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Give me a specific example of a time when you had to conform to a policy with which you did not agree.
When you start a new job, you may be excited about the company and the people you'll get to work with, but there are some unknowns you can't predict. It's up to you to roll with it or get frustrated. Maybe your boss implemented a late or tardy policy that you didn't agree with. Or it could be that you only had 15 minutes to assess a patient and you thought you needed at least 30 minutes. How did you handle it? Being passive in these situations isn't necessarily the best response, but you also don't want to get upset in front of your boss. We recommend a peaceful solution. Calmly offer your stance, but be okay with your boss's reasoning, even if it doesn't make sense. You have to pick your battles. How have you done this in the past?

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User-Submitted Answers

Give me a specific example of a time when you had to conform to a policy with which you did not agree.
Unless it goes against my moral and ethical values I will uphold what my employer expects of me.
There have been a few instances in which ethically I do not agree with the policy but conform due to the lesser evil so to speak. An example of this would be advertising with flyers for an eco-friendly club event. I do not agree with the waste of paper and ink but I conformed with the acceptance that the end result would raise more awareness.
At my old hospital job I would work most of the night shifts. There policies were very strict about how to work the night shift. It was a horse hospital so I was outside in the wet and cold for most of the night. I didn't agree with the policy of having to stay outside in the barn with no heater or source of protection incase someone was to break in. But it taught me that that I can do anything I put my mind to. I loved this job so much I was.
I honestly have not had any situation like this yet, but if it happened, I would try to look at the pros and cons of the policy and see what the mission of it is.
I had to do an internship at a place that declawed and cropped ears.
When I worked at the Research Facility, the Laboratory Members wanted to control the number of mice in their colony, so when an unwanted littler of pups were born, the Lab Member requested that the pups be euthanized. I just thought it to be a waste, and that breeding cages shouldn't be set up when the colony is at maximum population. However, I assisted the Lab Animal Tech who was training me because it was part of the job and needed to be done. I also knew that the pups were being treated humanely and that gave me comfort.
I was in the position where a client wanted to put down a healthy pet due to her inability to give the pet the care it needed. Our clinic policy is to discuss with the client the reasons and offer surrendering the animal to a humane society. The client did not want to, and as per policy, we had to grant the clients wishes and put the animal down. I had to accept that we can only offer information and counceling to our clients, but in the end it is their decision.
I honestly have not had any situation like this yet, but if it happened, I would try to look at the pros and cons of the policy and try to understand its purpose and why it is put in place.
Unless it is against my morals I have no problem upholding my hospitals rules and regulations.
Our manager wanted to try "zones" instead of assigned techs to doctors. I gave it a good try, but it just didnt work with our staffing.
Hmm I cant think of any to be honest. Ive never been in a work enviornment.
Daily when an animal is being euthanized and I may not agree. The point is is that the Vet usually knows what is best based on her experience.
Sending a cat from cottage to simi.
I did it within the framework of the policy but then spoke with co-workers and supervisors after.
As a teller, I deal with this often, the member is always right, no matter what the situation that we may not agree on.
Dog policy at the apartement community.
I have never disagreed with any policies. I only work for companies which share the same core values that I have.
I worked at a clinic in a low income territory so sometimes I would talk to owners about vaccines and heartworm prevention and they would ignore it and refuse to pay for any of it and it was hard to let them leave without giving their pets the care they need.
Euthanizing a healthy animal due to limited space in an environment.
This past season with my synchronized swimming job, I did not agree with my oldest athlete being offered a coaching position. I felt, as her coach, that she was not ready for the responsibility. However, due to the fact that she was taking over someone else's class, she was the only one available and I was forced to accept it.