and makes you a valuable colleague.
Learning how to deal with situations that may not always turn out the best. Being able to comfort patients when they don't know what to do. Being friendly to every person/pet that walks in the door and treat them like family.
Their confidence, hands-on, no fear. With this you get things done and help those in need.
Compassion, not over-charging, being honest.
Courage, knowledge, and sympathy. I feel these qualities are important in order for you to make a good connection with the patients and their owners.
Dedication, constant education, listening.
Compassion: In this field there are a lot of difficult moments to endure and in these times of need a strong sense of compassion is important. Level Headed: The ability to keep a level head is very important in the veterinary industry. With emergencies, routine procedures, and just the added causos of working with animals that don't understand what is happening, keeping a level head and not being stressed in vital.
I love the knowledge and the compassion I see in the Veterinarins at this clinic. Everyone I've had the pleasure of dealing with has shown complete professionalism as well as determination in any situation I've seen.
Always giving people the benefit of the doubt. This is an important quality to have when you do not know someone's circumstance. Compassion for people. It's easy to have compassion for animals but that often needs to extend to owners as well. Sense of humour, you cannot take life so seriously and working with fun and friendly people can get you through a lot of tough times.
Calmness, confidence, knowledge.
I would like to emulate support, care, and love to my clients.
Love and compassionate to the pet and pet owner, friendly, always think of the best way to do without asking too much money to the client.
Patience with difficult clients, thorough examinations, knowing what questions to ask clients. You are going to come across all kinds of people and you need to know how to handle them professionally, so they won't get offended. Some people sidestep the fact that they aren't taking care of an animal like they should.
Confidence, quick thinking, compassion. This is what sets you apart from the others, without these 3 traits you can't do a good job.
Patients, honesty, love for animals, kindness its easier to work for someone who loves the animals that isnt grumpy and yelling at you all the time.
Approachable attitude - positive moral - patience while learning.
The three qualities I've seen are thoroughness, they care, and they care about what they do.
Compassion- Its very important in this type of business for your clients or patients feel that you actually care about them. Communication skills- important because the Doctor has to be able to discuss and explain about the patients health, but also good for building relationships between Doctor and client Confidence- it makes clients feel better knowing that the doctor is confident in himself to treat his patients correctly with a high success rate.
A good veterinarian should have strong communication skills for explaining things to clients, along with confidence and sympathy for building trust and relationships with the clients.
My three chosen qualities would be excellent communication skills, combination of confidence and sympathy, and excellent memory recall. Communication is vitally necessary in making decisions with clients and gaining information to further the accuracy of treatment of their animals. I also find confidence in one's decision as well as a good ear to owners concerns is necessary. Memory also aids in relationship building that is needed for a practice.
Confidence as that gets passed onto coworkers, patients, as well as the clients. Compassion as I feel that compassion helps one provide better care. Also respect for the patient and client. All these will improve the quality of care given to the animal and the clients will appreciate these and continue to be loyal to the hospital.

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