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Veterinary Assistant Interview Questions and Answers
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How would you respond if asked to come in on your day off?
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I am a dedicated hard working person who cares about my job very much.
I am very hard working and I learn very fast. If I make a mistake I am quick to own up to it and fix it.
Being organized and doing everything to the best of my ability to make people happy.
I would say that I can be a perfectionist at times which helps motivate me to get the job done properly. I do need to work on becoming more confident within myself and we'll as when communicating to other people, but I'm hoping to gain more experience and techniques when working in a job setting.
Hard working, Sympathetic, Joyful, Happy, Determined.
Fast paced. When I start something I need to finish it.
Good question. I like to work hard and get the job done however I do like to work as a team and bond with not only the other staff but with the patient and their owners too.
I would say that I am a nurturing person who gives the animals the care they need to flourish.
My work style is very focused on the task at hand as well as keeping an eye/ear out for multitasking opportunities. I enjoy working alone or in a group and I like to remain busy at all times even if I am just cleaning something.
I enjoy working both alone or with others, and do not mind constant communication. I am a great self starter and take instructions extremely well. My jobs working in resorts demonstrate these points and I excelled in each.
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