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Tell me about time you had a conflict with a team member. How did you handle it?
How to answer
When you're working closely with your team in a small room with dogs barking and the smell of cat urine, you will need to be able to maneuver through conflicts easily. Here's an example of how to approach this question: "One of my co-workers wasn't carrying their weight, which meant everyone else had more work to do. I asked her to coffee so that we could chat outside of the workplace. After talking with her, she shared some personal issues that had been interfering and we agreed she needed some help with her projects. We all met with our boss and we determined a temporary solution to help her while she resolved her issues outside of work." Give a REAL example. Breakdown what happened and how you handled it professionally. Focus on the solution, not the conflict. If you wish you would have done something different, share it. Showing you can learn from past conflicts shows maturity.
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"One of my co-workers wasn't carrying their weight, which meant everyone else had more work to do. I asked her to coffee so that we could chat outside of the workplace. After talking with her, she shared some personal issues that had been interfering and we agreed she needed some help with her projects. We all met with our boss and we determined a temporary solution to help her while she resolved her issues outside of work."
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User-Submitted Answers

Tell me about time you had a conflict with a team member. How did you handle it?
I have a border collie mix named Max that I rescued two years ago, he's too smart for his own good. I also own two cats that I have had since they were 4 weeks old, they are now almost 5. And I rescued a kitty from AEC during my internship that came in from a cruelty case that my mom is now keeping.
I have two dogs, Dominico and Sadie. And one mouse. I have owned lizards, snakes, and frogs in the past as well.
I own a miniature Schnauzer, and I also have an aquarium of tropical fish.
I have a papillon, rascal, he is very clumsy though.
I have three cats. I'm out numbered.
I have a bunny that I give hay free choice too. I also give him fresh water twice a day and the best quality food that is available. He gets annuals and he has been neutered.He is also free to run around supervised.
I have a pug named iris and a boston terrier named lily. Theyre best friends and both sweethearts. Lily is the alpha, but only to care for iris. Theyre super cuddly and really just part of the family.
I have two cats one is 9 months and one is 2 years and I have an australian cattle dog who is 1 and 1/2
I have five dogs and two cats. Lady Bug is my 5.5# Chihuahua, Toby is my 20# dashaund mix, Willie Nelson is my 15# poodle mix that showed up at our house last April. Ozzy is my Border Collie/Shepard mix and weighs about 45#. And lastly, Molly is my 50# German Shepard mix. All are healthy adults that are up to date on their shots, spayed or neutered and on HW/Flea prevention. And of course, they all get lots of love!
I own 4 mini doxies right now, I have cared for since birth.
I have 1 dog. Toby. He is a jack russel rat terrier mix. He is 10 years old and my baby. I got him for Christmas on year, and since that day he has been my confidant, best friend, and reason for getting up in the mornings.
Cats: cashew, peanut, jelly dog: sam.
I used to have cat, iguana and rabbit but as of know I have dog and fish.
I have owner may dogs, all of which present with different personality traits and health issues. I have also had my fair share of cats. One of our cats growing up was very ill so I am well versed in caring for sickly cats. I have had several cockatiels. One of which had to be hand fed for most of its life.
The pets I care for are dogs, fishes and a parrot. Their very good dogs. The parrot is a little fiesty but she can be sweet too. The dogs stay inside but are taken out often. They eat once I a day in the morning. The parrot always has food and water and the fish are fed once a day also. They are all very happy.
Two cats named Acer and Gavin.
I have 6 pets. All of which are like a part of my family. I spend time every day caring for them. They're all their own characters in some way.
I have two dogs and 10 cats plus the shelter cats.
10 cats, 2 dogs, Surfcat.
I have one male cat, Stevie and one male dog, King Kai.
I currently own two cats; a 3 year old male named Grey and a tortioshell 1 year old female named Harley Quinn cause she has a bit of a nasty temper. I also own a domestic rat who is 2 years old now, a male named Pickles.
I have balem. I rescued him when he was a kitten! Bottle fed him. I have my sagwa cat. She was found down the street from my house. She had an eye infection. I took her to the vet and she's perfectly healthy now.
Currently I have 2 cats, one dog and a bearded dragon. They are all great and full of personality, I love having them.
Dogs, Cats, Chinchillas, Rats, and a Snake.
I have 2 dogs and two cats. Our first dog is a retired sled dog who we adopted 3 years ago when we first got to the Yukon. SHe's an incredible dog who is in great health for her 15 years. She's more of a big cat than anything. There was a parvo outbreak in the animal shelter that we had a contract with a few months before we left the Yukon. As a result I 'fostered' a lovely mutt following his neuter surgery as they wanted to have as few animals in the shelter as possible. It was after a few days that I realised we had to keep him. He reversed Duchess' failings- she was beginning to show signs of doggy dementia. Now she;s seeming young again and we feel like we've won the lotto with the two of them. Duchess is quite a bit of work as she has issues with her paw pads and kidneys and she's pretty aloof but we love her. Our first cat Maud we took when we met her at the shelter when we went to volunteer. SHe was this big fat lump who I thought no one would ever take. She's lost the weight now and has really come out of her shell. I am crazy about her- she's my birthday cat. And Peig I heard about through the clinic in ahving the contract. It was a no-kill shelter generally but she came in so unheslthy and skinny with no teeth and frostbite that she was to be euthanized. Myself and my partner went to the shelter to meet her the night before the euth was scheduled and ended up taking her home. SHe's a lOT of work - has diabetes and needs GABA, a vivacious appetite and can be quite cranky but she is getting better every day. If you see her you'll prob think she's on death's door but she looks 100 times better than she did at first- so much fluffier and has put on some weight. She's a marvel.
Loki and Bergen are my dogs. Loki is a Husky-Pyrenees-Lab mix and Bergen is a Husky/German Shorthaired Pointer mutt. They've both become what I call "house cats" since we moved to Eagle River as they were used to being "on the pole" back in Fairbanks. Loki is in good health overall and is about 6 years old. We don't know how Bergen is but he is a great puller, especially for being an old dog. Bergen has always had an affinity for eating poop and trash so he is known to have upset bowels... We just moved him onto senior dog food recently. Also, it seems his nails don't grow, which is nice since they're black.
Cats, dogs, rats, rabbits, goats, hamsters.
My rabbit is very healthy. He loves to run and play and snuggle with his little guinea pig friend. He's also very curious and explorative. My guinea pig, she is very social (for a guinea pig) she also loves a good scrub; she makes happy noises! She also loves playing and cuddling with my bunny too. My dog, he loves tennis balls! He's very friendly and loves everyone he meets! He thinks he's a person, though!
I have 2 dogs and 5 glofish. I have had my personal dog, Zeus for 3.5 years, and Munchkin was my fiance's dog before we met.
I have 2 calves, 1 bunny, 2 dogs, and 5 cats.
I currently have 3 dogs and 2 cats.
I don't own any pets right now but we are looking to get a dog.
I do not have any animals right now but we are trying to get a dog for the family.
I have a cornsnake named Jasper that I have had for over 4 years. I also have two female rats that I enjoy. I have a dog, Elaine, that I absolutely love. She is so smart and willing to learn new things.
Right now I own and care for 2 rabbits which I have bred and produced offspring. I have one dog she is a chocolate Labrador retriever and one betta fish.
As I had mentioned we have a cat and a dog. I rescued Herald about 2 years ago as an adult cat. He picked me I walked into the shelter and he got in my purse so I decided he was the one. I also rescued Charles back in November, he is a terrier pointer mix, we think. He is very stubborn like terriers are but we are working on training. I had two gerbils for about four years that just passed away this winter, they were two sisters, Sniffles and Snuffles.
I have 1 dog that I adopted in December. She is about a year and a half old and still very puppy like, playful and full of energy.
Currently 2 dogs, 1 is 16 and the other 4
Right now I have a T-Cup Yorkie, a Pomawa, Louisiana Catahoula Leopard Dog, Airedale terrier, two cats and a hamster. N growing up I always had digs and cats.
Right now I have two cats. Coco and Gigi who are 9 and 8 years old. I've had them since they were kittens and they are family to me. They have been through a lot of hectic situations with me and I am so grateful for them and the comfort they give me.
I have 2 dobermans, and a horse. They are my children.
We currently have 8 whitetail deer on our farm, chickens, California quail, a wood duck, 2 dogs, and 7 cats.
Dogs cats birds horses, some of these animals are rescues.
I currently own two rescue dogs, Libby who is six and Theo who is four whom I love to take hiking. I also own a one-year-old mouse, Sadie.
My family has labs and a beagle mix. The beagle mix is my problem child she has a lot of medical issues. We also have standardbreds that are retired. At school I assist in the management of the goat herd where we breed them and assist with kidding procedures.
I own two cats right now, one of which has CKD. She's on a special renal diet and I give her LRS sub-q twice a week at home. Her lab work has been WNL and stable since I've began managing it, and that was about five years ago.
I own ducks and rabbits. I have 2 female rabbits that I breed with. One is a grey lop and the other is half flemish giant and half silver martain. I also have 5 muscovy hens and 2 drakes. I try to get the hens to sit on at least one clutch of eggs a year if not two and I usually only have one litter of bunnies per female a year.
I own a dog, two cats, and two sprague-dawley rats.
I have always owned a dog and/or cat. Right now I have one dog and two cats.
I currently care for my puppy, she gets fed twice a day and I take her for as many walks as possible as well as play with her in the dog park.
I currently have 3 dogs, one house and the others outside.
Right now I have a 10 year old newt I've had since 6th grade. He is the most low maintenance pet I've ever owned he doesn't need much just food once a week and a warm, clean aquarium. I also have two rats I adopted from school. Their names are Tupac and Rambo I absolutely adore them. I clean their cage daily and make sure they have plenty of enrichment to keep them busy and happy.
I currently have two dogs they're both rescues.
I owned Two dogs one pitbull x named Bailey and one longhaired chihuahua named Blaze. I had to adopt Bailey to another home by force not will. Blaze I was able to keep due to his size. They were my babies and I treated them like my children. I would med them if needed, bathe them and even cuddled with them. I enjoy nothing more than to see the animals I've care for thrive.
I currently own 2 cats, but I also help look after my parents dogs sometimes, as well as the horses, cows, and birds on their farm.
We currently own a dog, named Walnut, who was my Christmas gift a few years ago. Since then, I have adopted a couple of hamsters that I care for.