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Tell me about your experience working in a clinic or a hospital environment?

Answer examples and advice for how to answer this interview question for a Veterinary Assistant interview

Veterinary assistants typically work in a clinic under the supervision of a veterinarian alongside a vet technician or a vet technologist. Any experience in a technical or clinical setting will help you to get use to your new work environment. What are some things you would expect to experience in such a setting? Your customers will be in much different states of mind than in a bar setting. Some may be frantic and emotional. Animals will be smelly, dirty and loud. You will need to be cautious of infectious diseases and be prepared to see animals in disturbing form. It's a different type of stress. Don't feel pressured by this question if you don't have this type of experience! For a vet assistant, it is typically not required, but always helpful.

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Tell me about your experience working in a clinic or a hospital environment?
As an adolescent, I worked with Table Mountain Animal shelter, and more recently with HoBo Care Boxer rescue.
Yes I have too much work experience to work in large and small animals.
I worked in a pet store for 8 months until it closed. I handled rodents, birds, dogs, cats, and fish. I have basic knowledge on these animals. I lso currently own a snake, bird, and fish. However, I have also owened rabbits, cats, and many other animals.
I have lived on a farm for 17 years and I have taken veterinary courses at the pierce county skill center.
Grew up with animals most of my life, have helped with birthing of kittens, and death of my dog. I clean cages, and litter boxes, and helped care for my cat who died of FIP.
I have always had animals in my life as pets as well as this I have volunteered at the Spca for many years and have been at GI clinic for more than 1 year.
All my life since I was a baby I have been living with animals and during four years in high school I had the opportunity to work with different kind of animals in my academy and when I did my community hours in the animal hospital I interact with a lot of dogs.
When I was 19, there was this family up the road who were moving. Their cat just had a litter of kittens about two weeks before. They absolutely had to get rid of the kittens. The mom was hit by a car and they had no choice but to get rid of them. I had fed this cat until she was old enough to eat on her own and I still have the cat today.
I have had many animals throughout my life.
I have always had a zoo.
I've always loved animals. I've had cats, dogs, and horses while growing up. I've raised baby colts, and helped deliver puppies, and kittens.
I currently work in the kennels at a Humane Society. I also foster dogs for the Humane Society including pregnant/nursing moms and a bottle feeding puppy. I have also owned and pet-sat dogs, cats, and critters.
I have always been around animals my whole life. I have had young puppies and kittens to take care of.
I have always owned animals. I am not afraid of animals. I also volunteer with paws.
I graduated from Baker college his year and during this process we had clinical rotations for 10 weeks where I had extensive training with small animals in a surgical aspect. I also had 10 weeks as an extern at Rogue Valley Veterinary Hospital where I worked all aspects of the hospital. I also have experience with cows and horses through a few labs at Baker.
I have had animals my entire life, currently owning two dogs, a German Shorthaired Pointer and a Miniature Dachshund. I have owned reptiles, birds, rabbits, and fish as well. Outside my personal animals, I have been pet-sitting for several years, dog training, administering medication (oral), and clipping nails, for those pets of people I know.
Everything from birth cows, horses, dogs, goats and breeched sheep... To vaccinations, gelds, castrasions, emergancy cesareans.
Besides being a pet owner in the past, not currently, all of my experience with animals has occured through my student internships.
I have experience with animals in my time at Algonquin College and working with the Ottawa Humane Society. I've provided sanitary conditions, Provided social stimulation to animals, Have administered Oral and Auricular medications as well.
I have experience with training dogs, feeding, caring for them... Occasionally I have tooken care of fish and hamsters.
I have handled house pets like, cats, dogs, rabbits etc. And have also handled exotic and farm animals. All experience with these have been enjoyable.
I have always been involved with animals of all kinds. I was raised with several dogs and cats, helping at local organizations at a young age. This involved the caring of the animals from feeding, cleaning, bathing, and affection.
As I mentioned previously I have been working at the zoo and I love being able to turn around and see a zebra or a camel. However, I want to start getting more experience with domesticated animals.
I currently own two dogs and two cats. I have always had positive experiences with animals, I feel like we have an understanding. They understand me and I understand them.
I have had both good and bad and no matter how terrible the bad the good always makes up for it. I have been thrown from a horse, trampled by yearling steers, bit by dogs, scratched and sprayed by cats, and bit by sugar gliders. No matter how sad or mad I have been my dogs and my horses have always been there to mellow me out they are one of natures best stress relievers. I have seen amazing animals in nature also, I have seen a young female moose protecting a baby bobcat.
During veterinary assistance school and in my work experience I have worked with all types and sizes of animals.
I have performed dog introductions, trained canines, work a rescue evacuation..
I just finished a Vet Assistant program at Estrella Mountain College and also I am a life-time pet owner.
I have worked with animals since I was quite young. I used to go dog walking with a woman who rescued dogs from Greece. I then went on to begin work experience in a cattery as well as beginning at dog and co. I have owned pet rats as well as beginning to foster dogs. Where I studied had a large range of animals so I am comfortable handling anything.
Ive had very little experience, I did a externship for about 3 weeks working with animals.
I grew up with animals my whole life. I had many cats and a few dogs. I walked them, gave them fresh food and water, toys for playing and lots of love and attention. While I was in college I worked at an emergency animal clinic for a placement. I came into contact with many different situations that I had to overcome with the knowledge that I learned in my classes.
I work at a Kennel right now, and I have been around animals my whole life.
I have a lot of experience with animals, lots of animals around me growing up, I grew up next to police officer who trained dogs, always popped over when I could to see them. Grew up volunteering at the humane society, volunteered at oakville animal clinic to get a more indepth idea of how the clinics work and if I would like it for about 2 years. Than went onto to school at seneca college where I learned hands on experience with animals from large animals like cows, sheep, horses and ofcourse small animals. Then during-after schooling I worked at Burloak animal clinic with exotics parrots, ferrets, chameleons until I wrote my exam than worked at petvet animal hospital as a registered veterinary technician where than I got experience with rodents and lagomorphs and dogs and cats.
I have kept and cared for all types of animal since I was a child. I have cared for dogs, cats, ferrets, rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters, mice as well as fish, and chickens.
Well I have had mostly dogs most of my life so I have most experience dealing with dogs.
I have had many pets dogs, birds, small pets (hamsters and guinea pigs) and a turtle. I have worked at a doggy daycare for 2 years. I am currently interning at the Long Beach Animal Care Services helping and learning from two Veterinarians and one Registered Vet Technician with spay/neutering, vaccinations, xrays and more.
With my college course I helped look after a wide range of animals from primates to farm animals learning there different husbandry and dietry needs. I have also a lot of experience with domestic animals through my work with the RSPCA where I was required to hand feed rejected kittens. With my current role I occasionally cover our smaller branches where I help the vets with safely restraining animals and raising the vein for blood tests.
I have lots of experiences with animals. I have worked at an animal shelter where I learned a lot and was able to gain a lot of hands on experience with restraining, medicating, and handling the basic care of animals.
I have personal animal experience with my multiple pets as well as my volunteer experience at the NC Aquarium at Fort Fisher and Museum of Life and Science.
Caring for dogs and cats has been a staple part of my life. And now the past three years I have had the pleasure of working with 50 different species of animals from birds to reptiles small mammals and invertabrates. As a zoo Teacher we handle, present, monitor, care for and help keepers keep an accurate record of the animals care and handling.
I grew up taking care of a variety of animals, anywhere from dogs and cats to reptiles and amphibians to birds. I started restoration work with salmon at age 10, helped the zoo with the sharks and then entered college, assisting on research projects and clinical procedures. I am restrained animals, performed subcutanoues injections, drawn blood, monitored vitals, and preventative measures like parasite control and hoof trimming.
I have grown up around a lot of different kinds of animals. My second pet was an iguana and my father collected and breed over 100 birds right in our backyard. We also had rabbits and two dogs growing up. I am an avid dog lover but also love kittens. I have owned different breeds of dogs and in my spare time like reading or watching tv shows about animal life.
I grew up with animals, learning about their behaviors and needs on a daily basis. I worked with horses. I volunteered in the spay/neuter clinic at PAWS. I went to Africa and observed animals in the Serengit and performed field studies and experiments on mixed-species bird flocks in the rainforest.
I love all types of animals, and other than having pets my whole life, I spent a lot of time on farms as a child interacting with the animals. Each animal has their own personality and way of communicating, which really fascinates me.
I worked as a kennel assistant and went to vet tech school.
I have completed 3 months work experience in a vets. This included cleaning th kennels, sterilising the surgical equipment and undertaking reception duties.
I have worked with dogs, cats, birds, snakes, and small livestock. I have assisted with surgeries and IVs, and have done blood draws and dental cleanings on my own under the supervision of a vet tech or doctor.
I have raised several different animals. Given shots and wound care and more.
I have experience in handling different species of animals, like handling and restraining of dogs, cats, small mammals, farm animals and many species of birds for general care and for surgical procedures.
I have experience volunteering at some animal shelters in the past, along with interning as a adoption councilor at Petsmart.
I was lucky enough to have had my first puppy to care for when I was 6 years old and cared for numerous pets all while growing up. Then I became employed at an animal hospital at the age of 21 and worked in animal hosptals ever since.
I have owned many pets, including around 30 hamsters, countless numbers of fish, and an English budgie. I have had all wonderful experiences bonding with my personal companions, whom I received much love and comfort from, and I gave it back as well. Volunteering at the Durham Humane Society, I was given the opportunity to work hands on with a number of bunnies. It was really heart warming to give them attention that they desperately sought for.
I have volunteered at animal shelters for a very long time. There I played with and worked with all sorts of animals. Later on I gained interest in medicine so I decided to volunteer at animal clinics to experience what it was like to work with animals in a clinical environment.
I have worked at Petco Grooming for a year and bathed and brushed the dogs. I also went to Vet Tech school and took a few clinical before moving to Germany.
I have grown up with animals my whole life. I have a mini zoo in my house. I have volunteered with cats at the SFSPCA and at a vet. Hospital.
I had wonderful personal experiences taking care dogs, cats and rabits. And I enjoyed it every minute of it.
I have good experiences with animals, cats dogs, etc. I would have a lot of them if I could, I enjoy spending time with them, training them they just make me feel so alive.
I have been in the veterinary field 6 years from a kennel attendant to a veterinary technician.
I have had animal experience my whole life. I grew up with cats and dogs. I have also had many jobs that involved animals and looking after wounds and cuts. I now also own a small hobby farm.
Animals have been a huge part of my life since I can remember. My first job was at a feed store selling feed for every type of animal you could imagine as well as other pet supplies. I then furthered my career in animal care when I began working as a pet groomer. In addition to these occupations I have cared for my personal pet family that included three dogs, two cats, four horses, a snake, and fish.
Animals have been a huge part of my life since I can remember. My first job was at a feed store selling feed for every type of animal you could imagine as well as other pet supplies. I then furthered my career in animal care when I began working as a pet groomer. In addition to these occupations I have cared for my personal pet family that included three dogs, two cats, four horses, a snake, and fish.
I enjoy spending time with dogs. I tend to take time to feel comfortable around cats, because I like to know what are his or her attitude. I get along with birds and reptiles.
I feel very close to my pets. I had one golden retriever named Jackie who loved her teddy bear almost as much as I loved her. Her little brother, Axel, was a beagle basset hound mix who shed immensely was susceptible to hotspots; always ended up in a cone. I loved them dearly and made sure I would do anything to make them feel loved, nurtured, healthy, and happy.
I would baby sit my uncles dogs. I am the almost second closest human to my bestfriends dog. I" have a lot of aquatic animals and small rodents. Always all friendly. One of my aunts dogs is very aggresive. So we wouldnt try interacting with her as much as kids. Didnt know how to. Although now I would be able to try a lot harder with proper means.
I have had cats growing and currently have 3 cats. I have received my animal care certificate. I have worked as an animal care attendant. I have also worked as a receptionist in an animal hospital.
I have shown hogs for 9 years and owned over 15 hogs. I worked at a show pig breeding operation for billington show pigs and there I cared for 12 sows and 25 show pigs. These past two years I have owned my own show steers.
Animals rescue, looking after animals before and after surgery, take blood, place iv catheter, monitor anaesthetic.
I have worked with many different species ranging from farm animals ( cows, pigs, horses) to small animals (cats, dogs, reptiles, rodents) to Missouri wildlife (skunks, opossums, raccoons, coyotes, squirrels, foxes) to South African wildlife (ostrich, impala, eagle owl, cheetah, lion cubs, elephants).
I use to take care of my own.
I have been raised around them. We always had a dog or cat growing up. As I got older I have sought to work with them. I have four months of emergency hospital experience.
I grow up loving and having different pets when growing up my grand parents had a farm and spend lots of summers taking care of cow ans sheep and pig.
While volunteering, I would often be called "the pet whisperer" because I could calm down scared and aggressive animals when no one else could.
Well I grew up on a farm so I was around all kinds of animals. I've helped my dog have puppies. I clean my dogs ears and I take care of my dogs.
What is there to say. I have owned and cared for all the animals I stated before and I can say all are different and fasinating. Many of these animals I have not had in many years but I suprise myself in the fact that I know quite a fair bit in the care and upbringing of these animals. I have been bitten by snakes and lizards, scratched and bitten by lions and tigers. I have been the first one in my family to notice anything wrong with our pets and send them to the vets asap. I have helped my brother behind the scenes of various zoos and helped care for coockatoos and joeys.
I have had a ton of previous experience with horses, various farm animals and domestic animals. All of which I've loved and made me even more enthusiastic to train as a veterinary nurse.
I have had a lot of pets and I enjoyed them all. I taught my dog several tricks.
Ever since I was younger, I felt like I had a connection with them. Their gentle spirits and sensitive hearts.
I have handling and restrain techniques knowing their change of their behaviour.
My experiences with animals are from having pets from a child to present as well as pet sitting for friends and family. Any professional experience with animals has been through my practicum.
My experiences with animals have been from growing up with them to now as well as pet sitting for family and friends. Any professional experience with animals was through my practicum.
I have dogs, a cat, and a turtle right now and I adore them dearly. I've been around horses and farm animals also. If I can work with all animal life, I would. I feel like I have a lifetime experience with animals because I am always around one.
I've had an animal in the house with me, it feels empty without one!
I did work experience in a vets and gain knowledge in business, I also undertook work experience in a grooming parlour and helped wash and groom there and also bringing up my pets and looking after them.
I've had experiences with animals especially with a very large animal as a horses & a colt who was totally untrained and got tips from a cowboy/ horse breeder who also trained them. I've been stepped on and even rammed by the colt. rearing was a problem I read about and was faced with as a child. takes training from someone who knows what they are doing as well as special equipment. But cats & dogs will bite for all kinds of reasons. I have never dealt with severely vicious dogs or cats and will the lead from a professional .
Day to day care of my own dog, and my work in the boarding kennels.
Restrained animals. Cleaned kennels taken them for walks outside. Have gave needles to patients to wake up after surgery. Drawn medication as the vettech told me to do. Counted prescriptions for patients.
I work in a small animal clinic and am very proud to educate customers in proper animal health.
I have seven years experience training horses and have been riding since I was six, I was raised on a sheep breeding ranch in Oregon where we also bred poultry and cattle. Furthermore I have raised and trained many dogs and have the proud owner of any cats.
Well I like fun lot the job and nothing doing the home.
My only experience is having owned 3 dogs and been around several other cats and dogs.
I have had dogs growing up. I had a cat for a while; I was looking for a forever home for him. I currently have two parrots, two tarantulas, two snakes, and fish. I have worked in a pet store and worked with many different types of animals.
I grew up on a dairy farm, my grandparents owned beef cattle, my closest family friends family owns a horse business and I feel like ive made a lot of progress with animals since I was young.
I have had animals my entire life. Birds, bunnies, cats, dogs, hamsters, horses. They have always been a part of my life, and I can't imagine my life without them.
Pets and the humane society.
In the field for 15 + years.
Ive done practicals in college with a lot of different animals and have always been surrounded by animals all my life, the range of animals I have cared for has gave me the ability to meet the different needs of different types of animals ,I spend the majority of my time walking dogs, studying animals, cleaning and feeding all my animals and keeping them happy.
I have lots of animals at home and bringing them up is amazing. I've always groomed people's dogs and did work experience at a vets.
I have raised dogs and cats. I have cared for elder and diabetic dogs. I have some equestrian experience. I have some bathing and grooming experience. I have some reptile experience.
I've had years of experience with animals from raising puppies and training them, braking in a horse and working with several of them while caring for my loan horse. Also I've had my own dog walking business giving me the experience of handling all different breeds. Volunteering in my local vet has granted me with a wealth of experience with lots of different animals and also owning Guinea pigs and rabbits have gave me the experience of working with both farm and household pets.
From the time I was little taking care of my own pet, to dog walking in my teens, to showing dogs to finally ending up owning and operating a dog boarding kennel for 12 years.
I have lived on a farm my whole life as well as raised my own animals.

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