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Tell me about some of the animals you have cared for in your life?
Talk about your affinity for animals. As a vet assistant, you an animal lover experienced with pet sitting and caring for your own pets. Your relationship to the animals in your life tells a vet that you are compassionate. Think about setting up your example like this: "I adopted my dog from the shelter. He was a rescue with severe anxiety. I spent the first six months training him and spending time to build a bond with him. Even though he had some bad behaviors, like peeing on the floor and destroying the house when I was gone, I learned that time and patience paid off. He is an awesome dog and I am so grateful to have him in my life." Telling a brief story about a relationship with your pet is a great way to respond to this question. You could also talk about an animal you took care of for someone else. Talk about what you learned from the experience.
Answer examples
"I adopted my dog from the shelter. He was a rescue with severe anxiety. I spent the first six months training him and spending time to build a bond with him. Even though he had some bad behaviors, like peeing on the floor and destroying the house when I was gone, I learned that time and patience paid off. He is an awesome dog and I am so grateful to have him in my life."

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User-Submitted Answers

Tell me about some of the animals you have cared for in your life?
I have raised hogs my whole life. I also have worked to cattle I am currently the serving as the 2011-2012 Beef Princess in my county. I have also worked with cats, dogs, and ferrets at the vet clinic I worked at throughout high school.
I helped raise an abandon kitten to adulthood, and currently am helping a friend of mine train her service dog.
Every dog I have had has been raised from a puppy and I actually had one of my dogs get pregnant she gave birth to 11 puppies I assisted her in the delivery and helped her for 7 weeks weened them and sold them. Kept 1. I teach them the basic commands..
I have owned/cared for 2 female Main Coons. Brown Classic Tabbies. One lived until 22 and then died of kidney failure. My current cat, Prissy, is 11 and still lively and active. I feed her dry non-soy food and water and change her box. She is pretty playful at times. Other times, she just wants to be left alone.
Our family had dogs, snakes, fish, ferrets, mice, gerbils, hamsters, guinea pigs, ducks, turtles and so on so we experienced the caretaking needs and wants of a large variety of animals. These animals brought us joy and entertained us, taught us about their physical make-up and needs and taught us to value, appreciate and wonder about nature. Later in life I was involved with wild animals-mostly birds, bats, small mammals like squirrels and some larger animals like possums and raccoons. What I have noticed about any animals is that whether they are in pain or immobilized or lost or suffering in any way, it seems as if they understand that we are there to help them.
I have cared for many rescued animals, ranging from stray cats and dogs to orphaned squirrels, jack rabbits and birds. I have raised horses, goats, and hope to be apart of rescuing wildlife someday.
I have raised dogs mostly. I used to help my mom train guide dogs for the blind. Then mom decided to open a business up to help keep kids off drugs and I got to assist and go to schools with her and teach them and do obedience demos. So then I loved doing that and being around animals so I decided after I graduate high school I want to go to a dog training school and I did I became certified and now I want to pursue in the veterinary fiield.
I have 2 dogs. One my husband bought for me over a year ago and the other we recently adopted a month ago. Needless to say they are my babies and very very sweet boys.
I have raised cats, dogs, rats and all kinds of farm animals. I feel that once you get an animal you get it for life so I have been with them from the good times to the bad time in witch they die.
I have had cats for years and small animals like rabbits but recently I have gotten more exotic pets such as sugar gliders lizards and tranturals I have also started being a foster mom for a neurological kitten and a bottle feeder.
I helped out with the cows on my parents farm since the time I was 12 until 2005. Then I cared for many animals at ... In my 4.5 years there, including hospitalized and boarding cats and dogs. I now volunteer with Animal Aide, where I go almost every sunday to clean cages, feed and water cats and kittens, and some times do some socializing of cats and kittens.
I grew up on a dairy farm, and started helping out at the age of 12. I milked the cows and also gave needles to sick cows. I cared for many cats and dogs in my time at my last job. I would come in after hours if we had one of our regular diabetic dogs boarding, to take him out to the bathroom. I also saw to the feeding of all hospitalized and boarding animals in our care. I have also volunteered with Animal Aide for the past 2 years.
Just dogs, birds, cats, lizards, hampsters and gerbils.
Dogs, cats, rabbits, hamsters, chickens, horses,
I have a few different animals. I've had dogs and cats almost always. My father was a canine officer so even caring for aggressive dogs. I've had a bird and a chinchilla, guinea pigs, a rabbit, and quite a few rats before. And obviously raised a few birds.
I have two Dogs. The one since I was young and the other we recently adopted from the animal shelter. I have also had cats and fish. Our oldest dog was diagnosed with mast cell tumors about a year ago, I have cared for her after every surgery and administered her medications. Caring for animals is a rewarding experience, but not as rewarding as receiving your animal's care in return.
I have a domestic short haired solid black cat that I named sneakers. She stopped eating for no reason for about 10 days I had to wrap her in a towel and syringe feed her, on the day that I was taking her into the vet she wolfed down a bowl of dry food, she only had her canine teeth. I went by the advise of my vet that due to her lack of teeth and age to give her only wet which she always had once a day as a snack but apparently she wanted dry.
Dogs, cats, birds, guinea pigs.
I have always had cats and dogs. In my adult life I have also had a hamster, bird and aquatic turtles as personal pets. When I was a teenager I worked for a company that threw children's parties and I worked with reptiles, small mammals and a variety of other animals.
Anything from small breeds, to animals on a farm, such as horses, chickens, ducks, and goats. I have cared for a variety of different animals at some point in my life.
I have always had dogs. I have expience with rabbits, cats, and ginue pigs too.
I've taken care of my friends dog during their trip to a wedding, and also taken care of my best friends cats because I wasn't allowed to have pets when I was younger.The only animal i've raised is my pet rabbit since I got him in 2009 I care for him in a cage free environment.
In my lifetime I have had one dog. He recently had an abdominal mass and even though it was a 50 50 chance I talked to my entire family about the surgery and told them why surgery would be our best option. He also has seasonal allergies and I have to wash his ears everyday and give him his medications. I also had a family member that had a dog with diabetes mellitus which on multiple occasions I was the one that had to administer the insulin.
My animal obsession started early. When I was 6 I had two gold fish named Motor and Tilly. I was so proud to keep them alive, since my dad promised me a puppy if I could keep them going for 6 months. They both died when my dad bought the wrong water chemicals, they got a navy burial down the toilet; but I still remember them to this day. My first dog was Coco. He was a border collie pyrenees mix. My dad and mom rehomed him to a family friend with a farm because our 900 sq foot house was too small. Next was Jazzy, a cockapoo Terrier mix that my family had from the time she was 8 weeks old till when I had to have her pts last december (1999-2013). She was an amazing dog that taught me so much about myself, my family, and life. She still owns a piece of my heart.Last but not least is my current pooch, Tessa. Tessa is a 7 month old Lab mix that we got from a farm near town at 8 weeks. She's my first big dog that I'm taking care of myself. She's a handful at times, but I wouldn't trade her for all the money in the world. She's my dog through and through, from the moment we met she was attached to me I've never had a dog look me in the eye and seem to bury herself into my soul like Tess.
Dogs and cats are of course the animals I have cared for the most in my life. I have a family of 8 and have always been the one to have cared for our animals. In my life time I cared for dogs, cats, mice, ferrets, a wild bird, and horses. I have even once had a dog give birth to 10 puppies and assisted in a all night pregnancy. One had complications with breathing and I assisted in bringing that puppy life.
I have a 13 Year old West Highland Terrier, a 5 year old dwarf rabbit, 2 birds, and about a year ago I had bought a baby Bassett hound. I have all raised and cared for these animals myself.
Ever since I was a young girl I have had everything from a frog to a bird that fell out of a nest. But as my pets and animals I have fostered I have cared for a Rottweiler with Parvo Virus, Chocolate lab with Parvo, the same Rottweiler that had parvo ate my bird which I was instructed by the vet to put two tables spoons of baking soda down her throat, I've rescued a Beagle who was 7 years old with heart failure and kidney failure, Rescued a 13 year old chow mix from a kill shelter who shared her last few weeks with me and she was put down to a huge mass in her stomach that was causing her to bleed, I have had everything from rabbits, rats, mice, gerbils, lizards, goats, chickens, cats, dogs, ferrets, birds, gerds, and on my free time I like to take a trip to kill shelters in north Carolina to rescue dogs. Ive drove a total of 36 hours rescuing animals.
My entire life we have always had a lot of animals. Growing up on a farm we've had everything from cats, dogs, horses, chickens, to even ferrets and fish and any other small furries you can think of.
I have cared for and raised dozens of animals in my life. This includes, dogs (both large and small), cats, birds, guinea pigs, hamsters, hedge hogs, and fish.
I have cared for several dogs, both unweened puppies and elderly ones, and even one that had severe fear issues after she had been abused. I have owned and cared for several cats, including a few with health issues. I have been raised around cattle and horses, so I do know how to work safely around them. I have also had, and still do raise tropical fish.
I've raised many animals. 2 dogs from before their eyes were open and 4 cats with their eyes closed and one with its eyes open. I had to bottle feed each. Thats not including the other dogs, cats, guinea pigs, fish and birds I have owned.
From a child my family had cats and dogs. I currently care for two Siberian huskies which can be a handful from time to time but it is always a pleasure. I have never had bad experiences with any animals and I am not afraid of pets that may seem aggressive, I have always been able to handle this well.
Zorra, her puppies. Hedgehog right now, guinea pig. Raised several birds which fell out of their nests in our roof. I raised 3 bunnies.
I have had a few dogs, growing up I had a dog named Buffy not really sure what breed of dogs she was but I was attached to the hip to this dog. I have several baby pictures with me just squeezing and hugging her, I have also had a chihuahua and a bull dog during high school we sort of adopted the bull dog from my brother he died of old age unfortunately my chihuahua got attacked by another dog who punctured its lung and had to be put down. Right now I have 2 wonderful poodles named Summer and Bentley they are literally like my children it drives my family crazy sometimes.
I currently have an 11 years old basset hound turning 12 in a month who has had constant ear problems growing up. I am The one responsible to cleaning them and administering ear drops.
I have had many animals in my life, we recently lost our 14 year old Rottweiler that I had since I was 5. Animals have been a constant in my life.
I grew up with pets that included cats, dogs, snakes, lizards and birds. In my professional experience I have worked with Cats, dogs, birds, squirrels and horses.
I have rescued all my animals from incredible rescues across the country. I have my one that is a bit more reactive and we work with that and one that is a cattle dog that loves to herd. They all have their quirks and I am glad that I have the training to work with them.
Betsy was our first dog, she was abandoned by a industrial bin and had severe mange. She was wonderful but a reL character. Then came Porsche another rescue rottie who was more of a male than female dog. Gunner soon joined the pack. He was attacked at four months old and became dog aggressive but through behaviour work that improved. When I came back to the uk I rescued Lilly and Molly, abuse cases, mother and daughter then recently Marcus and I rescued Kelly a lazy greyhound.
I grew up with cats and dogs of many sizes. They both needed much care such as feeding, fresh water, walks, playtime, toys, love and attention.
I have hand fed and raised a kitten in my life who sadly passed away a few years ago. I have also cared for and raised my dog and 3 cats.
I have had all kinds of animals in my life including dogs, cats, reptiles and horses. All of them have been very special to me and I took pride in taking the best care of them.
I did have 2 dogs when I was younger and then it came to our surprise that my sister was allergic so my cousins became their new owners. My granny had 2 dogs which I adored and went to visit everyday. I also had a friend dog which lived in the house behind me who I would bring over everyday.
Growing up we had all sorts of animals: hamsters, rat, fish, a rabbit, a snake and lizards, cats and dogs. I am very comfortable with all animals. I currently have 2 cats that are like my children.
Considering I have previously worked at a vet, I have cared for many animals. But I do have my own dog that I care for daily.
When I was younger to the age of 16 I cared and raised 8 cats all of which were my moms but I would clean up after them and feed them. Now I have 4 cats of my own as well as a red eared slider and kenyan sand boa.
I have cared for sheep, horses, hamsters, birds, cattle, donkeys and have raised dogs (from 8 wks old) and horses (from 2 year old)
I use to help my friends family on there house farm, changing shoes and grooming. My dog I have right now, I rescued her from a fighter and the vet told me she wasnt going to recover or live very long and I have had her for 6 years now.
I have cared for a multitude of dogs and cats. I have also owned horses, birds, and fish. I also currently care for a dog, rabbit, and two snakes.
When I was a child, I went to my grandma home everyday, they kept a cat as a pet, at that time, I thought being a cat was so great, because he was lazy, he slept all time, when he was awake, he went out. and I had a turtle before, however, my mum gave to a auntie at the end.
Well, I have had 5 dogs, and 3 cats. When I was 7 My cat broke its leg, and I always cared for him, took him to his food, checked on his leg etc. Whenever my animals were limping I would examine them.
I have cared for domestic cats and dogs my whole life and for the past three years at the central florida zoo been working with about 50 different speciese of small animals monitoring their behavior, handleing them and for a short time working on their diets.
Personally I have cared for several cats and I have a pet tortoise. I have cared for a number of patients and remember a cat being in a road accident with a fractured jaw and nursed him back to health with intensive syringe feeding.
Multiple cats and dogs, deer, farm animals, bunnies, etc. Chinchilla, fish.
I grew up with many pets, dogs, cats, rats, parrots, horses.
I have cared for many animals, ranging from a turtle, to lynxs. I currently have 3 cats and 1 rabbit (did have 2, sadly ond passed away). During my work experience I havd cared for both wild and fadm animals from wolves to pigs.
I have raised a parrot, three lizards, and dozens of fish and aquatic life as my own pets; however I have also cared for a turtle and guinea pig.
My first ever cat was an abandoned feral kitten I found on the street. He was so little, I had to bottle feed him and help him poop. It was a lot of work, but it was really rewarding watching him grow up.
I currently have two boxers who are both 5 years old and before them I had a saint bernard and a bunny and while I was volunteering at the spca I cared for both cats and bunnies.
My dad is a veterinarian so I grew up in stables and I was all my life passionate about animals, very much about dogs and horses, I bred horses in Germany and had always dogs and cats.
I grew up in a zoo, basically, with a diversity of animals and realized how much I enjoyed handling and caring for animals. I started restoration work when I was ten and carried that passion into college, when I entered a wildlife ecology program. Since then, I have helped to recover endangered species and have performed subcutanous injections, parasite control, blood work, etc.
I have bred and raised multiple litters of puppies. I have had cats and dogs my entire life and over the last 5 years I have been blessed to get into the field of horses.I have helped horses with colic and wounds as well as learned some basic training of horses. I have also been lucky enough to rescue a horse of the auction house.
I have grown up around dogs, cats, snakes, turtles, lizards, frogs, birds, rats, hamsters - you name it. When I was in 7th grade I took up horseback riding, and continued that throughout high school - even working at a barn feeding and helping care for the horses. I volunteered at PAWS for a summer to get some experience in the animal medical field and found great fulfillment in that opportunity.
I have 4 dogs that I have raised since they were puppies. I have trained 3 out of the 4 myself. The 4th I was away at college when we got her. My grandparents have Saint Bernards and I have always helped take care of them also.
The animals I have cared for in my life have been quite a few the normal house hold pets of dogs, cats, hamsters, genie pigs, birds but quite a few odd ones as in an alligator, little Parana.
My parents got me my first kitten when I was about 7 he recently passed away. Now my husband and I have two cats and a dog.
From a young age I have had many pets such as: dogs, cats, rabbits and a horse. I aswell as my family were responsible for making sure that these animals were well kept e. G. Feeding, grooming, walking, Veterinary treatment when needed.
We have had a range of animals throughout the years. We used to breed Wired haired fox terriers which were beautiful! Every year we have a lambing season where I am greatly involved with and enjoy. We have to care for them from the begin when they are covered by the tup and when they are given birth. All different types of caring. Many times we have something go wrong such as a ewe dies or a lamb you have to handle there and then. So no one get upset and stressed ! This is the same for all animals in that situation.
I have owned dogs my whole life, the very smallest breeds, to large breeds. I have a cat, and a rabbit. I Even have experience caring for iguanas.
I have a cat of my own, I have had her since I was a kitten. We also had another cat in the house but he passed a few years ago. I used to live with my nan and she has always had animals so I grew up around animals and always helped care for them When I was at college I did work experience at secret world wildlife rescue and cared for a variety of animals there, from foxes and badgers to ducks and chickens. The college also had a variety of domestic and exotic animals which we would all care for as part of the course.
We had a dog named Bella when I was young. I loved her, but I did not have much responsibility for her. When I graduated from high school, my uncle gave me Sonnet, an Irish Spaniel. I have complete responsibility for her. She is a healthy, happy dog.
I have had cats all growing up I also had hamsters and guineas pig that I was responsible for at a young age. I always cleaned their cages once a week because I understood that it could be uncomfortable living in a filthy environment and I did not want that for my pets.
I cared for a shih tzu for 10 years, it lived a long and happy life, I took it for long walks, to dog parks, played fetch with it often. My dog was my family and I treated it with as much love as I could offer.
I have cared for and raised about 30 hamsters so far. Sometimes I owned more than one at a time, which is why the number is so large. This is also between me and my sister, over about a 12 year time span. I have also cared for many fish, as well as a beloved English budgie who passed away about a year ago due to old age.
I currently have a gorgeous long haired german shepherd and a chihuahua maltese I rescued about a year ago. They are wonderful, loyal, happy dogs. Before that I had a couple of cocker spaniels, both died of old age. They were two crazy partners in crime and were very mischievous and cheeky. Before that I had Bart a german shepherd, pitbull mix. He was a gentle giant.
I have had two dogs growing up as a child and it never worked out because they were too much work. I did always have a cat though. But now that I live on my own I have my own Dutch Shepherd who is my entire world who I have raised since he was 9 weeks old and now he is almost turning three.
I have always had a dog or a cat around when I was growing up. My dog and cat now are like my kids and they both mean the world to me.
I grew up with dogs, cats, hamsters, and fish. I have also owned a hedgehog and been around rabbits. I worked at a dog kennel for 3 years taking care of dogs and cats and have also volunteered at a wildlife rehabilitation center where I helped care for rabbits, squirrels, racoons, beavers, groundhogs, skunks, and badgers.
I have cared for dogs, cats and rabbits/guinea pigs in the vet practice. All needing different care and attention. I have had a dog, cat, guinea pigs and hamster when I was growing up so I am used to handling a varitey of animals.
I am a zookeeper, therefore I have worked with hundreds of species. I have also cared for my personal pets which include dogs, cats, fish, rabbits, guinea pigs, domestic rat, turtles, and a pot-belly pig.
Growing up Ive always had some sort of pet. We had a cockatiel bird when I was little, turtles, a rabbit, guinea pigs, hamsters, I currently own a dog who is now 4 years old, and a hamster.
I have cared and raised a horse at the stables where I had the responsibility to groom, tack up, carry out health checks and exercise the horse.
It has probably been 12 cats and two dogs, a oouple of fish and some frogs.
Iv raised two dogs a Chihuahua named ginger and a daschund named rosie. I played with them fed them took them for walks.
The great thing about working at a rehab centre is that whenever there are orphaned baby animals that come in, especially if they are just a few days or weeks old, you can see their progression and growth throughout time. The raccoons, squirrels, foxes, porcupines get these specific protein/fat formula and you could see their size and weights going up in a fairly decent pace.
11 dogs, a variety of small animals and I bred from one of my dogs and had to hand rear the puppies.
I have had dogs and cats for my entire life.
I have worked with and raised many animals throughout my life. I have had dogs my entire life. They have come to me at various stages in their life from puppies to seniors. I have worked with horses for half of my life and I have worked on dairy farms caring for calves and heifers.
I have had a lot of different animals to care of over the years. It ranges from bottle feeding a calf buffalo to whelping puppies. My favorite animal to care for is my cat. She is super loving and is always excited to see me.
I have had a few dogs in my life. I take care of my animals like they are my own children.
Honey, Purdy, Jess, Meg. Jess, Ember, Tic. The Geese, chickens, rabbits (charlie), hamsters, guinea pigs, pigs, goats, ducks, cattle.
I had a rabbit and loved taking care of it. 5 years later she died. She had an interesting personality.
I feel like ive never had no less then 5 animals in my house, everything from tadpolls, to chinchillas, and of course cats and dogs. I currently have 2 dogs and 2 cats.
I always had a love for animals, as a child I had a cat that I used to dress up, as I got older I carried that love for animals with me. I cared for them with love and affection.
I adopted a Boxer 1 & 1/2 years old, she unfortunately passed away from T-Cell lymphoma a year later. I currently have 5 cats, all have special needs and require special care.
Ive had dogs and cats all my life and have helped raise them into wonderful dogs. I have even fostered a nursing pup with a bottle until she was old enough to eat on her own then I adopte3d her form the shelter, now I have a baby crow that I saved with a broken leg and hand fed him and now he is healthy and living in my house.
I have cared for cats, dogs, rabbits, hamsters, rats, fish, snakes, cattle, goats, chickens, and my personal favorite horses.
I had two Red Ear Slider turtles and I fed them their petfood along with some vegetables such a broccoli and carrots. Now I have a Maltese dog.
I have cared for animals that were in a vet hospital needing treatments, boarding animals and animals that came to the college that needed to be fed, watered and walked or played with for kennel duty. Most of the animals that I have cared for are cats and dogs and I own a cat myself.
I personally have not have any pets, because they were not allowed din my home. I have taken care of other animals and it was a very enjoyable experience.
I have cared for many dogs and some cats.
Since I was alittle girl we have always had an animal in the house. They call me the dog whisper of the family actually. I show lots of love and affection to every pet that im around.
I have had the pleasure to take in various species including: chickens, reptiles, cats, ferrets, dogs, hamsters, rabbits, and fish.
Oh, I was the kid who was always bringing pets home. Can we keep him? I now have 3 rescued dogs and a horse. They are my true fur babies.
Currently we have 4 family dogs, and I have a cat. The cat is my own pet that I take person responsibility for. I cut his nails, buy him food, and litter, everything. My parents support the other pets.
I have raised multiple dogs, cats, birds, snakes, mice, fish, and turtles as well as giving food to stray dogs and cats around my neighborhood.
I have cared for 2 chihuahuas, one of them is a mix.
Where to begin I grew up in a farm. I watched my grandfather raise everything from horses to varies of birds as I got older the more I loved and cared for the animals the better their health was.
I have had the proviledge of owning many exotic animals. Including a turtle since I was 5 years old. Turtles are a big and long term responsibility. If you arent prepared to care for the turtle for a good portion of your life turtles are not for you. They are easy to maintain you just have to be committed and love having them. Hamsters, bird and a hedgehog all in the bunch. I love all my animals they are all unique in their own way and fascinating creatures to care for. I love them.
I have had turtles and a cat and dogs my entire life.
I have always had cats. I currently have 3 cats.
Well, my family have owned animals since before I was born. No matter where we have been, we have had dogs and cats always and we are big horsie people, so we have always had horses as well. Never problematic and such beautiful characteristic personalities. We have mostly gotten our animals from shelters or off the street and have been very lucky and fortunate.
My first dog that I ever got was a chichuahua he lived about 7 years and he passed away due to heartworms. From there I owned one a chihuahaua he does have heartworms. He lives with my dad now but he is doing well. He just turned 4 years old. Now I own a 1 1/2 year old shepherd mix. I adopted him in early september. He is such a sweet heart and follows me everywhere and if I into a room and close the door. He waits in front the door till I come out.
I have four of my own horses which I have been caring for now for 2 years. I also have a puppy which I have had full responsibility of.
Well first there was the neighbours dog called sophie. We were'nt allowed to get a dog so we occasionally lured sophie under the fence and eventually she basically lived with us :). Then there was joshua, my first official dog. Carried him on trips. He became very ill at one time and that was the moment I decided I wanted to be able to help animals. Then I had Mimi who was my eyeball but sadly in 2013 I lost her after 7 years.
I have a horse named willy roy and he is 16 years old. I have fed him through the winter and taken care of him as long as I can remember. I also have a dog named Dora. I feed her everyday and make sure she is safe in the winter and summer.
I have cared for many dogs and a turtle in my life. I've rescued a good amount of the dogs i've owned and have cared for them every since. Nursed them back to health and gave them to a owner fit for them.
I have raised and cared for 15 show pigs, 12 sows in a breeding operation, two show steers, a rabbit, and two ducks.
I have raised three market goats and two market hogs to exhibit at the Kern County Fair.
I have raised three market goats and two market hogs.
He is a part of my life. We have a special relationship that no one would understand.
I had a dog called puffin, raised him from when he was 3 weeks until he passed away at 2 years, never had another after him because of fears o losing.
My whole life I have always taken care of cats and dogs and various other small animals but I never thought I would fall in love with raccoons. They are my most favorite animal I have personally cared for. They are full of such personality.
I have raised and cared for cattle and domestic animals like cats and dogs.
I have owned at least one cat at any time in my life. All of them were rescues (either strays or from shelters). My family owned many dogs when I lived with them (most were rescues). I've also owned a ferret, two rabbits, and a guinea pig in the past. I currently own one cat (Phantom) and one dog (Rocky), whom are both very spoiled and fed well. Rocky is very smart but things he's about an 1/8 the size that he is and likes to sit in our laps.
I have cared for a few different animals temporarily. My main experience was with my dog, Taj. I cared for him for 9 years before he passed.
I have had an extensive variety of pets. From macaws, tortoises, dogs, cats, lizards, and more I have experienced that there is a learning curve with all species. It takes patience and empathy to raise animals. My father and I bred and showed English Bulldogs before he passed away. I was extremely involved in helping my dad with the whelps. I was involved from the trip to the cryobank until the present, the last bulldog is currently seven years old, from the first litter. I was fascinated with the reproduction aspect of breeding dogs and took it upon myself to be very involved in the whelping process. Birds are another passion of mine, the macaw I rescued came to me abused, undernourished, and very very loud. After two months I had him saying “Hello!”, “Okay!”, “Mom!”, “I love you”, giving high fives and giving kisses. Patience and empathy go a long way.
Goat, chicken, dog, turtle, horse and a cow.
I have cared for a wide variety of animals. Including dogs, cats, reptiles, rodents, and birds. I thoroughly enjoy working with a wide variety of animals. They all have so many different personalities.
I have had many cats and few dogs and the only time they have left Me was because of old age. I am left with one dog of 7 years and she is a long haired chihuahua. She means the world to me so I keep her in the best of health.
I have had different pets since I was little I had a pet dwarf hamster, who had died of a stomach cancer, I now have at home two dogs and two cats.
Growing up I've always had dogs and cats. Of many different breeds.
Horses, dogs, cats, rabbits, iguana, birds.
Dogs, Cats, Rabbits, horses, pigs, cows iguanas, parrots,
I had 2 dog that I got from a high kill shelter 1 come up with parvo and everybody wanted to put him down I try a holistic care and he survive it.
I have had many animals hamsters lizards fish dog cats and a parakeet. When I owned my fish I actual would breed them and give them to my friends.
I have a dog name Bibe. I have her since I was 10. I bring her out for walks everyday. I read up on her breed to know more about her.
In my previous experience working at the Rota Branch Veterinary Clinic, I had the opportunity to care for many animals. The most popular procedure was spaying and neutering and I was often asked to help care for them post-op. When it comes to myself I have had many animals including dogs, cats, parrots, turtles, guinea pigs, etc... They all live/lived long and healthy lives!
I grew up with multiple cats at a time ever since I was 5. I have owned fish, budgies, and many hamsters. I currently own a bearded dragon. I have spent a lot of time with other people's dogs.
Every since I was little I’ve always adored animals. Always. Unfortunately, there were two major reasons why I wasn’t able to care for more animals in my life: My father was/is very allergic to animal hair and because of his job we moved frequently when I was young. In hindsight I think this was a good thing, however, because when we were more permanently situated and I was old enough to own/care for animals of my own, their well being was my responsibility in full. I have mainly only been able to own smaller animals because of my father’s allergies, from hamsters to a guinea pig named sammy and we housed two small kittens of friends for two years while they traveled, but I was surrounded by my friend’s dogs and cats and birds growing up and I think the exclusion from that experience (of owning a family dog) allows me perspective to see just how meaningful an animal like that can be to a family unit. My fondness for animals and dogs in particular is intensified because of the fact that I was never able to own any.
Well, I have always loved animals. And I have always grew up with ansld especially dogs.Till I still have dogs.
Mainly dogs, some experience with birds. Ferrets, and cats.
I have raised 6 dogs, 2 cats, guinea pigs and chickens.
I have cared and raised two dogs. I have had a samyoed and now I have a bull arab cross. I have cared and raised budggies, tawny frog mouths, grass parrots and assisted in the care of black cockatoos. I have owned blue tounges and help care for an array of other reptiles such as pythons, lizards and turtles. I have cared for green tree frogs and help assist in the care of orphaned kangaroo joeys. I have cared for an array of marine and freshwater fish. Besides my bull arab I also have a 3 month old ragdoll kitten.
Throughout my life I have cared for various animals such as dogs, rabbits, horses, a hedgehog and a tortoise. All of which required very different methods of care, but they each taught me the importance of responsibility and ownership.
We had rabbits and goldfish when we were very young. We have had rescue animals on and off including one mixed breed dog, several cats, rabbits, Guinea Pigs, rats, hamsters. We bred Guinea pigs and are currently caring for a pregnant rabbit. I have looked after and walked family dogs, a Tibetan Spaniel, King Charles Spaniel, Saluki cross, Staffie.
I have had several dogs 2 cats rabbit goat pet raccoon pet pig horse.
I have dogs for many years and they are sort of like children I train them, play with them, take them out, and just show so much compassion toward them.
My family has always had many horses growing up, ive shown them in 4-h and trail rides and rodeos and dogs and cats.
I have had dogs all my life. I have cared for rabbits and cats at an animal shelter where I volunteered. I have cared for ponies, a llama, cows, bulls, chickens, and a donkey at an internship in a ranch which includes cleaning pens, feeding, herding, and collecting eggs from the chickens. I am also part of a lab where we are conducting research on chickens. I have experience with cats and dogs in an animal hospital setting.
Currently I have two dogs, two ferrets and a hamster but in the past I've had mice, birds, a tarantula, and fish.
I have cared for many range of animals from domesticated to wild animals from working at zoos.
I was very fortunate growing up to have parents that encouraged us to have a love for animals. I had numerous animals to take care of as well I enjoyed pet sitting for family and friends.
I was very fortunate to grow up with parents who encouraged us to love and take care of animals. I have had numerous pets as well as enjoyed pet sitting for family and friends.
I've had 2 dog a bird and 2 horse in my life time I still have one out of the 2dogs one died of old age and my bird also passed alway then when I moved to Florida I could only keep one of my horses.
I have had cats, rabbits and a dog all from 8-10 weeks old, some had also had medical issues we've had to deal with and manage at home.
I've had a lot of pets in my life, from small mammals to dogs and cats. I loved all of them.
Ive cared for 2 dogs and currently 3 birds these animals have had a huge impace of happiness in my life. My little parrot is my best friend and having the company of all the animals and caring for them brings me joy.
I have had animals throughout my life. I currently have two pitbulls, 7 and 9 years old, that I have had since puppies. As well as 3 cats.
They have been a bleasing I dont treat them like pets but as family I make sure to care for them as if tjey were my child.
I have raised two snakes who are now about 15, a bearded dragon who is 4, a cat who is nearly 9, a rabbit who is nearly 2 and also my sprocker who is nearly one.
Mice, Guinea Pigs, Dogs, Cats and Fish.
We would always have stray animals come to our house and as we waited for owners to come get them, I would take care of them in the meantime. I would also take up animals without homes as my own.
I have had anywhere from dogs, to birds, lizards, chickens, snakes.. All kinds! I love them all!
The externship sight I cared for the dogs and cats by feeding them, showing affection, walking, and playing with them.
When I was younger I helped my grandmother raise and care for a bunch of chickens, three pekingese, a rabbit, a cat, and a few fish. More recently I now care for an older cat of 12 years, and I have raised a bearded dragon who is currently 12 years old. My newest family addition that I am caring for and raising is my cat Gandalf who just turned one year old last October.
My family had a yellow labrador for 9 years and I personally had a fish, a hamster and two geckos.
I have had cats, dogs, birds, fish and hamsters. I was young when I had the birds and cats, so my mom took responsibility over them, but I had responsibility over the other pets myself. It was lots of fun.
All my life I've had dogs and cats. When I was very young my family cared for chickens and ducks, and as I grew up I took care of rats, hamsters, hermit crabs, and a corn snake at one point. Right now I have two dogs, german shepherd and a pitbull-boxer mix, and a cat, Sauce, which is a maincoon tabby mix.
I have raised a cat who is now 8 Two snakes who are now 17, a bearded dragon who is now 4. A rabbit who is now 2 and a dog who is now 1.
I raised a guenie pig for 3 years.
2 cats raised since kittens and a dog I've had since 8 weeks old.
Dogs, cats the most. But have helped with cattle.
I show my mini lops right now.
Several cats and dogs. I have raised them all to be obedient, friendly and most importantly healthy.
Grew up on a ranch at a young age, I grew up feeding, watering and exercising them.
I have had many animals through my life. I've mainly had experience working with dogs and even cared for one while it had heart worms and helped it become healthy again and found it a good home.
I have had a black Labrador since I was 2, I walk him, groom him frequently and feed and water him every day. I had a hamster on my 12th birthday with whom I had to clean out regularly.
Mostly large animals. I spent most of my life caring, raising and training horses. My family owned a sheep breeding farm where I began to be attached to the animal world. Along with Horses and sheep, I have also raised cattle, dogs, cats and an assortment of poultry.
I real love the animals. And because Cool help careful new puppy then We have fun lot.
Most of my domestic pet was dogs and birds, when I was younger my voice was not been considerate by my parents, as for them they were the adults and all decision was taken by their side, hence when my pet was ill they were not transported to the vet for consultation, for my parents our pets were only animal nothing else. Today I have changed this kind of mentality and I would like to share it to other so that they can open their eyes.
A English mastiff for 12 years a husky for 10 years and another mastiff with eplepsey now.
I have had dogs, cats, birds, snakes, tarantulas, lizards.
I have grown very attached to diary cows throughout my life. Something about how useful they are in normal peoples average every day life. I've cared for numerous horses as well. I think horses are incredible and beautiful animals. I have owned numerous dogs and cats throughout my life and I just dont think life would be normal without them.
My parents bought me my first animal at 4, a bunny, a cat when I turned 5, and a dog at 6. I had a yellow lab, 2 guniea pigs, and 2 horses as a teenager. As an adult, I have alway had rabbits, and cats. 2 shih tzus, a chow chow, and now 3 horses, 5 cats, 2 border collies, and a frog.
I have had 3 dogs, 2 still living, breeds vary and also have two cats.
I have a nine year old golden retriever and two year old short haired cat. They both bring a lot of joy to my life.
I have had a dog, a rabbit and a fish. I got my dog from dogs trust, my dog was neglected and we brought him into our house and cared for him.
I've had many cats, some parakeets and a family of fish.
I absolutely love animals, I was in 4-H growing up, and want our own family farm in the next feww years. We currently have two dogs, I've had hamsters, fish, ducks, chickens, cats, goats, and even a horse when I was younger.
You are asking for my complete autobiography!
I have raised dog and rabbit. I had a dog from dogs trust which was neglected by its previous owner. We had to bring mikey into our family and make him feel welcomed.
That's quite a list! Over the years I've had experience with many different dog breeds, and on the farm we raised cattle and had ponies. I've also owned and cared for freshwater fish, fire belly and African dwarf frogs, Guinea pigs, rabbits, a breaded dragon, and a Goliath bird eating spider.
Dogs and cats, hamsters. I've always had animals.
I have had three dogs and two cats.
Too many to count. I have had a number of dogs and cats. I owned one lizard who was the best thing ever.
I have had numerous dogs from big dogs to small dogs such as the chihuahuas I own now, this has gave me the ability to puppy train and meet their needs.
I cared for numerous dogs, I raised them all and cared for them with the help of family.
Well throughout my childhood we've had a few dogs and now I have two cats and I just love them one I a long haired Siamese mix I got her from my sister because she found out she was allergic to her and my other cat I got her from my other little sister who got her from a friend and I was only suppose to keep her for a few weeks but then I just fell in love and my sister just never really asked for her back.
I have a black lab who is 16 years old that I rescued from Animal Control. I also have two senior cats, that I adopted from the humane society. I work with SWACC to catch/spay/neuter and release ferals in our area, one I fostered had 3 legs. I grew up around race horses.
I cared for my dog into his elderly years, I care for a dog a puppy a horse a rabbit.
I have a cat who is 9, I have two snakes that are 16, I have a bearded dragon who is 5, I have a dog who is 14 months. I also had a cat who had to be put down when he was 2 and two rabbits who died at the age of 10
I have had 3 dogs, 5 cats, a rabbit, a turtle, and a snake.
I have always had small animals such as rabbits and ginuea pigs from a young age however I rescued Henry my 13 Year old spaniel when I was 17. I have had to do a lot of behavioral work with him but it has been so rewarding and educational.
I have had many animals in my lifetime, mostly cats and dogs. I have also had two hamsters. I feel as though I learn something new with each animal I encounter.
I have raised 3 litters of puppies in my lifetime and they were the best experiences of my life. I fed, taught and cared for them everyday until they were rehomed. I have cared for several animals such as fish, Guinea pigs, rabbits and horses. Each day I would make equal time for them to be cared for in the right way, my rabbits, Guinea pigs and horse got daily exercise and training each day to help stimulate their brain and keep their mind working, with the dogs I helped toilet train and teach them basic obedient skills before they went to their new homes.
I have personally had 2 dogs, 2 cats, 3 hamsters and 2 guinea pigs and chickens as well as fish.
I started off with different types of fish, turtles, guinea pigs, hamster etc and eventually got my first dog at about the age of six. I have mostly had dogs in my life ever since. It's hard for me to live without them.
Turtles! tigger - from the cayman islands. Kona - half lab half golden. She's the sweetest. Always happy. Always putting up with me.
Since I was younger my father always lived on a large property that had native wildlife around. I learned to handle snakes around 10 or 12 and would always seek out any animals I thought might be around. We regularly had litters of puppies that I would help deliver and raise as well. I have cared for wildlife the majority of the time at the Wildlife Hospital and only dove into the domestic side of things last year.
Chickens, Horses, Llamas, Sheep, Goat, Emu, Alpaca, Ducks, Peacock, Rabbits, Birds, Guinea pigs, Dogs, Cats, Iguana, Turtle, Fish.
We have had labradors corgis hamsters and cats. All have been a family member. Loved and cared for. We only had one corgi that had to be treated with daily medication as she had epilepsy. Our oldest corgi Mandy died of old age at 15! We also have chickens who the dogs love and the cats eat with!! One big happy family.
My cats Caleb Androcles I feed and take care of thief coats and clean the litter boxes.
Majority of my experience with animals comes from my supervisor's puppy Cedar. When I was a residence life don at the university of waterloo, my direct supervisor lived 10 feet from the residence. There, she would go away many weekends for travel or for conferences and she would request that some of the dons go and take care of her. I would feed her, run and play with her.
I have had my cat, stella, since she was a kitten. She is so sweet and loving. She drinks out of the toilet and thinks she's a dog. I've had my dog Wrigley since he was just a baby too. He was so crazy, but he's calmed down so much. I've had other animals. I used to take in cats until I could find them a home and I loved it.
It's very much caring animals I mean cleaning area and feed the animals and treatment.
1st thing I am cared about their facilitys and water supply food and medication.
CANINES, felines, rabbits, reptiles, fish.
Not a particular reason but they don't tell anything sosome time I am spend with animals and helped.
Angel, Boots, Mollie, fosters.
I've raised some dogs, cats, parakeets, hamsters, rabbits, poison dart frogs. I have cared for numerous neotropical mammals (monkeys, sloths, bats, paca (rodent), armadillo. I've cared for several reptile, amphibian, and bird species.
I have had dogs, usually three at a time in my household with my family. We usually had cats too, sometimes my mom would get a bird. We had ducks, we made them a little area in the back yard with a pond and they would follow me around. We also had chickens when I was growing up, once I had a bunny. Now I have two cats on my own, one is blind and has had his eyes removed at a young age - he was in a bad condition when I adopted him, and then a year later I adopted a companion animal for him. Some day I would like to open my own animal sanctuary.
I have cared and raised a total of four cats, three gerbils, and a dog. Those were pets, and I have worked with my service animal for a couple years now, where we end up working together where they care for me, and I care for them.
I have raised my cat of nearly fourteen years since he was a kitten. He has always been my precious fuzzball, now chubby wubby, who sleeps beside me every night. He is an affectionate, easy going cat that enjoys my attention.
I have raised five dogs which was a thrill, it is amazing how much one must teach an animal or a child, they need to be taught everything, cats too. Just raised a baby bunny, she started to protect herself at such a young age.
Dogs, cats, bird, horses, goats, chickens, reptiles, aquatic life and more.
My dogs with congenital eye problems, nursed my dog that had scoliosis with active and passive physical therapy.
Horses, dogs, cats, rabbits, fish, and sugar gliders.
Growing up I always had cats. My dad actually got a kitten right before I was born, so I really grew up with him, as many children normally do with dogs. He lived until he was 16. Then we took in my grandmother's cats, when she could no longer care for them. One lived behind the furnace until one day he ran away. The other cat became the queen of the house. We didn't get along at first; she even bit my face once. But we grew to have a loving relationship, and I was clearly her favorite in the house. When she passed at 20 years old, my family adopted 2 cats: a 6 month old and a 2 year old. They had a funny relationship; all he wanted to do was play, and all she wanted to do was be given attention. When I was at college, my mom called me one day to tell me they had put Liam (the 6 month old, who was now a year old) down because he had hurt himself accidentally. I was devastated; but I knew that he was in a better place. After a few months my family got 2 eight month old kittens. The princess of the house was not thrilled, but she got over it. All three live at my parents house. When I moved out into my own apartment, I knew I would need cats. When I was down in NJ I knew there wasn't enough time for me to give the love and attention they would need. So I waited until I moved home, and moved into an apartment in Palmer with my boyfriend. The day before we got the approval of the apartment, I was volunteering at Dakin. Before I left, I wanted to go peek in and say hello to the quarantined kittens that had just come up from NJ. When I went into the room, I saw these two peanuts and I just knew I found my kittens. The next day, I called to see if we had gotten the apartment. We had! I ran down to Dakin and adopted my two babies that day. I wasn't actually able to take either of them home yet, though, because one needed her surgery still and the other was still in quarantine with a cold. The next day, I went to pick the first kitten up and it was magical. I brought her home and didn't want to leave for anything, not even work. I then got a call the next day asking if I would like to foster the sick kitten until she was healthy enough to officially adopt her. I said absolutely! So, I had a sick kitten in one room and a (what we though was) healthy in another. Lo and behold, they were both sick. So I had to take care of two sick, quarantined kittens at the same time, in my own home. It was a challenge, but the best I've had yet. Since then, they have been healthy and happy darlings whose ears perk up when they hear my car horn beep, signaling my arrival. They sit waiting for my at the door every time.
Well I have raised 3 dogs 5 rabbits 2 giunie pigs 2 hamsters 1 tortoise.
Cats, rabbit, hamster, dog. We always had pets when I was growing up.
Cats, dogs, parakeets, horses (horse camp and riding lessons), fish, owl monkeys.
I've started with a cat and I've still got the cat. I have had a couple of ginea pigs but they all passed away.
In terms of general pets, I have always had dogs (starting with staffies and then moving to dogue de bordeaux’s), cats (all rescues), and birds of some sort. Since then, we have also acquired snakes and a bearded dragon. As wildlife carers, we have also had wallabies, owls, hawkes, echidna’s and other general wildlife that was taken to the vets and needing care before being released back to the wild.
Had a rabbit named Michael when I was 8 years old I was feed him cleaned his caged and make sure he had fresh water everyday and make sure his bedding was comfortable for him.
I have cared for lots of animals. I have two dogs right now I have raised since they were puppies and I recused them. The other animals I have cared for have been foster animals.
Zoo animals, Dogs, cats, chickens, Goat, horses.
I currently have two cats, who were originally not owned by me. Friends of mine adopted cats in college and had no plans to keep them when they moved back home, and I wasn't about to let these brothers get separated in the shelter, so I've taken them in, and I have a very strong bond with them. They're very close to my heart.
Birds cats dogs turtles fish lamb.
My family had always had dogs since before I was born. We always had big dogs, dobermans and German Shepherds mainly. I helped train and raise my parents old dog, kiko when we go him as a puppy when I was 9. We also always had outdoor cats and off and on we had hamsters. Since being on my own, I have had 2 guinea pigs that lived to be 5 and 7 years old, and I have one cat that I adopted a year ago and a 4 year old pit lap mix that I've raised since she was 5 months old.
Dogs, cats, bunny's. Hamsters, breaded dragon,
I had over 10 I give my dog then wormer and other necessary need bathing, I have dog pass from cancer and old age.
I had a rabbit for 9 years he was my little fur baby. He took just as much care of me as I took of him. I've also had turtles, fish, I've cared for dogs and cats and wild animals.