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How do you manage your time in the work place?

Answer examples and advice for how to answer this interview question for a Veterinary Technician interview

How to Answer

Excellent question! You will need to know how to manage a long list of responsibilities as a vet tech. Have you ever worked in a job before where you were expected to multitask between answering the phone, handling a customer in front of you and maintaining records? The key to time management is find what works best for you. Often times we don't learn this until time gets the best of us and something falls through the cracks. Here are some tricks to managing your time:

- Prioritize.
- Maintain a schedule.
- Set alerts on your phone or computer.

There are many helpful tricks you can apply to your new job. Start thinking about them now to help prepare yourself!

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How do you manage your time in the work place?
When working in the veterinary hospital you have to be able to prioritize your work. I will complete tasks that must be done by a vet tech and then I will delegate other tasks that can be done by another coworker so as not to fall behind schedule.
Whatever is the most important thing is done first. Taking an exam room, answering the phone, or washing surgery tools. If there is nothing to do, grab a broom. Stay busy and help wherever, whenever you can.
I like to work efficiently and prioritize tasks to the best of my ability.
I like to work efficiently and prioritize tasks to the best of my ability.
I always make sure to do the most important or time limited jobs first, before moving onto the more time consuming or cleaning jobs. I also make sure to periodically check on any hospitalized patients.
Prioritise workload and ensure im adaptable to any situation.
Efficiently, getting tasks done before the completion date, allowing enough time to recheck for errors.
I do what needs to be done the most urgently, and then I move on to helping others if needed and/or doing less urgent tasks.
Follow a schedule for the routine jobs. Prioritize and always make sure that I am available to others for help or knowledge when asked.
I am very organized, and try to do things quickly but also efficiently.
I try to manage my time by doing what is most important or urgent first, and figuring out when I will have enough time for each task to be able to do it well. Then, I work on the less urgent of tasks.
Very efficiently because I have to create a positive environment for my vet as well as the patients that enter the hospital. One minute could make all the difference so there is barely if at all any room for horse play.
Do things right the first time.. Think.
As efficiently as I can. I make sure to get everything done as quickly as I can without compromising the value of my work and I am not afraid to ask for help to accomplish this.
I try to manage my time efficiently so I can get the most work done in one day.
I see what needs to be done, I assess the importance of each task and I work hard to complete it. I also set goals for myself. I try to pick a time and have so many tasks completed by that time.
I make a schedule.
I always do the new orders first then check and update all the paperworks that I did the other day.
6. If I am given more than one task I out them in order from most important to the time it needs to be finished. I tend to multitask so if I am given a simple task I will finish that as I am taking care of the bigger task. Every second counts so I donít tend to take breaks until itís done.
I make a mental list of things I need to do. Then, I prioritize them and complete them accordingly.
I like to stay busy. If its a slow day, ill restock the hospital, do laundry or reorganize.
Prioritize and always try to be doing something.
Efficiently and quickly.
I prioritize the needs of our patients, clients and staff by recognizing the tasks that need be completed, their order and set small deadlines for myself throughout the day to insure they are met in a prompt and efficient manner.
Very Carefully!
I work very precisely and efficiently. I will put in extra hours to get make sure the job is job right. Additionally, if put under pressure I work well keeping a cool mind and straight focus on the project at hand.
I work productively and watch my time to make sure I have time for everything... I also would work over time if I had to!.
Well I would set my priorities according to what needed to be done to keep the clinic running smoothly. If there are no apparent things to be done, I would move on to secondary or monthly responsibilities or assist others with theirs.

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