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Tell me about the different types of animals you have worked with in the past.

Answer examples and advice for how to answer this interview question for a Veterinary Assistant interview

Before you go down your list of furry and feathery friends, take a look at the website for the clinic. What types of animals do they specialize in? Even if you have worked with cows and chickens or other animals the clinic does not serve, you probably learned some valuable lessons and skills. Most vet clinics work with a range of animals that might include turtles, bunnies and birds. Each type of animal offers different challenges for a vet assistant. Since you will primarily be handling the animals to administer shots or treatments, show the interviewer how your experience will help you to be an asset to their clinic. Apply the skills you've learned from working with animals to show you are confident and capable of dealing with any kind of animal that comes through the door.

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Tell me about the different types of animals you have worked with in the past.
I have been a wittness to quite a few animals passing on during job shaddows and practicum. The first time for me was the hardest becasue I had no idea what to expect but with experience I have found it best to keep your self busy be sad for a moment and carry on with your day, as its one of the very few downfalls of this career.
That I havent come across yet but im sure after training and seeing it a few times I will get used to it.
Death is part of the life cycle. I once held a neighborhood dog in my arms as she died after being hit by a car. It was a little sad even though she didn't belong to anyone--she was ugly and mangey, but very sweet, and we fed her and let her sleep on our porch. But I held her until she died, then I got a large plastic bag, set her body at the curb by our house, and waited for animal control to take her.
While on my externship I experienced a few animals passing away, it was tough once I got home but while I was working it contained my emotions very well.
Emotionally, death always takes a toll but I am confident that I can maintain a clear mind with death present.
Yes, I have had animals of my own die before.
Yes, had to get my dog put to sleep last year it is sad though.
I understand that this could happen and yes I will be able to handle it.
Yes I will be able to deal with the sight of an animal dying.
Its going to be hard obviously. No one likes watching innocent animals die, but you cant help them all.
Although it would be sad, I understand that it unfortunately comes along with the territory of this career. It is important to be supportive and compassionate when interacting with the animal's family, but also to move on when it is appropriate to help other animals in need.
Yes, as sad as it is it is our responsibility as pet owners to be the voice of our companions. We have a responsibility to ease our companion with end of life care, it is similar as hospice patient we give them pain medication, anxiety medication to make there last moments as comfortable as possible. We as pet owners have to be the voice for our companion. Either situation is emotional but necessary.
Yes, two of my previous pets died in my arms. It is painful, but I was there for them till their last breath.
At my previous job, which was in an animal research facility, I had to deal with the death of animals fairly often. The first euthanasia I experienced was really hard for me, and I didn't think that I would be able to do it again. However, over the course of the job, I saw several animals die in surgeries, and also assisted in several perfusions (animal sacrifices). I think that I will always find this difficult, but I will be able to deal with it.
Yes, I have witnessed many euthanasias at the animal shelter.
Yes. In fact last december I was in the room as my beloved dog of 14 years was pts. There was something about it that was very peaceful.
I have only dealt with animals dying a few times. Not once was it easy. The hardest one was when a dog jumped in front of my car. I went to an animal hospital near by and held her as she passed. I do believe I would be able to handle this in a professional manner. I think the first few times will be hard but just like in any job you do get used to the down sides. As long as I know the team of professionals tried there hardest in making sure the animal was as comfortable as possible as apposed to suffering even more than it would eases my mind a little.
Like very human being I can sympathize with an owner who is coming for a euthanasia procedure. I realize that it is an emotional state for them so I must maintain my professionalism throughout the entire procedure without seeming distant to the client. I have been around geriatric animals before and have even witnessed a pet die on my watch from being so old. It is an unfortunate event but its one we can only learn to accept.
I have been around a dead animal before. My first time was slightly shocking but I handled it well.
Yes. I have assisted and many euthansias and have witnessed animals dying on there own. It is not something I enjoy, but I understand that it is sometimes the only option to make the patient more comfortable.
Yes, especially if I know we are doing all we can to relieve the pain.
I believe the first one will be difficult but I will adapt easily. I have had a lot of animals die and its always difficult but its a part of life and I believe it will be easier to comfort the owner and your compassion will be genuine.
I understand that in a medical profession, you are not 100% successful and that is something that I have come to terms with. While I will always feel sadness at the loss of a patient, I can deal with it privately.
Yes, I have had to assist in euthinasia of others animals and also put down a few animals of my own in my lifetime. It is painful to watch but if an animal is sick or dying it is the most loving and respectful thing to do.
As long as I know that it is the best thing for the animal, yes.
Yes I believe I could handle it, if there ever was a situation that I thought I couldnt handle I would politely excuse myself.
I have seen one of my own pets get hit by a car. That was hard in the beginning but after that I became stronger and able to tolerate the pain. I am also able to comfort the client in their time of grief.
Yes I have witnessed many animals being put to sleep while assisting the vets, although it is very difficult it is part of the job and often is in the best interest of the animal.
Yes, although it is never easy it is part of the job. I feel that I would be able to show compassion to the pet owner and ease some of their pain during a difficult time like that as well.
Although it would be very sad having dealt with this in the past I know that this is one of the situations that come along with the postion and I am fully aware that I will need to have a storng composure and be the support for the animals family.
Yes, I have witnessed euthanasia before and although it is sad when an animal passes, it is part of life and ultimately what is best for the animal.
It is unfortunate sight to see an animal die but yes I can do it.
Yes, it is just part of the circle of life and one I have dealt with before with a couple of my dogs.
It would not be the first time I have witnessed an animal dying.
I have dealt with the death of animals from large to small.
When I was in kadoorie Farm, I saw a bird died in front of me. It was stock for me at that time, but now, I understand every animal has their own life cycle, even human. So I can accept for it.
Sadly I have seen many of my own pets come and go. it is the precess of life and all we can hope is that the animals in our own care have had a good life.
Yes, though is sadens me and is unfortunate I understand death happens and can very easily compose myself for I have witnessed it many times before.
I am very interested in biology, and the sight of blood has never bothered me. I think that my faith has also helps me to be a comfort to those that are experiencing the loss of a beloved pet.
Yes, I have been through many deaths of animals, from being put down from old age to dying from emergency situations.
Death is part of life. Yes, it is sad however My responsibilities is to all the animals within the practice, grieve for a moment and move on with the tasks and duties you have on hand.
Dying is a part of life. As tragic as it is, I have had to experience the loss of my own pets as well as work in post mortem rooms and abbot.
Although it is a difficult thing to witness, I have had past job experiences where it was deemed necessary and so I have come to accept and understand this and will keep a calm composure and support the family.
I have experienced may animal deaths throughout my life and while it is always a sad and unfortunate situation, I have always thought of their death as a release from suffering. I have always been able to handle death in an understanding way, as it is a part of life.
Yes, I have had to experience putting down my own animals before. It is sad, but I understand it is a better choice and it hurts more watching them suffer.
Although very sad for the passing of an animal, it is important to remain professional to support the client and to represent the business.
Yes, I can handle this very well as it is nature and you have to put your feelings aside for the people around you and possible the owner and just get on with your job.
I have been in multiple situations of the death of animals. Growing up, I have had to watch many of my animals have to be euthanized. Also, while working at the vet clinic, I also had to assist in euthanizing others animals as well.
On my farm, I have had to deal with several deaths of our various poultry birds which I loved as pets. This is of course a big part of life, so I know that even though we are here to keep that from happening, I am very aware that death will occur and I know I will be able to deal with it.
I have personally dealt with a companion animal dying. It was very hard, but I think it gave me empathy for people who are experiencing the loss of an animal. I do not want to see an animal needlessly suffer and death is inevitable, so I can deal with an animal who is dying but it would be hard to see them suffer unnecessarily.
Yes, I have assisted with euthanasias and although its hard, all life must end at some point. Some cases have made me emotional, but I try my best to detach and deal with my emotions in healthy manner.
I understand the realities of this field of work. Although not animal is able to be saved we do are best to make them as comfortable as we can and do whats best. I have been in the presence of an animal dying after being struck by a vehicle while working at the vet hospital. Although it was a sad moment I found myself able to stayed composed.
It will be sad, and I will try to comfort the owners but try to not let it get to me.
Yes, I had a pet dog who died a short while ago, although I was devastated and upset, I knew he was in a better place and I think I handled it pretty well. And also, the fact that the pet is not mine may make it easier for me.
Yes, I have had a few pets that I have had to watch pass away. And in my internship I witnessed a few animals that had to be put down.
If I had to watch it die I would but preferably not.
Yes, I will be able to deal with the sight of an anima dying. I have previously witnessed kittens dying after being torn in half by a murderer outside of my house, so it would be less shocking to me. I have also watched videos of how euthanasia works, as well as have owned many pets that died.
I will be able to deal with it and have been able to deal with it in the past. Its a difficult but real part of being a veterinary assistant and working in the veterinary field. Its a heart breaking part of the job that I have witnessed before but there is always other patients in need of care that I have to move on to.
As upsetting as it is when animals die, I am aware of animals dying. All of the animals I have owned,I have always been with them at the end whether they die naturally or are put to sleep by a vet. I feel like I owe it to them to be with them and to offer reassurance at the end. It is difficult but it is a part of caring for animals, and I know I will be able to cope with it.
It would be very sad to see but yes I would be able to deal with this.
It is always hard seeing any animal to go through that however knowing that I am doing anything and everything I can to save that animal will keep me strong throughout this job.
Yes, I have experienced seeing an animal die. It is a sad reality of the working in the Veterinary industry but I know that it is a part of working with sick animals and it will happen.
I hope to deal with it in a professional manner but I may cry.
Yes, it is never easy, but it is inevitable sometimes and I understand that.
It is always unfortunate when a pet has to be put down. I empathize with the owners as I know with any job like this, you build a relationship with the animals. Sometimes you have to just realize that its for the better. Is it worth costing your pet to suffer when he or she has a condition that is causing it constant pain. Think of it as doing a favor for them.
Although It will be difficult I feel that I would. I Hope will be able to help the owners of the pets in any way I can.
I consider myself strong enough to deal with such a thing.
Yes I completed Certificate II & Certificate III in Animal Care at King St vet clinic. As I have seen this before I feel confident that I can handle this.
Yes, while I know I would feel sad. I would also be happy that the animal would be at peace.
It will be rough, but I have seen family pets pass away due to medical complications in the past, so it is not something that is wholly new to me.
Yes, I understand that some deaths can not be prevented and it is a part of life.
Yes as throughout my life I have seen many animals die. My own horses and dogs and also clients horses whilst working on the stable yards.
Yes, I have been in situations where I had to help restrain animals for euthanasia for my supervisor. It is never easy, but sometimes it is better for the animal.
I believe I will be fine with the sight of an animal dying, emotions will be present but it will not effect my job or my work.
While it will never be easy to see an animal die, I understand that there comes a time where it is in the best interest of the animal to let them go peacefully and with dignity.
Yes because it is better than having them suffer.
Yes I will. I have accepted that wanting to be a part of the veterinary industry situations like this will happen.
Yes, I have dealt with this a lot in previous jobs. It is never easy but I am able to deal with it and in some cases can see the positives as the animal is no longer suffering.
I feel that I would be able to handle the death of an animal. Of course, it will be difficult but it is a fact of life.
I will be able to deal with the sight of an animal dying.
Yes. In my last position that was a part of my job since I took care of the elderly with medical issues.
Yes, it may be hard at first, but I know this is something I will have to deal with for the rest of my career.
Yes, especially if it ends any suffering that the animal is experiencing.
Yes. I rather euthanize an animal instead of watching it suffer if its beyond medical assistance.
I know it will be difficult and I will have to continue to act in a professional manner.
It will be an aspect of the job that I may find challenging at times, particularly at the beginning of my career, but I am a very realistic person and have been around death with animals growing up. Particularly with smaller creatures such as rabbits, chickens, hamsters that I had when I was younger.
Just two months ago, I had to put my own dog down. I needed to be in the room with her, it was the hardest thing I ever had to do but it was nice to pet her and give her love in her last few moments.
Yes, I have watched my own animal die, I am sure I will have no problem with the sight of an animal dying.
Yes, ive seen it happen before and handled it well but its alwasys hard to watch.
Yes. I have witnessed euthanasia before and understand that some animals are suffering and it is necessary in order to put them out of their misery. I understand that not all animals can be saved.
Yes I will be able to deal with that sight.
It is a sad part of the job, but you have to realize, just as humans, animals suffer and sometimes need to go on to a better place.
Although I know it will be sad when an animal dies, I know it is a part of this industry and life in general. Whenever I shadow Dr. Smiley and she mentions euthanasia, I get kind of anxious about the idea for two reasons: it is something I have yet to experience but also something I want to experience because I know it is something I will need to be able to deal with in the future.
Yes, it is a part of life and I will do my best to make the animal as comfortable as possible as well as try to console and comfort the owner through this hard time.
It will bother me a little bit at first. But as time goes on I will get use to it.
I have assisted with a euthanasia when I was doing my preceptorship last summer, it was hard to see, however, I did understood what was happening and I was able to accept that this happens a lot in practice.
I believe I will be able to deal with the sight of animal dying as my husband is a butcher and we have done our own home kills before and I have worked on properties before were I have had to destroy poor or sick stock.
Yes, because I will know that we did everything possible to prevent that from happening.
I know that I will have difficulty dealing with a dying animal, as any other person would. But I believe that I would do my best to ensure that that sick animal was able to be comfortable during his/her final days.
Yes, I have been in the present of dying animals, and I continue to do my job.
It will be difficult first time around and many times to come. However, I do realize that this is an essential part of life and we all must go through it at some point or another. I try to view it as a celebration versus a mourning.

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