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Why should I hire you?
Veterinary assistants deal with the physical challenges of the vet clinic. You will be wrangling large dogs to get them to sit still. Dealing with an aggressive pet takes strength and persistence. If you haven't been in this situation, think about how you would deal with it? What are some ways you can apply your skills to this situation? The vet doesn't have time or energy for a vet tech to get scared or frustrated. Let them know you would stay calm and cautiously handle the animal. Tell them about any techniques you have learned that would be useful in this situation.

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User-Submitted Answers

Why should I hire you?
No, one dog tried to snap at a doctor once but thanks to my good restraint he didn't get bit. You have to have confidence with animals, they can sense fear and when they do they will walk all over you.
Yes I have. Getting bit comes with the territory. Although I have excellent restraining skills, I am always prepared for it to happen at any given time. One must anticipate getting bit by what seems to be a perfectly well behaved animal at any given time.
Yes, a couple of times.
I worked a a vet clinic throughout my high school career I have been bit once and the animal had to be put down.
Yes. I have been bitten by a cat and a small dog.
I did, many many times. None of them have rabies but I never mind.
Yes I have ... A 20 lb cat whom we were trying to restrain.
Yes. A few times. I do have some battle wounds.
Yes I was feeding a stray cat and he bit me.
Yes. I once got bit by a dog who we were trying to take outside for a pee, she had minimal use of her hind end, so we had to put a towel under her to left her. I had her front end, and was holding the leash, and the pain of lifting her must have been unbearable, as she turned and bit me.
Never anything extreme. When I was little I got a little nip from my grandma's dog. But nothing serious. I am sure it was my own fault.
Yes, and I know that it may happen working daily with animals that are nervous and in a new environment.
Yes on the back of my leg.
Yes, many cat bites and my cockatiel lol.
By cats on occasion, while volunteering at the SPCA
I've been bitten by my friends cat and also my rabbit when he begs for fruit. But I am always cautious when approaching any animal even if they seem well behaved.
Not bit but definitly scratched.
Yes, by both Horses and dogs. It comes with the territory of working with animals.
Yes. As a foolish 9 year old I thought it was a good idea to put my face up next to my sleeping dog. She of course bite me, I still have the scar below my eye. She never bit again, and I never repeated waking a sleeping dog. I have also been tackled by a very large german shepherd dog, and puppy bitten by my energetic 7 month old lab mix.
I have been bit by a dog, birds and mice. I drew blood every time, I have also seen worse cases of animal bites. I know that it happens and happens mostly when animals are scared or defending their territory. I am always prepared for an animal to bite me but do not like to assume I will always get bit or I feel the animal will sense it.
Not yet. Though I'm sure it will happen eventually even though I try to always properly approach and restrain pets.
Yes, I have been bit by a dog. It is my best friends dog which absolutely loves me. I actually gave her a hug like I always do and we found out she had a herniated disk because she bit me. She still loves me (like crazy, which is weird)
Yes, quite a few actually. Dog, Cat, Sugar glider, Gopher, rat, horse, pig, and Goats.
Yes but not as many times as many would think considering I work with stressed animals in rescue.
I have been bitten a few times by feral cats, but this is just part of the job.
I have been bit twice before. In both instances they were aggressive pets and the technician restraining was fearful and let go of the animal without giving me any warning.
I have. Nothing too terrible that needed medical attention.
At work, I have never been bit by an animal. However, when I took care of my roommates cat this year, it was so cranky without her owner, that she became very aggressive and would bit quite often.
Yes, I have been bitten by a dog, bird and a rabbit before. I try to understand why the animal felt threatened that they had to bite or why they felt like they could not trust me instead of getting upset.
I have been bit by dogs, cats, rats, a snake, and a lizard.
Not in a work or volunteer setting. My kitten bit me accidentally when I was feeding him a piece of fish. He had his rabies vaccination, and I was told by the doctor to just watch it. I had no problems from it, but I learned to be careful when hand feeding an animal.
Yes, I have been bitten by a pug while restraining them for eye medications with the vet.
I have been bitten twice by a dog but never severely enough to break the skin. Getting bitten by an animal does not scare nor would it make me quit the job cold turkey.
Yes, in fact I have. When I was working as a horse caretaker at UCONN, during the morning feeding, the horse was a little too enthusiastic about the hay that before I was able to release the flake of hay he took a chunk of hay and along with it was my thumb. It was about 1/3 of my thumb. It really taught me to be more careful no matter how comfortable I am with an animal I cant let my guard down. Safety should always be one of the top priorities.
Yes, by a couple of dogs while I was a kid while playing. And my cat has bitten or scratched me a couple of times.
No I have not. I think of myself to be good with animals in general.
Yes, I have been bitten by a few cats before. I understand that getting bitten or scratched by animal occurs occasionally in this type of job and I am perfectly fine with it.
A couple times, but not severe enough to require treatment.
Yes, by my own dog when trying to give him his oral medication.
Yes. I adopted a guinea pig once that had a biting habit. We researched how to train him out of the habit and though it took hard work and perseverance we eventually were able to hold him without him biting us.
I get bit every day by my cat.
Yes, I was once nipped by my sons dog,
Yes while working at grooming salons assisting fellow groomers was often part of my job. I was very skilled in restraining the more aggressive or frightened animals. However accidents do happen and I have been bitten, and or scratched. It is part of the job and I have never had a serious or life threatening injury.
Yes, as a kid I got bit on the finger messing with my grandmothers dogs food. Rookie mistake I know.
I have been bitten by a pesky rabbit, a chubby hamster, and a kitten whose previous owners did not understand that hands are not toys. I simply put the animal down, addressed the wound, and revisited the animal to finish whatever task I was doing that upset the animal in the first place.
By my own cats but in a clinic I have received a rabies vaccine while taking the animal care program.
Yes, it was only because I did not use the proper muzzling techniques.
Yes, when the animal bite me, I will carefully put them back to the cage, clean the wound and report to supervisor.
Yes a cat I try to protect from my dog.
No. I have not, I guess that means I may need more experience.
By a python, by a blue tongue lizard, by my dogs as puppies and by my new kitten. So yes I have been bitten.
I was bitten by a dog when I was younger, however it wasn't severe and has not affected my feelings towards dogs. I also know now that you have to be prepared for anything, especially when an animal is distressed.
Yes. A German Shepherd bit me in the face once.
Nearly when it was in pain.
In my personal time yes but not currently in a job setting. I have been scratched a few times by a cat though.
In my personal life yes but not in a work setting. I have however been scratched a few times by a cat.
Just lite chewing of the finger, but the cats are the worse . man can they snarl and scratch and bite . most are mistreated or crazy or it's my fault and just don't understand the animal. that's why I want to read books on animal psychology and behavior. I know dogs better that other animals, but horses for their size can be as affectionate as a kitten. they comfort me as an adult as well as they did as a child. the best friends a person could ever have. some can be quite obstinate or strong willed or just have a mind of their own. no never been bit . Only litely chewed on by a dog who had a chewing thing and I was told to give a toy or rawhide to my dog. I just misunderstood the poor dear. that's why I need to read or take a class. My cat bit me, but I don't count bites that don't draw blood and his tail was caught in the door and I didn't know it fast enough. a horse tried to bite me all the time so I avoided it. my other friend didn't really care so the horse never bothered her.
A defensive bite from scared dog as I put their lead on. A small cut to the thumb, but I learnt to recognise the signs for future and continued to deal with the dog afterwards as normal.
Yes a large poodle in the hand.
I have been bitten by one of my geckos and Guinea pigs and learnt that I need to keep calm so the animal doesn't continue and I used my restraint methods from college.
No I have not I try to be careful in my restraints and proper handling procedures.
Yes when I was 4 years old I was bitten by a dog. It was my fault as I didn't know it and it didn't know me and I entered its territory.
I have been bitten, but never a puncture wound. I have been bitten while in VA by the cats before while learning to restrain, but I have gotten much better at it.
Yes. I had a temperamental Yorkie, have been bitten by several cats, and a couple birds.
Playfully nipped by my cats, and my cousin's dog bit me once when she became impatient for her food.
Yes, I restraining a cat for grooming during my externship and it managed to get loose to bit my hand.
Yes. Cats on a daily basis. Got bit in the face once.
Yes my cat has bit me a couple of times.
In this profession, I don’t think I know anyone who hasn’t been bitten. I’ve had a couple of bites, more often from cats than dogs, but little dogs, generally JRTs and chihuahua’s seem to be the most likely to bite, especially when trimming toenails. I’ve never had a bite or scratch become infected though, as I clean them immediately.