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Veterinary Technician Interview Questions and Answers
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What 3 qualities in a veterinarians do you most admire? Why do you feel these qualities are important?
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I would like to emulate the qualities of niceness, professional knowledge, and how well they work with the animals.
Patience, Compassion, and Optimism I believe all three are important because in the hardest of situations, using those traits, can make a big difference in the outcome of the situation.
Always being eager to learn Team player.
Traveling the world and helping animals of all sorts on various continents. I was involved in a lion breeding & rehabilitation program a few years ago that aims to increase the African lion population in an impressive 4 stage program.
Compassion, patience, and confidence. Compassion is important for any job in the medical field, and it's important to show this not just to our patients, but to our clients as well. You have to be patient when you work with animals and other people. You don't want to rush and further frighten your patient and make the vet a bad experience for both them and your client. Confidence is always important, especially for a doctor or tech. Feel confident in your abilities to care for your patients and deal with clients.
Communication skills, A great veterinarian has excellent communication skills and can talk effectively with pet owners to determine exactly what the animal needs, as well as explain clearly to the owner what the diagnosis is and what the treatment will be. Compassion, A great veterinarian is very compassionate, both to animals and their owners. They are able to put animals and their owners at ease during a visit. Dedication, A great veterinarian has an excellent sense of dedication to the profession and the hours of study it requires, both in college and in continuing education courses.
Compassion, productivity and being able communicate with clients.
I want to be a teacher as well as a veterinarian. The best vets I have worked with have shown a lot of interest in teaching and helping people learn. I also want to be confident and a good problem solver. I find that sometimes out of the box thinking and solutions are good qualities to have when working with animals. People skills are also important, clients can be trying and being able to please them is essential.
The 3 qualities I believe to be most important would be: decisiveness, compassion, and the ability to laugh, in the future, about things that may have gone wrong or badly. I believe that these are the most important because they allow a vet to work quickly and efficiently, and also allow them to have some piece of mind without taking everything home with them.
I have seen patience, enthusiasm, and respect in many veterinarians that I work hard to emulate. I believe these three qualities are important because it sets the path towards having an open mind and a drive to reach new goals without the expectation that it will happen over night.
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