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How do you handle stress?
Picture yourself pinning down a large pit bull who is peeing all over the table while you administer anesthesia as cats cry in the background, the phone is ringing off the hook, and you can hear a small terrier whimpering and banging itself against the kennel. Your job will be stressful. Knowing how to handle stress will help you to navigate the ups and downs in a constantly changing environment. Take some time to think about what you would be able to do when you are busy at work feeling your heart rate rise and your nerves begin to shake. Your coping skills outside of work might be difficult to apply, as you can't stop what you're doing and run to yoga class. However, you can take deep breaths and allow yourself to take a break in between patients. You can laugh about the fact that you are covered in dog shit and you can enjoy the company of your coworkers. Getting through the tough parts of your job requires you to have a good perspective and be able to make light of situations.

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User-Submitted Answers

How do you handle stress?
Finishing school and owning my own house.
Graduating high school, raising my three children, and being a marine wife.
Becoming a cvt as well as owning a small business.
Graduating tech school with honors.
Graduating highschool and starting school, having my 2 beautiful girls, and marrying my husband.
Going to do different colleges and obtaining two associate degrees when others told me I would not make it through college.
I am most proud of being able to raise my children and have a career.
Paying school loan by my self.
Being a mom is number one. I love my children they're my pride and joy. Also would be thay I'm following my dreams and doing what I love by seeking a career working with animals.
Raising my child as a single parent, having two successful careers one in finance and one in animal health, and Surfcat Cafe & Adoptions.
That I can paint a house and make if beautiful.
I'm the only one in my family to graduate high school.
I am a very goal oriented person. I like to set both short and long term goals and feel proud of myself when I reach and accomplish them. Changing careers in my 30's was a huge decision for me and somewhat scary but I took the plunge and went back to school full time. Today I am proud to say I graduated with honors and am moving into a career path that I feel I was always meant for.
Graduating before I turned 21 and becoming a home owner by the age of 23.
Going back to school with little kids at home still.
I have devoted myself to my religion.
Getting my license for veterinary technology. I worked really hard!
Finishing College would have to be my most proud moment of my life so far.
Studying and receiving high distinctions in all of my assessments. Raising 2 caring and responsible daughters, providing a stable and loving home life for my daughters while their father and I go through separation.
I am proud of all my accomplishments.
I think making it this far in my life, obtaining a bachelors degree in biology as well as coming close to obtaining an associates degree for veterinary technician. Being a part of PTK honor society is a major accomplishment that I am very proud of.
I have won blue ribbons in 4h and I have been crowned an honor star and most of all I accepted Christ in my life.
I am most proud of making this decision to leave my current safe job to purse my dream job. I know that this road might be harder with vet school and being out of it for a little while, but I have never been happier than when I was in a clinic.
Traveling the world and helping animals of all sorts on various continents. I was involved in a lion breeding & rehabilitation program a few years ago that aims to increase the African lion population in an impressive 4 stage program.
Graduating from high school, joining the service, having two beautiful children. Going to college while working full time and taking care of my family.
Finishing a chapter book.
Graduating college and starting Penn Foster.
Getting 10 place out of about 150 people in s FFA competing in 2014 and gerontology accepted into Delhi.
Not many of the people in my family have graduated high school let alone enroll and pay for their own classes in college. I feel very proud that I am putting myself through school to better my knowledge and to ensure I am on a path to my career.
I was an academic all-american for track and cross country in college, and dean's list for every semester. But more than that, I am proud of building a successful practice.
I am proud that I received a softball scholarship, and was able to get my cosmetology license before the age of 21.
Receiving my certification in wildlife rehabilitation is one accomplishment I am proud of. It took hours of studying and training that I believe made me equipped to better care for my wild patients. While it is not solely my own accomplishment, I am proud of the change I was a part of at my previous place of employment. I played a role in the facility's growth, not just through improvements in animal care and developing new managerial positions, but also the building of their new nursery facility.
I am most proud of my work with the goat herd at school. I have spent a lot of time with them and I feel they are an important extension of me as a person. I have learned a lot about myself by working with them.
Earning my tech degree, passing the VTNE my first time and attaining my license so I can pursue my passion.
I would say successfully making it through college so far.
My daughters and my work ethic.
My education and exploit my science to work for animal caring.
Completing my 4 year degree. I'm proud to say I have a bachelors in science.
I am proud of the fundraising I have done for animals. I recently raised $2000 in a months time for new dog beds. I am also proud of my grades and maintaining a 4.0 average in school.
That I was saved and accepted Jesus at a young age.
Graduating high school and college with A's and B's while gaining life long friends while pursuing my life long dream of helping animals.
Changing career paths from being an ESL teacher in Seoul South Korea to now becoming a Vet technician.
My readiness to learn new things and that I am a humble person who works hard because I know nothing will be handed to me. That I also have the mother instinct that benefits animals as well. My compassion for everything that breathes life is on another level itself I prefer to show that through action.
I won a provincial level public speaking competition through my 4-H club, I have completed the AHT program, and I was able to train my horse to jump.