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Veterinary Assistant Interview Questions and Answers
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Tell me about your experience working in a clinic or a hospital environment?
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I currently work in the kennels at a Humane Society. I also foster dogs for the Humane Society including pregnant/nursing moms and a bottle feeding puppy. I have also owned and pet-sat dogs, cats, and critters.
What is there to say. I have owned and cared for all the animals I stated before and I can say all are different and fasinating. Many of these animals I have not had in many years but I suprise myself in the fact that I know quite a fair bit in the care and upbringing of these animals. I have been bitten by snakes and lizards, scratched and bitten by lions and tigers. I have been the first one in my family to notice anything wrong with our pets and send them to the vets asap. I have helped my brother behind the scenes of various zoos and helped care for coockatoos and joeys.
I train them provide care for them I enjoy their company.
I have had a lot of pets and I enjoyed them all. I taught my dog several tricks.
I have handling and restrain techniques knowing their change of their behaviour.
As mentioned earlier, I have been a carer since I was very young, but I have also been working in veterinary clinics for eight years. I’ve taken part in the care of wildlife, and also been part of cat and dog birthing, caesareans, orthopaedic surgeries, dental surgeries, and I’ve also taken part in surgeries on snakes, wallabies and birds.
I graduated from Baker college his year and during this process we had clinical rotations for 10 weeks where I had extensive training with small animals in a surgical aspect. I also had 10 weeks as an extern at Rogue Valley Veterinary Hospital where I worked all aspects of the hospital. I also have experience with cows and horses through a few labs at Baker.
I have had both good and bad and no matter how terrible the bad the good always makes up for it. I have been thrown from a horse, trampled by yearling steers, bit by dogs, scratched and sprayed by cats, and bit by sugar gliders. No matter how sad or mad I have been my dogs and my horses have always been there to mellow me out they are one of natures best stress relievers. I have seen amazing animals in nature also, I have seen a young female moose protecting a baby bobcat.
I've had plenty of pets and I've still got a cat and two fish.
I use to take care of my own.
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