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Veterinary Technician Interview Questions and Answers
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How do you determine the best treatment for an animal?
User Submitted Interview Answers
I chose this profession because I love working with animals. The field that most interests me is taking care of the animals by feeding them cleaning the kennels and keeping them calm for their appointments.
I love animals. They've always been my passion. I considered going into zoology, but saw there wasn't much of a calling. The medical aspect of the vet field also interests me, so it just made sense to become a tech and combine two things I'm interested in and passionate about.
I love animals. It may sound weird but I feel like I have a connection when it comes to familiarizing myself with a new animal. I feel like I make a difference in this profession.
I find human anatomy and secretions unintriguing to say the least. To be cliche I have always shown an interest in animal medicine, as my uncle is a vet. I think reproduction is very interesting. Equine dentisrtyr is also intruiging.
I chose this profession because I enjoy working with animals. Ever since I was young I haven't liked seeing an animal sick or injured, and it would bother me if I tried to help it, but just didn't know what to do. The part about being a tech that most interests me would have to be helping the really sick animals, especially when they are able to recover because of what someone has done for them.
I think we all share the common interest of helping animals, but the profession is much more than that. A pet becomes a family member in many and most households. Some people will become more attached, because maybe they have lost another family member, say parents got divorced, the children will become attached to the pet as comfort. Another example is service or therapeutic pets. These individuals become very attached and when something bad happens to these animals, its devastating to these people to think about their pet suffering. And so me, being in this profession, I can help bring the worry to an end and bring that joy back into these peoples lives. Yes, I love animals, but I also love the connection and joy they bring to people.
Building relationships with the clients and their pets, learning preventative health practices.
I chose this professions because it is what I am passionate about. Ever since I was little I was always trying to save the stray animals and the injured wildlife. I am most interested in blood work especially viruses.
I love animals and I am a Ag kid at heart always.
My love of animals and their rights. Behavior and care..
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