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How would your co-workers describe you?

Answer examples and advice for how to answer this interview question for a Veterinary Technician interview

How to Answer

You may be carefree and fun-loving with your friends on the weekends, but at work, you are focused and professional. The interviewer is interested in your personality and how you will fit with the team. As you prepare for this question, picture a few scenarios that have occurred in your current or previous position. How did you respond? Are you reliable and on-time? What are some of the qualities that are important to you in a coworker? Think about how you embody those qualities and share 2-3.

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How would your co-workers describe you?
I have worked with everything from feral cats, to monkeys, and even lions. I have a very wide range of skills I can bring to your organization. I am looking for a starting position in an environment that will allow me to continue to grow and learn in this profession and I feel your practice will really allow me to do that.
I'm hard working, eager to learn, team worker,
I love what I do, I am extremely dedicated to my job and always open to learning new things in the process of working.
I have 14 years experience and I think that makes me valuable to your hospital. I have learned a lot through the years from various doctors and technicians that I can bring to your hospital as well as learn some new things from you.
I'm an enthusiastic and eager learner, and I know being a tech is a life-long commitment to learning and keeping up to date on new advances in our field. I'm always excited to learn and try something new.
I am a different type of employee from most you will interview. I have proven to be a reliable employee to another career but the fact that I chose to pursue this degree while working full time should show you my commitment to the work.
I have spent about 8 years working with animals in different settings, I have a strong passion of taking care of many types of animals, and I am a hard worker that is confident in a lot of areas of veterinary medicine.
I've known animals for as long as I can remember. I would spend hours at my uncle's dairy farm helping care for the cows, calves, and steers. I'm not afraid of getting dirty to get a job done.
I have volunteered at the clinic extensively before, so I know a lot of how the management is done already. I also already have plenty of experience working as an assistant and tech for other clinics.
I am hard working and very focused on what I do. I will step in for anything job that you need and if you need extra help in busy times I will utilize my breaks or the hours that I am not scheduled to work and offer any help that I can give. I can keep my temper around difficult clients or peers, I work well with others and when doing so I can communicate well.
While I may not have as much experience as someone else, I am very willing to learn and I can adapt to how things are done here, possibly much quicker.
That I know I have a lot to offer my next employer and that they would be awarding the spot to a deserving person who is full of energy and is very eager to learn new things. That I am very adaptable to my environment and not only would the staff love the positive energy that I bring to the company but that the clients and patients would enjoy that energy as well. The skills I have acquired over the years would not only benefit the hospital but the staff as well, I am hard working and have a malleable learning ability almost like a superpower.
I am reliable and honest and will be a great asset to the clinic as I am looking at staying with the clinic for as long as I can, I will be happy to undertake training and assist other staff whenever I can.
That I don't give up and the animal always comes first. I've sat for hours just waiting for a bunny to come to me so I could help it getting used to people.
I am a blank slate that can be molded however you want and I come with no bad habits from other clinics.
If I were tied with the other person for the last spot that would tell me that the other person is just as capable as I am and you would have to use your judgement as to who you feel would work best in your hospital environment.
I will tell you that person might be good at working with animals but im great and I know how to deal with all type of animals cause my parents have a farm in the country so I go down there to get some ideas on how to work with horse pigs and sheeps.
I am confident that you will choose the right person for the position. If I am chosen, I will go above and beyond to better myself to thrive in this position to learn every chance and gain knowledge from those around me. Not only for me but also to help this clinic.
I have dedicated my life to the care and concern of animals. After 35 years of rescue and 15 years in the animal health industry as a tech assistant and animal supply rep, I know what to expect in the way of devotion to animals.Animal care is my priority. It is what I want my legacy to be.
I am an excellent employee and a lot of fun to work with. I am a quick learner and have an eye for detail. I have heard amazing things about the customer service at Ravenwood and I would be excited to learn more about TCVM. I have experience with a wide variety of animals including many exotics and I really enjoy working with the public.
I am an extremely dedicated and professional person who has always strived to improve myself and be the best I can be. Should I be selected I will work daily to do my best work and continue to improve in areas that there are weaknesses. Additionally I have experience outside this profession which I think can add value to myself as an employee.
Thats a hard one, I would tell you I know im the best person for the job, not because.
I'd ask for you to take a look at my broad range of experiences from research, to large animal to small animal. The species I've worked with; dogs, cats, mice, rabbits, horses, cattle, swine, and some small birds. And my educational background I am not only a registered veterinary technician I also have a graduate degree in a Bachelor of Science.
I am a dedicated, detail-oriented and reliable employee. I will perform to the standards set before me, if not try to do better. As you have read in my cover letter and resume, I give my whole heart to my job and constantly seek out ways to improve myself in order to provide better care for my patients.
I am mature and experienced with animals. I am a good listener. I am reliable. I am confident.
I would tell you to pick me because I am a good worker.
I wouldn't try to convince you but rather just give the facts. I am always eager to learn new things and further my potential and growth which in turn would further the potential and growth of the facility that I am employed by.
I think that I have experience with wild animals, and know they will always be unpredictable, and that you have to treat every animal as such, also, raising and caring for sick and injured fawns over the years has really taught me a lot of lessons.
I am passionate about animals and work very hard to try and help them.
I'd say go with your gut.
You should pick me because I'm truly passionate about animals and will not disappoint you on my dedication to give my very best to each patient and their owners.
I am dedicated, I have a seasoned work ethic, this is my passion. I am devoted to animal care.
I have been involved oin the agricultural field since I was born and have a passion and love for working with animals. I am incredibly comfortable with animals and the needs of the job.
I'm a team player, always willing to help and put the needs of my patients and clients before my own.
I am dedicated to my work. I am a fast learner and only need to be told once what to do. My passion is to help keep animals happy ans healthy.
I enjoy hiking and pretty much any other outdoor activity.
I am a very fast learner and am extermly dedicated to my work. If there is one thing that I have learned from being in the work force is that no matter what job I do I get noticed by my management, in a good light. I may not know everything about being a tech but I will learn quick and I will work very hard. I have flexible hours and work well on a team.
Most skills can be learned and mastered but a innate passion and comfort for and with animals is something that cannot be taught. I have this passion.
I am all about team work. I strive to exceed all expectations. I am highly motivated to learn and a fast and efficient learner. I have extremely valuable skills to offer I always do things at 110%. I am coach able and trainable and always open to feedback and direction to constantly be improving myself and my performance.
My passion for animals is what drives me. I believe that pet care is just as important as human health care and would love the chance to learn and grow at this hospital.
I am a very hard worker, I learn very quickly and I am a team player who always gets along with others. I have been complimented on my friendliness and outgoing personality. I also have a background in business and sales and can help recommend products to clients with confidence and ease.
I'm currently in school to become a vet tech.
I am a hard worker and work well with others and will get the job done correctly and in a timley manner.
Even when I was little I always had a way with animals... And ALWAYS enjoyed being around them and caring for them.
I would say I love and care for animals with all I have, I don't cut corners and I always give 110%.
I have done 4h with my animals and won blue ribbons for handling.
I love working with animals and I take care of them as I do to my self, and I give my self time in my shool work.
I am a great team player, work well with others, and will work hard to get things done.
I love animals so much, and they are almost like humans to me....
I have a vision for the career and the place that I will join for five coming year.
I have experience with animal physical rehabilitation. Although it is a new field in the veterinary world physical rehabilitation can have amazing results.
I am the most dependable employee you could hire, I will always be here when I am scheduled and stay when I am needed. I am extremely hardworking and passionate about what I do.
I am a hard worker I get things clean and done on time.
I am a very passionate person who gives 110% to my career, I am a people person, and very upbeat- easy to work with!
I love my job, I love what I do. It gives me purpose, makes me feel like im contributing to something good and doing good things with my life. I have such a passion for helping and interacting with animals. My life basically revolves around my job because I love what I do.
I would tell the person that I am really good with working with animals. I have lived with animals and helped animals ever since I was 8. I am a complete animal lover. I would be great for the position if you just let me show you!.
Well I'm a hard worker. I take pride in what I do no matter what it is. If it's cleaning toilets, that is going to be the cleanest toilet you've ever seen. I want a job where I come into work everyday and learn something new. I don't think I'll ever stop learning and that's okay with me.

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