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How do you respond to criticism?
Think before you speak! Be humble and don't take it personally. Depending on who the criticism is coming from, you will want to approach it differently. If it's coming from your boss, you will want to respond respectfully, saying something like, "I appreciate the feedback. Now I know how I can improve next time." If it's coming from a client, you may want to tell them, "I am so glad you noticed! I'll make the changes right away." You may have a similar response for anyone's critical comments, but the key is to stay calm and never express frustration towards the person. Give an example where you stayed professional when someone gave you negative feedback. If there was something you needed to change or repair, you responded promptly: "I completely understand where you're coming from. I'll care of it right away!"
Answer examples
"I appreciate the feedback. Now I know how I can improve next time."

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User-Submitted Answers

How do you respond to criticism?
I worked at a hospital as a evs assistant and i'm switching becomes im more interested with working around and with animals.
I am currently dipping ice cream at a local dairy, while I am in high school, and plan to go to college to pursue my long time passion of caring for animals to become a vetinary technician.
My last jobs were never a career to me. I did not have the passion nor the drive to do the things I was doing before. I have a passion and a drive to work with animals and enjoy very moment when I am helping an animal.
I have been at my last job for almost 12 years. My decison to leave was made because I wanted to be closer to home. I have two children one of who will be starting school and I would like to be closer to home. We as a family made a finacial decision due to the cost of day care and gas prices in the hopes that I can find a position that can bring me closer to home.
I want to work with animals and a team and be able to grow and continue to learn. As a vet assistant I would be able to do different tasks each day from cleaning to doing office work and handling animals.
I want to work with animals and a team and be able to grow and continue to learn. As a vet assistant I would be able to do different tasks each day from cleaning to doing office work and handling animals.
Most of my past jobs were basically just ways to earn a paycheck. I desired to switch to a career that I thought would have meaning to me, so I went ahead and signed up for the course and found that I not only enjoyed it but excelled in it.
My last jobs mostly helped keep me busy and earn a paycheck. I have always had a want to help animals, ever since I was a little girl. This job will not only do that but it will help me learn more and achieve some of my goals I have set for the future.
I enjoy doing reception, but I know I would love having more hands on with the animals.
My last job I hated because I didnt have a love for it. I am making a switch because ive always loved animals.
My last jobs were never careers. Let alone ones that I was passionate about. This job would allow me to do something I've always wanted to do and teach me new skills to help and care for animals.
I was in a cleaning business, but knew that is not what I want to do for the rest of my life, even though it was a good money. I wanted to work with animals.
Like the medicine aspect.
I currently work in the kennels at SHS and am making the switch to be more directly involved in the care of animals of all types. I also am looking forward to gaining experience in the veterinary field.
I was a barmaid, chambermaid, waitress and I would like to focus on my dream so I am here.
My last job was so uninteresting. It was the same thing everyday and it was hard to convince myself to wanna be there. I would enjoy being a VA because its not the same thing every single day. Its always different which keeps it from becoming too routine. Working with animals is just a extra bonus!
I want to work with animals and a team and be able to grow and continue to learn.
I have wanted to train dogs since I was a kid, naturally I love working with animals. The jobs I have had in the past had always been just to pay the bills, I want a job that means more to me and makes an impact.
My last employer was The Plaza Hotel and Event Center. I worked there for 5 years. My position was an assistant manager. Although, I was the one to actually train the general manager and Operations manager. Some of my job duties included managing the front desk, accounts, being in charge of online marketing, providing and making sure employees provide the utmost professional and compassionate customer service. My last position started as a job and could be a potential career choice for me. Although, I am not passionate about maintaining a hotel. I am however extremely passionate about working with animals. If there is any one thing that brings me joy it would be animals. I feel having the natural love for animals will make me the best candidate for an veterinarian assistant. I really look forward to having this as my career.
Because I love working with animals and I did not enjoy my last job because I want more than restaurant work.
I have always dreamed about helping people and helpiong animals and I feel there is really no better way than this.
I currently work at a research lab. It is very monotonous and all under a microscope and I really want to get back to what I am passionate about, which is the care for animals.
I have mainly worked in care for the elderly and as much as I enjoyed this I always felt like my college diploma was going to waste. Working with animals is something I have always wanted to do.
I have worked as a cashier at Long John Silvers, it was my first job and I worked there throughout high school once I moved to Tempe I knew it would be too far of a drive. I did however, go back to work there over the summer 2 years ago. Right now the zoo is a great job but I want to start working on my career and gaining the experience I need to get into the vet school of my choice.
I was in school at the University of South Carolina to later pursue my DVM but getting married and moving across the country put that dream on hold. That is when I decided to become a certified veterinary assistant so I could still work in the field that I love so much. My current jobs while being in Colorado have been mostly in the service industry so I had a source of income while completing the certification program and could look for an open position in the veterinary medicine field.
I currently work at walmart, and I am making the switch to a veterinary assistant because I have a passion for animals and I know this is what I want to do for the rest of my life.
The last couple year I have been wanting to make the switch back into the medical field and I have been most interested in the animal side of it. In those two years I have been a stay at home mom and a construction worker, although construction pays the bills it is not what I want to do and the work is very unstable I need a guaranteed job with guaranteed hours. Working day to day is very tough and stressful especially when it comes to figuring out childcare.
I am sales rep for a pet food company but I have been a veterinary assistant before and loved it but it did not work with my school schedule.
I use to babysit and take care of animals. I love taking cares of animals and I want to make the right decision by helping the animals to not be ill anymore.
My prior job was much more behavioral but I was given more medical responsibilities than I had expected leading me to become more curious in field. Being around different common illnesses and not being able to assist in dealing with it is also a bit of a block and I would love to have the training in order to further help our dogs.
I worked as a kennel worker. I chose to leave as is realised I wanted a more hands on approach to caring for animals. Also I find operations fascinating.
I always wanted to become a vet tech as long as I was little.
I interned at a wildlife rehabilitation center and it inspired me.
I have worked for another clinic and a animal hospital,I have always thought highly of saves and would like the opportunity to use my skills and work closely with the Doctor.
I only worked two jobs. One was on a farm as a farm hand and the other as a cashier in a grocery store. I love animals and really want to get into the field. Recently gradating from college as a veterinarian assistant I believe that an animal hospital is the best start!
I have worked within a stable yard and loved gaining experience here I currently work within the hospitality business but am looking to switch as working with animals has been a goal of mine since I was small and would love the opportunity to achieve this.
My previous position was working as veterinary assistant in a busy small animal practice with 1 vet and 2 nurses, this gave me the experience of working independently while in a pressurised situation. I have experiencce in all fields of vet nursing including surgery and reception.
I was currently on work experience in a vets and I wanted to learn more.
My last job was a fast food restaurant. I was cross-trained so I could run the cash register and be a cook. I am making a transition to VA because I would like to have a job that is enjoyable - a job that is not about the financial gain, but a job that is satisfying and worth while.
I havent had any previous work experience. I just graduated from college.
My last job was as a grooming assistant at PetSmart. Although I gained valuable experience with animals, which would help me in this position, I felt my future was not in grooming.
I have worked with teenagers and adults with disabilities for the past four years. I am making the switch to be able to help animals and care for them. Speaking and advocating for animals.
I currently work as a veterinary receptionist but would like to change to a role that is more hands on so I can develop my skills and be in a position that is more fulfilling.
Although I have liked being in my previous jobs it was always a second option to me. My passion was always for animals and has been from a young age. I did try to get into this position before I went to college but due to the course being in England the government would not fund me.
I have worked for the Boy Scouts of America, the Equine Center at Berry College, Tractor Supply and the Meriwether County Animal Shelter. I have had the opportunity to work with both the public and animals. I thought I would enjoy working at the shelter because I would get to work with thousands of different animals and people and see different situaitons daily. However, I have less of an affinity for animal control because there is rarely a happy ending.
I recently worked in an Emergency Room and was absolutely fascinated with it. I love being part of a team that does everything they can to ensure the patient and family that they are receiving the best care. I also love working in an environment that is fast-paced and where no two days are the same. I am now looking to switch my career path to veterinary medicine because it combines my passion for emergency care with my lifelong desire to care for animals.
I was looking for something part time to get me back in the job field, it started out great and I loved it but my hours have recently been cut back and my husbands have also so I need a better job and im also ready to be back in my chosen field.
I am a future veterinary technician student and am looking for a job closer to my career goals.
I worked in an animal shelter and at a rescue in Georgia. I think it was just a natural transition to the veterinary industry.
I worked as a chemist in phamacudical manufacturing and conducted laboratory tests for our raw materials and products. I want to switch to VA because chemistry work does not match my long-term career goals, I want to be in the vet carer and work in animal care.
My current two jobs are partime jobs that I enjoy. Photography has always been a passion and I love working for Disney. The central Florida zoo has given me the chance to get hands on with many different types of anyimals. Now I want my carree to grow and focus on the animal field.
My last jobs focused on habitat restoration for endangered species in particular or relocating animals that were threatened by humans. I have always wanted to help animals in need, but I can no longer go in life without more interaction with the animals. I want to help the sick and injured and preventative measures. I feel a strong pull into vet medicine, and I am hoping this will solidify that feeling.
I have a long history in Customer Service and dealing with relating to people. I want to change my path to find a more meaningful career.
My current job as a peer tutor I do truly love and enjoy. However, my passion is to work with animals. I would love to be able to utilize the skills I have earned in teaching others (such as patience and understanding) and bring them along with me as a vet assistant.
My recent jobs have included customer service, food service, and animal related jobs. I am wishing to find a job in the Veterinary field to further my skills and passion with animals.
I truly love my job at the dog shelter that I am currently working at. I am applying here because I know that I need to start getting veterinary experience for a competitive veterinary school application, as well as getting a feel for what the clinical setting is like.
I left Glenwood Animal Hospital to try to expand my experience and learn from new practitioners. I know how well-regarded Dr. Sullivan and the other doctors here are, and I am eager to work with them.
I have always been in the medical field and I love animals.
I have had time since my last job to really think about what I would love to do and working with animals is a love I have always had.
I just love being around animals, they calm me and ive always grown up around all types of dogs reptiles cats I always had an.
I have worked as a vet assistant in the past and of all the responsibilities I have at guiding eyes for the blind, the one I enjoy the most is working directly with the dogs assisting the vet staff with their care. It is extremely rewarding to me to be part of getting an animal in better health. I also enjoy learning about animal health and medicine.
My other jobs were just jobs. This is plan on being my career, my life change, my big step out into the real world without my parents being involved.
No previous jobs, veterinary assistant is a good way to gain experience to apply to veterinary school.
My last job was as a bartender, server, I was in charge of running the entire restaurant and making sure that the guest were satisfied with their stay. Over the period of time that I was there I gained lots of regulars based on the good service that I provided. I decided to make the switch to VA because I have always wanted to work with animals, I took a VA course last spring and finally realized that I was done with the service industry and wanted to make a difference in the lives of animals.
I have worked in retail and currently at UPS but my main goal is to become a vet tech.
My last jobs were providing my experience of tennis to younger kids who were interested in the game. I am making the switch because I have always had a dream of working at an animal hospital and I want to get into the healthcare field.
Currently, I am working as a kennel technician. I would love the opportunity to work in a vet hospital and gain experience and training from a Veterinarian.
I have worked in a Save a Lot, Dog Kennel, and day care, as well as volunteered at a wildlife rehabilitation center. I have always known that I loved animals and enjoyed working with them. I got my BS degree in Conservation to further my education in wildlife and ecology, with the goal of one day becoming a certified wildlife rehabilitator at my own home (as a hobby, not a job). A working knowledge of veterinary techniques and experience would be helpful in my wildlife rehab as well, and would be a great job working with animals. I hope to earn my vet tech certification one day and would like to work as a VA with that goal in mind.
I was at college studying to become a veterinary care assistant and while on placement I knew this was a career I wanted to pursue. I have had office jobs in the past but I was never excited to go to work. But when I was at college my favorite part of the week was going into the vet practice.
My last job was at a pediatric office. Though I enjoyed the pace of the job as well as interacting with the children, I have always had a special passion for helping animals, and I knew that I would eventually want to try working in a veterinary clinic.
My experience all serves a purpose in strengthening my career as a zookeeper. I am pursuing VA because zookeeping is a very competitive field and I need a job while I search for keeper positions. Veterinary care is important in the zoo field, therefore I believe VA is the best of both worlds. It will provide me with an income, while still allowing me to work with animals and increase my vet skills.
I have been wanting to get into working at a veterinary surgery but felt I was lacking in customer service skills so I decided to try and gain some experience by working at tesco.
Hopped about, geog, pub, everest, kitchens, jl. Bored of doing what I have to do, focussing now on what would make me happy in my work. Kat noticed etc.
The last jobs were about multitasking and costumer service. I have worked in nursing homes for the past 25 years as a certified Nursing Assistant and I can use my skills in the veterinary assistant career.
I was only working at a waitress while I was in school because the hours are flexible and the money is pretty good. But honestly, I wasnt happy going into work everyday. and once I started to realize that speech pathology wasnt for me, I was in constant search for my bliss, and I never knew VA was even a thing, until I was researching like crazy one day for jobs working with animals, careers helping animals, and I learned about veterinary technology, and if I knew that existed, I would have gone to school for that right out of high school.
I thought I would like retirement but I find the time to long, I also have a change in my life that requires me to seek employment.
They were all a great stepping stone and learning curve, I am looking to further my career into possible a management role. I feel I have come as far as I can in my current job.
I just finished my university degree and am looking to start a career.
It has always been my goal to become a Veterinary assistant, I feel that I now have enough experience in working with animals to make this goal a reality.
My last job I truly did love and what I loved most about it was the lasting relationships with customers that ive made. I love people and talking to people but trying to get someone to buy something is what drove me away from my last job. Sales is not me anymore but people and animals will always be something that will be apart of me which is why this job opportunity means so much for me as a future career.
My previous jobs prove my versatility, from a communications soldier in the U.S. Army to customer service based jobs, I am always looking for a niche to fit in. I feel as if working as a VA will be soulfully rewarding and a start to a new career path.
Well I was only volunteering at the V.A so it was only something to help me learn about doing clerical work.
My last job was retail and sales. It was my first job that I stayed at for 7 years. Never had problems with employees kind to everyone. Learned how to deal with difficult clients. Retail, sales wasnt the place that wud make me happy. My love for animals Is where my career path should be to leave me feeling the most fulfilled. This is getting my foot in the door for experience and personal growth within the field.
I love animals and I miss working with them.
My last job, was teaching assistant, reading and writing with children, making sure that the childs full potential was met. Making sure that teachers had everything they needed and if they required help it was my job to be there for them. I am making the change because my previous work was only experience, after the summer they did offer me a full time job, but there was no room for growth for me as I am not able to go to university in the UAE as it is FAR to expensive, I was not able to pursue a child care career even online from an Australian organisation as most online degrees are not credited with schools in the UAE. I have always felt very drawn to animals and children though as I am a sensitive person. I feel that this position allows more growth in terms of my learning abilities, where as even though, I was helping and doing something for the better in my last position, it was all I would have been able to do and If I am not able to go to university physically or on the internet, to further my studies at least this opportunity allows me to learn and excel in my my working experience with documents and customer service.
I worked with kids at a montessori school. I was a teacher assistant there and I decided to leave there to work with animals. Now I am currently a kennel tech at a boarding facility and now that I have experienced was a like working as a kennel tech I now want to begin working at a clinic to assist the veterinarian and/or technicians in anyway possible and most importantly to care and help the animals.
MOst of my job experience is in accounting although I have no formal training in accounting. Once I got the experience that apparently became very valuable so that is how I ended up in accounting. I have always wanted to switch to VA but the first time I tried to it did not end well for me as I was retrenched. So I feared making the switch for a while because of the job stability but now I ready to try again.
I have worked at a show pig breeding operation for billington show pigs, and worked as a cashier/server for my parents bbq catering company. I have always wanted to work for a veterinary clinic but have never had the opportunity .
I was a travel consultant, that was great, gave me oppoturnity to know people from different country. But I have passion for animal, I want to end time in my dream career.
The last couple of animal related positions I had dealt with wildlife and zoological animals. I am still considering vet school in the future and would like to have more clinic experience.
Animals have always piqued my interest; as a child, I dreamed of being a veterinarian. My path tended to stray from time to time to other matters, but I always found myself coming back to animal-related jobs. After hearing horror stories about how hard it is to get into vet school, and hearing the down falls and struggles from some friends, I decided to go a more wildlife-related route. But, even after obtaining my Wildlife Management degree, I find myself looking for Veterinarian Technician school programs and looking for jobs in the VA/LVT fields. Being that I'm pushing 31 years old, I no longer want to ignore my interests and passions. Life's too short.
Babysitting a todle witch is kind of like babysitting an animal.
I was a technician assistant and enjoyed it but I would love to be able to expand my knowledge and training.
I have worked in the medical field in a couple different areas. I wanted to be a vet tech after graduating from high school, but the financing wasn't there for me to do that at that time. I want to be able to care and help animals that have been injured or are ill.
I started study to be a vet tech online base as I always wanted to was interesting about veterinary medecine.
My last job was great and I gained a ton of experience but I wish I got to learn more and grow and I feel like that wasn't possible there.
My veterinary job was by far my favorite, but because it was a military vet clinic they had many military personnel working there and they had preference in the job, since I was only a dependent and not active duty military.
I haven't had any previous jobs. I became a VA because of my passion for animals and wanting to help them be happier and healthier through quality care and client education.
My prior job experience is mostly comprised of customer service/food handling/retail work, and I am looking for an experience that would elevate to a different skill set. Receptionist work appeals to me greatly, and so does caring for other living beings, my dream goal is to someday work with children. My studies in University haven’t yet given me the tools for real-life hands on administrative work, and I would greatly appreciate the chance to learn/grow in this environment.
My current job is working on a daycare. I just want to be more challenged. And better myself that's why I want to become a Va. I think I would be good at it.
I was a CNA doing primarily health care with ADLS. I am switching into VA for the experience and to follow my dreams.
My last job was an admin assistant. I do not like being sedentary and want to have more interaction with others.
I have only really worked in hospitality honestly and I know that may not look good on a resume applying for a VA however I can tell you that in thoes jobs I learned quickly and became a leader when need be. I was able to handle cash and tills, assist in customer interaction/complaints, conduct trainning of new staff and even supervise my own team of people. However in saying that, it is not something I love doing. I want to switch to being a VA so I can learn more practically and be surrounded by doing what I love. I want to know I am helping patient no matter what that may be. I have friends that are vets and I love to ask them questions on symptoms and such and now I want to know them myself.
I currently work in retail at a Bon marche store, however I have always wanted to work with animals, and decided to work a part time retail job alongside college in order to fund my car and my horses livery, as well as improving my customer service skills and teamwork skills.
My last job was as an Animal Tech at NIMR. I worked there for 11 years and developed a great amount of animal welfare and technical knowledge in that time. It involved roughly an equal amount of animal work (animal health checks, husbandry, procedures such as setting up breeders, taking tissue samples etc) in the breeding, rederivation, Isolator, IVC and containment units as well as the more technical side such as assisting scientists in setting up experiments and informing them as clearly as possible on any questions related to their animals, experimental procedures and the systems of working in the unit. Also demonstrating the use of and regularly checking safety cabinets and other equipment, autoclaving instruments and following SOPs for anaesthesia, injections, collection and administration of medicines etc. One of the good things about this job was that there was some interaction with the scientists and other users as well as the animals however I'm now looking forward to working and communicating in a different environment which is connected to my previous work will give me a different perspective on animal care. Prior to working in animal welfare I held positions supporting vulnerable adult groups of people which I think has served well in allowing me to develop my support and communication skills with individuals and groups, has developed my sense of responsibility in appropriate communication and behaviour,
I haven't worked in a couple of years so I'm excited to be back in the workforce.
I'm making a switch because I realize I need experience in this field but also just would want to work for something I'm striving for.
I am tutoring and mentoring children in a very rural environment, it has been a very rewarding experience, but since I am still in school and will be graduating soon, I need a job that can offer more hours but maintain the rewarding experience.
I first started working as a recreation attendant for the city of watauga but as soon as I realized that I wanted to work with anims I started to pursue it so I got a job at a boarding facility and now hope to further my career.
I was working in the kennels I did like it but I thought making a change would enhance me moving forward within my career.
My last job was working out at my lake during the summer but my previous jobs were related to working with children. While I loved those jobs and the experiences they gave me, I wanted to try something new.
My last job was working at my lake during the summer but before that it mostly consisted of working with children. I loved those experiences and everything they taught me but I wanted a change.
I was a server and I finally have my schedule where I can make the switch.
I have always had an passion for animals, and helping any way I can. So my last job was just for me to get comfortable working with others and dealing with customers.
Retail industry none of the past jobs ever truly interested me being a VA is in my field and I couldnt be any more excited to be pursing it.
My older jobs were to just get me by, its not something I always enjoyed. I know its the same with every job, but being with animals, I feel comfortable and in my element!
My last job was at a supermarket being a personal shopper, I have learnt how to work well as a team and meet demands there but I want to move to a veterinary assistant as this is the career I've always wanted.
Other jobs with the exception of minor music training makes me feel the best, but all animals have their good & bad sides. Even a pet will bite if hurt or ill.
I've learnt valuable skills in my last role working with dogs and cats, but I am looking for a career with prospects for personal growth and career development.
I haven't work in the animal field and now I think is the time to do so as I'm going to school.
Casino dealer. The long hours and shift plus its not a lifetime job.
Because I like to work with small animals at humane society for vet assistant.
My last jobs were great and I was always trying to learn more, but felt as though I had outgrown my position. However my passion for helping animals and the fact there is so much to learn about animal health is why I believe it is a perfect job for me.
I feel more confident in animal care.
I started my career as a caregiver for senior residents. After my training was complete I decided to move away from my family's occupation to pursue my dream working with animals.
So I want goal for job then I hopefully good more important the VA
Not switching jobs just want another job working part time.
I am currently working for Bridgehead and have worked in the coffee industry for a little over 10 years. I decided that I wanted new challenges in my life so I went to algonquin collage to change my career and do something that I like which is working with animals.
When I graduated with my certification to be a Veterinary Assistant, no one in the area was hiring so instead of helping animals, I've been helping the mentally disable clients at Martha Lloyd. I get such a wonderful vibe off of making others lives so much simpler and putting a smile on their faces.
I have always wanted to be a vet since I was young and as I have finished school now I felt it was only right to go into veterinary nursing and hopefully I will be successful.
I've held a newspaper carrier job, an administrative position and a job at the humane society. I'm interested in this position because I am interested in furthering my career in the animal care industry.
Animals has always been a passion of mine and when I saw the job posting I wanted to apply to put my other talents into work along with animals.
My last jobs all had the same focus, customer service. I am switching because I need to lessen the amount of time spent away from my kids.
I haven't had a past job however my year at college has made me want to move to veterinary even more as I love seeing happy and healthy animals and I find anatomys of animals interesting.
My last job is as a home shopper, the reason I want to change to a veterinary assistant is because it's in the career field I want. I have always wanted to work for animals and my last job is a job to get money to pay for me to better my chances of the career I want.
I generally worked mainly hard labor while trying to get through school. Before that I was a supervisor at Mcdonalds. I am making the switch because I am now finished with school and am trying to find a steady full time job in the veterinary assisting field.
I have been a school student and this is my final year. So now I have the opportunity to go and join my dream industry.
Doggy Kennel, I worked there because I wanted to start working with animals, but hadn't completed the VA course yet so I started off slow. I made the switch now as I have had experience, and can now be a VA, as I have a certificate for it so I would like to be able to start using it!
My last jobs were not right for me and I am making the switch to this job because I love animals and helping then.
I have directly worked with research for a few years now. However I wanted to attempt to experience the managerial side of a lab. I could see this position potentially opening new possibilities down the road for me and I want to keep an open mind as life can take me anywhere.
I worked for a family owned Property Management company. I needed more money than they could supply for insurance and car payments.
My last job I worked in dairy after that I had continued my studies.
My last job was veterinary assistant and there I wil continued my studies.
My favorite subject is anatomy and although I loved grooming dogs I was much more passionate and excited about the medical side of animal care.
My last was veterinary assistant and am continued my studies that time am switched this job.
Trevi Systems. I've learned a lot and grown professionally, but I'm at a place in my life where I'm ready to pursue this dream that I've always had. I want to work with animals.
I have been a zoo intern for almost four years. While I dearly love my time there, it is a volunteer position and in need an income. I can think of nothing that would make me as happy as animal care. I also had aspirations of becoming a veterinarian when I was younger. I may still be interested in pursuing a career as DVM, but I want to be sure I love the industry. I have been working in IT as a contractor and I find that I am not as passionate about the industry. I also prefer a reliable steady income rather than pay that occurs in larger, but sparser segments.
My last job was as a technical consultant, I worked closely with sales and answered technical questions. What I loved about this job was being the person with technical knowledge and explaining it to customers. However, volunteering outside of work made me realize how much I can learn about animals for my ultimate goal of owning a farm animal sanctuary or, that I could incorporate this goal into my career path immediately.
My last job before going into VA schooling was a promotions intern at Evanov Radio Group. Originally I had gone to school for radio, and was working on getting my Communications BA. Due to my disability getting worse and knowing I would not be able to handle the needed load to complete the work, I wanted to put my time into something where I knew I would be able to make a difference.
I have never had a job, and veterinary assisting is a career I would enjoy doing.
All my jobs have been with animals, I'm also getting older so going inside is better for wrinkles and my health.
Fast food promoted to manager until high school and early college yrs, bather promoted to pet stylist- getting into the field I want to pursue, switching to become even closer to my goal of becoming a VTS
I worked in retail but it gets boring and im not as happy as I am getting to do hands on with animals.
Literally everything I just said. I don't like retail. I like animals.
From what I have learned about the requirements of this job, it seems to incorporate most of the parts of my previous jobs that I liked doing. For example, when I was a waitress, I liked interacting with the customers. When I worked in care facilities, I actually liked cleaning. when I worked as a dental assistant, I liked setting up the operating area, sterilizing equipment.
Felt like I was just following the tide and not choosing my own career path. I have always been dedicated to animals and having my job be about helping and caring for them just made sense.
I haven't had a job but you would love this ine.
I’m not really switching to a VA as I’m already a qualified VN, however I’m switching from my last job as I am ready for a change and ready to expand my knowledge and skills.
I want to use the skilled I when to college for.
FWF, I want to see more of the medical side of things before vet school.
I've worked in kennels and barns, and what I've learned is that although I love goats, I'd much rather be working with non livestock domesticated animals. I don't do well in the cold. And working as a pet counselor and day care counselor is fun, but it wasn't challenging enough, I wasn't learning enough.
I dog sit, train, I am certified in animal diet and nutrition. I want to expand my knowledge with some medical background.
This will be my very first job.