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Veterinary Assistant Interview Questions and Answers
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Tell me about the different types of animals you have worked with in the past.
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Yes, I believe that it is a natural progression.
I have been a part of multiple euthanizations and have felt emotional, but have so far kept my composure.
Yes, I feel that I can put up with that because I can deal with sad/difficult situations well.
I believe I will be fine with the sight of an animal dying, emotions will be present but it will not effect my job or my work.
Yes, I have experienced seeing an animal die. It is a sad reality of the working in the Veterinary industry but I know that it is a part of working with sick animals and it will happen.
Yes, I have witnessed many euthanasias at the animal shelter.
I have been in multiple situations of the death of animals. Growing up, I have had to watch many of my animals have to be euthanized. Also, while working at the vet clinic, I also had to assist in euthanizing others animals as well.
This will perhaps be the most difficult part of the job, but I will be able to deal with it because I know that no living thing lives forever and it's okay to be sad for a few minutes, but I have a job to do, so life goes on. You can't dwell on the negative.
Yes, this is life circle. Rather than upset and cry I will do my best to help other animals in need.
Yes, I have dealt with this a lot in previous jobs. It is never easy but I am able to deal with it and in some cases can see the positives as the animal is no longer suffering.
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