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Veterinary Technician Interview Questions and Answers
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If a vet asked you to do something that was outside of your job description, how would you respond?
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My aunt and uncle had to put their dog down a few years ago.
There was a pomeranian that was only 2 years old and just very sweet. Unfortunately, her owners left her outside often for long periods. She became injured near her hind end and since she was outside all the time the wound became infected and maggots had started to eat away at her flesh. It was so sad to see an animal in that kind of condition.
We have a severe parasite resistance problem at school.
Seeing a cat that had a necrotic hole in her foot and the owner refused to amputate. We ended up putting her on heavy abx and nursing the wound and were able to save her limb!
During my preceptorship at VSR, I remember a dog, Maggie, came in after being attacked by another dog. She was about a 50 kg mixed breed dog and had lacerations all on her neck, front legs, one of her ears was torn... We weren't sure if she was going to make it because her liver values were pretty poor. Her owner was so wonderful. He'd make the 40 minute drive to come visit her in the hospital every day she was there and just sit with her, try to get her to eat because she was reluctant to eat for us. Every time he came to see her she perked up and wagged her tail, despite being connected to several IVs, a urinary catheter, and bandages on her forelimbs, head, and neck. It was a long journey, but she made a full recovery. She was such a sweet dog and a wonderful patient, nothing but love and licks even when she was in such bad shape.
A dog named Callie that had megaesophagus and secondary pneumonia would go to an emergency faciltiy for oxygen treatment, I was able to make a make-shirt oxygen cage for Callie which saved the owners a lot of money and they felt made the same impact if they would have gone elsewhere. They would come to me every Sunday to have me spend time with Callie and care for her personally and make her her special cage.
Blocked bowels from eating cooked bones (work experience at school) the vet had to put the animal down, and its brother survived.
One animal, it happens to be one of my family's previous horses. He was still a stud at the time, and decided to go through a steel panel fence to get to the mares. In doing this, he damaged he front foot, and almost lost it. When we found him, the foot was just kind of hanging there and was held on by a few tendons. Over the summer, my parents and I kept the wound clean, dry, and properly positioned. About 5 months after it happened, he was walking on it with no major problems. Aside from some scar tissue causing the foot to appear larger, there were no permanent markings. The hoof continued to grow as normal.
They all take up a place in my heart...
When a hound came in with half of his face shot off by someone in a neighborhood and the dog swam his way across a lake back to his home. Days later he was brought in with half of his face necrotic and we were able to see his facial muscle including his tongue but throughout the whole thing the dog was full of spirit and did not show any aggression towards the staff that was trying to help him. The vet told the family that she thought it was best to put this dog down. Throughout his whole ordeal he was still wagging his tail and allowing people to pet him. It broke everyone who was in that room hearts to the point where some of our staff had to leave.
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