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How do you handle stress?
Picture yourself pinning down a large pit bull who is peeing all over the table while you administer anesthesia as cats cry in the background, the phone is ringing off the hook, and you can hear a small terrier whimpering and banging itself against the kennel. Your job will be stressful. Knowing how to handle stress will help you to navigate the ups and downs in a constantly changing environment. Take some time to think about what you would be able to do when you are busy at work feeling your heart rate rise and your nerves begin to shake. Your coping skills outside of work might be difficult to apply, as you can't stop what you're doing and run to yoga class. However, you can take deep breaths and allow yourself to take a break in between patients. You can laugh about the fact that you are covered in dog shit and you can enjoy the company of your coworkers. Getting through the tough parts of your job requires you to have a good perspective and be able to make light of situations.

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User-Submitted Answers

How do you handle stress?
No, I have not. However, I have had to deal with experiencing the effects of losing several favorite . Pets-the emotional attachment never get old/
No, atleast not yet.
I had this baby pig that I was syringe feeding and she died. So that was very terrifying for my I had to learn to deal with loosing animals at a very young age.
Feeding my snake, it striked at me. I was very uneasy afterwards, but was back to holding it the same day.
When a neighbors dog jumped up on our car, he wasnt a friendly dog, and not in control by the owner.
When I was little I was attacked by a Rottweiler, but have recently overcome this fear due to the work I have done both in school and past jobs.
When I was a child, I had family who had a dog who would always lunge at me and try to bite me. However, I don't have this fear and now absolutely love animals!
No, at least not yet!
None that were terrifying but I have been put in position where a dog has bit me and didn't wan to let go but I knew how to make him stop.
No, I had never have any terrifying experience with animals.
Not really, I have been bit by dogs and cats but it has never swayed me away from pursuing a career in veterinary medicine.
The only thing I can think of was being bit by a wild cat while trying to tame her.
Yes, one dog almost attacked me but was restrained and I was fine.
Yes, while volunteering at a zoo I had to mix medication for bison that were being unruly.
No, myself I have not. I don't really get terrified of animals. The closest terrifying experience was when my brother was severely bit by our dog as a young kid. And of course the terrifying feeling of losing a pet.
Yes, I was recently bitten by a dog, and several aggressive dogs were close calls.
The only thing close to terrifying that I have seen with animals is a flat coated retriever semi- waking up in the middle of her spay. Her iso wasn't up to its full capacity and she started to wake as soon as the incision began. I got it under control with the help of my team members but still very scary at first.
None that I can remember.
I would not say terrifying but When I was little I had a pet cat stratch me as I was trying to feed her.
When I started working at hearts and horses one of the mules decided to go where she wanted and I like a crazy person was trying to get her to go the way I wanted. Non the less, the mule obviously one and it took me to a lovely clover pasture. I thought she would keep walking and walking and I would have to let go of the lead to get someone.
Yes. When I was young a horse chased me out of his pasture.
A bird flying at my head.. I am probably most scared of birds.
I have assisted groomers with extremely aggressive jobs and it is usually my job to hold them still.
When I was younger about 10 years old. My cousin owned a hyper border collie. We were running around the yard with the dog when all of a sudden the dog jumped on me when I fell to the ground and pinned me and was nipping but not biting. She would not budge so I had to give her a kick so she would release and back off enough to get on my feet and be in control again.
I have had some scary experiences with my horses before, but nothing terrifying enough to deter me from working with animals.
Yes, when animals attack each other it is always a terrifying experience, but I have come to find out it usually sounds worse than what you think. I have had to break up several fights in the shelter, but always learned from them.
I have had multiple terrifying situations. Experiences between getting trampled by horses and trying to rescue very stressed dogs. I have learned the best strategy is to keep calm. If you do not, the animal can sense it and will excite even more.
Administering meds such as panacur to extremely stressed dogs at the shelter initially terrified me, as I was always afraid of being bitten or attacked. I have since moved past this fear and have been bitten one time at the shelter, which I continued to work through.
My dad once pretended a cow was chasing us on holiday.
Yes I have. My dog was attacked by a boxer who wanted to fight until the death.
I was once chased by a stray dog, it almost bit me, but somehow I managed to calm it down, I ended up sitting down with it and petting it.
When I was younger I was bit by a dog. Frightened me at the time but quickly recovered from it and have been around many dogs since.
Witnessing a man unexpectedly murdering kittens outside of my house was quite horrific. Once I dropped my hamster when I was younger and it died a few days later. It was a terrible experience, as I loved him soooo much.
A couple times, not enough to make me fearful of them.
Yes, I definitely have had some negative experiences with animals. Both of which were when I was working with cattle. The most terrifying experience was when I was trying to move three cows up from a corral to a race way to be restrained for rectal palpations. I went against my own judgment and did as a according to our instructor and went behind them to try to move them up. I had always been taught not to put myself between a large animal and a solid wall, but I did it anyway. While I was behind the three of them another student attempted to help but instead she spooked them and they came backwards right into me. I had the wind knocked out of me and luckily that was all that happened. But I learned that day to follow my first instinct despite what anyway says because my safety and the safety of others is my own responsibility.
When I was little I was playing with my Mastiff and she bit my face and I had to get surgery. It was scary when it happened but I realized that it was my fault for being so rough with her and I then knew her boundaries.
I was attacked by a cat when I was little a he almost scratched my eye out.
I personally have not had any terrifying experiences but some of my friends have told me about their own experiences.
Yes, when a blind fractious cat was on the exam table, he started to walk off the table I went to grab him and he latched onto my hand with his mouth, it took 5 minutes to get his grip off my hand. I was in the er for 4 days.
Once. I was cornered in the bathing room with a deaf pit bull. The owner did not disclose that she was in fact deaf, so when I turned on the blow dryer to dry her she was startled and came after me. I was able to calm her down without any injury to her or i. It was a scary experience none the less.
When a dog tries to attack another one and the team has to separate them.
One time me dog must have ate something and she was shacking and acting so out of character. It made me so worried but after seeing the vet she had eaten something that upset her stomach. All was well :)
I am sure I have had some in my younger years, but none that I can say was scarring. One time my ferret escaped her cage and I could not find her for a few days. On another occasion, two puppies came to visit me at my last job and got so excited to see me that they ended up trampling me taking turns licking at my face.
None in a clinic setting.
The most terrifying experience was when my steer trampled inside its pen.
Seeing my own dog pass away.
Just went my chickens used to chase me or the cows. But never too bad experiences.
I cannot handle spiders for the life of me ironically but other than that no not really. When I was in africa I was cautions and read the body langues of the cats a lot to I only got minor injures but really nothing severe.
I had a horse when I was younger who suffered from severe kissing spines, and when he was getting acupuncture treatment he reacted in a distressed and unpredictable manner. And it was terrifying to know that my animal was in so much pain that he tried to run away from the pain in his spine but only ended up hurting himself even more.
Just the shepherd biting me but I know that he wasn't meaning to hurt me, just tell me that I had touched his hurt leg.
No I haven't aside from being bitten.
Not outside of being bitten in non job related settings.
Yeah, the colt rammed me and would rear up, but of course I was a child and never had the funds to train the poor thing. but I did read and was told a bit of equipment would stop it from rearing. I never was struck by an animals holves before. Never . The colt never meant to hurt anyone. it was just not trained properly. I don't know enough to comment on that one.
A dog fight between a family of dogs who got too excited, but I stepped in and stopped it before any serious injuries occurred.
Yes but I am able to keep calm under large amounts of stress for the safety to of animal, clients and staff.
There was a snake in a practical in college which I had to handle which was just lunging at my face where I thought I was going to get bit but I used a snake hook and quickly and safely moved it without getting hurt.
I had a pit bull attack a puppy I had a few years ago I was scared to break it up but didnt want my puppy to get hurt or killed so I hosed him with water.
I have never been petrified by any animal even when I got bitten.
I have had a couple terrifying experiences on the farm that have had to be dealt with, but we got through them.
None personally, but I have heard stories.
Saw some gators down in South Carolina. One 14 foot one was on a golf course about 20 feet from us and started walking towards us.
When I was a child, my brother had a nasy ferret. It bit my dad and wouldn't let go.
Yes you was put in a tent with a lot of spiders.
I have been intimidated by animals, especially big German shepherds that are particularly aggressive, but I’ve not been in a situation where I have been terrified.
None that have scared me to the point of not wanting to work with animals.