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Veterinary Assistant Interview Questions and Answers
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What is the biggest mistake you have made? What did you learn from it?
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Seeing the sick animals get better and seeing how thankful the owners are.
Seeing them leave the hospital after a long stay with us after a full recovery, I love seeing how happy the animal is and how relieved and thankful the owner is.
To see them happy healthy and the unconditional love they give in return.
Seeing them get the proper care that they deserve and giving clients peace of mind knowing that there are people who would dedicate their time to making sure that the animals get that proper care and love as well.
How happy a little creature can be no matter what situation it may be in. They are clearly incredible.
Seeing another different behaviour in other animals.
Everything. Honestly I love seeing them happy and well. I love to educate others through that of animals and their ability. We live in a day in age where children grow up in fear of all animals and in the end they are the worlds future and they will not be able to see and care for so many speices around the world like I have in my short time. I just want to educate others that they shouldnt fear but instead try an understand. I enjoy working with animals beacuse I not only love seeing them happy and well but I also love working with them because even though they cannot speak their body language and personality speak volumes. It all depends on how you veiw them.
I enjoy seeing them make a recovery and getting the opportunity to work with them.
Being able to help them, make them feel better, and be their voice always makes me happy and feel like I am accomplishing something when working with animals.
I haven't worked in a veterinary setting yet, but I enjoy seeing the unspoken thank you that animals seem to comunicate to the assistants and veterinarian on the shows on tv.
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