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Veterinary Assistant Pros and Cons

1. You can make ill animals better which is rewarding, it is a good career, you learn a lot that you never knew before and you get to see and interact with different animals. May 30th, 2012

2. You get to assist vets in helping pets feel and get better. You get to help out fellow pet owners by sharing any knowledge with them to help them get a stronger understanding of their pets and how to give their pets a better quality of life. September 21st, 2012

3. I get to spend time with the animals, and show people how to properly care for their pets. May 30th, 2012

4. Everyday that I work as a veterinary assistant I will be happy knowing that I made a difference in the animal world by helping even just one animal live a healthier life and every animal that I help will just make me feel even better. July 19th, 2012

5. Rewarding, helping animals to have a better quality of life, finding homes for animals that have had bad past life experiences is a great feeling, going home knowing that you have made that animals life so much better. September 7th, 2012

6. The Pros to a profession as a veterinarian Assistant is that you can save the lives of a lot of animals, everyday you are learning new things and finally everyday you do something different, every second it's a new experience and you share your time, love and patient with amazing creatures. November 5th, 2012

7. Working with and caring for animals. January 9th, 2013

8. Being able to help animals that don't have a voice of their own. April 4th, 2013

9. Helping something that cant express itself as easily as a person is really rewarding. April 2nd, 2014

10. I am a people person and enjoy all aspects of animals. April 2nd, 2014

11. It wil help me build experience for what I want to be my career. April 2nd, 2014

12. The pros I see in this position is in the line of the career I want as a vet tech working and communicating with a team of professionals that also share the same passion as me with animals. April 2nd, 2014

13. I would get to work with animals and help them. April 2nd, 2014

14. Interacting with clients and their pets. April 2nd, 2014

15. The reward of helping and watching a very sick animal improve in health and eventually become better. April 2nd, 2014


1. Having to deal with a lot of poop. May 30th, 2012

2. Being the bearer of bad news, about a sick animal. July 19th, 2012

3. Euthanasia is always going to be hard. But you have to learn to put your feelings aside and do what has to be done. May 30th, 2012

4. The cons must be the physical labor involved as dogs and cats will definitely give you a run for your money! Other than that, the income and restriction as far as diagnostic tools compared to human health profession. May 30th, 2012

5. Unnecessary euthanasias and difficult clients. Also, being part of the front of house staff means taking a lot of slack from clients because we're "lower" than the veterinarian. October 31st, 2012

6. You can be hurt by a scared animal. May 30th, 2012

7. Animal bites, disease transmission. July 26th, 2012

8. I think the only con would be the possibility of euthanasia being performed. It's always sad to have to euthanize an animal, but I always know that it's done in the animal's best interest. Other than that, how could there be any cons to working with and helping animals every day? September 7th, 2012

9. To be honest none at all maybe euthanization could be a con becasue I hate seeing a animal suffer. April 2nd, 2014

10. Being around animals, ensuring peoples pets are are being provided with high welfare standards and hopefully assisting in providing them with the help they need for a good quality of life. April 2nd, 2014