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Veterinary Assistant Interview Questions and Answers
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How do you respond to criticism?
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I haven't worked in a couple of years so I'm excited to be back in the workforce.
I dog sit, train, I am certified in animal diet and nutrition. I want to expand my knowledge with some medical background.
My veterinary job was by far my favorite, but because it was a military vet clinic they had many military personnel working there and they had preference in the job, since I was only a dependent and not active duty military.
I was working in the kennels I did like it but I thought making a change would enhance me moving forward within my career.
I’m not really switching to a VA as I’m already a qualified VN, however I’m switching from my last job as I am ready for a change and ready to expand my knowledge and skills.
I enjoy doing reception, but I know I would love having more hands on with the animals.
My recent jobs have included customer service, food service, and animal related jobs. I am wishing to find a job in the Veterinary field to further my skills and passion with animals.
Currently, I am working as a kennel technician. I would love the opportunity to work in a vet hospital and gain experience and training from a Veterinarian.
Felt like I was just following the tide and not choosing my own career path. I have always been dedicated to animals and having my job be about helping and caring for them just made sense.
My last job was at a pediatric office. Though I enjoyed the pace of the job as well as interacting with the children, I have always had a special passion for helping animals, and I knew that I would eventually want to try working in a veterinary clinic.
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