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What appeals to you most about working as a veterinary assistant?
This question is a good test of your knowledge about the profession. When you look over the job description, what stands out to you the most? Are you excited to work alongside a successful veterinarian who saves the lives of animals every day? Talk about how this job will help you to accomplish your goals! That's pretty appealing. Highlight a few key responsibilities that interest you and share how they will benefit you in the long run.
Answer examples
"I'm excited to get more experience handling different animals because I want to work at a zoo. The more exposure to animals I get, the closer I am to reaching that goal."

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User-Submitted Answers

What appeals to you most about working as a veterinary assistant?
I deal with blood in a calm manner. I deal with it by knowing it is not going to hurt me in any way as long as I handle it right. I will not faint at the sight of blood because I have the responsibility of my job to maintain.
I will be fine no way.
I think blood is really cool. I would never faint at the sight of blood.
I can deal very well with blood, I have had no problems so far. I will not faint.
I am not well with blood but I am willing to get use to it and work around it if needed.
It doesn't bother me, I observed surgeries, and it didn't bother me.
No I actually enjoy venipuncture.
I deal with blood very well. It is just apart of the job.
No. There was a moment early on in my shadowing days where I did feel nauseous during a large dog spay, but I quickly realized that it was just from the need to burp! I deal quite well with blood.
Not in the least. I am calm in stressful situations, and not easily disturbed by gore.
I've dealt with blood on patients before and it helps to think of it as red juice coming out of a fruit. I don't feint at the sight of it.
No, I am okay with bthe sight of blood.
I have no problem dealing with the sight of blood or any other body fluids.
I can deal very well with blood. I have years of a experience as a veterinary assistant and I am comfortable drawing blood, preparing wounds, and assisting with surgery.
I do fine with blood, I wouldnt faint. But i'd definatly have to get use to it.
Blood has no affect on me.
No, not at all. I don't mind blood.
I am fine with blood and will not faint.
I am fine with blood. It does not bother me at all.
I handle blood well and will not ffaint.
I have no problem dealing with the sight of blood or any other body fluids.
I have no problem dealing with the sight of blood or any other body fluids.
I have never had a problem with blood and have never fainted neither. I know I would not have a problem with blood.
No I deal well with blood.
I deal really well with blood. The sight of it doesn't bother me at all.
I deal well with blood and I will not faint because of it.
I am fine with blood, and have been in surgery room during procedures and no I did not feel faint.
No I deal with all bodily fluids easialy.
I deal with blood well. The only reason I would faint around blood would be if it were my own.
I have no problem with blood. I try to donate blood on a regular.
I deal pretty well with blood my initial reaction is always to find the source of where the blood is coming from, and no I will not faint.
I am not bothered by blood at all. In the future I look forward to being a tech and hope to be taking blood from animals as well as spinning it down and doing blood smears.
I will not faint. I am mostly laid back in most "blood" situations but like most people in high stress situations I may feel a little uneasy but I will keep my cool through the situation.
Blood is just cells and part of the anatomy so no, not afraid of blood.
I wont faint at the sight of blood. I am perfectly normal when I see blood or needles.
I have been with veterinary technicians while they drew blood from canines, but have not myself had to draw blood. I am not very wheezy and can be trained to work more directly with it.
Absolutely not, the sight of blood does not bother me.
I can deal with blood very well. No I will not faint.
I deal very well with blood I have seen alpt of blood and I am used to it.
I can handle blood quite well. No I will not faint at the sight of blood.
I deal very well. I remain calm. No, I do not faint at the sight of it.
I deal with blood in a calm manner and the sight of blood would not make me faint. I would more look for the solution to problem that is occuring.
Blood does not bother me at all. At my last veterinary job, my favorite part was was monitoring surgeries where often times, you saw a lot more than just blood.
I deal with blood fine and wouldnt faint at the sight of it.
Very well. I have worked in many situations where there was an excess of blood and it was my job to help contain the bleed.
I deal with blood just fine. I have helped draw blood before and also assisted with surgery when I was needed.
I have found that I am in fact very comfortable around blood. I have been witness for several surgeries during my practicum and felt unaffected.
When I was volunteering at the Silicon Valley Animal Control authority I saw a lot of blood and got to be in the room for surgeries. It took a while for me to get used to and I got light headed in the beginning. I feel confident that with more exposure I will be adjust once again.
No blood does not bother me. I have witnessed several traumas in the animal care industry and I am an active blood donor.
I will not faint, no. I have been around blood before and it never seemed to bother me.
It does not bother me I can deal with bold and any kind of fluids.
I calm my self down, and deal with what is required from me .
I do not so well when my own blood is being drawn, but I can deal with the blood of animals or others. I was once certified in first aid and performed first aid care to children. This involved working with blood and I can perform comfortably.
I did saw the surgery from my teacher in Taiwan, He is a vet too. I think it is fine for me. He is so funny because he said" if anyone fall down in front of him, he will do the artificial respiration. We All afraid of it. Haa.
I have never encountered an issue with the sight or touch of blood. There have been many times I have had to clean up blood spills or wounds.
I deal with blood good therefore I won`t faint and will be just fine.
No, as I stated in an earlier question, I am okay with blood and expect to see plenty of things that would make some people queasy.
No, I wont faint because of blood. I know that handling blood is a part of the job and handled properly I will be fine.
I have done a lot of blood work on animals, as well as seeing horribly injured animals, so I have come to accept the fact and immediately go into a calm mode to help the animal in need. I do not want to lose focus.
No. I am able to be comfortable at the sight of blood.
Blood does not bother me one bit. At PAWS, I was able to observe spays and neuters and not once did I feel uncomfortable about it. I enjoy watching surgeries and learning about the anatomy and physiology of animals.
I am fine with blood. I have drawn blood for coggins on horses. Also, I have been in multiple situations of seriously injured animals.
Blood does not bother me, I will not faint at the sight of it.
I have dealt with blood for 20 years in nursing, sometimes in large amounts of bleeding and I have had no problem with it.
I am able to handle blood and not faint. I know this because last year a horse got caught in a fence and scraped 3 out of his four legs and I had to help clean up the blood.
I deal with the sight of blood very well. I have never had an issue when working with blood before.
No. I have previously done work experience in a vets and seen many operations and I dont even twitch.
I am fine with blood I just imagine its jam or something, no I will not faint.
I am not afraid of blood, whenever need to deal with blood put the gloves on and follow hygienic procedures.
I think I deal with blood pretty well and dont faint with the sight of it. Ha ha.
I am fine with blood, I have no problem seeing alot of blood and will not faint.
I have handled blood before, and made blood smears using it. I am comfortable around it, and would not faint. I found it quite fun to work with it hands on.
Not at all. I have had plenty of experience with drawing blood from mice and rats. I have even performed surgeries on mice and procesdure in which close to the entire blood volume is collected.
I am perfect with blood- it does not make me ill. I tolerate it very well.
No, I deal well with blood and have seen many operations.
I deal well with blood and have observed surgeries and have done blood pulls before and have never had a problem with it.
I have a big problem with animal blood as I do with my own blood.
No, I have a strong stomach.
Human blood not great with, animal blood never had a problem-ember and fights.
I can deal with blood. No problem.
No I have a pretty strong stomach.
No, I have no problem with the with the sight of blood, I deal with the situation at hand and do what is necessary,
I have seen blood many times on animals wounds that I have cleaned up, I will not faint at the sight of it.
I will not. Blood has never been something to make me "sick"
I am not squeamish around bodily fluids, including blood. Clean it up, patch up what needs to be patched, and continue to complete the mission.
I do well with blood. As long as its not my own blood, im totally fine.
I will be perfectly fine around it and no I will not faint,
I have no problem seeing blood I would not faint. It gets me pumped up to start working. I am fascinated by surgical procedures.
I have worked in the emergency clinic where there was a fair amount of blood and I was fine.
I think that I deal with blood very well. I was at the leg end of my sister giving birth to her first child :P
No, I am an avid hunter and can easily handle the sight of blood.
No, I work at emergency before.
No the sight of blood does not affect me.
I have never fainted at the site of blood; I'm one of those "neck-breakers." It doesn't weird me out at all; I often become more intrigued in the process.
I do good with blood it doesn't bother me.
I am fine with blood...I have seen quite a bit in my past with both humans, and animals.
No I have drawn blood clean up blood I have no issue with it.
Absolutely not, I have a tough stomach.
Blood does not bother me.
I don't love seeing blood, but I would put that aside and try to help as much as I could.
No I have a lot of experience helping in the after hours pediatric clinic at Baptist.
No definitely not. I only faint at the sight of human blood ironically. But for animals its not an issue. Ive watched toe amputations and the blood of the floor of the surgery room was extensive but I was fascinated by the procedure. So blood is definately not an issue.
I am good with the sight of blood, I have previously witnessed a surgery where a horse had one of its eyes removed and the sight of blood didn't phase me even the slightest.
No I won't faint at the sight of blood. It has become habitual to see blood in some form or other in my work.
I don't have an issue with blood its a natural thing.
In my life experiences as well as during my practicum the sight of blood has not affected me.
Taking experience from my personal life as well as during my practicum I would say that I deal with blood just fine and would not faint at the sight of it.
I won't faint I deal really well with it I have already got to deal with some blood in my training.
I deal with blood very good, it doesn't bother me.
I have seen blood during surgery of an animal and it did frighten me a bit but I soon got over it and realized I was having a huge learning experience and it passed.
I am perfectly fine seeing blood, it doesnt bother me a bit.
I dont mind blood and no I won't faint.
I don't faint at the site of blood. I am more alarmed at the sight of a human being & blood than an animal. it's not a clean item, but for the health of an animal it has to be dealt with as well as for the health of humans in the clinic or hospital.
Not at all. Blood, faeces and anything else similar does not bother me.
I am good with blood. No.
I am comfortable dealing with the sight of blood.
No, although I have not drawn blood yet I have observed it many times and have watched multiple surgeries.
Use hand safety the cover Then Man fix the animals and I look the animals help the Va.
No, I came comfortable working with and around blood.
Blood does not bother me at all.
I won't faint, I deal with blood just fine.
I went to school for phlebotomy, blood doesn't bother me.
I have never been affected by the sight of blood.
I wont faint but I will get a little nervous at first.
No I will not faint at the sight of the blood. I have no problems with it.
Blood doesn't bother me at all and no I won't faint when I see it.
I have no problems dealing with blood. I have previous experience in the medical field where I had situations in which I had to deal with blood.
Blood does not scare me, I can deal with it very well.
I deal okay with blood and would not faint.
I deal well with blood, it doesn't make me queasy at all.
Does not bother me and never has.
Noo I can deal this type of cases also.
I can be a little grossed out, but I find it fascinating more. I've never fainted at the sight of blood.
I do fine with blood. I do fine with a lot of situation that might make others squeamish. Be a mother, past preschool teacher, a science student, zoo intern, and pet owner has exposed me to blood, feces, views of internal organs, and more.
No I won't faint! haha. Blood doesn't bother me.
I am indifferent to blood when it is my own, and while I will get concern for collegues and the animals, I can care for them as opposed to fainting or getting sick.
If you had asked my this several years ago the answer would probably be a yes. But as I got more involved with the practice I have gotten more comfortable with the sight, and am fully capable of drawing blood. But collapsed veins still send a weird vibe for me.
Does not bother me at all.
No I can handle it quite well, sometimes the smell gets to me but the sight ajd feel is no problem.
Blood and I have a weird relationship. Usually it's only human blood I tend to have issues with though, and it's when someone suddenly has their arm chopped off or something. If it's giving someone a shot, or being witness to a surgery, I can totally handle that.
No, I am usually the one rushing in to help when anyone gets hurt. I have often taken injured friends to emergency. When I worked as a resident care aid and in the dental office, I have seen blood.
In my very first day at the local vet clinic, I aided the vet with a goat giving birth to twins, in which the vet was required to cut one kid into pieces before being able to remove it from the mother. I was left to clean up the dismembered pieces and the blood through the area and I had no problems. Since then, I’ve seen many surgeries, many wounds (including my own) and I’ve never felt sick or become faint.
I deal with blood very well and I will not faint.
No I'm fine when it comes to blood.
No, I've had to make incisions and take blood from animals when I was in college.
I'm fine seen it many times in my lifetime.
I deal well with blood and no.