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How would you respond if asked to come in on your day off?

Answer examples and advice for how to answer this interview question for a Veterinary Assistant interview

How to Answer

Let's be honest. No one wants to show up for work when they could be relaxing by the pool. If a coworker is sick or there is an emergency, sometimes you gotta take one for the team. Here's a good response:

"Even though having to work on your day off isn't ideal, I understand that life happens. I'm willing to be flexible and positive and work the shift."

Due to the nature of the job, there may be times you are on-call or have to work on an off day. Show that you have a good perspective and a good attitude.

How would you respond if asked to come in on your day off?
Answer example

"Even though having to work on your day off isn't ideal, I understand that life happens. I'm willing to be flexible and positive and work the shift."

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How would you respond if asked to come in on your day off?
I am a dedicated hard working person who cares about my job very much.
I am very hard working and I learn very fast. If I make a mistake I am quick to own up to it and fix it.
Being organized and doing everything to the best of my ability to make people happy.
I would say that I can be a perfectionist at times which helps motivate me to get the job done properly. I do need to work on becoming more confident within myself and we'll as when communicating to other people, but I'm hoping to gain more experience and techniques when working in a job setting.
Hard working, Sympathetic, Joyful, Happy, Determined.
Fast paced. When I start something I need to finish it.
Good question. I like to work hard and get the job done however I do like to work as a team and bond with not only the other staff but with the patient and their owners too.
I would say that I am a nurturing person who gives the animals the care they need to flourish.
My work style is very focused on the task at hand as well as keeping an eye/ear out for multitasking opportunities. I enjoy working alone or in a group and I like to remain busy at all times even if I am just cleaning something.
I enjoy working both alone or with others, and do not mind constant communication. I am a great self starter and take instructions extremely well. My jobs working in resorts demonstrate these points and I excelled in each.
Relaxed, assertive, hands-on, and completed in timely manner.
If the job requires high pace then I work at high pace, if it requires slow pace and paying attention to detail then that is my pace, organized, and like to get the job done fully, and cooperative with others.
I tend to work alone to produce my best work, but I appreciate input and feedback as I go, and I work well as a group member. If it is a particularly busy day, I am happy to stay late to ensure I get all the work done.
I like to be told what to do.
I prefer to always be dong something while on the job. I hate down time and try to keep my hands busy with something at all times.
I work very hard. I can work independently, with a team. I'm very focused.
I can be a bit of a perfectionist when performing tasks which helps motivate me to do the job properly, I do however need to improve on gaining more confidence in myself as well as communicating with other people more effectively, I'm hoping with more experience I can Excell in those areas.
I am a effective person who will get on with a job quickly whilst still maintaining high standards.
I am a very hard worker, and I try to maintain a calm steady pace.
I love working with and around people, but will not hesitate to take control of a situation, I am very work oriented and take pride in what I put out.
I'm dedicated worker who takes initiative to do what needs to be done.
I'm very reliable and I get my work done. I am very respectable and I am willing to work.
I am very good at multitasking and looking to always find more work to do.
Incredibly hard working and motivated. I don't like to stop; I like to constantly be busy. Most days I don't take all of my breaks because I don't need them. I know I have more important things to be doing.
I like a fast pace work environment, makes the day go by faster.
Efficient, consistent, productive, neat.
It is very customer oriented. My actions revolve around making sure that they are happy with their experience above anything else. I am very organized and work to get tasks done in a timely manner all while communicating with my co-workers and being part of a team. I am reliable and highly motivated and won't quit until the job is done.
Hard working, organized, and helpful.
I enjoy being a multi tasker I like doing things as effectively as possible that makes me the most functional employee I could possibly be. I give 100% in my efforts and make sure the animals needs always come first. I also really enjoy a team environment because in my work style I tend to commincate with every indivdual that would be most effective for the task at hand.
Flexible, easy going, friendly, honest.
I like to have a game plan and stay organized. I like fast pace.
I am a hard worker that does mulitasking.
Friendly organized team player who can also work independently. Supportive of co-workers and attentive to client and patient needs.
I am methodical and often like to double check for accuracy. I think that a job well done, perhaps a little bit longer is better than a job half done a little faster. I also like to maintain a certain level of cleanliness and will occupy myself cleaning if nothing else needs to be done.
My work style, I am very prompt with what is assigned to me, Itake my work very seriously, I love to please my boss.
Upbeat. I am very self motivated and excited to be a part of a veterinary team.
Full of perfectionism. I not only get the job done when asked, but I'll make sure it's done correctly. I love to make sure work spaces are organized and clean at all times.
Fast and effecient few errors. Whether alone or as a team. Encouraging to team members if I can help you I will.
I am very organised, clean and tidy. I like to be kept very busy.
Perfectionist, laid back and funny. I want to make sure information is up to date, but also make sure that the environment is relaxed and welcoming for clients and their animals.
I enjoy streamlining processes and determining more efficient ways of completing goals.
Straight and to the point.
I'm a hardworker, who's willing to do anything. I pay attention to details, however, I'm also an easy going person who isn't uptight about everything.
Organised and calm under pressure.
I am self-directed and can work as part of a team. I am organized and like to keep a tidy work area, so after a mad rush where everything gets tossed around, I like to put things back in order--that way everyone knows where to find what they need to do their job. I am punctual, articulate, a good communicator, respectful of my co-workers, I take direction well, and I expect everyone to give the same effort that I do.
I like to get things done quickly. I have always liked to be the first one done when given a list of tasks.
Fast paste, always focused.
I put my heart and soul into my work and always willing to learn.
Hardworking and always active.
Analyzing what is the best for that animal in their care.
My workstyle is very fast but I make sure that I did everything right. Especially on an emergency situation, you will find this trait very helpful.
I am very committed to the job. I am organised and have a friendly and caring approach to colleagues and the animals.
I am very organized, calm under stress, and hard working. Many people put out just enough to be satisfactory in their job, but I put out 120% effort in my work. I take pride in my work and strive to impress others.
I am very motivated and never sit idle. I thrive in a fast paced environment, but when things are slow I am quick to find something to do to remain productive.
I like working apart of a team as I find work gets done quicker and more efficiently however I can also work independently.
I go in and I do my job to the highest standard I can.
I am extremely hard working and very thorough. I constantly like to double check and work at the fastest pace possible.
My work still is organised, neat and done to the best of my ability.
I am a hard worker and very organized. I always need to complete a task before I start another. If I need to be trained id rather see a visual example rather than being told verbally.
Working with others, fast paced,
I like to take my time when I can to make things neatly.
My work style is simply when animal came to hospital I gave treat the case then tell about condition and give the medicine s.
My work style is effeicient. I know how to organize my time in order to get everything done on time as well as doing it to the best of my ability.
I am hard working and motivated. I like to get things done by righting lists and making sure I complete them before the day if up. I am a quick learner and like to do things right.
I am a hard worker, very reliable and a bit of a perfectionist. I learn things very quickly and I am very dedicated to my work.
Hard working, focused on the task given.
Very methodical, I prefer to organize my tasks and go through them one at a time. If I have to alter my plan and go do another task, I will complete it and then go back to my organized system.
I am hard working. I am also passionate about my work and want to do the best that I can. I listen well and can follow directions and learn things quickly.
Hardworking, Won't stop until I get it.
I am a very organised person who has to have a routine to work with. However I can change my style to what the job needs and if my routine gets mixed up I can easily adapt to the new one.
I would have to say I am VERY easy to work with. I am neat, orderly, and an over achiever.
I work the hardest I can to. Achieve the highest standard I can.
I believe I am at work to work. I am not a slacker whatever needs to get done I will do it and do it how it is expected of me to do.
I am very organized and like things to run smoothly. So I tend operate things in such a way where they will run smoothly. I am very diligent and I feel my personality comes out in my work. I do not like to disappoint my co workers and superiors. I am also a very friendly person so tend to make everyone feel as comfortable as possible.
A person at work said I was a blur. I am hyper and can stay up just to do things like finish a job first. I was let go on a second job, because I wanted to study at the university about animals. i'm not perfect.
I work quickly and efficiently. I try to keep busy at all times.
I am multi tasked, I like to prioritize responsibilities, I am also a hands on learner.
Methodical, efficient, and constant.
I am a high energy employee and a proven self starter. I believe that honesty, integrity and commitment to providing superlative service is what makes a great employee.
I'm a hardworking person, I'm responsible, tolerant, punctual, patient, respectful and I get along with people.
My style of work is very hands on, I prefer to be practical but I also enjoy quiet independent study. I am very relaxed and level headed and approach every situation with collection and composure.
When I am at work, I like to lose myself in that world and give it my full attention. I enjoy being in the flow of things at my job, so I work hard and am very focused on the task at hand.
Friendly, organized, like multitasking and being busy. Team person.
I would say, "do what I can" If there is some extra time I will go restock something or fold towels because I know its something I can do to help out.
Clean, organized, problem solving, professional.
Committed hard working studious great team member or leader.
I'm pretty adaptable. I try to read people as much as possible to see what feels comfortable. I can remain very professional if necessary, but I also like to open up and joke around with people sometimes.
I have a very easy going personality. I am efficient and detail orientated but I tend to like to let things just go as they do. I adjust around the circumstances.
Determined, fun, compassionate.
Very motivated. Polite. Get stuff done that needs to get done.
Efficient. I like to work Smarter, not harder.
I am usually independent, but I work well in groups, I just try to stay extremely busy.
I work very smart and take direction well I can work with a team and be independent.I like to be confindent and humble.
Fast paced depenedent multi tasker efficeient.
I am more of group worker as long as everyone is pulling their own weight.
I am very focused on details and put my very best into the work I complete.
Precise, I like to do things right, the first time, I listen with the intent to understand, not with the intent to respond.
Meticulous and thorough.
Meticulous and thorough.
I work well with others but can handle task on my own.
Pretty forward, I pay attention to detail, hard working and is willing to listen and apply to corrections. I also work great with other people and is gentle with the animals yet, I know when to give a firm hand.
I prefer to follow orders and do as I'm told, I like to keep things organized and neat too.. Animals deserve to be treated as human beings, they are very smart creatures. I think they deserve as much respect as you.
I like to be kept on my toes, im happiest working to a time limit.
I am very motivated and reliable. I show up to work on time and work diligently, making sure everything is completed before I leave at the end of the day. I am organized and manage my time well.

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