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How do you determine the best treatment for an animal?

Answer examples and advice for how to answer this interview question for a Veterinary Technician interview

How to Answer

There's a lot of pressure to choose the right action to take when an animal is being treated for an illness or injury. Sometimes you walk a thin line. How do you assess the situation to choose what's best? Luckily you have the help of your partner in crime, the veterinarian, to assist you with decision making.

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How do you determine the best treatment for an animal?
I chose this profession because I love working with animals. The field that most interests me is taking care of the animals by feeding them cleaning the kennels and keeping them calm for their appointments.
I love animals. They've always been my passion. I considered going into zoology, but saw there wasn't much of a calling. The medical aspect of the vet field also interests me, so it just made sense to become a tech and combine two things I'm interested in and passionate about.
I love animals. It may sound weird but I feel like I have a connection when it comes to familiarizing myself with a new animal. I feel like I make a difference in this profession.
I find human anatomy and secretions unintriguing to say the least. To be cliche I have always shown an interest in animal medicine, as my uncle is a vet. I think reproduction is very interesting. Equine dentisrtyr is also intruiging.
I chose this profession because I enjoy working with animals. Ever since I was young I haven't liked seeing an animal sick or injured, and it would bother me if I tried to help it, but just didn't know what to do. The part about being a tech that most interests me would have to be helping the really sick animals, especially when they are able to recover because of what someone has done for them.
I think we all share the common interest of helping animals, but the profession is much more than that. A pet becomes a family member in many and most households. Some people will become more attached, because maybe they have lost another family member, say parents got divorced, the children will become attached to the pet as comfort. Another example is service or therapeutic pets. These individuals become very attached and when something bad happens to these animals, its devastating to these people to think about their pet suffering. And so me, being in this profession, I can help bring the worry to an end and bring that joy back into these peoples lives. Yes, I love animals, but I also love the connection and joy they bring to people.
Building relationships with the clients and their pets, learning preventative health practices.
I chose this professions because it is what I am passionate about. Ever since I was little I was always trying to save the stray animals and the injured wildlife. I am most interested in blood work especially viruses.
I love animals and I am a Ag kid at heart always.
My love of animals and their rights. Behavior and care..
The animals that loves their humans just as much as the human love them.
Because people are gross. As someone who is new to this profession I am fascinated by most of it. However if I had to choose one thing I think I would say surgery.
I originally thought that I wanted to pursue medicine for humans and obtained my CNA in Idaho some years back. However, when I recently assessed my goals for a career and found that what I am passionate about is animals, I decided I needed to change directions. Working at the LARS at UAF, I saw the amazing experiences that the vet and vet techs had and realized I wanted what they had. When it comes to specific interests in the field, I am most interested in surgery, TCVM and anything relating to neuroscience.
Animals have always been a part of me, my compassion,
Range of species and how a technician can do anything from TPR's to assisting with open heart surgery.
I always have a soft spot for animals, so I would love to learn more about them and learn how to care for them.
I have always had a love for animals since I was a young girl, and being that animals cannot speak for themselvs, it empowers me to want to work with them so that I may learn to read their body language so that I can understand them without having them to speak to me.
As most people in this field would say, "veterinary medicine because people are gross." I believe that pets are an important part of life. Pets are always there for you, you are their best friend, pets teach responsibility and how to care for others. Pets can help us in many ways: from service dogs and cats, to the horses that veterans can use to help with PTSD. As pets are an important part of our society, I believe that they deserve the best care and treatment that can be provided. There are plenty of people that work in the human medical field, but it takes a special person to work in the veterinary field. Animals can live for long amounts of time, but most companion animals do not. They deserve the best care while they are on this planet. With it being said that animals sometimes only live a short while, most of our "patients" pass on within our lifetime. Dealing with the loss over and over again is hard. I could not imagine working in some place like a nursing home where I get to know the life stories of the residents and then they pass. That is heartbreaking. But if I can improve the quality of life for many patients, I will be satisfied.
I have always wanted to work with a veterinarian or in a vets office as an assistant. Being around, and raising animals since a very young age has made me want to work with them and help every chance I can.
Because since I can remember I have had a passion for animals. Id rather have animals around me 24/7 than people. I am interesten in anything that has to do with animals.
I love animals first, medicine second.
I want to work with animals. I have always felt more comfortable with animals and being able to help them and people makes me happy.
I have devoted most of my life caring for animals. I cannot see myself doing anything else. The field that I am most interested in is rehabilitation and dentistry. I feel that dentistry is something that is very commonly over looked in the animal world.
I have always been an animal lover and at college when I was trying to discover what makes me happy I was always drawn towards classes involving animals. My dream would be a veterinarian of a small animal hospital. This is because I did not have the opportunity to grow up on a farm, I have very little experience with large animals. Due to this I feel as though I do not understand them as well as I understand and can read small animals. And the ability to read animals is crucial.
The animals. Many times in my life I've felt closer to the animals I've had than the people who are around me.
I just have a strong passion and love for animals. I did not have the same passion for human medicine and really wanted to pursue a tech job that encompasses more than just one field. I am very interested in surgery and recovering surgical patients.
I love and adore animals and this is my dream.
I love caring for animals. Specially the sick ones. Nursing interests me also.
Because of my passion for animals.
Helping animals, x-rays, surgery, running blood work fecals, urinalysis etc.
I know you probably here it all the time but I just love animals they are my passion. I find it extremely rewarding to be able to help animals who wouldn't be able to care for themselves and to be their voice and advocate for their care and happiness.
Small animal, clinic setting - eventual rehab or one of the specialty referral fields. Going to expose myself to things and see where my fit is best.
Love animals.
I enjoy working with animals and helping them be happy and healthy.
I love to care for animals and their well being. I have had this passion for many years!
I remember saving worms from the chickens on my Grandmother's farm when I was in Kindergarten with tears in my eyes. I always said I wanted to be a Vet. Orthopedics interest me most, I thoroughly enjoy those surgeries.

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