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How do you feel about exotic pets?
Depending on the clinic, you may find yourself handling birds and ferrets at different times. Are you up to the challenge? Talk about your experience with pets other than your typical furry friends. You also may want to find out more about your clients and what to expect. Do some research on the clinic. Usually a vet's website will show a list of animals they typically treat. If you don't have experience with exotic animals, find out more about some of the differences in how you will handle them. What are some of the similarities? You may need to be much more careful with a bird than large dog.

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User-Submitted Answers

How do you feel about exotic pets?
I'm comfortable around all animals, none of them bother me i'm a very big animal lover.
Yes I am. I personally own an exotic animal, a snake.
Yes I am completely comfortable with working with exotic animals I have been raised around them between my grandmas house and my parents.
Yes. I am always up for trying new things and I am not afraid of any animal.
I have mostly worked with cats and dogs (and a rabbit once!). I like reptiles and rodents, too. I was once nibbed at by my friend's bird, so I haven't dealt with very many birds. But if a client brings in a bird, I would be interested in assisting during the examination because I can learn from the experience: how to handle birds, observe their behaviors, anatomy, health, etc.
Yes, I have much experience with handling exotic animals and love getting the chance to interact with them.
I have mostly worked with cats and dogs. However my granddad had a bird named inky for 12 years and I handled him quite a few times, so I think I will be fine with that.
Yes most deffenitly.
Of course. I may not be comfortable with every animal, but I'm comfortable being uncomfortable.
Yes, it would interest me more because id learn something different.
I would welcome it! I have little bird experience, so I would find it extremely interesting to learn something new that could better my experience so I could help more birds in the future.
Yes, I do not control what pets people choose and all are equally in need of care.
Absolutely. I have had some experience with birds but they were mostly wild, so tame birds should be no issue for me.
I would be comfortable with anything that walked or was carried in the door. I am a fast learner, quick on my feet and able to deal with new situations in a calm and professional manner.
Of course. All animals deserve respect and compassion. We are all apart of this earth, and should be treated equally.
I am. I've been bitten, scratched, pawed, slobbered on, tackled, pecked, vomitted on, poop'd and pee'd on. Basically very little has me shy away from an animal in need.
Yes I would feel comfortable. The worst thing I think that could happen in a scenario like that would be if it bit me and I have been bitten before and it is no big deal. My grandma has a room of conures and love birds. I helped her with them. I am comfortable with all kinds of animals.
Absolutely. I am very comfortable around all species of animals. I have owned and raised several species of birds myself.
Of course. I'm available to assist in any way I can when any animal is being examined.
I am confortable with all animals if I have to be. I would prefer not to be around birds or horses but ive dealt with them enough if I need I can put my fears aside.
Yes I will as though it may be a newer experience to me I am willing to learn and do my part as a care giver to animals.
Yes, I have an all round love for all animals, when I come across something I have never seen before I am curious to find out more.
Yes, the more exotic the animal is, the more eager I am to help.
Yes, I found a bird not too long ago and brought her home and found her owner too.
Most definitely. The exotic doctor I worked for in the past often had birds come into the clinic. I have no problem with working with any type of animal as long as I know the safe and proper way to handle them.
I am comfortable will all animal during school we were taught how to properly catch and hold a bird for an examination. I have also been around many different size animals from horses to rats.
I have been comfortable with every animal I have come in contact with throughout my life and I enjoy seeing different types of animals I have never seen before. I find them both interesting and fascinating.
Yes, I had experience in all types of animals esp avian as I am a poultry science minor and worked with chickens very often.
Absolutely, I love new challenges and experiences, especially when it comes to dealing with unique animals.
I have limited experience with birds but with a little additional training I would feel comfortable assisting.
Absolutely, I have been trained in bird handling as well.
I have had previous experience with exotic animals so I am quite confident with all of them.
Yes, ive never assisted with birds but I wouldnt hesitate to help and do whatever I could to help.
Yes, in fact, while in clinical orientation this past semester, I learned how to restrain birds.
Yes I am comfortable with any animal. I have learned a little bit of how to handle each animal while I was in school.
Yes, I have actually helped a few injured common birds on my own.
I am confortable with any animal . I am an animal lover and like to get more expirience in all sorts of animals.
I am comfortable with all animals as long as someone directs me where to safely hold animals I have little experience with.
Yes, I have experience working with exotic animals from working at Alta Mesa Animal Hospital. We saw many different exotic breeds and were required to handle and care for all of them.
I am comfortable with any animal. I love them all and working with different types would be interesting.
I have never handled birds before, but I have been around them and feel quite confident in my ability to learn quickly.
I assume that I would have some training with that type of animal first. I would feel uncomfortable being the only assistant in the room during the examination of an animal that I have never worked with but I trust that the vet would make the correct decision in my placement and would be comfortable with their decision.
I have experience with a variety of birds from small parrots to as large as a green winged macaw. Iwould be happy to assist and learn more about birds.
Yes I am comfortable with all animals. I have never shied away from a animal. I more than likely will be the first one to help assist if an exotic bird came in.
I am comfortable with all animals. I have worked with everything from bears to rattlesnakes to turtles to dragonflies. I will be comfortable with anything and excited.
Yes. I love all animals and am excited when I can find out about an animal I have never encountered before.
Of course! I love all types of animals, and would enjoy assisting in any type.
I am comfortable with most animals, birds is one of my pets among the few.
I really like all animals, and I have worked with birds before.
Yes, I am comfortable with most animals and have even done some hands-on research with reef sharks!
Yes,Before handling I would check the correct method of handling it.
As long as I have been trained to restrain this animal then yes.
I am very comfortable with animals, I will be able to assist in most procedures unless a lion walks through the door.
I would be so happy if someone came in with an exotic bird because birds are one of my most favourite exotic pets! I would also be comfortable helping you to handle other exotic species because we received education on proper handling techniques for a large number of exotic and wild animals during the Animal Care program at Durham College.
I am comfortable with all types of animals. Although I may not have much training with exotic animals, I am willing to learn on how to handle them.
Yes, I am comfortable with all animals. Yes, I would be comfortable assisting you handling a bird. I have only assisted in examine a bird once, but I know that with the proper guidance I would be able to rise to the occasion.
Yes, I love all animals. I grew up with a yellow nape amazon and a green cheeked conure.
I would be able to help handling an exotic bird, as I learnt some handling techniques whilst at college.
Yes. But Iam not comfortable with snakes because I have phobia of snakes.
Yes, ive had a few birds once before.
At this moment no but I would love to learn and become more comfortable.
Most definitely I like to experience new things as well as challenge my current abilities.
Yes, I would like to meet an exotic bird and know about it.
Of course! An animal is animal rather it is a cute little kitten or a large snake. I have love for ALL animals and will hold, play, touch, every single one of them.
I am a lover of all life. As long as I am properly briefed on how best to handle a new situation, I will be more than happy to help and do my job.
I would be ok knowing I am not alone. And as I gain experience I would be more and more comfortable.
I have only worked with cats and dogs, but with some guidance I would be able to assist.
Yes, I am willing to help with anything even though I dont have the most experience with exotic birds.
Yes, I confidence to handle any kinds of animals.
Yeah that will be fricken cool.
Yes I own a parakeet and have been exposed to bird since I was young.
Absoulety, I think I would do quite fine.
Absolutely sign me up first haha. That would be an honor honestly.
I am comfortable with all animals I have previously come into contact with, and I would be more than enthusiastic to gain hands on experience with exotic animals and I may not have come across before. I am excited to try new challenges and get hands on with various jobs.
Definitely. I am okay with all animals especially if it means I get to learn something.
I will be honest that I don't have experience with exotic animals in a professional setting but I am willing to learn and try anything I can to be a more efficient worker.
I'm very comfortable with all animal I love birds one of my favorite animals.
YES! I love birds, reptiles, any thing like that! Ive had two birds growing up, they are funny little things!
I don't mind any animal, I'm not a fan of spiders but I want to get more comfortable with them.
Birds are o. K. the worst animals are the big cats. That's how I feel. I would agree to watch, but not put myself in danger. it doesn't matter if you have an assistant in this case. they can be totally out of control and that's where I draw the line.
Absolutely. I like all animals, even reptiles.
Yes bird I would be good with.
Yes but I am not familiar with avian medicine. I do however get squeemish around insects and arachnids and the like.
Yes. I have two parrots at home.
Absolutely. I may need some tips but I am always more than happy to help.
Yes, my sister has birds, and I take care of them when she goes on vacation.
Yes, all animals are very interesting to me.
Yes. I am hesitant with lizards and snakes but will do whatever needs to be done.
I am willing to work with any animal I'm asked to as I love coming in contact with new animals and learning about them.
I don't mind any animals, I'm a bit fearful of spiders but will deal with this.
Yes I have no problems with it.
Yeah I am comfortable with all species.
I am interested in ANY type of animal brought in, no animal intimidates me.
Absolutely. I haven't handled many birds, so I may need some guidance on how to approach them with handling.
Yes, of course. One of the courses at Sheridan ensured that we were taught about exotic animals so in that I ensured I knew how to handle such animals.
Yes, I am comfortable with working with any animal that comes in. However, if it is a species that I am entirely unfamiliar with I would appreciate some guidance on how best to handle the animal.
Of course and if I don't know how to assist I am willing to learn.
Yes actually I was attacked and bit by one and it didnt faze me in the least.
I may be a bit startled, but I'm sure I could handle it. It would just be a new experience. An I'd hope to not get pooped on.
I have never had any experiences with an exotic bird, other than I have seen them, but I would certainly be willing to assisting you.
I have no problem handling birds, having been raised with raptors and pet birds. The only animal I have difficulty with is horses, but only because I have very little experience with them.
Birds make me a little nervous but I would be able to get past it and help you examine the bird.
Yes, I'll do anything to become more comfortable with it.
Yes. Birds are incredible to me.
I am comfortable with all animals and of course I 2ouldnbe glad tobassiysny.