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Veterinary Technician Interview Questions and Answers
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How would your co-workers describe you?
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I have worked with everything from feral cats, to monkeys, and even lions. I have a very wide range of skills I can bring to your organization. I am looking for a starting position in an environment that will allow me to continue to grow and learn in this profession and I feel your practice will really allow me to do that.
I'm hard working, eager to learn, team worker,
I love what I do, I am extremely dedicated to my job and always open to learning new things in the process of working.
I have 14 years experience and I think that makes me valuable to your hospital. I have learned a lot through the years from various doctors and technicians that I can bring to your hospital as well as learn some new things from you.
I'm an enthusiastic and eager learner, and I know being a tech is a life-long commitment to learning and keeping up to date on new advances in our field. I'm always excited to learn and try something new.
I am a different type of employee from most you will interview. I have proven to be a reliable employee to another career but the fact that I chose to pursue this degree while working full time should show you my commitment to the work.
I have spent about 8 years working with animals in different settings, I have a strong passion of taking care of many types of animals, and I am a hard worker that is confident in a lot of areas of veterinary medicine.
I've known animals for as long as I can remember. I would spend hours at my uncle's dairy farm helping care for the cows, calves, and steers. I'm not afraid of getting dirty to get a job done.
I have volunteered at the clinic extensively before, so I know a lot of how the management is done already. I also already have plenty of experience working as an assistant and tech for other clinics.
I am hard working and very focused on what I do. I will step in for anything job that you need and if you need extra help in busy times I will utilize my breaks or the hours that I am not scheduled to work and offer any help that I can give. I can keep my temper around difficult clients or peers, I work well with others and when doing so I can communicate well.
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