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How do you handle an unhappy customer?

Answer examples and advice for how to answer this interview question for a Veterinary Technician interview

How to Answer

A customer at a vet clinic could be unhappy for a number of reasons. It's up to you to resolve any mistakes within your power and appease the customer to keep them coming back. In your experience with customer service, which skills have helped the most? Listening is the best place to start. Sometimes all your customer needs is to express themselves. Pets are a very sensitive subject. You may have done everything perfectly, but George the cat is still suffering from feline leukemia. You can't cure George, but you can listen to the owner. Think of an example of when you had an unhappy customer. What did you do?

How do you handle an unhappy customer?

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How do you handle an unhappy customer?
Growing up my mom raised St. Bernards. I helped the puppies and also showed our st. Bernards as well. Now I have a 3yr old Mastiff and a 5month old pit bull!
I have had 16 hamsters, plenty of dogs, a bunny, 5/6 cats, plenty of fish, hermit crabs, and many more. I helped a squirrel stay alive after getting hit by a car how I did that was by taking my hermit crab cage put blanket in it picket up the squirrel carefully and placed it in the cage. To keep it warm it stayed in the laundry room. And I gave him bread to eat and called animal control! (:.
I've had a dog, 11 hamsters, a rabbit, and now I have two cats. I was too young to really care for the dog but at the age of 5 that's when I knew I was in love with animals because I spent most of my time in the back yard with him. With my hamsters I literally had everything you can imagine from balls they could roll in to tubes they can crawl in. My rabbit, had free range of everything. I took him to the beach and let him roam the grass.
I have always had cats, had a dog during my pre-teen years, and more recently I had my own horse which I paid for myself while still in high school.
I have cared for dairy cows and calves since I was born due to being raised on a dairy farm. I have also delt with horses, cats, dogs and delt with many obstacles from medicating to physical care with these aniamls.
I have had three horses, ten dogs, two sugar gliders, a rabbit and an iguana.
I have had multiple pets all through my childhood. Mostly cats and dogs, but I have also owned two horses that have been an amazing blessing to my life.
I have had several animals of all sort in my life, and they range from turtles, birds, dogs and hamsters. All of which lived a full and happy life. I have saved gods mostly from shelters and the street.
I have raised dogs, hamsters, birds, and rabbits. Mostly dogs, and currently am the proud owner of 2 jack russel terriers.
I had a red ear slider named Tortuga for 10 years that I had bought from a street seller when I was 16 at Wisconsin Dells. I have had many dogs and cats growing up. As an adult I adopted 2 ferrets that were being left outside in Chicago all year long due to an owners allergies. I also rescued a puppy from being euthanized due to an owners vacation and I adopted a 3-legged rescue from Paws.
I have had almost 300 hours pertaining to gaining experience at my externship. During that time, I have had training with anesthesia/monitoring, intubation, venipuncture, vaccinations, pharmacology, animal behavior and small animal diseases.
I have always had a dog and a cat wherever I was living. On a couple occasions I have helped care for a rabbit and a bearded dragon.
Our family has always had a couple of cats and then a dog growing up and to this day. Then, when our older brother started 4H, we had rabbits, chickens, and goats - but they were just for 4H time. Then as we started getting into 4H, we kept the rabbits year around and raised them, as well as raising egg laying chickens and having meat chickens, and then for a couple of years we raised dairy goats.
Ive raised an army of mini douschands, goats a million cats..
During my life I have cared for and raised many animals, from horses to dogs and reptiles I have worked with them all.
I have cared for dogs and cats and hav raised them for 6 years.
I have mostly cared for dogs and fish. My sister was allergic to cats so I could only care for them if my friends had them.
I have raised and taken care of 2 dogs and 3 cats.
Well I was raised up a country girl I have had multiple horses. As you well know horses are prone to be mischievious and get hurt constantly. I have helped on ranches that had pigs, goats, and cattle. I grew up with family dogs because I had a severe allergy to cats that I have long outgrown. I have two cats now. I have had and been around all sorts of breeds such as Mastiffs, pit bulls, rottweilers, Labradors, Akitas and I could keep going. I am slightly nerdy I know a lot about certain specific breeds of dogs kinda a hobby of mine. If someone wants to know what breed of dog something is I can usually tell you (granted its a purebreed. I can also tell mix breeds a lot of the times too as in what they most likely have in them) I am kinda a dog breed walking encyclopedia as my mother tells me.
I have 3 cats and an occasional dog I take care of. Recently I had a diabetic cat who also had pancreatitis that I gave insulin injections twice a day but he passed away.
Younger I had birds, as I was older I had 2 dogs and a cat but then moved and couldnt keep them, now 1 dog.
Ive had4 cats and 2 guinea pigs 1 hamster and some fish.
Dogs, cats, fish, hampsters.
Dog, cat, iguana, rabbit.
The majority of animal that I have owned have been dogs and cats. I have also had rabbits, guinea pigs and cockatiels.
Dog, cats, pigs, birds, possums,
I have raised dogs, cats, hamsters, rabbits, and a cockatiel.
Skittles, my cat, adopted him from the animal shelter, Ashes and Riley are two canines, they have both passed on. I guess Ashes is the reason for becoming a tech, because if I would have known the signs I could have helped her early on.
I have my own horse that I cared for since she was born. My dad gave her to me for my graduation present. I have roped on her rode her in the mountains and cared for her daily until I came to twin for school. I have 2 lab retrievers Oakley and Grizzlee that I care for daily. I have taken care of Oakley since my boyfriend and I started dating when she was 1 year old. Then we have had Grizzlee since she was 6 weeks old she turned 1 year in July. I have cared for countless stray kittens. Currently nursing 1 back to heath right now.
Ive had about 3 - 4 dogs throughout my life. I just put my great dane to sleep. I currently have a small mixed breed dog and 3 cats. All of them were a rescue.
I have cared for a variety of animals. Right now I have a bird whom is quite a character, a rabbit, turtle, fish, and a dog. I've cared for cats as well as other reptiles and rodents. All which I had to feed, clean their habits, and spend quality time with.
Many cats and dogs. Currently running a nonprofit cat shelter where I am responsible for care, medication, cleaning, health and behavioral assessment.
I've always had cats and dogs while growing up. Occasionally, I would find an injured wild animal that I would take to a professional to help care for it.
Cats, dogs, birds, hamsters, rats, squirrels, 'possums, raccoons...
I have been around and very comfortable with dogs (especially Rottweilers) as well as many cats. I have also cared for a handful of exotic animals, including fish, birds, bearded dragons, turtles, snakes and rats. I currently own two cats and one domestic rat.
My life has been working around most wildlife. Hawks, and owls. I have also raised kittens and dogs as well! Most of my animals are rescues, my cat balem was in the middle of the street, he was so little he still needed to be bottle fed. The mother got hit and I found no other kittens around. So I took him in and has had him ever since.
Oh boy, I have had many varying animals. In addition to having dogs and cats throughout my life I have also had the privilege of caring for some exotic animals as well, these include a hedgehog, bearded dragon, bunnies and parakeets.
Dogs, Cats, Horses, Goats, Chickens, Rabbits, Ducks, Chinchillas, Rats, Reptiles, Birds, Cattle, pigs, Hedgehogs, etc.
I am lucky enough to have grown up in a household that cares deeply for animals. From a very young age I was helping my mother nurse various animals to health. We've had a seagull with bochilism, Injured pigeons, hedgehogs, dogs, cats and even three lambs at one point. We were always surrounded by animals in visiting farms and zoos and friends with animals and being brought horseriding. It was a great childhood for that and as a result I am very comfortable with all animals.
I grew up with lizards, snakes, cats, dogs and had the opportunity to work with farm animals on holidays with extended family. I currently own two rescue dogs and love to take them mushing/skijoring.
Cows, horses, dogs, cats, rabbits, mice, hamsters, rats, goats.
I have had dogs all my life and I owned two hermit crabs. My brother has owned two rats, and I currently have one guinea pig, one bunny, and one dog.
I've mostly had dogs and cats since I was young, but I've also had some fish and I had a guinea pig when I was younger.
Well growing up I always had boxers and to this day I still have 2 ! I Also have 2 cats of my own and that does not include my parents dog and 3 cats.
Cows, pigs, sheep, goats, dogs, cats, rabbits, chickens, and ducks.
I have had 5 dogs, 3 cats, 1 lamb, 2 goats, and 2 turkeys.
I have taken care of 2 dogs and three cats I loved working with them and playing with them the dogs got feed twice a day and the cats were feed throughout the day.
I have cared for two dogs and three cats. I loved playing with them. The dogs got fed two times a day and the cats got fed all day.
I was quite involved with greyhound rescue some years ago. Once I started with school my time did not permit me to continue with the rescue opportunities. So over the years I have had seven greyhounds and more recently I have adopted two Chinese Crested dogs. There have been four cats too.
A pitpull and a germanysherper.

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