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Give me an example of a time when you failed.
No one wants to show weakness in an interview. Talking about failure seems like it might hurt your chances of getting the job, right? Wrong! If you can talk about a time you failed with precision and poise, you may help your chances! Here's how: 1) Think about a time when you made a big mistake at work. What happened? Did you forget something important? Was it a careless mistake? 2) How did you handle it? Did you apologize? Did you make things right? What were your choices? Sometimes you can't fix the problem but you can definitely learn from it. 3) What did you learn? Going forward, maybe you will read an email over a few times before sending it. Showing you care enough about the quality of your work and how it affects your coworkers is a hard quality to find! Prepare an example and recite it to yourself until you feel confident talking about it in your interview. Focus on what you learned and try not to get caught up in the details of what went wrong.

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User-Submitted Answers

Give me an example of a time when you failed.
· Give me an example of a time when something you tried to accomplish and failed.
I remember a time when I tried to learn how to do a cartwheel. Growing up with no sisters or friends with gymnast abilities, all I could learn from were gymnastic shows on television. After hours of trying and inevitably knocking the wind out of myself with each landing, I finally gave up until the following day when I landed my first perfect cartwheel.
As Treasurer for the UCF student organization Knights for Marine and Wildlife Conservation, I attempted to get funding from our Student Government Association but failed due to time constraints and rushed planning. This showed me that it is important to set goals and steps to reach them quite far in advance in order to match one's determination.
In college I attempted to form a letter writing club to deployed soldiers, However I wasn't able to develop enough interest around campus.
I tried really hard to make friends with a past coworker. I tried to chat about things we had in common, ask her how her day was, bring her her favorite drink, but she just never seemed to reciprocate. I kept trying to be her friend until she left, but I don't think she ever quite liked me as much as the other people she'd been working with for years.
Losing weight is the only thing that I can think of!
Becoming an Arbonne Sales Rep... Thought I could work with people who were looking to be beautiful on the outside but found I like people for what was on the inside.
Getting the lead tech position.
I had tried to be apart of another veterinary services office a few years ago out of highschool and they told me that I had no business trying to be apart of that just out of highschool, they didn't think my experience raising wild animals was enough.
I have never failed. The fact that I tried and gave it my all makes me feel good about anything I go for.
Trying to organize and complete more than five tasks in my head.
I have tried to set up a work out or exercise schedule for myself to keep in shape over the summer and I have not been able to stick to it.