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Veterinary Assistant Interview Questions and Answers
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How do you respond in an emergency situation?
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Although it is hard to see an animal in pain I know they are in the best place now and it will push me to do everything in my ability to make this animal feel more comfortable whether it be giving it fresh food and bedding or just giving it attention.
I will have empathy for the animal but believe that I can compose myself in a professional manner to help assist in any way I can.
Sure will as long as I know im doing my best to save that animals life.
I will do the best to my ability yes. I sure I can.
Yes, I have had to see animals in pain several times in my life and I understand that sometimes the best we can do will not always immediately relieve the animal out of its pain, and it may even cause it more pain temporarily. I believe that the veterinarian will know what is best for the animal so following their orders will make me feel better about seeing the animal in pain, because I know I will be helping it the best I can.
While seeing an animal in pain does upset me, I have no problem holding my composure while I am at work, especially in front of clients and staff mates.
In order to help the animal it is vital to be strong, remain calm and focus on what the vet requires of you. It is all for the animals benefit.
Yes, I will be okay because I can understand that injuries and illnesses can cause a lot of pain. My job will be to use my empathy as motivation to provide supportive care!
Yes. When an animal is in pain I primarily focus on working towards making them better as well as making sure they are comfortable.
Yes, because I understand that I have to be strong for the animal if I want them to get any better.
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