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What is the biggest mistake you have made? What did you learn from it?
Your interviewer knows you're not perfect. It may seem as though they are digging for weaknesses, when in actuality they are interested in your ability to learn from your mistakes. "I didn't check the work schedule for the next week and accidentally did not show up for work on a day I was scheduled. As soon as I got the phone call I started getting ready for work. Even though I was four hours late, I apologized and then got straight to work. Now I check the schedule every week and I keep a copy of it as well. I strive to be reliable and I never miss a day." When you talk about the mistake, focus on what you did to correct it and how you learned from it.
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"I didn't check the work schedule for the next week and accidentally did not show up for work on a day I was scheduled. As soon as I got the phone call I started getting ready for work. Even though I was four hours late, I apologized and then got straight to work. Now I check the schedule every week and I keep a copy of it as well. I strive to be reliable and I never miss a day."

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User-Submitted Answers

What is the biggest mistake you have made? What did you learn from it?
Seeing an animal that appears to be on the verge of death taking a turn for the better and leaving the clinic much healthier than upon its arrival. And seeing the owners of that pet celebrating their beloved pet's recovery. We cannot save them all, but it is great to be a part of a group of professionals doing all we can to restore a beloved pet to optimum health.
To see that there are good people out there treating their aniamls the way the should be and ensuring they`re taking steps to treat any disease or condition their pet may have.
I get the most joy from helping to make an animal feel better. I enjoy seeing the look on owners faces when they hear good new about their animals.
There is something about an animal that has always touched me. To know that they can not communicate what is wrong with them and they need your help. To see one that is in need of healing and to know that you were apart of the healing process brings a sense of accomplishment.
Since I haven't worked with animals in a vet clinic yet, I love to watch the show animal cops and seeing how some animals on the verge of death recover and lead a happy life. I would love to be a part of that.
The excitement on there faces, and I love animal kisses.
The most joy I get from working with animals is the fact that fact that I'm helping out. It's part of working together with our world to improve life for everyone.
I just love helping creatures that can always show their gratitude. It's such a rewarding feeling and can always brighten your day.
I haven't worked in a veterinary setting yet, but I enjoy seeing the unspoken thank you that animals seem to comunicate to the assistants and veterinarian on the shows on tv.
Giving them a voice. When something hurts or they are injured I can be the voice for them in making in better.
The rewarding feeling I get when I know that I was part of the team that helped an animal, in any way.
Seeing an animal that was sick getting better and knowing I helped them.
Knowing I helped beautiful innocent creatures that dont have a voice and cant do for themselves.
Seeing an animal come over that hump. Watching them come from being close to death to eating and drinking again is really rewarding.
The most joy I get when working with animals is being able to learn and work with a team of professionals doing all that they can to make the owner comfortable while recovering their pets health.
Being able to bond with the animals and care for their well-being such as their health and social skills.
When they go home happy and making great progress.
Animals show there emotions as if a child would in a way. Their emotions are extreme when they are happy, sad or mad. To see a happy healthy animal gives me the most joy. Specially if they have been in bad conditions and are feeling better due to my assistants. That would be the most rewarding feeling.
Being able to help care and tend for animals. Making sure they get the right care and making them feel like they are loved when they are in my care at the moment.
When they are relieved, for one reason or another... Whether we did the right thing by treating them or putting them down, when they are no longer in pain, it makes me feel a little better about the days events.
Seeing them happy. Especially when they have had some health or behavioral problem and it is under control so that the animal may live a full and healthy life.
I love seeing a run down pet come into a facility and see them leaving looking 100% better than they did coming in. For me its all about improving the lifestyle and health of the pet and providing rhem with a positive experience.
Seeing them get better. Seeing the owner rejoyce when they get better. it is the look in an animals eyes when there is relief from pain. And you just know that they know its going to be ok.
I never notice the passing of time when I am working with animals; I just love being around them. They are innocent and deserving of our care.
Just being able to help them so little people know what to do when an animal gets hurt and they panic it would make me so happy to relive the pet owner and get the pet back to good health.
Obviously the most joyous part of working with animals is seeing a healthy animal, full of energy just coming in for an exam or yearly shots but I also find a surprising amount of joy in making unhealthy animals feel better.
The gratitude they give humans when they feel good.
Honestly, I feel like social interaction with humans are dictated by so many rules and etiquette, but when you deal with animals, your intention and their intentions are much more clear and straightforward which is really refreshing.
Having a client come in hurt or sick and walking out knowing they will be okay and that the pet parents were responsible and loving enough to bring their pet in to the doctor.
Having dogs that have been unavailable for either medical or behavioral reasons improve and become available to the public and eventually go home. My show ratio is high because I am excited to see these dogs go home.
Seeing an ex abuse case become a normal dog again.
Helping them when there sick and just being around them.
Being able to see them heal and helping them when they are frightened.
I love seeing any animal that walks through the door. I love to pet the animals and make them feel good with belly rubs and couple of treats. The satisfaction that I aided in an animals health and well being and it can go back and live out its life with its family is the best!
Seeing them leave the hospital after a long stay with us after a full recovery, I love seeing how happy the animal is and how relieved and thankful the owner is.
I love seeing them transform, from my previous experience when dogs first came in you could see that they were very drained you could almost say depressed and run down. Then as the weeks went by you could see they transformed into happy healthy dogs. I think you can tell by looking at dogs faces that they are not happy!
I love knowing that I am making a difference in their life. Even if it is just a small difference, I know that I was a part bettering their world and that means everything to me.
To have them become comfortable with you. That instance when they become ok with you being there and working around them or with them.
Aniamls are so special they bring joy to us in the simplest of ways any time I can bring joy or restore their health.
Seeing healthy animals with joy and reunited with their owners gives me the most joy when working with animals.
A sick animal comes in and is admitted to the practice for care, you spend time caring for the animal. During that time the animal turns from sick to a healthy, happy and ready to go home. The most joy I get out of working with animals when the animal recognizes their owner and you can just see the amount of love and happiness from both the animal and the owner. I live for that moment.
The greatest joy is having saved an animal and seeing it release, in my case, to the wild. It makes my heart so light and happy and constantly reminds me why I entered the field that I did.
I am happy when I am able to see an animal transform from looking sad and depressed to happy and trusting.
I love knowing that what I do is bettering the animals well-being. Just being around animals gives me joy.
Working with animals is something in which I have an inborn compassion. It is where I am completely in my element, and enjoy the satisfactory feeling in doing good for animals.
To see one that is in need of healing and to know that you were part of the healing process brings a sense of accomplishment.
Seeing an animal get a second chance. Either from recovery from an illness or injury or through adoption to a good home.
The fact that I get to assist them into becoming healthy again makes me happy. Knowing that I have saved that animals life makes me extremely happy, especially when it comes to working with the younger animals.
Being able to give each and every animal the love and care they would receive at home and then seeing them discharged from the hospital.
There so innocent and have so much love inside of them. There amazing creatures.
Seeing the animal recover into full health, and seeing the animal happy and energetic.
Seeing the sweet, happy personality of animals makes me very happy and joyful when working with animals.
Knowing that your helping them and trying to give them the best possible care and attention. I enjoy being able to socialise them and letting them see they are in a safe environment.
To me animals have always been something I care about even more than humans. I love just the way they show love and affection through kisses. Also love figuring out their quirks.
What gives me the most job when working with animals is being able to take care of them.
Seeing an animal improve and the effect that improvement has on the owner. I love to help people and I am so excited to possibly have the opportunity to see directly how my work benefits the animal and owner,.
Ensuring that they are happy, healthy, well taken care of, and able to have the best life possible.
Seeing them leaving the clinic much better than they came in even if its just for a nail trim; knowing I contributed to the well being of that beautiful animal.
Everything really, as animals are my passion.
When they are getting better with our help and succeed.
I love coming home to a house full of animals so excited to see you, I feel like its going to be like that working here.
Seeing that they are happy when its all over, wagging their tails or smoothing around you. I feel like I have accomplished something then.
When I see they made it and are happy.
Seeing them get better and becoming like the pets the owners had before the surgery.
I get the most joy out of being able to help and animal in a tough situation make a full recovery and be allowed to live a happy healthy life. As well as educating and assisting the owner in properly caring for their animals.
Turning their sickness or pain around have them leave feeling well and healthy. I just have such a huge heart and love animals like no other.
Seeing an animal truly happy is more than rewarding.
Seeing them make their owners happy, and seeing the animal thrive.
Knowing that we care enough to be helping animals and knowing that they are as important as we are and they matter. Seeing the joy on owners faces when the animal is better. And on our faces.
Knowing that I have helped make the animal feel better or keep the animal healthy.
Building the bonds between myself and the animals. It makes me really happy when I see that animals are content with me taking care of them.
Seeing them find a good home, seeing them recover after an accident.
To see the animals leave hap[py and healed.
Seeing an animal get healthy again. The recovery is everything!
Make them better and give their owner happy.
Seeing how happy they are when their owners come to pick them up. When they eat a whole bowl of food after not being able to eat for days. When they recover from a bad accident or illness.
Showing them compassion, either just letting them or comforting them. Seeing their tail wag or just seeing the expression that they are happy.
Everything. Honestly I love seeing them happy and well. I love to educate others through that of animals and their ability. We live in a day in age where children grow up in fear of all animals and in the end they are the worlds future and they will not be able to see and care for so many speices around the world like I have in my short time. I just want to educate others that they shouldnt fear but instead try an understand. I enjoy working with animals beacuse I not only love seeing them happy and well but I also love working with them because even though they cannot speak their body language and personality speak volumes. It all depends on how you veiw them.
Knowing that I have done something to help an animal is a great feeling, and knowing that I have accomplished something to stop an animal being distressed is very comforting.
Knowing their kind hearts.
Seeing another different behaviour in other animals.
Seeing them get the proper care that they deserve and giving clients peace of mind knowing that there are people who would dedicate their time to making sure that the animals get that proper care and love as well.
When working with animals it gives me the most joy knowing that they are getting the best and proper care that they deserve as well as communicating with the clients and other members in the field to ensure that care is being provided.
Knowing I'm helping them.
Seeing them feel better and being happy.
Knowning that I am able to help them and make a difference in thier lives.
Helping them get better and the love they give.
Well if you really want to know I really get a kick out of touching them. animals are so soft and fuzzy. I am a touchy person and the animals are weird, but cute and enjoyable because their personalities are different and such. I only bathed one cat although I had many. The worst problem is the fleas and i'll do anything to get rid of them including a cleaning of the pet as well as the pet's living areas. flies are another problem in horses, but a friend showed me a most temporary way of treating them with a salve on their legs. my dog used to make me laugh by doing things like getting a bottle cap out of her paw by bitting it out and I got a real kick out of that. I couldn't help but giggle. Animals are cute fuzzy & sweet things when you can clean them. my dogs and cats as well as horses get hugs, kisses and pats as well as some discipline. I really lack some animal psychology but animals seem to make faces the way people do and it can be funny. people and animals are just so alike. It's too bad some people just want to use and abuse their animals by punching them in the abdomen like I saw one person do. I turned him into the hawaiian humane society and went to court for my cat, because a neighbor complained a another person hit my cat with a slingshot and the person was an adult not a child.
To see them happy with the care I have provided.
Knowing we are doing what we can to help them and keep them healthy!
Because I love working with small animals.
Seeing animals medical progress go very will.
To see them come out of a bad situation. Any time an animal is saved is a joyful time and even sometimes that means its their time to go.
VA I like dog and Puppies care.
Seeing that the animals are happy and healthy.
There interaction with you.
How happy a little creature can be no matter what situation it may be in. They are clearly incredible.
The satisfaction I feel when they're feeling better.
The satisfaction you feel when they feel better.
Seeing the animals thrive and watching the care that the families that they have for their animals. It's a great feeling to witness the love and to have been able to help deliver the care to the animals.
Seeing a sign of relief or trust.
Seeing them happy esp if they are recovering from an illness or injury. The turn around gives me so much joy.
When you see them at the best health you can make them and see them doing normal behaviours looking happy.
Seeing animals get better and being able to give them back to there owners.
Watching them and their unique personalities. I love when they get excited and start wagging their tails and smile.
Love can't be explained. It's the warmth I get through my body and the happiness that they show just bounces of you and makes you happy all day. The most joyful part is creating that inseparable bond and knowing what they need and when.
Helping them to feel better and overcome their medical situations. To see the joy and relief on their owners faces will give me the most joy.
Being able to help them, and seeing their happy faces once they are healthy. As well as the owners faces when they are reunited with their amazing friend again.
With dogs most joyful small pets very sweet beautiful.
I love spoiling animals and giving them love. I want to make sure they have the best experiences possible.
When I hear sounds of contentment from them. I like getting to hold them, play with them - just seeing the llife in their eyes is important to me. Even the sick ones.
I enjoy seeing them make a recovery and getting the opportunity to work with them.
Knowing that I helped save a life or make them better.
Seeing them happy, wagging their tail, moving around wantinf to play.
They are like working with children. They all have their own unique personalities.
Being able to help them, make them feel better, and be their voice always makes me happy and feel like I am accomplishing something when working with animals.
Seeing the sick animals get better and seeing how thankful the owners are.
Knowing that I am doing everything I can to help them.
I can feel an animals energy when they are grateful or happy. I m looking forward to animals getting well in my care.
To see them happy healthy and the unconditional love they give in return.
Seeing how happy they look.