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Veterinary Technician Interview Questions and Answers
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How do you handle stress?
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Getting 10 place out of about 150 people in s FFA competing in 2014 and gerontology accepted into Delhi.
Earning my tech degree, passing the VTNE my first time and attaining my license so I can pursue my passion.
Traveling the world and helping animals of all sorts on various continents. I was involved in a lion breeding & rehabilitation program a few years ago that aims to increase the African lion population in an impressive 4 stage program.
I think making it this far in my life, obtaining a bachelors degree in biology as well as coming close to obtaining an associates degree for veterinary technician. Being a part of PTK honor society is a major accomplishment that I am very proud of.
I am most proud of being able to raise my children and have a career.
Completing my 4 year degree. I'm proud to say I have a bachelors in science.
I am most proud of my work with the goat herd at school. I have spent a lot of time with them and I feel they are an important extension of me as a person. I have learned a lot about myself by working with them.
I won a provincial level public speaking competition through my 4-H club, I have completed the AHT program, and I was able to train my horse to jump.
I would say successfully making it through college so far.
Studying and receiving high distinctions in all of my assessments. Raising 2 caring and responsible daughters, providing a stable and loving home life for my daughters while their father and I go through separation.
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