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Tell me about the different types of animals you have worked with in the past.
Before you go down your list of furry and feathery friends, take a look at the website for the clinic. What types of animals do they specialize in? Even if you have worked with cows and chickens or other animals the clinic does not serve, you probably learned some valuable lessons and skills. Most vet clinics work with a range of animals that might include turtles, bunnies and birds. Each type of animal offers different challenges for a vet assistant. Since you will primarily be handling the animals to administer shots or treatments, show the interviewer how your experience will help you to be an asset to their clinic. Apply the skills you've learned from working with animals to show you are confident and capable of dealing with any kind of animal that comes through the door.

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User-Submitted Answers

Tell me about the different types of animals you have worked with in the past.
I have been a wittness to quite a few animals passing on during job shaddows and practicum. The first time for me was the hardest becasue I had no idea what to expect but with experience I have found it best to keep your self busy be sad for a moment and carry on with your day, as its one of the very few downfalls of this career.
That I havent come across yet but im sure after training and seeing it a few times I will get used to it.
Death is part of the life cycle. I once held a neighborhood dog in my arms as she died after being hit by a car. It was a little sad even though she didn't belong to anyone--she was ugly and mangey, but very sweet, and we fed her and let her sleep on our porch. But I held her until she died, then I got a large plastic bag, set her body at the curb by our house, and waited for animal control to take her.
While on my externship I experienced a few animals passing away, it was tough once I got home but while I was working it contained my emotions very well.
Emotionally, death always takes a toll but I am confident that I can maintain a clear mind with death present.
Yes, I have had animals of my own die before.
Yes, had to get my dog put to sleep last year it is sad though.
I understand that this could happen and yes I will be able to handle it.
Yes I will be able to deal with the sight of an animal dying.
Its going to be hard obviously. No one likes watching innocent animals die, but you cant help them all.
Although it would be sad, I understand that it unfortunately comes along with the territory of this career. It is important to be supportive and compassionate when interacting with the animal's family, but also to move on when it is appropriate to help other animals in need.
Yes, as sad as it is it is our responsibility as pet owners to be the voice of our companions. We have a responsibility to ease our companion with end of life care, it is similar as hospice patient we give them pain medication, anxiety medication to make there last moments as comfortable as possible. We as pet owners have to be the voice for our companion. Either situation is emotional but necessary.
Yes, two of my previous pets died in my arms. It is painful, but I was there for them till their last breath.
At my previous job, which was in an animal research facility, I had to deal with the death of animals fairly often. The first euthanasia I experienced was really hard for me, and I didn't think that I would be able to do it again. However, over the course of the job, I saw several animals die in surgeries, and also assisted in several perfusions (animal sacrifices). I think that I will always find this difficult, but I will be able to deal with it.
Yes, I have witnessed many euthanasias at the animal shelter.
Yes. In fact last december I was in the room as my beloved dog of 14 years was pts. There was something about it that was very peaceful.
I have only dealt with animals dying a few times. Not once was it easy. The hardest one was when a dog jumped in front of my car. I went to an animal hospital near by and held her as she passed. I do believe I would be able to handle this in a professional manner. I think the first few times will be hard but just like in any job you do get used to the down sides. As long as I know the team of professionals tried there hardest in making sure the animal was as comfortable as possible as apposed to suffering even more than it would eases my mind a little.
Like very human being I can sympathize with an owner who is coming for a euthanasia procedure. I realize that it is an emotional state for them so I must maintain my professionalism throughout the entire procedure without seeming distant to the client. I have been around geriatric animals before and have even witnessed a pet die on my watch from being so old. It is an unfortunate event but its one we can only learn to accept.
I have been around a dead animal before. My first time was slightly shocking but I handled it well.
Yes. I have assisted and many euthansias and have witnessed animals dying on there own. It is not something I enjoy, but I understand that it is sometimes the only option to make the patient more comfortable.
Yes, especially if I know we are doing all we can to relieve the pain.
I believe the first one will be difficult but I will adapt easily. I have had a lot of animals die and its always difficult but its a part of life and I believe it will be easier to comfort the owner and your compassion will be genuine.
I understand that in a medical profession, you are not 100% successful and that is something that I have come to terms with. While I will always feel sadness at the loss of a patient, I can deal with it privately.
Yes, I have had to assist in euthinasia of others animals and also put down a few animals of my own in my lifetime. It is painful to watch but if an animal is sick or dying it is the most loving and respectful thing to do.
As long as I know that it is the best thing for the animal, yes.
Yes I believe I could handle it, if there ever was a situation that I thought I couldnt handle I would politely excuse myself.
I have seen one of my own pets get hit by a car. That was hard in the beginning but after that I became stronger and able to tolerate the pain. I am also able to comfort the client in their time of grief.
Yes I have witnessed many animals being put to sleep while assisting the vets, although it is very difficult it is part of the job and often is in the best interest of the animal.
Yes, although it is never easy it is part of the job. I feel that I would be able to show compassion to the pet owner and ease some of their pain during a difficult time like that as well.
Although it would be very sad having dealt with this in the past I know that this is one of the situations that come along with the postion and I am fully aware that I will need to have a storng composure and be the support for the animals family.
Yes, I have witnessed euthanasia before and although it is sad when an animal passes, it is part of life and ultimately what is best for the animal.
It is unfortunate sight to see an animal die but yes I can do it.
Yes, it is just part of the circle of life and one I have dealt with before with a couple of my dogs.
It would not be the first time I have witnessed an animal dying.
I have dealt with the death of animals from large to small.
When I was in kadoorie Farm, I saw a bird died in front of me. It was stock for me at that time, but now, I understand every animal has their own life cycle, even human. So I can accept for it.
Sadly I have seen many of my own pets come and go. it is the precess of life and all we can hope is that the animals in our own care have had a good life.
Yes, though is sadens me and is unfortunate I understand death happens and can very easily compose myself for I have witnessed it many times before.
I am very interested in biology, and the sight of blood has never bothered me. I think that my faith has also helps me to be a comfort to those that are experiencing the loss of a beloved pet.
Yes, I have been through many deaths of animals, from being put down from old age to dying from emergency situations.
Death is part of life. Yes, it is sad however My responsibilities is to all the animals within the practice, grieve for a moment and move on with the tasks and duties you have on hand.
Dying is a part of life. As tragic as it is, I have had to experience the loss of my own pets as well as work in post mortem rooms and abbot.
Although it is a difficult thing to witness, I have had past job experiences where it was deemed necessary and so I have come to accept and understand this and will keep a calm composure and support the family.
I have experienced may animal deaths throughout my life and while it is always a sad and unfortunate situation, I have always thought of their death as a release from suffering. I have always been able to handle death in an understanding way, as it is a part of life.
Yes, I have had to experience putting down my own animals before. It is sad, but I understand it is a better choice and it hurts more watching them suffer.
Although very sad for the passing of an animal, it is important to remain professional to support the client and to represent the business.
Yes, I can handle this very well as it is nature and you have to put your feelings aside for the people around you and possible the owner and just get on with your job.
I have been in multiple situations of the death of animals. Growing up, I have had to watch many of my animals have to be euthanized. Also, while working at the vet clinic, I also had to assist in euthanizing others animals as well.
On my farm, I have had to deal with several deaths of our various poultry birds which I loved as pets. This is of course a big part of life, so I know that even though we are here to keep that from happening, I am very aware that death will occur and I know I will be able to deal with it.
I have personally dealt with a companion animal dying. It was very hard, but I think it gave me empathy for people who are experiencing the loss of an animal. I do not want to see an animal needlessly suffer and death is inevitable, so I can deal with an animal who is dying but it would be hard to see them suffer unnecessarily.
Yes, I have assisted with euthanasias and although its hard, all life must end at some point. Some cases have made me emotional, but I try my best to detach and deal with my emotions in healthy manner.
I understand the realities of this field of work. Although not animal is able to be saved we do are best to make them as comfortable as we can and do whats best. I have been in the presence of an animal dying after being struck by a vehicle while working at the vet hospital. Although it was a sad moment I found myself able to stayed composed.
It will be sad, and I will try to comfort the owners but try to not let it get to me.
Yes, I had a pet dog who died a short while ago, although I was devastated and upset, I knew he was in a better place and I think I handled it pretty well. And also, the fact that the pet is not mine may make it easier for me.
Yes, I have had a few pets that I have had to watch pass away. And in my internship I witnessed a few animals that had to be put down.
If I had to watch it die I would but preferably not.
Yes, I will be able to deal with the sight of an anima dying. I have previously witnessed kittens dying after being torn in half by a murderer outside of my house, so it would be less shocking to me. I have also watched videos of how euthanasia works, as well as have owned many pets that died.
I will be able to deal with it and have been able to deal with it in the past. Its a difficult but real part of being a veterinary assistant and working in the veterinary field. Its a heart breaking part of the job that I have witnessed before but there is always other patients in need of care that I have to move on to.
As upsetting as it is when animals die, I am aware of animals dying. All of the animals I have owned,I have always been with them at the end whether they die naturally or are put to sleep by a vet. I feel like I owe it to them to be with them and to offer reassurance at the end. It is difficult but it is a part of caring for animals, and I know I will be able to cope with it.
It would be very sad to see but yes I would be able to deal with this.
It is always hard seeing any animal to go through that however knowing that I am doing anything and everything I can to save that animal will keep me strong throughout this job.
Yes, I have experienced seeing an animal die. It is a sad reality of the working in the Veterinary industry but I know that it is a part of working with sick animals and it will happen.
I hope to deal with it in a professional manner but I may cry.
Yes, it is never easy, but it is inevitable sometimes and I understand that.
It is always unfortunate when a pet has to be put down. I empathize with the owners as I know with any job like this, you build a relationship with the animals. Sometimes you have to just realize that its for the better. Is it worth costing your pet to suffer when he or she has a condition that is causing it constant pain. Think of it as doing a favor for them.
Although It will be difficult I feel that I would. I Hope will be able to help the owners of the pets in any way I can.
I consider myself strong enough to deal with such a thing.
Yes I completed Certificate II & Certificate III in Animal Care at King St vet clinic. As I have seen this before I feel confident that I can handle this.
Yes, while I know I would feel sad. I would also be happy that the animal would be at peace.
It will be rough, but I have seen family pets pass away due to medical complications in the past, so it is not something that is wholly new to me.
Yes, I understand that some deaths can not be prevented and it is a part of life.
Yes as throughout my life I have seen many animals die. My own horses and dogs and also clients horses whilst working on the stable yards.
Yes, I have been in situations where I had to help restrain animals for euthanasia for my supervisor. It is never easy, but sometimes it is better for the animal.
I believe I will be fine with the sight of an animal dying, emotions will be present but it will not effect my job or my work.
While it will never be easy to see an animal die, I understand that there comes a time where it is in the best interest of the animal to let them go peacefully and with dignity.
Yes because it is better than having them suffer.
Yes I will. I have accepted that wanting to be a part of the veterinary industry situations like this will happen.
Yes, I have dealt with this a lot in previous jobs. It is never easy but I am able to deal with it and in some cases can see the positives as the animal is no longer suffering.
I feel that I would be able to handle the death of an animal. Of course, it will be difficult but it is a fact of life.
I will be able to deal with the sight of an animal dying.
Yes. In my last position that was a part of my job since I took care of the elderly with medical issues.
Yes, it may be hard at first, but I know this is something I will have to deal with for the rest of my career.
Yes, especially if it ends any suffering that the animal is experiencing.
Yes. I rather euthanize an animal instead of watching it suffer if its beyond medical assistance.
I know it will be difficult and I will have to continue to act in a professional manner.
It will be an aspect of the job that I may find challenging at times, particularly at the beginning of my career, but I am a very realistic person and have been around death with animals growing up. Particularly with smaller creatures such as rabbits, chickens, hamsters that I had when I was younger.
Just two months ago, I had to put my own dog down. I needed to be in the room with her, it was the hardest thing I ever had to do but it was nice to pet her and give her love in her last few moments.
Yes, I have watched my own animal die, I am sure I will have no problem with the sight of an animal dying.
Yes, ive seen it happen before and handled it well but its alwasys hard to watch.
Yes. I have witnessed euthanasia before and understand that some animals are suffering and it is necessary in order to put them out of their misery. I understand that not all animals can be saved.
Yes I will be able to deal with that sight.
It is a sad part of the job, but you have to realize, just as humans, animals suffer and sometimes need to go on to a better place.
Although I know it will be sad when an animal dies, I know it is a part of this industry and life in general. Whenever I shadow Dr. Smiley and she mentions euthanasia, I get kind of anxious about the idea for two reasons: it is something I have yet to experience but also something I want to experience because I know it is something I will need to be able to deal with in the future.
Yes, it is a part of life and I will do my best to make the animal as comfortable as possible as well as try to console and comfort the owner through this hard time.
It will bother me a little bit at first. But as time goes on I will get use to it.
I have assisted with a euthanasia when I was doing my preceptorship last summer, it was hard to see, however, I did understood what was happening and I was able to accept that this happens a lot in practice.
I believe I will be able to deal with the sight of animal dying as my husband is a butcher and we have done our own home kills before and I have worked on properties before were I have had to destroy poor or sick stock.
Yes, because I will know that we did everything possible to prevent that from happening.
I know that I will have difficulty dealing with a dying animal, as any other person would. But I believe that I would do my best to ensure that that sick animal was able to be comfortable during his/her final days.
Yes, I have been in the present of dying animals, and I continue to do my job.
It will be difficult first time around and many times to come. However, I do realize that this is an essential part of life and we all must go through it at some point or another. I try to view it as a celebration versus a mourning.
Yes, it is a way of life and I feel that it would be my job to comfort the client during this difficult time.
Yes, I would be able to handle that.
Yes I have experienced death in many areas of my life. Taking a step back and taking a breather will get me through.
Working with rescue I have needed to put many of the animals in my care to sleep, the death itself is the end of their suffering and thats what gets to me more, not being able to ease their suffering sooner. Of course if they will have quality of life during and after treatment then that is best, but not if it will prolong suffering.
Yes. Its just a part of the job. Thats why I chose this field, because I have compassion for animals, but I feel that I can draw the line.
Yes as this is part of the job.
I am a compassionate person and even though I do not like to see animals die, I know that it is part of life and I will be able to deal with an animal dying.
It will be sad to see them dying but its looking after the animal.
Yes if every matter was taken into consideration and the animal wasnt dying for no reason. If before everything was done to prevent the animal from dying and this was the only best choice left for the animal.
Yes I will I had pets that died, and I know that death is just part of life and you need to deal with it.
Dying is a part of life and nature. Freeing the animal from pain is better than watching it suffer.
As much as I love animals I understand in some circumstances there is nothing that can be done to help them. I have seen this many times over the years of working with animals.
Yes, although death is a hard thing in general to deal with, it all comes down to the quality of life of the animal. If the animal is clearly suffering there has to be a point in time when we realize that the animal will be not be in pain anymore.
Yes, I had 4 dogs at one point and I had to put 2 of them down for 2 completely different reasons and so I understand a persons personal feelings towards losing an animal and I also know that from a working perspective that as a team we would have to be supportive and yet also professional. Certain emotions need to be left at home.
Yes, it will be hard but you have to be strong for the owner.
Yes, I do know there will animals that will die and its normal to feel sad but I know that it will pass. During my internship I was also exposed to euthanasia and yes I believe that I will be able to handle it.
I will be able to deal with a dying animal even thought I might cry.
Yes, but it may be a little emotional for me.
It would definitely be hard but, you just have to disconnect and not get a personal connection.
Yes. Although it will not be easy, death is a part of life and a part of this job.
Yes, I believe I would be able to.
When I was in forms 4 and 5 I volunteered each day after school in TTSPCA and it was routine for me to assist with euthanizing animals, mostly dogs as they were very overcrowded at that time in those facilities. The first time it was very difficult watching the life drain from a living being but it became easier to cope with this concept if I understand the rationale behind performing the procedure.
Yes, even though death is a sad thing to go through, I will get through it because I know that I did everything I could to help them.
Yes, I would be able to deal with the sight of an animal dying because all living things die eventually. It's just a part of life.
Yes, I have witnessed animals dying multiple times in the past.
Yes I have had the unfortunate experience of loosing livestock, a few months ago a dear friend of mine lost her market goat due to polio. I understand that it is just part of life and things happen.
Yeah I can take it. I've had many die on me before, it doesn't bother me much anymore.
Yes, They are an angles, when they job done they need to go back to heaven.
Dealing with death is always painful, whta is important is how you deal with your emotions at that particular moment, acceptance of the situations at times makes things easier.
I think seeing an animal die would be an unfortunate sight to see but unfourtunetly death is a part of life.
Yes. I had to witness quite a few euthanasias during my observation hours and it was definitely the most difficult aspect of working in a vet clinic. It is hard, but you just have to remember they are in a better place.
It will of course affect me but I can handle it.
Yes, I have witnessed animals dying during my previous jobs.
I am fine with the sight of a dying animal.
No I really dont like seeing animals hurt.
Comfort the. Animal as much as possible. Along with comforting owner of animal.
Yes I have experience with animals passing.
I've lost pets before, and I understand that sometimes there isn't anything you can do. I don't think I would ever become desensitized to it, but I can definitely stay calm and professional.
Yes, I understand that all life animals and humans pass away. Knowing they are no longer in pain helps me with it.
Yes. I believe it may be hard at first, particularly with a grieving family, but I've experienced this first hand several times, and am certain that I can handle it in a professional manner.
Yes I would be able to handle of an animal dying. I'm awear of this situation. And how this is going to work.
The death of any living thing is hard to deal with. I understand that it is a natural part of life and I would be content with the thought that I did everything that I could. I would be more concerned with the owner's feelings than my own.
Yes, I understand that this will happen, and I will be there to comfort the owners and help in any way I can.
Yes, I do understand that this will happen and I will remain calm but sympathetic to the owner.
In my experiences interning at different hospitals, death is inevitable. I find that death doesn't bother me, especially in the veterinary field. During an Ohio State Pre-Vet Symposium I elected to take the necropsy lab, I find that animals have a lot to offer not only in life but in death. Also during my time at an emergency equine hospital, death was a daily event. Necropsies are essential especially when the doctor and others at the hospital can learn new information about a condition an animal had and some owners only want parts of their animals cremated, a horse heart for example. Learning from animals helps me to see the bigger picture, that you can't save them all.
Yes, I have previous experience with this. Sometimes it is tough but I get through it.
It is something no pet owner wants to see but I would be relieved to know the animal is no longer suffering.
Very painful but I think I would.
Maybe not right that second, because I'll always feel like there's something I could've done better. But yes, I probably could.
I will be able to deal with the sight of an animal dying. I have seen the death of animals before and I am able to cope with it.
Of course, obviously I wouldn't be happy about it but I understand that it is part of everyday and it is bound to happen at some point.
It is the circle of life. If the animal is in so much pain it will be better off.
I am not going to lie, I would cry at the sight of a dying animal but depending on what is wrong or the situation it may be the best option to put the animal down or if its dying of natural causes I would feel alot better that the animal isnt suffering anymore.
Yes I can deal the sight of animals dying, it is a sad site to see and to see clients be upset throughout this tradgedy. You just have to show the client you care.
I will be sad, but will know that all that could be done had been. Then, go on and work hard to help the next one.
Yes I had several dog and cat dying.
Yes it is a part of the job I can handle it.
Yes, I have previous experience working at a vet clinic and have seen many animals pass, I have also been asked to assist in euthanasia.
Yes knowing that it passed away feeling loved and cared for.
Yes, I have witnessed what occurs when an animal dies, and can handle the situation accordingly.
It's always hard, but unfourtunately I few years ago I had to deal with the passing of our family pet guinea pig, and I was the only one in the house at the time, so I had to go through the process myself, and it was very difficult to watch because I had such a personal connection with this animal (I had picked him up from the adoption farm), but it was a learning experience for me because I had never even really been witness to another living thing dying like that before, and I think that because I had to take care of him on my own it matured me and I think I could handle the sight of an animal dying. You have to disassociate yourself almost from your own pain and realize that the animal is getting release from his/her pain, and that it's a part of life.
Yes, it is very emotional to see an animal pass away but you always have to look at the positive side of it, maybe it was meant to happen.
Yes, this is life circle. Rather than upset and cry I will do my best to help other animals in need.
Yes, I feel it is better for them to have someone with them to show them love in the last few moments.
I am quite capable to see animals dying. I know its part of the job and they dont feel much pain. When I worked in the vet clinic back in high school I watched euthanasia and operations and I am able to handle the circumstances. Ive also watched my own pet be euthanasia and can empathize with patient owners when it is required.
Yes, although all life is precious everything does die. I would just ensure that the body would be cared for with dignity.
Yes. It is difficult and upsetting but remaining professional and in control will lend support to the patient, the client and my team.
Yes I know eventually everything dies.
I am so the fact that it might be better for an animal in the long run.
Yes I would. I have experience with assisting during euthanization. I have also trimmed an animal's fur around the paw for paw prints for the owners.
Yes. I myself, had to put down one of my loving dogs.
Yes because they going to a better place and I will be compassionate to the families involved.
Its of course sad but its sometimes a part of life.
During my practicum I was faced with how I would handle that particular situation. I feel that I would be able to deal with it in a professional manner.
This was a situation I was faced with during practicum. Through those experiences I think I would be able to manage in a professional manner.
It is never easy to see an animal die, but yes, I will be able to deal with the sight.
Yes, I've already been in a couple of euthanasia and telling a client about the pet passing.
Yes I will be able to deal with this situation, I am professional within my work place.
Yes I will, having experinced my own pets dying from dogs to birds I believe I will be able to handle the situation even though it may be difficult at times.
Animal shelter volunteer.
Of course I will be upset about the animal dying but I will be ok.
I believe it will be hard at first seeing as I have not experienced this yet but it is something I will be able to deal with.
It is heartbreaking, but yes.
Yes, I will I saw animals be put to sleep during work experience at the vets and also I witnessed my cat and rabbit be put to sleep.
Yeah I have had many experiences.
Yes, if they are seriously ill and are in major pain or are really old and in pain, it's understandable that they die and/or be put out of their misery. It all depends on what the owner thinks is best.
It would be hard, but as humans we need to do what's best by the animal.
Yes! My mother works at a pet cemetery, so I see animals there all the time.
I will be able to handle it.
While it is sad to deal with the passing of an animal it is a part of life and I will need to be able to put my personal feelings aside and mourn later while still being compassionate as it is often difficult for the client to handle the passing of an animal.
As an animal dies it is always tragic. I will be able to put my personal feelings aside to comfort those around me and comfort the client as they mourn. I will be able to deal with it by mourning in my own time as no animal is able to live forever and it is a fact of life.
It is a difficult experience but I have personally been through the loss of a few family pets. It never gets easy to deal with but it is a matter of the cycle of life and it becomes something I imagine one would get accustomed to in this line of work.
Yes, I will be and I have. It breaks my heart overtime I see an animal in pain or suffering, but I would rather spend my time doing everything in my power to make them better or to put them out of their misery.
Of course seeing any animal dying is heartbreaking, but it's the cycle of life. All I can do is be there for the client and make the animal as comfortable as possible.
Yes, I have dealt with this at my previous job as I was a vet assistant there.
I'm not accustomed to seeing animals die, so though it will take some getting used to. However I will be able to stay calm in these situations and I will become comfortable with situations involving the death of an animal.
Yes, I will be able to sympathise with the owners as I have had my cat put down but I can also deal with emotions.
I will. I understand this is always a hard factor of the job but it is also something that comes with saving so many lives. I know I can stand this because thought my volunteer experience I have witnessed some rescues that were too sick or young to live under the conditions as well as knowing it is for the best of the animal.
Yes, in have had a personal encounter of a pets death.
It is sad when an animal dies but that is the circle of life. It is important to show compassion for the owners as your pet is a member of your family and it would be distressing for them.
It's a difficult situation but, yes I will.
This is sure a difficult area to see but I can handle it.
Diploma in veterinary assisting and owning cats and dogs.
Yes I find it upsetting as I have delt with lots of deaths, my current my current job had a fire few years ago and have lost a lot of animals myself, however I believe I will be fine.
Yes death is part of life.
I think the first time I witness this happening I may feel overwhelmed and upset, but after having more experience I'll be able to cope. I believe I am ale to handle my emotions well and be quite strong so hopefully I can tackle upsetting situations.
Yes, and I am familiar with the loss of pets personally. I understand what the owner is going through and also am able to keep a professional profile for the practice.
Yes I have been around animals that have died.
Yes because I have delt with it at home.
Yes sir. It's just part of life.
The Animals can bring the put down on floor or fair get in box then give others save at home.
Yes, but I will very sad.
Yes I've had a family dog die in front of me.
I can't guarantee that I would be able to handle but it will be my responsibility to bring support to the person losing a member of their family.
I'm not going to lie it was very emotional on my work experience when we put the first cat down especially when nothing was wrong with it, but I believe it's something you learn to live with and it will get easier.
Yes, I previously worked in really emotional environments where I had to stay calm and put aside my emotions for everyone's safety.
Yes. When I was growing up, I had plenty of animals that I saw be euthanized as well as really really old, sick, and hurt. Of course when I was younger I didn't understand, and so I cried and cried, but as I grew up, I understood death and that it happens in unfortunate situations sometimes. I've been able to handle the death of many family pets and be able to explain to my younger siblings what happened.
I have had two dogs pass of old age growing up and well and a pet chamilian in which I had since he was very small. It is very sad, but I am able to cope with this as well helping other get through it.
Yes, I feel that I can put up with that because I can deal with sad/difficult situations well.
I believe it may be difficult to handle but I do believe in the fact that no one should suffer when they dont need to be. Living is a great pleasure but there is no reason to suffer when we know its the end of the road for that animal.
Yes, I have seen this at my work experience.
Yes its sad but its a natural part of life and although we would like to save all animals you have to accept that some do die.
Yes, I believe that it is a natural progression.
Yes, as when I was at work experience I witnessed a dog and a cat being out to sleep. I could also deal with it as you are helping the animal get out of pain.
That's actually something I've dealt with quite often, we had farm animals growing up, and although it tugs at my heart strings I can completely handle death.
Yes, I witnessed a dog and cat get put to sleep I was able to deal with this as the animal will be in a better place and won't be in pain anymore.
Death is unfortunately inevitable, and I've experienced it first hand being a pet owner since childhood. I know that regardless of how sad the situation makes me, the owners will be more devistated, and I will do everything in my power to show them, and their pet, the compassion and respect they deserve.
Yes, it's sad, but it is a part of life unfortunately.
Yes, unfortunately its never a pleasant thing to see. Luckily I have had many years in dealing with deceased animals.
I take all aspects at work very professional.
It would be sad but I can handle it .
I think the first time would be hard, and I understand that animals do die and each time will be sad, but having a supportive team will help deal with any deaths.
It's hard to watch however I have already witnessed several deaths of my own pets and can accept that it's something I have to get used to.
It's a hard situation to be in. However working in a nursing home I have experience death on numerous occasions where I have learnt to be compassionate with families and as manage my own feelings.
Yes, though as a KENNEL assistant I will try my best to help prevent those situations.
Depends if I have a connection with that animal.
Yes, I have helped with quite a lot of euthanasia in the past.
Yes, however, that doesn't mean my heart won't go out to the pet owner, and i'd also do my best to make the animal comfortable.
This is a really difficult and emotional side to the position and obviously not every animal will recover. I find the idea of relieving the animal and helping him go in the quickest most painless way is acceptable.
Yes, as horrible as it is, it sometimes is a humane thing and other times its the way life is.
Yes. Would it effect me? Of course it would I love animals, but I would at the same time think it would be worth it to attempt to help as many animals as I possibly can. Some wont make it but many will due to the hard work and efforts of those like me that do genuinely care and do the best we can.
The hardest things in life are usually the best solutions, so yes.
Yes, as I am not attached.
Yes. After working on my friends farm I have had experience with lambs being aborted or dying soon after birth. I have also taken part in dissections which I feel I have dealt with appropriatley.
Yes, I have assisted and witnessed euthanasia a few times. While it is difficult for everyone involved, it is a necessary part of this kind of work. It is our job to make it as easy as can be expected for all.
I will be able to, yes. Although it never gets easier to witness, I am familiar that that is a part of this field as well so I understand that it does happen at times but it can be used as a learning experience for future patients.
I completely understand that the life of an animal is the same as a human life. I realise that it's not always a happy ending and that the animals health, welfare and well being comes first. I have been in many appointments where it hasn't been good news for the pet and they've had to be euthanised but the important factor is to comfort the owner/s and put the pet to ease.
If it's something I can't avoid then yea or its suffering and the best option we have is killing the animal then I'm okay with it.
Yes, as long as I know that it is what is best for the animal and that they will no longer be suffering.
Yes. I have had many animals over the course of my lifetime so I have had much experience with being with them and comforting them during the final minutes of their life.
I haven't had to experience this yet, but I think I could be emotionally stable and support the client.
I have come to terms with the reality of the industry, although I found it very challenging at first. While I was working at the CWH I was faced with the majority of animals passing and find it even more motivating to ensure all patients receive the care they deserve.
I have already had many experiences with animals passing away as I have lived on a farm my whole life and have had to deal with deaths of own pets or animals, so I know I will feel sympathy for the animal's owner but I can handle having to experience the death.
Well, if you asked me this just over a year ago I would have said no. In fact, this was the main reason that I was afraid to start my career in a veterinary practice. However, unfortunately we have lost our family dog and cat since then, and as emotional as it was as I am sure you can imagine, it was actually nice to see the animals finally at peace and out of pain, it was reassuring to know that whatever the reason the animal needs to be euthanaised, it is always for the benefit of the animal, however hard it may be for the owners and that is what you just have to reassure them of.
Yes. we have had family pets all my life and while they become a member of the family, they can get sick, get injured and die. Just like us humans.
Yes I will be able to deal with the sign of an animal dying. Through my experience as a residence life don, I have encounter many mentally and emotionally challenging moments whom to which I believe have helped me grow and become more mentally and emotionally resilient. Overall allowing me to perform my job more optimally.
Yes I will. When I was in the fifth grade, my guinea pig was killed by a little girl down the street. I had to take care of the situation because my mom was unable.
Yes, I have dealt with it on a personal and professional level.
Death is always a difficult event to face. It puts you in touch with your own mortality. The fact is that everyone dies, but there are worse ways to go then at a vet hospital usually surrounded by loved ones that are doing everything they can for you. If it's an instance where the owner just doesn't care, it's a tough pill to swallow, but deep down I know that the animal is probably better off.
I have had to deal with seeing my own animals who I loved very much dying. I chose to put my cat to sleep and watched my dart frog waste away from an unknown condition. I've held a domesticated rabbit that didn't belong to me in my arms as it drew it's last breath. It is not easy to watch animal dying and because I know how that feels, I will be very supportive and sympathetic to people whose companion animals are dying.
Yes, I have been involved with euthanasias.
I believe I am quite experienced with handling the loss of beloved pets so I will definitly be able to deal with seeing an animal die.
Though the idea of witnessing and at times assisting in the death of an animal saddens me, I understand that often times it will be necessary. I also understand that as difficult as this for us, it's probably harder for the pet's owner who's known them for years.
It will be hard but I will be able to deal with an animal dying as I understand some animals are beyond help and it will prevent more pain for the animal.
I know that this is most likely the hardest part of your job and anyone's jobs here. Life is precious, and I think you may never get fully adjusted. But with that said, I think you adjust some when you see the balance of positive outcomes to the sad ones. And, sometimes death is the most positive outcome in a terrible situation as hard as that is to bear.
I have been in this profession for over 15 years and have learnt to deal with this unescaoable part of this role.
Yes absolutely. We always want to save all the animals but sometimes, it won't happen. There's lots of reasons why : the owner can't oay for the care, the sickness is uncurable,
Yes, unfortunately this happens but it is fair for the animals to be out of pain and sometimes the animal dying is the only way this will happen.
Yes I have had experience in this area and I believe it is importamt to focuse on the positive sides of the jobhelping animals.
Yes; it may take some adapting to seeing it first hand, but it is an adaptable aspect needed. The clients need us to be their pilars, not the other way around.
I know this can be hard for some people to get use to but I have seen this happen multiple times during my work term. Id like to think of myself as a strong person and I wouldn't have got as far as I did with this profession if I didnt think I could handle it.
Honestly, this is still one hardest aspects of the field that I'm not certain will stop pulling at my strings. But I am capable of dealing with the loss of animal, whether of euthanasia or illness.
Yes, unfortunately I have had animals pass and know that its a way of nature and life.
It would hurt a lot I get attached to animals really easy but I will deal with it .
I am a very caring person, and would like to do everything in my efforts to prevent that, but I think I can manage coping with a loss. I've owned pets who have died and I was very sad but I was able to get through it.
Yes, to me death is the spirit being set free from the physical world.
While it is a hard time I focus on the good.
It will make me sad, but I will be there to comfort the pet parent while remaining g professional and compassionate.
I have been a part of multiple euthanizations and have felt emotional, but have so far kept my composure.
Yes. Working in emergency and critical care I dealt with this on a daily basis. Some cases are more difficult than others, but I consider it a real honor to be able to be with a family and their pet at the end of their life.
Yes I might be a little upset but I know its the way of life.
Yes. As humans, we know we will outlive our animal friends. I've had enough cats, fish, and hermit crabs pass that I know this is a part of life.
It will be very hard at first but I will eventually learn to deal with it.
I have seen deer die from time to time during my work with the NT. I am pretty realistic in my outlook and would be sad to see an animal die if it's time hadn't come but comforted by the ending to its suffering.
Yes I know its the way of life.
I am sure with time I will adjust to the casualties we will have.
I have experienced the death of one of my cats. Someone poisioned it. It was upsetting, but I tried to think of the good times we had shared.
Yes because I've had plenty of pets die.
I’ve been part of many euthanasia’s, including those of my own animals. Some tend to affect me more than others – especially an older client losing their old companion – but generally, I have no issues with euthanasia.
Yes I just remember the 6 important animal loss.
This will perhaps be the most difficult part of the job, and yes it will be a sad situation but I've learned that it's okay to be sad for a few minutes, but, then I go on about my day because I have a job to do and I need to be professional.
This will perhaps be the most difficult part of the job, but I will be able to deal with it because I know that no living thing lives forever and it's okay to be sad for a few minutes, but I have a job to do, so life goes on. You can't dwell on the negative.
My own cat had to be put down after she got run over. It was very hard, but it's something you have to come to terms with. I knew that it was the right choice and I didn't want anymore pain for her.
It is very sad but I am able to deal with it.
Yes, Being at the barn I have had to see some different animals be put down.
Had a lot of pets in my life & I've experienced their deaths. It's always saddening but it's a part of life.
Yes, happens a lot at the farm especially, just a part of life.
Yes. I believe on most cases it's for the better to end their differing.
Yes, I've had to deal with unpredicted deaths when I worked with goats, especially during kidding and lambing season. There was a time when all of our does had toxoplasmosis from the barn cats. There were many still births that year, it was sad, but death is a natural aspect of life and also can be a learning experience.
As much as I love animals because I believe their lives are important to acknowledge and care for, I am fully aware that death is a natural event that happens to animals so at the site of a dying animal, I wouldn't turn away, cover my eyes, or scream and run away. Instead, I would use my knowledge I have of animals at that situation do to my best and try to save the animal. At this moment, I don't have experience on treating animals so if I saw a dying dog, for example, my first instinct is would be to call an emergency number to get somebody to my location and transport the animal to a nearby animal clinic. If I get my desired co-op placement, I hope to gain more knowledge on treating animals so that I know what to do in those situations.
Yes I've had to put down several of my family pets over the years.
I believe it will be something that I will have to get used to, because I am a sensitive person. However, I believe that I will be able to handle death of animals in a professional way, and over time I will be less affected by it. I know this because when I first started working in the ER as a housekeeper I had to leave the area the first few times someone passed away, mostly because of the family of the deceased crying and being destraught over their loss. After a few of these situations, I became desensitized and now, although it's never pleasant to see someone die, it doesn't bother me enough to affect my ability to do myou job.
It will be tough for me at first, but yes. I remember seeing a couple pets die as a child.
Yes, I have been present at a number of euthenasias, I do find them sad but I understand that animals cant live forever but also that the kindest thing you can do at times is put an animal out of its misery. Euthanisa is a gift really.
I have experience death of my two elderly dogs I grew up with. It is extremely heartbreaking but I know I am capable of being emotionally stronger from this career.
We use to be a small animal practise. So mainly just dealt with vats and dogs.
Mostly birds of prey, but also small mammals like squirrels, grey foxes, raccoons and opposums.