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How do you respond in an emergency situation?

Answer examples and advice for how to answer this interview question for a Veterinary Assistant interview

If a woman walked in carrying her dog who had just been hit by a car, what would you do? Stay calm! In an emergency you will need to move quickly because you never know how much time you have. Think of yourself as the nurse's assistant of the vet clinic working diligently to save your patient. You're role is to support the animal and your staff by providing emergency first aid, holding the animal and cleaning up. Tell the interviewer that you would listen to direction and stay calm in this type of situation. Remember, you have a team to support you too! Be a team player and be confident in your abilities!

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How do you respond in an emergency situation?
I would be perfectly fine with my compusure during an animals pain because I want to comfort them and help them get better, which is another part of my responsibility to my duties of this job.
I will certainly be able to do so, and if it is required of me to comfort or assist the animal during such a time, then I'd be better able to alleviate some of the pain while holding a strong composure.
I have had to deal with a lot of animals that are suffering.
Yes I love animals and want to help them even if it means they can't be saved I want to comfort and be there to assist.
Yes, seeing an animal in pain may be hard to accept at first, but knowing that I am there to do anything I can to ease its pain will make the process a lot easier for me to handle.
Yes, Definately. I was able to in my previous job with an animal who had a tumor on the outside of his body, as well as some other issues.
Yes because I know I will be helping them.
Many dogs, cats, rabbits, gerbils, ducks, chickens, fish, hamsters.
I would be just fine because I know that I am there to help ease the pain and that is the whole reason I enjiy doing this job.
Yes, I have been in those situations before and I understand keeping calm is more beneficial for the animal.
Yes, as much as I hate seeing animals in pain.
Yes they are in with the vet who has been to schooling and will do everything in there power to ease the pain.
Yes I think it will take a few times but im sure you can put some emotions aside.
It may take a little getting used to but yes I will be okay.
Yes. As I stated before, I witnessed my own dog go through a horrible time; which included pain and seizures. I was able to keep myself calm on the outside, even though on the inside I felt my heart melt.
Yes I do think I would be good at holding my composure. Although I would be very sad inside I would show my strongest composure, making sure to be the most help in quickly getting the animal to feel better. In the past I have dealt with sad situations and have pushed my person feelings aside knowing it does not make the situation any better.
I have only had to have my position covered once, it was due to a euth and it was the pain that the elderly couple was facing and it was my third day on the job.
Yes. That is always entirely necessary. Becoming overly emotional about a situation does not help the animal, nor it's owners in any way, and in fact can be detrimental to keeping the family calm. I have does so with my own animals, I focus on what needs to be done because in the end that is what will relieve their pain.
I understand that animals will be experiencing pain when coming into the clinic or during an invasive procedure. I always keep in mind that the benefit of the animals overall health is what is most important and giving them a moments pain is worth saving a life.
Yes, of course no one likes seeing an animal in pain but I have been in those situations before and when everyone acts calm and collected it makes the situation much easier to deal with.
It does bother me on the inside, but because I know that what we are doing is to help them I not only keep my composure but want to get in there and help. Its like a crying baby, instinctively you want to make it better.
Yes. When an animal is in pain I primarily focus on working towards making them better as well as making sure they are comfortable.
Yes, I know that the dr would not let it suffer for too long without giving it an anesthetic or numbing med.
Yes, it actually helps me focus because the goal is to help the animal and to know how serious the situation is.
Yes, we are there to help and sometimes they have to go through pain until the help kicks in.
Yes as much as the animal is in pain I have to focus on making it better so it does not have to feel that pain anymore. Which will leave me more satisfied than if the animal was in pain.
Although it is hard to see an animal in pain I know they are in the best place now and it will push me to do everything in my ability to make this animal feel more comfortable whether it be giving it fresh food and bedding or just giving it attention.
Yes. My job is to do everything I can to help the animal, especially when they are in pain.
Definitely, I think if you panic then they panic. Its important to me to make the animal feeel comfortable and go aboe and beyond to do this.
Yes, I have been around animals in pain and I believe I am a comforting yet responsible presence and I maintain myself very well.
I do have a lot of sympathy and would be affected by the interaction, but I would operate effectively because I would know that it is for the best and is necessary. I am counted on to perform.
Yes and my goal would be to show an example of calmness for the owner and to ease and calm the animal as much as possible.
Yes, because I understand that I have to be strong for the animal if I want them to get any better.
Yes, I can sympathize with the animal in pain but can also continue to do my responsibility as a Vet Assistant.
Yes. It is hard, but my past experiences have strengthened me and I am constantly thinking how to help the animal. I know how easily animals pick up human emotion, so if I can be calm, the animal will be less freaked out.
Yes, I will feel sad but know how to make animals feel safe while they are in pain.
Yes, I have grown up seeing my pets deal with surgeries, heart worm treatments, lyme disease, cancer, and while it is difficult to watch I know that all I can do is to make them the most comfortable that I can.
Yes I will, it is our job to help that animal not be in any pain.
In order to help the animal it is vital to be strong, remain calm and focus on what the vet requires of you. It is all for the animals benefit.
Yes, I will do absolutely anything to help them through it. The client and patient.
Yes, I have had pets my entire life and have experience with sick and injured pets.
Because I have had two years of experience doing the work, I have grown accustomed to remaining calm when animals are in pain.
Of course. In the past I have always been able to stay composed throughout a variety of different scenarios were an animal as been in a lot of pain and discomfort. I have been complimented by my supervisor about my ability to remain calm and composed in emergency situations were an animal is in some sort of discomfort.
Yes, I feel as if I would be helping, not harming.
I have had to deal with very sick animals, On our farm we some times have to put them down but it is very rewarding when you are able to make the animal better.
I will do my best to maintain my composure as I know it is the best thing for the animal.
Yes, I will be okay because I can understand that injuries and illnesses can cause a lot of pain. My job will be to use my empathy as motivation to provide supportive care!
Yes, I will be okay. It would be difficult to watch an animal suffering and in pain but I would be able to keep my composure and proceed to follow directions in helping to examine the patient or moving forward with the treatment plan.
It`s hard to see an animal in pain, and my ultimate goal is to help them get better. I am driven and passionate, and I will work hard to make them better.
I believe so, because I know that even though they are in a lot of pain they are getting the help they need by coming into the hospital.
Yes, I will be able to hold my composure because animals can sense how you feel.
Yes. It is hard to watch but I know I could stay composed and act efficiently.
I would be okay in this situation as I have experienced it whilst doing work experience and kept my composure in order to help the animal.
Yes, I would be able to keep my composure. Although, it would be distressing to have to watch, I know the best thing I can do to help that animal is to stay alert and concentrate on how to help the vet in that particular situation.
Yes, I have had to see animals in pain several times in my life and I understand that sometimes the best we can do will not always immediately relieve the animal out of its pain, and it may even cause it more pain temporarily. I believe that the veterinarian will know what is best for the animal so following their orders will make me feel better about seeing the animal in pain, because I know I will be helping it the best I can.
Yes. Because I have with elderly people in a nursing home with in my career as a nurse assistant.
Yes, I understand that that is part of the job. I know that my composure is necessary for an animals wellbeing.
Yes, we have to do whats best for the animal and put our feelings aside at the time.
Yes I have dealt with this in the past.
I will be composed and professional when dealing with animals in pain. I know that I have the ability to put my feelings and emotions aside and get into the solution while dealing with tough situations.
Yes. Its sad to see and or hear but at the end of the time its our job to get this animal back to being healthy and out of pain. It is the nature of the job.
As much as a compassionate person I am, I am also mature enough to keep myself together in emotionally trying situations. My job is to ensure the animal is as relaxed as can be, becoming frantic will only make matters worse.
Yes. These types of situations are sad, but its very important to stay focused on the task at hand. If you focus on it too long, it could be that animals life,
Yes always hold my composure well.
I was able to when I worked in the icu at the emergency clinic. It is hard but I should be able to.
Yes, I have seen a lot of animals in a lot of different situations. I have been in charge of putting down animals that have been injured, sick, or needed to be taken care of.
Yes, I understand I need to calm down to help them rather than panic.
It is heartbreaking to see, but it also drives me to ensure that the particular animal in pain is well taken care of.
I would quite awful and feel for them. But yea I would, do what needs to be done.
I will do the best to my ability yes. I sure I can.
I will do whatever it takes to help the animal in pain, and I know that losing my composure would be the oppisite of that, and I would never risk delaying treatment to an animal, or appearing unprofessional in a crucial time.
Yes. I understand that I will have to be professional at all times and put my job before my emotions.
I will have empathy for the animal but believe that I can compose myself in a professional manner to help assist in any way I can.
I will have empathy for the animal but I believe that I can compose myself in a professional manner to assist in any way I can.
Yes ma'am I know I'm not trying to hurt the animal I'm trying to help it and to not hurt.
Yes I will ive seen animals in pain at the shelter and I had to compose myself.
Yes, ive seen a lot of hurt animals that were on the road and at other peoples houses ive went too, they know when you are weak, so that doesnt help them.
I will be fine, I just want to help get them the treatment needed to get better.
Yes, the doctor or technician has to do their best and it does no good to cry even if I feel like it. animals and people will become ill and sometimes very sick. A fact of life. that's it.
Yes as I wouldn't want to stress the animal more by being upset or fearful.
Yes, my job is to provide assistant to Veterinarians needs.
Yes, although it pains me to have to go through it, the animal is here to get help and I am a part of that team.
Yes, because I know the doctor is doing everything in his power to help the animal in it's need.
Sure will as long as I know im doing my best to save that animals life.
Yes, in order to help him we have to see whats wrong with him.
Yes? I would good under stress.
The well being of the animal is the most important part and I would always try and help the animal I the best way.
Yes, I saw my cat in pain and being put to sleep, I can deal with it.
It will be hard as the worst thing is to see an animal in pain but I know that it will be in the best hands and get the right care needed. However I also know that it can't always be a happy ending.
Yes. I would do my best to keep it comfortable.
Yes, I will want to help the animal.
Yes because I know that we will usually be doing our best to ease that pain.
Yes; my job is to be able to soothe the animals, and soothe the owner.
As stressed as I might be, I feel that I am capable of holding my composure for such a scene and use this as motivation to aid the staff in helping the animal to recover.
Yes in fact ill be in full alert till the animal is feeling better.
Yes. In the KICU there were kittens in pain every day. I've also watched a lot of ASPCA videos to try to numb myself a bit.
I have been around humans in pain, so I don't aniticipate having any difficulties.
While seeing an animal in pain does upset me, I have no problem holding my composure while I am at work, especially in front of clients and staff mates.
Yes I am very professional.
It will be hard but it's important for me to remain calm so that I can be of help to the animal.

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